Knock On Wood (Riders of Tyr #6)

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Drunken State


I have been living off vodka and tequila for days now. I have no energy to do shit. I don’t cook, I don’t work out and I drag myself to meetings. I do nothing but drink and stay in my room. And fuck that Riley whore once or twice.

That last shit left me emptied and dry and fucking ashamed. I kicked her out of the room after, disgusted by myself and I crumbled into the shower, waking up there this morning. Haven’t left the room since but to stumble to the bar and get a new full bottle to drink.

It must be night outside, I see the darkness coming through the window and I feel that exhaustion I know will never bring sleep in the end. I am laying on the couch in my jeans and I look at the fucking bed, perfectly made, unspoiled. Haven’t slept on it since Tamie was here. Since that night, the only night after a fuck-load of years I got a real shut-eye. I sleep on the couch and here is where I fucked that rotter. Wasn’t going to let her ass touch where Tamie’s sacred body slept.

Tamie. Tamie. Tamie. Always fucking Tamie. All the fucking time, constantly in my head, in my eyes, in me. I shut my eyes but the image of Tamie standing in the sun with her eyes shut and that smile on her face doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

I get up and I put my bare feet on the floor and my elbows on my knees, running my fingers through my hair. Fuck, fuck, fuck! My hand goes for a bottle on the table and I empty it when the door knocks.

"Go the fuck away!” I yell since I am in no mood.

“Wood, open the fucking door,” I hear Vince knock again.

I get up and pull the door wide open, looking at him as if he was my worst enemy. One more fucking word, one stupid question and I will grind the motherfucker down.

“Hold your fucking horses, soldier, Vince smiles his trademark, shit-eating grin. “There’s some shit going down.”

I try to sober up and look back into my room, looking at the closet I keep my guns into. If the club is under attack…

Not that kind of trouble, Vince's face goes serious.

“Stop fucking around, Vince, and fucking tell me before I punch your fucking face.

Vince licks his lips and looks down the hall at the bar. Nothing much fazes the asshole but I see that he hesitates telling me what the fuck is wrong.

“Tamie is here,” he delivers with his baritone voice.

“Tamie?” I am more than sober now.

It’s a weekday, not a family day and no one but brothers and rotters come in for a good time. What the fuck is Tamie doing here?

“Is she OK?” I am scared that something happened to her.

Did that trafficking ring find out about her and came after her? Is she in trouble? Once more, my thoughts go to my gun closet. I will kill any fucker coming for Tamie and I will make him regret it.

“Define OK,” the brother answers enigmatically.

“Quit fucking around, bror, cause I am not in the fucking mood.”

“You’d better come and see.”

I furrow my brows at the comment. Something tells me that I am not going to like what I am about to see but I follow Vince down the corridor and out to the bar.

It takes me some time to scan the place and pierce through the thick fog of smoke. At first, all looks normal. Stig is sitting with his laptop at a booth, Jab and Tar are playing pool with some guys, Tor has put a rotter on a table and drinks shots off her naked body.

But then my eyes drift to the bar I see it. And I see red at the same time. This can’t be! This can’t be Tamie, my Tamie!

There at the bar, there is that thrall, Lil’Ed, a huge fucker that drifted here after he got back from the war like I did. I like the motherfucker though his mouth is bigger than Vince’s and he hides some shit behind that loud laughter of his. But right now, he is at the top of my kill list. Cause on his knee sits Tamie.

She is wearing that same top she had on when we spent the day across the Bay. But she has done what all the rotters do. She has cut it low to let the top of her breasts show and she has tied it up, baring her stomach and back. The same treatment went to the jeans I bought for her that were transformed in the tiniest pair of denim underwear I have ever seen. And on her feet, the biker boots I chose for her.

Looking like a Rider’s wet dream, a stunning model that puts shame on all the rotters, she is laughing loudly at whatever shit Lil’Ed is telling her, her head thrown back, the dark waterfall of her hair caressing the waist she has exposed. Exactly where that fucker has put his hands on.

I wait no more, I go to the couple, pull Tamie out of his lap and before he gets the chance, I clock the fucker in the jaw with such force that he falls off the chair.

“What the hell, Wood?”

“Keep your fucking hands to yourself, you feel me?”

“She is not claimed,” Lil’Ed is still dazed as he stumbles to get back up.

I don’t give him the chance. I kick him hard in the stomach and Lil’Ed groans and falls back on the ground. He turns to look at me, still shocked but making no attempt to fight back. He is a thrall and he knows what’s what.

“She is not to be touched! I yell in his face.

“She doesn’t have the tatt, man,” the asshole tries again.

I want to scream in his face that she is mine! Mine and no one will touch her! But the words are stuck in my throat. I can’t claim Tamie. I am not for her. So I try the next best thing that I know will keep fuckers away from her.

“She is Iris’s sister. The Hellhound’s sister-in-law, asshole."

The blood drains from Lil’Ed’s face and I know that he at least won’t try his luck with Rage’s rage. Now, all I need to do is get Tamie out of here and take her back home. I turn to look for her.

But she has moved on. She is at the pool table, leaning over and grinding her perfect ass into Jab that gulps. Tamie then looks over her shoulder with fuck-me eyes and licks her perfect lips, wiggling her ass into Jab that has gone evidently hard. He is a good kid but he will be a dead good kid if he dares touch her.

I go to her once more, grab the stick and throw it on the floor and push her behind me. Jab is ready to complain but he meets my eye and shuts up immediately.

“Cool, man. Thought she was in for some fun, Jab says.

I say nothing, just pull Tamie behind me while she yells and complains. Everyone has stopped to look at us but I don’t give a flying fuck what they think. They are lucky I am not plucking out their goddamn eyes for looking at her exposed flesh.

“Let me go!” Tamie is screaming but I hold on tighter, basically dragging her away.

She struggles and yells and screams and scratches at my arm with her free hand but I don’t stop till I get into my room and has locked us both inside.

“Let me the fuck out!” Tamie screams and goes for the door.

Under the light in my room, I see it. She is smashed, drunk out of her fucking mind. She barely stands up, her words are slurred and she reeks of alcohol. I take both her hands in mine, force her to look at me and I almost whimper.

She has a perfectly applied make-up on her with smoky eyes that make the blue in her irises stand out. And the reddest lipstick that is enough to make me hard. But it’s not her, not my Tamie.

“Let me out, you motherfucker!”

I have never heard Tamie swear. My sweet-mannered, shy Tamie is transformed into a banshee. I barely recognize her but I still search her eyes. She breaks for a while and I see the real her for a fleeting second before drunken rage gets hold of her.

She squirms violently out of my grasp and tries the door. I am in no better shape than her. Have been drinking for days now and seeing her like that is making me lose it!

“You are not getting out, Tamie!”

“I don’t want to be here,” she spits in my face.

“And what? You want to get out there?”

I am boiling just by thinking Lil’Ed’s hands on her, the way she looked at Jab, her ass touching the hard-on she created with those fucking eyes of hers. She is not going out there! I am keeping her for eternity if need be.

“Damn right I want to go out,” she screams and tries to push me back. “I want to go out.”

“You are not going anywhere!”

“Fuck you!” She yells and attacks.

She throws her fists on my chest, kicks, curses me but I hold her. She looks back at me with hate and raises her hand. Her sharp nails go over my cheeks and I feel blood running down. She has lost it. Her look on my face is filled with spite.

“I want to have fun!”

“Fun?” I see red. “Fun sucking Lil’Ed’s cock? Fun fucking Jab?”

“Yes!” Her eyes are glistening. “Why not both? I’ll suck on a dick while-”

I don’t let her finish. I slam her against the door and come into her face. She is not going to be touched by anyone!

“Let me go!” She tries to free herself.


“I want to fuck, Wood!” She laughs in my face and her head shakes, too drunk to keep her body in check. “I want a cock in my pussy and I want it hard. All you do is make me sleep, you pathetic Boy Scout. ”

“Shut up, Tamie!”

“Don’t you know it, Wood? Don’t you know what I am?” She rubs her body on mine and gets me fucking confused. “I am a whore,” she whispers in my ear. “I am a whore and whores want thick, long cocks in them till they scream. I want to scream.

Her heavy scent reaches me. She is not wearing a perfume but she doesn’t need one. Her body has that heavy smell of a woman, giving off that call for mating. And it’s all up in my shit, hazing my drunk brain, mixing with the fucking feelings she wakes in me.

When her tongue darts out and licks my earlobe, I lose my mind and I snap so hard, I hear the cord of logic plunge into the depths of insanity.

I grab both her hands in mine and pin them over the door and I snake the other around her waist.

“Want to fuck, kitten?” I roar. “I am going to fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk for days.”

Tamie gasps and when I look into her eyes all I see is invitation. I am not thinking anymore, I am taking, claiming, conquering. I slam my mouth on hers and I kiss her hard and deep. I bite her lip and I plunge my tongue into her mouth when she opens to whimper. Our tongues battle furiously and I know this is going to be quick and merciless.

I let her hands go and dig my fingers in her thighs to pull her up, align with my throbbing cock. I grind on her and I get even harder, feeling her core so close. Tamie slides both hands down my naked torso till she reaches my jeans. She opens the buttons and frees me for only a moment before she enslaves my erection in her hands.

“Goddamn it!” I throw my head back at the feel of her fingers around me.

“You are so big, so thick,” Tamie exhales. “I want you inside me.”

I snarl at her before I pull that mockery of a shirt down to reveal her braless breasts. Not even pausing, I take one nipple in my mouth and I suck hard while Tamie works on me with both hands, fast and hard.

“Wood,” she pleads when my cock leaks pre-cum.

I take off her shorts along with her panties and I let my fingers roll down her back, past her ass and into her slit. Fuck, she is drenched! The feel of her juices around my fingers is enough to make me growl in my throat. I pause for a condom and I grab one from my jeans, donning it on as fast as my drunk, shaking hands allow and then I thrust inside her.

“Ah!” Tamie lets out and steadies herself with her arms around my shoulders.

I still for only a moment. Her aching, wet pussy adjusts to take me all in, her walls pulsing and expanding. I don’t have any restraint left and I withdraw only to be sheathed back in harder this time.

“Yes, yes,” Tamie is grabbing my hair and pulls hard.

Just as I thought. Hard and merciless. I pound into her with a heat that makes me burn. And she returns it tenfold, pulling my hair, urging me on, locking her ankles around my waist. My hand goes to her face, my thumb under her chin and my fingers on her cheeks, keeping her eyes on mine while I fuck her.

“Is this fun enough for you, kitten?” I growl. “Am I fucking you hard enough?”

“More,” she demands.

And I deliver, holding her by the hips and slamming her to me. My head falls to the crook of her neck as she lets hers fall back on the wooden door. I go for that heart-shaped mark there and I suck on it with fervor. My moves become curt and cruel and I hear her breathing hitch at each thrust. Her walls tighten, strangling me, making me lose focus.

“Wood!” Tamie yells and falls off the precipice.

Her pussy contracts around me violently, sucking me dry, pulling me further in and I can’t take the pressure anymore. I come in her with all I have, still shaking as I am wrung dry, every drop of me.

When we are done, I am still holding her in place, still inside her, still my arms around her. And she is shaking, her chest takes deep breaths and sweat has covered her skin.

I look up and I am floored. She is crying, her make-up smudged, her lips tight with hurt. Her eyes flutter close as if she is too exhausted to keep them open and her arms fall off me lifeless.

“I…” she whispers. “I am a good girl. A very good girl,” is all she says before she slips in unconsciousness.

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