Knock On Wood (Riders of Tyr #6)

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Soft Touch


After we eat, I watch Wood clean everything up and take the tray back to the kitchen. I know this much of him. He likes things in order. His room is spotless, the bathroom good to eat in, his clothes perfectly folded. I get why he does that. I did that too in the room I was kept. The sense of control.

The door opens again and Wood stands there looking at me. He may not know this but his face is so mellow as he stands there, as if the most incredible thing just happened, as if a big surprise came out of nowhere but he has been wishing for it for a while. It makes me blush seeing him so taken.

Then it’s him, his masculine energy pouring out from every pore. He can’t help it, it’s who he is. His stance is powerful, his look is piercing, his body perfection. Me, the girl that could control herself every single time I was around men, I can’t when he is close.

Wetness pools between my legs and I feel my breasts go heavy, the peaks of them straining the fabric of the worn, military t-shirt I have borrowed. I wiggle on the couch and he senses it, as if he can smell how much I want him. His eyes narrow, reminding me again of a falcon ready to strike.

“Hm,” he coughs and locks the door behind him. “You... uhm... want to watch a movie or something?”

He is suddenly awkward and I feel self-aware too. We have had sex me and him. But it was like a war waging between us, the lowest parts of our psyches battling, desperate by the feelings we harbor and didn’t know what to do with laced with anger. But now it is different.

He has kissed me for real, for the first time and the memory alone makes me touch my lips. I want him to kiss me again. I get up and take one small step to him. My cheeks are burning and I am shaking as if I had never done this before.

In reality, I have never done this before. I have pretended to be coy, approaching a man, making him believe I want him but that was the doll I have created to keep me alive. Me, the real me, has never wanted a man, never felt desire, never dreamed of a man’s hands on me. I do now.

“I am not in a mood for a movie,” I say slowly.

“Right,” Wood replies and walks to me. “We can... We can always sleep if you are tired.”

“I am not tired,” I shake my head and pull closer.

“Yeah, me neither,” he agrees as his eyes drift to the lip I am biting. “I could look for a book if you want.”

“I don’t want a book, Kyle.”

When his name leaves my lips, he shudders and his pace becomes more purposeful. He is before me in seconds and grabs me in his arms tightly.

“What do you want, kitten?” He demands.

“You. I want you.”

“I want you too, Tamie.”

He leans in the same time I push myself on my toes to reach him. Our lips meet and this time it’s more than before. It is still slow but it’s not sweet. It’s purely sensual and I begin to drip between my thighs. I am not wearing any underwear after all.

I wrap my arms around his neck and he grabs my thighs to lift me off the ground. Without breaking the kiss, he places me on the bed and kicks his boots off. On pure instinct, I open my legs to let him rest between them and he moans.

“My kitten,” he murmurs in my ear and his hands roam my legs folding them around his waist.

I lose control of my body like never before. All the times men came for me, I drifted into the places I was happy. Little moments with Iris, or a book I have loved. But now I don’t. Now, I want to be here, with him, feel every little thing he does to my body. He is my happy place.

“Fuck, kitten,” he snarls when his fingers reach to cup my core and find it exposed. “You are naked under my shirt. Naked and dripping for me.”

I say nothing, just twine my fingers in his hair and aim my lips to suck on his neck. The hiss of pleasure I get from him, makes my stomach tighten. And when his adept fingers find the way to enter me and tease my clit at the same time, I press my head into the pillow and let go in his arms.

“So sweet, so tight, so wet,” Wood whispers, pulling my shirt up and breathes over my breast before he sucks a nipple in. “And all mine,” he adds.

I have never felt a thing like that in my whole life. I have never known the pleasure a man can bring to my body, to my soul. It was always stealing, taking, attacking, hurting. But caught under his body, his fingers working me slowly, his kisses burning me deep, I know what making love is.

“Kyle,” I pant.

“Yes, kitten, it’s me,” he says triumphantly as he watches me climb higher. “You like this, don’t you?”

“I... I do. Don’t stop,” I am begging now.

“I won’t,” he promises.

He is a man of his word. Purposefully, diligently like he does all things in his life, he is giving me exactly what my body needs. A kiss, a touch, a nibble, a pinch. All I can do is breathe and writhe under his command. And then he curves his fingers just right in me.

That breaks a cord in me and I am launched with force into such heights I get dizzy. My body arcs and shakes out of my control and there is only one thought going through my dazed mind.

“Kyle!” I scream.

Slowing his ministrations, Wood brings me down from my ecstasy and when I finally have control over my body, I look at him. There is mixture of peace and urgency that lures me more to him. He is so perfect, so handsome.

He sits up on his knees between my legs and brings his fingers to his mouth. They are wet and a tang of embarrassment wraps me up. I want to hide my face from him but he has me hypnotized. His lids get heavy when he pulls his fingers in his mouth and licks me off them.

“Sweetest thing ever,” he says almost to himself.

With one move, he pulls the shirt he is wearing off his and the tags he has around his neck hit his broad chest. All I can do is watch mystified, unable to take my eyes off him. That magnificent man slowly revealing his body to me is the most sensual thing I have ever seen.

His jeans are next. One button after the other, torturingly slow. The tight boxers he is wearing underneath are still hiding the thing I need so bad. When all the buttons are loose, he falls over me and shakes the jeans off him, his eyes pinned on mine. The socks are next and the only thing that is left between us is his underwear.

He never picks up his pace, his moves lack urgency, they are flowing but firm, all the while his eyes are on mine, reading my every expression, every sigh as if he is studying a map. Only then I realize what he is doing.

He is seducing me! That’s what he is doing to me with his slow moves, the feather hint of contact he places on my body, barely touching me. The tags fall on my chest and I relish at their coolness. He slowly grinds into me and I gasp for breath as my wet core meets his erection, still in its confinements.

“Kyle,” I beg once more.

He says nothing, just keeps his gentle attack, leaving whisper kisses on my neck, sucking on the spot I have that heart-shaped mark, rubbing his chest on mine but just barely and the motion of his hips so slow. It’s not enough. None of it enough, just sparks that promise a glorious fire. But I am burning already.

I tighten my grip around him with arms and legs and I push up to gain some friction but he ever so softly he controls my body exactly like he wants to and plunges me into a hot despair.

“Please, Kyle, I need you.”

His only reaction is to suck my earlobe is his hot mouth and to push me harder into the mattress. He is making me crazy out of my mind but he is in complete control of what he is giving me. So, I let go.

My body relaxes and I give into the sensation he has me trapped in. I close my eyes and I just feel. His light kisses are so much more, the barely there touches are burning my skin. I am still a wanting body, begging, dripping and ready but this torture feels so good.

“Kyle,” this time I let out a satisfied sigh.

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