Knock On Wood (Riders of Tyr #6)

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Night Owls


That last sigh almost makes me snap. I muster all my will to control my body. I have taken her like an animal before, hurting and bruising and plowing. This time, I will make her see what she means to me, how I feel about her, how I cherish every inch of her body.

But it’s more. I take pleasure knowing that I control her pleasure, how much she gets, how intensely. I want to make it last that’s true, I want to make her feel more but I can’t deny I enjoy seeing her so on edge, begging me. I would never take it to its limits but this much control I can indulge in.

How much more can she take? I smirk against her skin and I slide down her body, nibbling and licking, blowing on her painfully erect nipples without touching them. Her hands are still in my hair and her legs flex but her eyes are closed. She is fighting for control.

I push her thighs wide open and I make myself comfortable between them. My shoulders are making sure she can’t pull her legs together and I pause to feast on her spread on my bed, ready, wet, ripe for taking.

Her body is tense like a bow string, waiting, expecting that light touch that will unleash her. Slowly, kitten, I threaten in my head. I lean in and I kiss lightly the inside of her thigh. She bites her lip and I do the same thing on the other side. Just to tease her, I bite down on the tender flesh lightly.

“Ah!” She grips the sheets.

She is not the only one being tortured. My hard rock erection is pressing against the mattress and demands of me to take care of it. The front of my boxers are wet with pre cum and her scent is filling me up with me being so close to her core.

Slowly, with a tantalizing pace that is for both of our benefit, I make my way to what is the center of my attention. I don’t make contact just yet just lick around her folds and bud, blowing on them only to illicit a strain of pleas.

Alright, kitten, I smile and I let my tongue lick her from her folds to her clit in one hard, determined move. But it’s enough. She was so on edge, so ready, so ripe that this simple act has her core clench and more juices flowing out while she gasps and chants my name.

I lick her clean, hungry for her taste before I take my place between her thighs once more, this time having rid myself from my underwear and I grab a condom from my jeans. Tamie’s eyes are swimming in a pool of ecstasy when I reach her lips and kiss her deep. She moans in my mouth, knowing that it’s her taste she’s tasting and to my joy, it makes her go wild, taking over our kiss, pulling me to her with all her strength.

I break the kiss and I lean on one elbow, using my other hand to put the condom on and guide me between her waiting folds. Before I enter her, I look into her eyes. We are not drunk, we are not angry at each other now. If we do this, it’s done. For me, it was done even before this, when I saw her damn picture on the Thing’s wall but this will be the end and the start. She bites her lower lip, looks at me with bottomless emotion and nods. And I move.

“Kyle!” She screams when I enter her.

I fall on her, supporting myself enough so that I don’t crash her and I grind into her, leisurely, gently. She is no virgin, I painfully know as much, but I am aware by the widened mouth that I am a bit too much to pick up the pace no matter how much I want to.

A thin layer of sweat covers my body. It’s not because of physical exertion, it’s the pure effort of controlling my own body that wants to be savage and devour her. But I hold back, my hips gyrate just enough to let her feel me all inside her while I push against her clit with every move.

My hand goes to her face once more, to cup her cheek. I need her to see me, to see how I truly feel about her, how she undoes me. When her eyelids flutter open and she concentrates on my face, I take in a sharp breath, afraid that I will faint.

“Tamie,” is all I can say while I slide in and out of her slowly. “Tamie.”

Never in my life has anyone looked at me like that. My strict, uptight parents spared no love for their only child and easily threw me out of the house. I got no love from my trainers and officers in the Army. I had my comrades but that was not the same adoration Tamie offers me. And the Riders... They respect me, they accept me but call someone that close? Not even Vince.

And then there is this woman. The way she looks at me makes my heart swell, expand. Instead of a shriveled muscled in my chest, it’s growing, blood flowing through it just because she is looking at me like that.

“You are so beautiful, kitten,” I hear my voice almost break.

She says nothing, she just pulls me in for a kiss. It’s almost chaste in the beginning but as I get closer to her, my whole body wrapped around hers, I can’t take it. I put one hand behind her knee and pull it up, over my waist. I plow into her, her body shaking with each thrust, the bed creaking by the force. But I do not stop kissing her.

The feeling is intense and I feel fucking alive finally. Tamie has wrapped her whole body around me as if I am going to disappear at any moment. I won’t, not again. I will keep her, she is mine, I have found the one for me.

“Tamie, god,” I release her kiss-swollen lips and look down at her.

“Kyle,” her voice is strained.

Her body shakes and her back arcs. Her beautiful eyes close and her lips fall open without a sound coming out from them. And I am hit with her orgasm like I have never been hit before. It comes in waves, her core clenching me down tight, putting pressure to my aching member to the point of pleasurable pain. It would take a man made of stone to be emotionless in such an assault. I come, harder than ever and I feel like I am coming for hours, spent inside her, drained of everything I got.

I don’t move for a while, I simply can’t control my body, just support it for Tamie’s sake. Our breaths slowly come down and we look at each other. Tamie has a faint smile on her face and a tint of red on her cheeks. She is so goddamn beautiful. I lean in and leave a kiss to each of the flaming cheeks before I get up.

I go to the bathroom to clean up and then I walk out to my room. Seeing her on my bed once more makes my soul spark with life, as if an old machine is oiled and ready to run again. She has turned to her side and she looks at me standing, her eyes roaming my body, her hand sweetly placed under her cheek.

“Keep looking at me like that, kitten, and you won’t be getting much sleep.”

“We are night owls you and me,” she cocks an eyebrow. “We could make the most out of the night.”

Fuck, I don’t even bother to hide my erection that is growing between my thighs just by having her look at me like that. My eyelids drop as I focus on her and I walk to the bed, push her to her back once more and climb on to nest over her.

“You are right, kitten,” I growl at the thought of taking her again. “Let’s make the most of the night.”

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