Knock On Wood (Riders of Tyr #6)

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Secret Drawers


Lysa was so right. I was taken down by men, torn apart and broken. But all it took was a man to put me back together. It’s been a week now and I have never been happier. I am officially staying with Iris still, but I spent as much time as I can with Wood. He takes me to school every morning and picks me up when I am done. Only one day he was away working with Magda but he made sure one of the thralls followed me in my car.

We go out on casual dates, pizza, ice-cream, rides. I feel so normal being with him. Well as normal as it can be when most people part ways to let him through in both Berkeley and San Francisco. But it feels normal. He opens the door for me and pulls the chair and he gives me his cut if I am cold. It’s like everything I read in those books about love were incarnated into him.

And we talk. Mostly about the future. The past is still too painful and we both want to cherish the moments we have now, exploring each other. We know there will come a time, it has to come, when we will open our wounds and show them just not yet.

“You got what you need?” He says right next to me.

“I did but...”

“No buts, Tamie. You will have some things in my room and that’s it. Clothes, toothbrush, underwear. Not that you will be needed those much.”

“Kyle!” I push him.

When it’s just the two of us, I call him with his real name. And each time I do, I see that smile on his face that I love so much.

“I didn’t hear you complaining last night,” he jokes and walks to the cashier with me. “I did hear you moan though, kitten,” he whispers in my ear.

That’s another reason that this has been my favorite week of my life. Being with him, making love, again and again till I can’t feel myself anymore, till I am one with him. His kisses wake a craving in me only his touch can sooth, his body on mine is a haven I need and that soaring pleasure is healing me over and over. What he does to me, I didn’t know was possible. I can’t get enough of him and I am happy that he shares the sentiment.

“Oh,” I change the subject so I don’t jump him in the mall. “Can I have some books?”

“Sure thing,” he smiles. I already have a bookcase placed on your side.”

“My side?” I stop walking.

“Your side of the bed,” he scowls. “The side you slept in that first night.”

“I have a side on your bed?”

“You have a place in my heart, Tamie,” he says and looks down at my lips. “You can have the whole damn bed if you want.”

I am shaking with joy at his words. He is more and more open with me, tells me what is in his heart, in his mind as if he fears that I will leave before he gets the chance to say those things. I know he too has some nightmares that plague him and it will take him some time to believe that I am here to stay.

“What good is a bed without you on it?” I climb up to him and wrap my arms around his neck.

He says nothing, just takes my lips, he too free with his PDA. He sucks my lower lip and then licks my upper before he abruptly stops.

“We need to get back now,” he grabs my hand and ushers me to the bike while I laugh at his impatience.

When we get back to the clubhouse, all the thralls, Tor, Tar and Vince are in and Stig is in his usual spot with his laptop.

“Hey, there you are. Join us-”

“Nope,” Wood throws at them and I shrug at the Riders as he takes me straight to his room.

Oook,” Vince chuckles.

When we get in his room, he closes the door behind us and walks to me with that predatory look that twists my panties and makes me hot. But I love to tease him.


He says nothing, just drops the bags on the floor.

“Kyle, I am hungry.”

“Me too,” he wraps one arm around my waist and the other pushes my hair aside to leave my neck exposed.

“You... you promised junk food at the mall,” I stutter as he sucks on my sensitive skin.

He says nothing, just bites down my neck and then licks the sting away and I forget about teasing and food and my name altogether. His one hand tightens around my waist and his other goes in my hair and pulls lightly to bring me closer to him. I let go and grind against him only to feel his erection rubbing against my belly. Let’s say I don’t need to ask where he got his road name from.

“Oh, god, Kyle!”

No response, just his hands all over my body and his fingers digging into me. Wetness pools between my thighs and I am ready to give in to him. But my stomach really is hung up on the idea of food and it interrupts our hot session with a loud growl. Damn it.

We both pause and then we break down in laughter. Wood shakes his head as he cups my face and his body is shaking in laughter while I blush at my treacherous stomach.

“I guess I should feed you then,” Wood gives me his side smile. “Anything in particular?”

I blush even further. Wood is a big, buff biker with tattoos and here he is asking what to cook for me. I don’t think I will ever get used to this.

“How about... pasta?” I dare.

“Coming right up! In the meantime, put these in my closet,” he points at the bags. “I have freed some space but feel free but if you need to take up more, let me know so I can arrange that.”

I nod at this. Wood is very particular with his closet, where things go and how his t-shirts are arranged. He is not freaking out or throwing feats if there is one misplaced thing, but I see the need he has to control it the way he sees fit. He likes everything clean and he arranges his plate in a strange way though I have seen Magda do the same thing. It is his way to control a world he fears will be torn down. I know how that goes.

I open his closet and find that he has cleared almost half of it for me. He has even hung a post on the hangers saying “Welcome, kitten” and I feel tears in my eyes at this. Home. This room has felt so much like home to me. I loved living with Iris but it was not my home, it was hers and Rage’s. But here? I feel like this room was waiting for me.

I arrange my things with order. I may not be like Wood but I too need to have some sense of order in a life that span so easily out of control. As a slave, I controlled nothing, not my body, not my food, not my sleep. But I could decide if I would put the red dress in front of the leather outfit. That freedom was the only one I had.

When I am done, out of sheer curiosity, I go through his stuff. I touch the clothes that he has ironed and folded perfectly, then the drawers with the linen before I move to the other closet he has in the room. And I see the other side of Wood!

He has no clothes or towels here. This is the soldier’s den, the first thing I saw of him. I even recognize the gun he held when he broke through that door. It’s hanging perfectly on the closet wall along with other guns and weapons.

It should scare me to see those murder weapons polished to perfection and arranged as if they are valuable objects. But this too I get. He is a soldier, he has always been a soldier. I still remember that day in a L.A that he told me with a mountain on pain in his eyes. Something has happened back in the war. But what he is deep down, will never change. As my fingers go over his guns I feel sad and safe at the same time.

I open a drawer and I find bullets and other things I do not recognize but I am so intrigued that I keep on looking through his things with a childlike curiosity. I find bulletproof vest and the equipment he had that night he saved me from Logan.

Then I scoop down to the last drawer and I open it. And I widen my eyes. There are wrist and ankle restraints, collars and spreader bars, blindfolds and mouth gags! I know all this equipment, Freddie had a whole wall dedicated to it and though I was not a favorite girl for such games, they have been forced on me.

I take one step back and I sit on the bed looking at the open drawer and I am not sure what is it exactly I am thinking and feeling. I just look at the perfect arrangement of bondage equipment. And I breathe.

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