Knock On Wood (Riders of Tyr #6)

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Secret Pleasure


I am going crazy out of my mind. I want him to take the end of that chain. I want him to take control. I want him to take me. I slept a deep sleep last night but it was a sleep filled with dreams of him binding me up, doing what he wants to me. And I felt hot, so hot, I woke up drenched and alone and terribly frustrated.

I meant every word I told him. I am tired of fighting to keep my sanity, to maintain control. And I want to know. I want to know how it is to fully trust a man. Please, please, Kyle, I am begging.

I know why he is standing like a stone statue looking at me like that. He is petrified, drawn by two equally strong forces. I see that he likes the idea, he craves to take control, to dominate me completely sexually. It’s in that scorching look that burns me and makes me shift uneasily. And he can’t hide his excitement that has my attention drift to it every other second.

But that is not all that Kyle is. He is tender and sensitive and he doesn’t want to hurt me. He knows what I have been through and he is afraid that all this will trigger something. And he is ashamed that he deep down needs this.

“Please,” I try one last time and look up in his dark eyes. “Please, sir.”

It’s as if that last word was the magic word needed to dispel this still atmosphere. He unglues his body off the door he has retreated to as if threatened. He takes one step to me and I keep my eyes in his. He stands right before me, a giant of a man over me and I shiver with anticipation.

He says nothing just looks down at me with that dark, hot look and then he moves. First, he takes his t-shirt off, folds it and leaves it on the armchair next to me. I am still looking at him with my hand offering the chain. He looks at it and then at me to ask one last time. I nod.

He leans in, grabs the chain and I smile. Till he yanks the chain to make me stand on my knees before him. That’s when I gasp and I know we are doing this. Yes, yes, yes. I give up completely, just waiting for his command, my mind empties of everything else and I surrender to him. There is only him and his will right now. I feel bliss come over me.

“You are mine, kitten,” he growls and that’s the deepest I have heard his voice.

The sound of his voice and his reign over me makes a whimper leave my lips.

“Not a sound, kitten,” He yanks the chain once more to make me stand on my feet. “Not till I ask you something. You understand?”

“Y... yes,” I utter, my knees shaking.

“Yes, what?” He demands.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good, my kitten,” he says and drives his fingers in my hair and pets me.

I close my eyes and I abandon myself in his touch.

“We will go slow,” his lips are close to my ear and I bite my lip to stop another whimper.

Another yank from the chain and I am against his body and I can’t stop myself from touching his sculpted chest.

“Hands off!” he orders and the petting in my hair becomes a hard tug.

I throw my hands down to my sides and I want to cry in frustration, anticipation and pleasure. This is so...

“Climb on the bed, kitten,” he demands. “On all fours.”

I turn and I do as he asks while he still holds the chain. He wraps a few loops around his fist and I have to arc my back and keep my head held high to avoid choking. I do not dare move and I hear an approving groan behind me. For a few seconds I feel nothing.

Then, the tips of his fingers trail my spine and I bite both my lips to stop me from making a sound. He asked me to do this and I will do all that he asks me. He will not hurt me. I trust him. He will never hurt me.

His finger skim over me and he does that again and again till my whole body is on fire. My breasts hanging before me are aching and I feel wetness run down my thighs. He is torturing me and I torn between frustration and pleasure.

He spreads his fingers and he caresses my whole back, palming my behind, squeezing lightly and I can’t hold back a moan. His response is a spank on my ass-cheek and that stings but oh so sweetly.

“Not a sound, kitten,” he warns.

I nod.

“Good,” he leans closer and this time his fingers explore more.

He goes around my body and he finds a peaked, ready nipple. He presses it lightly and then he pinches it right on the edge of pain and pleasure. My eyes roll in the back of my head but I manage to stay still. He pinches once more and then softens the blow with a tender caress. My other nipple gets the same treatment and I am this close to come just by that.

“You are not allowed to come till I say so,” he orders as if reading my body’s reactions.

I want to cry and protest. If he would just touch me where I need him the most, my torment would end but he doesn’t. His fingers drift to my stomach and I get excited. Lower, please, please! But he doesn’t.

He pulls closer and I smell his masculine scent. I can’t move my head to look at him, I don’t move a muscle but I want to so much. And this duality is driving me mad. His fingers start their exploration, this time from my ankles up my knees and then my thighs. Again, so close but not close enough.

“Please, Kyle,” I can’t stand it anymore.

A yank of the chain that makes my back arc more and a harder spank on my ass are my punishment.

“You will get what I am giving you, kitten,” he growls. “You are mine to do what I want, you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

A soft squeeze on my spanked buttock is my reward. And his hand stays there, exploring my orbs, getting closer and closer to my core. Every fiber of my being is alert, every nerve on the edge.

“Don’t move, kitten,” he lowers himself and he talks to my ear, so close to me.

His face remains close to mine and I am still controlled by the chain. His breaths come heavy but steady unlike my uneven, strained breathing. He is in control. A control I lose completely when his palm goes over my core. I buck my knees give in.

“I said don’t move!” I earn another spank and I struggle to maintain the posture he wants me to.

His large, calloused hand squeezes my ass hard before he smooths it with light caresses with his whole palm. And after a while, he goes to my core once more. It takes all my willpower to keep on all fours, unmoving and not grind against that torturing hand.

“Very well, kitten,” he purrs in my ear that is a greater torment than that slow-moving hand. “You are so wet,” he says as his hand is soaking. “You want to come, kitten?”

I got not voice in my throat.

“Answer me!” he yanks the chain.

“Yes, sir,” I breathe out. “Please, sir.”

“Not till I say so,” he threatens while one finger focuses on my clit, daring me to obey.

It’s so sweet that friction I feel that I am tempted to let go and come and endure whatever punishment he has for me. But it’s so much more tempting to see how high this can take me. So, I keep my body from exploding as his touch gets more persistent.

This all too much, too much. I have to stay still while he knows to wind my body just right. I can’t moan for the whole Valhalla to hear me like I long to and I can’t come like my body demands with such force. But the pleasure is as if it’s magnified, reaching highs I never thought were possible.

“Good, good, kitten.” His approval makes me smile. “Not yet, not yet. When I tell you. Don’t dare come before that.”

He adds another finger, one massaging my clit slowly and the other teasing my folds with a feather touch. God, please, oh god, I scream in my head and I squeeze my eyes shut. My body is a tense bow string and I’ll either release or I’ll break.

With one sudden move, that finger enters me and his voice reaches my ear like a cool glass of water on a hot day.

“Now, kitten. Let go. Come. Now!”

I don’t need to be told twice. The rubbing, the fingering, his body close to mine, his voice so coarse, so filled with need is bringing forth an explosive, shuttering orgasm that makes me moan his name, not caring who is listening.

“Kyle! This is so...!” The words don’t come out as I lose command of my body and I collapse on the bed.

I have never felt better in my whole life, more free, more complete. Any doubt in my mind is wiped away by the mind-blowing experience I just had.

“This is not over yet, kitten,” Kyle pulls my chain once more.

Thank God!!

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