Knock On Wood (Riders of Tyr #6)

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Intoxicating Power


Seeing Tamie go over the edge so intensely almost sends me over as well. I am on a high, addicted already to the power she gave me, to the way she obeys my command, on the way that makes her go crazy. I promised her that we will go slow but I am not sure I have taken it slow. I have decided that she will only wear the collar tonight. For tonight it’s enough. I have never been more turned on and I want it to last as long as I can take.

I pull on the chain and drag her by the hand to reposition her on the bed. This time she is on her knees facing the edge of the bed. I get up and I stand before her. She dares look up to me and I enjoy that hazy expectation that’s written on it. She makes no demands, just waits for orders. That’s my kitten, I am spurred once more.

“Unbutton my jeans.”

She moves and does as told promptly and that alone is more sensual than her hands on me. One by one, she undoes my jeans and I step out of them. My cock is right in her face, barely confined in my briefs. She looks at it and then up to me, awaiting my command.

“Now, my briefs. Off.”

I haven’t even finished my command and she rolls the briefs down and they too go on the floor. Free now, my cock springs and erects up to my lower abdomen and I hear Tamie’s breath hitch. She shifts and I see her rub her thighs and move her pelvis looking for release.

“Don’t move!” I order and she stops instantly.

So perfect, so beautiful, such a good kitten. I reward her obedience with a caress on her hair and she closes her eyes in pleasure. Just as she leans to my touch, I yank the chain forward.

“Open your mouth, kitten,” I demand.

She licks her lips first and then does as told. I let her wait and she doesn’t even look at me to question my action. I groan satisfied and I grab my cock to rub it softly. She lets out a groan but her mouth stays open. Yes, yes, yes.

With one yank of the chain, I place the head inside her mouth and she wraps her lips around it. I struggle to maintain some control, repeating that I need to take it easy and not fuck her mouth savagely. I tag on the chain, just enough to push more of my cock inside her mouth. I know it’s going to painful to take me all in so I keep that rhythm dictated by the collar. She moves her hands to wrap them around the base.

“Hands on the mattress!”

Tamie jumps up and looks up to me before doing as told.

“Did I tell you to touch me, kitten?” I lean to her.

She shakes her head and I see a spark in her eyes. An anticipation. She knows she will be punished and she craves for it. I go even harder at the thought and I push more of me inside her mouth. Then I lean and I pinch on her nipple hard only to smooth it out with a light caress. Her body shakes with satisfaction.

I keep her on her knees for a while and I let myself in and out her mouth slowly, enough to keep us both on the edge. My room is filled with her scent and one glance between her thighs tells me that she is soaking, drenched. I smirk.

I pull the chain and her mouth pops as my cock is released. She mewls in protest and I narrow my eyes.

“You do as I tell you, kitten, when I tell you,” I say firmly and this time she earns a spanking on both her ass cheeks. “On your back.”

She shuffles and she goes on her back. Her eyes are focused on me and she awaits further instructions.

“Spread your legs and lift your knees! Hands by your sides. Move and I will punish you,” I warn her.

She swallows hard and assumes the position I want. Spread like that on the bed, with the collar on her neck, she is all I have ever dreamt on. And she was already all that I dreamt of. I can’t be that fucking lucky! I don’t deserve to be so lucky but there she is, with that imploring look on her face, her whole being absolutely mine right now and without a doubt in her eyes.

“Good, kitten.”

I kneel between her legs on the floor and I blow on her drenched core. She tenses but doesn’t break her stance. I take the edge of the chain and I let it over her stomach and then her thighs. The metal is cold but I know the goosebumps are not because of that. When I drive the chain to caress her folds, she whimpers and grinds against it.

“Don’t move! And don’t come till I allow it!” I spank her ass once more before I squeeze on it lightly.

I torture her with the chain some more, the thick ringlets going over her folds, spreading her juices to her clit. I see her struggling to keep her knees up, her legs spread, her sanity. Yes, oh, yes, I bathe in the power I have over her.

I get up and I yank the chain to lift her head as I kneel between her legs. Her eyes can barely focus on me, lost as she is in the sensation.

“I will fuck you, now, kitten,” I announce and she gasps. “You will only come when I tell you. Do you understand?”

“God, yes, sir. Please, fuck me, sir.”

I lean over her and by pulling on the chain I expose her neck to me and I nibble on her skin, leaving small bites, licking them right after. She shakes lightly, biting her lip to stop from crying out. I will test that limit.

I roll a condom on me and without warning, I dip my cock inside her. She screams out my name. I bite down on her neck a little harder and I suck her skin. Then I stand on my knees and I do just as I have announced. I fuck her. One hand holds the chain, the other keeps her legs open and I plunge inside her with all I’ve got. She whimpers but I forgive her that.

I keep an unrelenting rhythm and I watch as her eyes widen, still focused on me, her mouth falling open and her toes curl.

“Don’t, kitten. Don’t come yet!”

She frowns in pain but she holds back the orgasm I saw rising in her body. This is so sexual, so intoxicating that I am not sure I can hold back anymore. I fall on one hand and I pull her up to me by the chain. I kiss her roughly, swallowing her moans and letting out loud groans.

Her core takes me in so tightly, as if she can’t let go. Her face is flushed, her chest as well and she is wound to her limits. But she is still doing as told. Her hands twitch with the need to touch me but she doesn’t. She needs to scream but she bites down on her lower lip. And she needs to come but holds back. All because I told her to. I control her body right now like she controls my whole being. The heat in me goes unbearable, her sweetness fills my mouth and I go crazy. I can’t, I can’t hold back anymore.

“Now, kitten!” I demand with a strained voice. “Come for me now!”

“Yes, Kyle. Yes!”

She throws her head back and her whole body shakes. Her depths clench with force, so much so that I feel physical pain by the intense pressure. I throw my head back as well, I let go inside her and I come. And I feel like I am coming for ages, shaking again and again in the most consuming orgasm of my life.

If I was addicted to Tamie before, now I am utterly hers no matter the power play in our bed. She is mine, my Valkyrie, the woman made for me. And I am hers, her Rider, her man. I won’t live without her ever. I love her!

I come to and I look at her, almost asleep by the exertion she felt. I smooth her hair out of her face and I go for the collar. I undo it and leave it aside. It’s has soft lining and there is not a mark on her skin, just a pink hue that will disappear till the morning. I place kisses on the area, a way to tell her that this over now, a way to tell her how I feel.

Then, I scoop her in my arms and I head for the bathroom. Holding her with one arm, I prepare the shower and I place us both underneath. Tamie says nothing, just looks at me adoringly and I return the favor. I take her lips in a slow, tender kiss and we wash each other enclosed in our bliss.

When we are done, I wrap a towel around my waist and I dry her body before wrapping her with a clean, dry towel. I take her by the hand gently and I make her sit on the couch. The pasta is still waiting for us and I hope they still are edible.

Tamie sits on the couch crossing her legs and takes the plate I offer her. Her eyes spark when I offer her Coke as well and she takes a few generous sips. I dig into the food and we both look at each other. We say nothing. There is nothing to say. We are both content and happy.

When we are done, I take her to bed, let the covers over her and I kiss her. I take the tray to the kitchen to wash the dishes and by the time I am back, my sweet kitten is sleeping soundly. I get in bed and I pull her to me. She adjusts by gluing her body to mine.

“Kyle,” she says in her sleepy voice.

“I am here, kitten,” I kiss her hair and I let myself sleep.

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