Knock On Wood (Riders of Tyr #6)

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Angry Touch


I will goddamn explode any minute now as I am pacing in the Thing. No one is talking not even Tor but we all look at Tamie. I look at Tamie too and I am goddamn confused.

“You should have told me,” I growl.

“You were going to kill him,” she utters. “There were people watching.”

“I would have taken care of it, Tamie! All of it!”

She jumps up at my voice and I regret it instantly. But just the thought that this was more than a stupid frat boy hitting on her and that she was in danger all that time, makes me furious.

“I promised you, Tamie,” I soften my voice. “I promised that I will take care of you and that I will protect you. That’s the first fucking thing I told you.”

“I know,” she lowers her head. “I am sorry. I thought...”

“You thought wrong!” Tor says simply. “Tanya was almost killed or whatever and you could have been in danger as well.”

Tears run down her cheeks and I look menacingly at Tor. She is making her feel responsible for things she is not fully responsible of and I will gut him if he keeps making her cry.

“Spare me your dagger looks, Wood,” Tor dismisses me. “I thought you were a soldier. A soldier would have secured this. When you reported to me about that night, you gave me the impression that you had it controlled. I guess you were just in a hurry to get into her pants.”

“Shut your mouth!” I take a step to him.

“Sit the fuck down!” Tor gets up.

Tor is not the biggest nor the meanest amongst us. He trains and works out every day but he is not as buff. He is a good fighter but not as good as some others. But there is authority in the way he carries himself. He is a King, born and bred, a true leader and none of us even thinks of questioning him. I don’t sit down but I do stop my advance.

Din jävla idiot! What done is done. I am used to your fucking Valkyries screwing things up and putting the club in danger,” Tor resumes his seat. “Skit, you all go full on retard on me when a girl catches your eye. Tamie,” he demands my girl’s attention and I stand right behind her chair.


“Anything that can help us?”

Tamie shakes her head.

“Freddie and his men are all I have ever seen aside from the clients. And they are all,” she pauses looking at Rage that is a volcano ready to explode. “They are all dead.”

“Well, there were more as it seems. Leave the room, Tamie,” Tor orders.

I don’t appreciate him taking that tone with my girl and I let him know with a warning growl that he dismisses with a fake smile. I take Tamie’s hand and I guide her outside.

“Go straight to my room, kitten. Lock the door and wait for me, OK?”

Tamie nods obediently. That alone is enough to make me want to take her to my room and have her, possess her, make sure she is here, mine, all of her. But I need to protect her first. I lean and give a kiss on her hair and I watch as she vanishes down the hall.

“There is something wrong,” Tor says as I take my seat.

“Sure is,” Vince says. “Someone is coming after our girls.”

“No, there is something serious wrong and rotten here,” Tor runs his fingers through his hair. “How the hell did they know we had Tamie?”

“Maybe I fucked up in Austin,” I take full responsibility.

“That could be it but I know you, Wood,” Tor pins me with his look. “You said you had that covered and since you haven’t gotten pussy-fever yet, I trust that you did. You were a long way from home. Even the Hellhound’s reputation hasn’t reached Austin. We don’t even have Riders in the state. Then again, it’s not only that.”

“What do you mean?” Daniel asks.

“That shit with Iris,” Tor says and the Hellhound stirs. “They knew she was here though it was completely random. Then Lysa’s and Jack’s shit. Even that motherfuckers trying to take over our turf and turned Eric and Candy against us. And now this.”

Silence falls in the Thing. Leave it to Tor to see a pattern, to smell the shit. No one has noticed, no one connected the dots. But he might be right.

“What are you saying, bror?” Bjorn demands.

“We are under fucking attack,” Tor says seriously. “And whoever it is, he is going about it cleverly.”

Tor stares at the wall across him with his nostrils flaring. It’s not a vacant look. It’s filled with thought and I know the King is trying to figure out things. We all almost hold our breaths and look at each other. We don’t even question if he is right. That shrewd motherfucker is always right.

“Track those assholes down,” Tor finally orders. “Derek made our job difficult with the reward. That asshole announced in the right circles that he will give half a million dollars to those that bring him the men that hurt his precious whore. Thankfully, he wants them alive. I need them alive too. I have a few questions I want to ask,” Tor’s eyes narrow. “Thing over.

We all get up and I go straight to my room. I enter and I find Tamie in the same position as I did last time. She is wearing a white lace thong only and she is knelt on the floor before the bed. Fuck! The light outside is fading but it’s enough to let a rosy color on her perfect skin.

“Tamie,” I warn her.

“I upset you. I made you angry.”

“I am not going to do this because you upset me,” I keep my voice even. “I do not do this to punish you. We do this for pleasure.”

Her head tilts up and she has a faint smile on her lips. A sweet but mischievous smile at the same time.

“I know,” she tilts her head.

I take in a sharp breath and I feel all the blood in my body go to my cock that strains my jeans in seconds. Could I be so lucky? Could my little kitten enjoy our little game as much as I do? Did she actually mean it that she needs this too? One way to find out.

I go to my closet and I turn to her only to see her watching me with a hungry look. God damn it, she does want this. I open the drawer with the toys and Tamie shifts in agitation behind me. I was speaking the truth when I said I crave more for control than inflicting pain. So, I take out the cuffs. They are leather but have fur lining so it won’t leave any marks on her precious skin.

“The collar?” Tamie asks as I make my way to her.

I look down at her, towering over her still knelt body. Inside, I am smiling at her request. But it’s me who makes the decisions here and I am in control.

“You will get what I am giving you, kitten,” I growl menacingly and Tamie squirms on the carpet.

“Yes, sir.”

“Only talk when I ask you a question,” I order and take her chin between my fingers.

This close to her, I can smell her arousal and I see that the crotch of her panties is already wet. Fuck me, I am this close to lose my so cherished control and just take her. But I need this to last. All of this, to bring us both pleasure beyond what we ever imagined.

Still holding her by the chin, I make her rise to her feet. I then go behind her and take her arms by the elbows. She gasps but surrenders in my hands. I pull her elbows together and I lean on her neck to kiss it in slow, open-mouthed kisses. I glance down and I see her chest out, her breasts heavy, her nipples ready.

The thrill alone of having her arms bound in mine, her almost naked and me fully dressed, the agitation of the threat looming over her and my need to control it all sets me on fire. I take her one wrist and I wrap the leather around it. Tamie whimpers and I see goosebumps on her skin. I pull the other wrist and tie them together. Then I run my fingers up her arms, to her neck, in her hair.

“Don’t move,” I say and she stands still.

I take a step back and look at her. Perfect! I go to the closet and I take a blindfold. I stand again behind her and I put the blindfold over her beautiful eyes and tie it. That’s when my torture begins.

I take off my boots and my t-shirt still in my jeans. I go to her and I smell her scent over her neck and she sways. I use only the tips of my fingers and I roam her body at my leisure. Everywhere I touch, her skin rises to attention and she shakes lightly. I start with her back, going down her spine and stopping at her dimples in the small of her back.

I come closer, my front glued to her back. She whimpers at the contact and she leans to me. I allow it. Her tied hands are dangerously close to my erection but I ignore it for now.

I touch her on her waist and make my way to her stomach that flutters under my feather touch. She leans more to me and exposes her neck to my kisses. This is so slow, so erotic that it feels like we are making love though we are barely touching each other.

When I go over her nipples, she shakes and almost falls but she sways against me and manages to stay up. I circle one areola and then let my finger circle and press her nipple. Tamie bites her lower lip to keep from crying out and I enjoy that struggle to control herself.

I do the same for the other breast again and again, till her face is a mixture of strain and immense pleasure. Her knees are wobbling and one glance tells me that she is soaking wet.

“Don’t move,” I order and I hear my voice go rough.

She opens her mouth in an inaudible moan, swimming in an ocean of want. She simply nods her head and bites her lip in anticipation. I lean in and stop so close to her lips that my breath is what she breathes. But I do not kiss her, no matter how much I want to. This game is meant to drive us both crazy.

Instead, I drive my fingers to her shoulders, down her arms, to her hands and then I bring them right under her breasts. I kneel before her and I let my hands drop over her hips, the back of her knees, her thighs.

When I look up, her chest takes deep, needy breaths and licks her lips to keep them from going dry. I don’t take my eyes off her as I come closer and I let my lower lip caress the skin on her firm belly. The sharp intake of her breath tells me she enjoys it. And as I use my tongue to trace her belly button, she is fighting to stand still. Next time I will tie you up on the bedposts, kitten, I promise her and the thought of seeing her bound with red rope on the bedpost makes my aching erection jerk.

I cup and knead her ass and then I lower her panties slowly to expose her to me. Her scent is messing with me and never in my whole life have I wanted a woman so totally, so deeply in my life. I may be the one in control now, but she is the master of my life.

“Spread your legs,” I demand and she readily agrees.

For a few seconds, I just watch, taking in the perfection that she is, her most intimate places open to me, red from the blood running to them, wet by her own arousal. Tamie whimpers in anticipation and she sways to me, begging me to touch her. I smile.

“I said don’t move,” I order and smack her ass cheek only to see a soft smile on her lips when my hand makes contact with her skin.

I move closer and I bite the inside of her thigh and she is ready to fall. I steady her and already fantasizing how it will be when she will bound at the bedposts. I torture her like that, slowly going up to where I know she needs my touch. And when I do, I assault her with my tongue and fingers.

“Oh, yes!” she lets out.

Another smack on her ass and she bites her lips to keep more to spill out of her mouth. I smile and I dive into pleasure with her.

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