Knock On Wood (Riders of Tyr #6)

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Twice now I have used the same surveillance equipment on that piece of shit, Logan. There won’t be a third. Carrens told the truth. I have been watching the men currently in that motel room for days. Tonight is the night. They have contacted no one else and I am sure they act alone. I have followed them to Berkeley, stalking the Gates Of Valhalla probably looking for Tamie. I fought my urge to kill them right there but one of them took off. I need to get them all togetherand not risk any of them getting away. Stalking a prey is what I do. And it’s all I can offer Tamie.

I chose to come alone and made sure that not Magda or anyone else followed me. I will do this alone. My raging blood demands so. One way to keep my sanity. If it wasn’t for that hunt, I am sure I would have drowned in my nightmares the moment Tamie walked out on me.

They are back, worse than ever, the nightmares. Without Tamie in my arms, the terrors invade my fragile mind with force, keeping me up all night. I fucked up again, like I always do. I push people away from me with the stupid decisions I make. Soon the Riders will throw me out of their ranks. But Tamie will be safe.

I run my palm over my face and I focus on my surveillance. A man is in the room and hasn’t come out the whole day. Another one is sitting outside, standing guard. No sight of Logan yet. I will wait for that fucker and then I will move in.

My phone vibrates. Magda. She has been calling ever since I rode away after Carrenswithout telling her where I am going. I know she means well and she wants to have my back but I am scared. If I let her into this, she might get hurt. One way or another I hurt people around me. I can’t do that to my little sis or Runner. I know how it is to lose a Valkyrie.

I ignore the phone and I sweep the place with my binoculars. Right when I am getting impatient, a car pulls in the parking lot and out comes Logan. Finally, I rejoice and glance at the bag with my guns. I follow him through my binoculars as he waves at the guard and goes in the room.

That’s all I need. I take my guns and I leave my hiding spot. I cross the street, securing the silencer to both my pistols and rush to the motel, making sure the shadows hide me.

The blood pumps through my veins and I feel the rush of the hunt. For Tamie, all for Tamie. I will do anything for her. She may not want to be my Valkyrie but I will only be her Rider. There is no one else for me.

I glue myself to the wall and turn around the corner. I make sure no one is watching. It’s really late into the night and no one is walking around. The clerk in the reception, an old man, is fast asleep. As the guard moves to take out his cigarettes, I move.

One quick draw and a bullet flies silently through the air and into the guard’s skull. I reach for his body and put it upright before he falls off. Anyone watching would think that he is just sitting there. In the darkness, one would need to come really close and see the stream of blood flowing out of his left side.

I glue my ear to the door. I hear talks and then a raised voice. They seem to be fighting. Well, that would be the last of their problems.

“He hasn’t contacted us with info.”

“Do you trust him?” I recognize Logan’s voice.

“His info was legit so far.”

Who are they talking about? Who gives them info on us? Is it one of us? Eric wasn’t the only bad apple in our midst?

“I say we get the hell out and forget about her,” Logan offers. “When you called, I thought it was business as usual. A lonely college girl for me to trap. This one is anything but. We can’t-”

“No! That bitch is the reason my brother was tortured to death. I will get to her.”

“Your brother was a piece of shit. He is out, larger cut for us,” Logan says. “More money, man.”

“I agree, my brother was a bastard. But he didn’t deserve to die like this. Not for a cunt.”

That’s it! I’ve had it! I step back and fall on the door with all my force. The flimsy door gives and I barge in, guns drawn. I am faced with two fucking surprised faces. Logan steps away like the coward he is. The other moves his hand behind his back. Bad move, I smile. The gun fires and I get him right on the shoulder. He won’t be using that arm for a while.

“Motherfucker!” He swears.

“Fuck!” Logan almost screams and makes a futile attempt to go for the bathroom. Two bullets in the kneecaps cut that attempt shortly. Both men wail but I doubt that in this part of town anyone would come for their aid. I kick the door closed and I focus on Freddie’s brother.

But he has come to quickly and I am assuming that it’s not the first time he is shot. He comes at me with a hunting knife and I move out of the way quickly. But I am not quick enough. The knife dips into my arm and blood flows down to my fingers.

That motherfucker thinks that this will slow me down. It would take more to stop me from protecting Tamie. I would die if that meant Tamie can be finally safe. I grab him by the throat and I press my fingers deep into his flesh. I lift him up, his feet dangling pathetically.

“You piece of shit,” I hiss. “Your brother deserved what he got and more. And you will meet him soon enough.”

How I wished I had time like Rage did back in Texas. But I need to be done with it quickly and make the call. There is someone that has interest in this.

“Put me-” that asshole tries but I drop him on the floor and kick him in the face.

Something breaks and I repeat the action. I feel Logan behind trying to crawl out of the room. I need to end this quickly. I aim the fucker at my feet and pull the trigger. His body sags instantly. That’s when I turn to Logan.

I loom over him and he whimpers. He is crying and snot runs down his face. At least his dead associate had some balls. This one doesn’t even deserve the time I am giving him.

“What’s that, Logan?” I lean over him. “It’s easier to target defenseless women, right?”

“Please don’t kill me,” he begs.

“I won’t,” I promise and he seems relieved.

“I’ll leave for good this time.”

“Oh, you got me wrong. I won’t kill you. But I am not letting you go, Logan. You had your chance and blew it. Now, you'll suffer.”

His face distorts in both pain and fear. I crouch down and sit on his chest. I put the gun on his shoulder. More tears come.

“Who gives you the info?”

His eyes widen. There is someone. Tor was right.

“I... I don’t know.”

Unceremoniously, I put my hand over his mouth and pull the trigger. His body convulses in pain.

“There are a lot more places I can shoot you before it all kills you. Who gives you info on the Riders and Tamie?”

“I swear I don’t know.”

I place the gun on his other shoulder.

“No, no, no!” He pleads. “I am telling you the truth. Glen talked to the guy. I have never talked with him. Glen told me nothing. Please, that is all I know.”

He is telling the truth, I can tell. My rage got the better of me. I should have kept that asshole alive and question him. I get up and go over Glen. I search his body and find his phone. Perhaps Stig can help.

I put the phone in my pocket and take out my own. I call the number and look at Logan that lies semi-conscious on the floor.


“Derek, I got him.”

“The man that hurt Tanya? Is he alive?”

“I have done some damage but he is alive.”

“Good,” the man’s voice goes dark.

“I need the crew.”

“My people will be there in half an hour. Keep that asshole alive till then. When they come, leave and don’t look back. The crew will clean everything up. No one will know you were there.”

“OK,” I say simply.

“Thank you, Wood.”

“No problem, man. Is Tanya OK?”

“She will be,” he says confidently and hangs up.

I grab the sheet and tear a few pieces. I bandage my arm first and then the bullet holes in Logan that looks at me perplexed.

“There is someone that wants to see you and he wants you alive.”

Logan eyes me stupidly.

“You really should have left,” my chuckle is cruel. “This time you simply went after the wrong girls.”


The crew arrives exactly the time Derek said they would and I leave. I get on my bike and head back to Valhalla. The bar is quiet this night. No one is up so I go round the bar, grab a bottle and head for my room. The pain on my arm is a bitch but there’s nothing alcohol can’t fix. I gulp some of it down.

This pain I can live with. I will even stitch myself without flinching. But now I am done, now that I have made sure Tamie is safe, I am bound to be plagued by her absence. While I looked for those motherfuckers, it was as if she was with me. Now, the tear in my soul will ooze with puss. I miss her. I miss my Tamie, my kitten.

I hurry down the corridor and I open the door to my room. And I freeze. There on the black couch sits Tamie. When the door opens, she gets up and looks at me.

I blink like an idiot. Is my mind fucking with me? Am I bleeding to death back in that motel room and I am making all this up?

Tamie puts on a strained smile and twines her fingers before her. Her scent reaches me and I snap out of my stupor. But I don’t move a muscle. How easily she can pin me in this same spot just by being here.

“I was calling you,” is all she says.

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