Knock On Wood (Riders of Tyr #6)

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I double check in my mind that this is not my birthday or any other special day. Why else would tonight be so perfect? I found those that threatened Tamie and they are out of the way, plus Derek owes me big time. That would be enough to make me sleep better tonight despite the knife wound.

But to have Tamie here? It is if I was dead and came back to life again. And that wound? That was a gift. She was holding back still until she saw the blood on the bandage. She cares, my kitten still cares for me like she did that first night in that motel room.

I thought that Tamie taking care of my wound was the top of my night. That she came to speak her mind, tell me that she doesn’t trust me but that she is back and we would have to work around that. Wrong again.

As she stands before me, her wrists obediently held together, waiting for me to take over, I feel like crying. She is back for good, she forgives me, she gives me another chance. And I will take it. Damn me and my fears but I will take it and make sure we never reach the fifth forgiveness. Never, not when we get married, not when we will have children, not when we will be old together. Never. Never again.

“Are you sure, kitten?” I struggle but I give her the chance to back out now.


“I mean if you don’t-”

What are you doing? I scream at myself. The woman you crave for gives herself to you and you are trying to make her re-think this? But I have to be sure she wants this. Not just sex. It’s more than that. I want it all, I want her whole, I want her mine forever.

“I do. Please, Kyle. I missed you. I missed you so much,” she pleads.

That does it. The heat in her voice, the passion radiating off her body, the want I sense as her body sways to me.

“My sweet Tamie, my little kitten,” I glue my front to her back as I wrap my arms around her.

She offers herself to me but tonight I don’t feel like playing games. We will have all the time in the world to indulge in our little fantasies and discover even more. Right now, I just want to feel her, touch her, kiss her, see her melt in pleasure, be buried deep inside her. I want to make love to her slowly, sweetly. Cure the heart I have broken with my lies and heal my own in the process.

I gather her hair on one side and I kiss her heart-shaped mark on her neck, that mark that brought her to me. I spread kisses up her neck till I reach that spot behind her ear. I lick and nibble on her earlobe.

“I love you, Tamie,” I whisper. “There is only you in my life, in my heart, in my mind, in my bed.”

She leans a bit to look at me with those freaking eyes of hers and my heart jumps in joy by the love I see in them.

“I love you too, Kyle,” she smiles and I swallow the need to break into tears on my knees.

Instead I spin her around and engulf her in my embrace. We look into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, making a promise that words can’t utter. And then, as flawlessly as we always do, we kiss. Our lips caress and our breaths mingle. And when our tongues touch, I can’t hold back anymore.

I pick her up and she yelps in joy. I put her down on my bed, the bed I only sleep when she is here and I cover her body with mine. Our hands move frantically, touching what was deprived of them for so long. I breathe to keep my sanity but with every touch I fly higher.

In a frenzy we uncover each other and soon we are naked on the bed, exposed to one another, for good this time, body, mind and soul. I pause and calm our tempest to cup her face and caress her hair and to put on a condom. There is nothing more I can say to her, I just let her look into my soul and see how much she means to me. And then I leave soft kisses on her face, brushing my lips over hers lightly, pressing my body close to hers to make her see that I am not letting her go away anymore.

When I slide inside her, my soul rejoices, I am elated, I fall into an ecstasy. I am whole. And her eyes tell me she feels the same way.

“Tamie,” I can only sigh her name, all other thoughts expelled from my mind.

“Kyle,” she responds and wraps her arms tighter around me.

I move slowly, ever so slowly. If I could, I would make this moment last forever, stay here in her arms till the end of days comes. There is nothing more I need but her. My mind is torn in two. One part lives in the now, is here with her, fire passing between us in passion. The other lives in the future, in our house, our wedding, the birth of our children. I do have a future with her and not a haunted past.

“Kyle, more,” Tamie begs and stirs me out of my wonderings.

I smirk. Whatever my kitten needs, I will give. She wants more. I will give her more. I will give her my all. I rise on my knees and take her with me. I hold her body close to mine and I drive her on me with increasing speed and force. Tamie supports herself on my shoulders and wraps her legs behind my back.

“You are mine, Tamie. Mine. Don’t ever leave me again.”

“Never,” she sighs deeply.

“Yes, kitten, yes!” I can’t control myself anymore.

We look at each other as we both reach the peak of our passion, and we seal the bliss with a flaming kiss. I have never been so happy in my life. All the times I have been happy were with her and somehow she manages to top that every single day I spent with her.

I hold her, not changing our position, still buries inside her, our eyes still locked together.

“Thank you,” I whisper.

Tamie blushes.

“I should be thanking you. That was...” she looks at me dreamingly.

“For that? Yeah, you should. But thank you for coming back.”

“I don’t think I ever left.”

“Trust me, you did,” I groan in pain, thinking of the time we spent apart.

“I am sorry I hurt you,” she caresses my face.

“Never apologize to me. I am yours to do whatever you want with.”

“Is that so?” Tamie narrows her eyes and flexes the legs she still has around me.

I go hard in an instant. Just like that, just with that promise of the delight her body brings to me. I wrap on arm around her waist and push her hard against me. Her deep moan is my reward and the tightening of her core around me my demise. This is going to be a long night for us night owls.

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