Beyond blood

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Some bonds are way beyond blood. "Thank you for standing by my side while I fought my battles." "Thank you for doing the same for me."

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

“I want to go out.”

“Where, Sir? If you want to get anything, I will go get them for you.”

“I said I want to go out. If I wanted you to get me something I would have asked you. Now go and get the car ready.”

“But Sir, you had a hard day today. I think you should rest for now. Wherever you want to go I’ll take you there tomorrow.” Charlie suggested.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion, Charlie. Do as I said.”

“As you wish, Sir.” He said and turned around to leave and my gaze went to his long legs that helped him get everywhere quickly.


That’s all I felt. It filled me up more and more each day. I tried not to lose myself after all that happened. But it was a huge struggle. Everyday I have to fight with myself to keep my hopes up. To believe that everything would soon be okay. I often wondered on why this happened to me. I have always struggled with life and had to work really hard for every small success. And when I finally felt like I have done it, that I have achieved something, everything toppled over. It seemed unfair that bad things targeted innocent people. But then I get guilty for even having all these negative thoughts. I push myself to be thankful for being alive and living with what many others weren’t lucky enough to get. To be grateful for all I still have. Buts sometimes I found it hard not to complain. There were so much that I have craved for in life that was snatched away from my hands. A family. That’s all I have wanted when growing up as an orphan. But that wish unfortunately wasn’t fulfilled then so I kept dreaming of having one of my own one day. To have a companion. A person with whom I could let my walls down and be open about my feelings. Someone to love unconditionally and one day to have children’s with. But even those dreams began to fade away as seconds passed.

“Everything is ready, Sir.” Charlie said interrupting my thoughts.

“Let’s go then.” I said and moved towards the car.

“Where do you wish to visit?” He asked once we were in the car.

“Just drive around the city.”

I have always found it very interesting to watch people. As a kid I would watch someone from far away and would wonder about their life and try to guess what they are going through. Sometimes I would even make stories with them as the protagonist and I would always give them their happy ending. Because I know that’s what most people desperately hopes for. So I give them that in my stories.

During the traffic I saw a young man wandering aimlessly in the street lost in his thoughts and I wondered what his story was. He looked really tired. Maybe he was out looking for a job. And he must be tired of walking under the sun losing hope after several trials. Maybe the next place he interviews would give him a job and it would pay him much more than he had expected. Maybe then he would have a huge smile on his tired face.


“Yes, Sir?”

“I apologise for being rude earlier.”

“It’s quiet alright, Sir. I know that you are going through tough times but don’t give up, Sir. There is still hope.” Her encouraged.

For hours we drove around in silence and I found it strangely calming.

“Charlie, please stop the car here. I want to get out and roam around here for sometime.”

“Sir, it’s not safe.” He protested.

“It never will be, Charlie. Stop the car.” I said and he hesitantly did.

“I will park the car somewhere safer and come to you.”

“Take your time.”

“I won’t. Your guards are there so you’ll be okay.” He said assuring himself more than me.

“I know, Charlie.” I said smiling at his protectiveness.

The evening wind, the sun and the loud giggles of the children in the nearby park made me feel at peace. I could feel the stares of people but I was very much used to it and has slowly learned to ignore them. Moving forward I focused on the nature around me and let it temporarily sooth my worries away. I was too focused on them that I didn’t notice few bikers race past me. The last one was driving way too close to my side and when he was passing very close I moved away in shock and way too abruptly over some rocks and ended up falling on the ground awkwardly. I tried my best to get up on my own but the wheelchair had fallen heavily on me that I had to lay there waiting for my guards to reach me while painfully hearing the murmurs of people around.

“Oh my God. Sir, are you alright?” I heard a soft feminine voice ask me in concern and soon felt a hand on my shoulder. The person carefully helped me up and made sit back on my wheelchair.

“You okay, Sir?” She asked again but I was too focused on her observing her that I couldn’t reply to her.

I found her very beautiful. Her beautiful eyes were glancing at me in concern. I watched her chapped lips move but I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. Her slightly greasy hair was pulled in to a messy bun and her bare face was boldly displaying the acne scars to the world. Despite all that she looked perfect to me.

“You have a cut on your forehead.” She mumbled and quickly began searching through her huge handbag and pulled out a first aid box and water bottle.

“Here you go, Sir. Drink some water.” She said and held out the bottle to me. And when I didn’t accept it immediately she probably assumed that I can’t move my arms and so she guided the bottle to my mouth and I slowly took gulps of it while never taking my face off her. When she was rummaging through the first aid box I discreetly waved off my guards who charging towards us.

“This might hurt a bit.” The woman infront of me warned before cleaning my cut and taking care of it.

“Done. Are you hurt anywhere else? Dang it. What if you are? I should have just taken you to the hospital in the first place. It’s only a block away. I’ll take you there now just to be sure. Are you here alone or are you with someone else?” She rambled out and I took a glance at the guards who watching us before replying.

“Alone.” I said and saw a relived smile at her face seeing me talk.

“Do you mind if I take you to the hospital? Just to be safe? It’s close by.” She said and I found myself nodding. It was a simple fall but I think she is worried it could affect my condition. Though I knew I was alright I still chose to go along with her hoping to spend some more time with her. She pushed my wheelchair towards the direction of the hospital and I let her do it not telling her that I can control the wheelchair on my own. My wheelchair was very advanced one. One of the best the world could offer to people like me. The facilities it provided made feel less depended on people but right now I didn’t mind having her help me.

She hurried us to the hospital and soon they checked over me and in the end stated that I was fine.

“Sir, are you alright?” Charlie asked after rushing into the hospital room in fear.

“I am fine, Charlie. Calm down.”

“I told you it was not safe. I shouldn’t have left you in the first place.”

“Don’t blame yourself. It was not in your control. And as I said I’m perfectly fine thanks to this woman over here.” I said looking up at the beautiful lady who still haven’t left my side.

“Thank you helping him, Miss. We’ll forever be grateful for your kindness.” Charlie said and she gave him a small smile.

“I’m Charlie. His driver.” Charlie said and held out his hand for her but she suddenly flinched back.

“Sorry.” She mumbled before slowly shaking her hands with him while I was still frowning at what happened.

“I’m Luciana. It’s nice to meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Luciana.” Charlie said before pulling his hand away much to her relief.

“I’ll go settle the bill.” Charlie said and then left knowing I wanted to be with her alone for a little longer.

“Thank you for helping me today, Luciana. I really appreciate it.” I said once we were alone.

“I did what I had to do.” She mumbled awkwardly and I assumed that she is a kind of a person who gets awkward when someone thanks her.

“I’m Aaron John. This is my card here. If you need any help whatsoever in the future please do contact me.” I said handing her my business card which she reluctantly took.

“Okay..It’s time for me to leave now. Please take care of yourself.” She said and I sighed knowing I can’t prolong our meeting any further.

“I will. I hope to see you soon again.” I said and saw a genuine smile appear on her face for the first time since I met her.

“Bye.” She mumbled before walking out and a second later Charlie came inside with a teasing smile.

“Sir, do you smell that?” Charlie asked sniffing the air.


“Love in the air.” He said laughing at me.

“Shut up, Asshole.”

“Ready to go home, Romeo?”

“Charlie..” I called in warning.

“Alright. Alright. I’ll stop.” He said but the moment we got in the car he blasted cheesy love songs all the way home and also made sure to sing along with it.

“Charlie, I think you broke my ear drum.” I said once we finally reached home.

“It was my pleasure, Sir.”

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