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She's the new girl. He's the it boy. They're meant to be. But Penny thinks otherwise. She hates that Vanessa and Zach met online and Juliet is played by her.But it'll change once they know who she is.

Romance / Fantasy
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The New Girl- Penny

Ring! Went the final bell, signaling the end of last period. I rushed my locker, my head in the clouds, dreaming of him. He’s the the most perfect guy ever. Even his name’s perfectly. Zach. I got to Drama Club and saw him. The lush dirty blond locks, the smile that lights up a room. I sat with him and the rest of my peers. Mrs. C, the Drama director, walked up.
“Exciting news, students. We have new student joining us! Vanessa will be another’s fellow actor. I expect you to welcome her.”
I grunted as the rest of the kids chorused, “Yes, Mrs. C.” The girl, Vanessa, had been the talking to Zach earlier. There’s was something about her. Could she be- no. Zach and I are the only two here. There’s is no way that Vanessa is also a demigod.
“We will be putting on a production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.” Mrs. C continued. And I have a few people I want to try out for certain roles. Penny,” I stood. “Juliet.” I cheered inwardly. Please, please, please let Zach be Romeo!
“Zach, Romeo.” Yes! Mrs. C droned on for a few minutes before we got up.
“Sit back down! There’s still one more person.” No, no, no, no, no! Don’t be, don’t be-
“Vanessa, Juliet.” No! We’re the only two for Juliet!
“The auditions are Thursday, so you have two days to prepare. Good luck to all of you.”
She said that she’ll let us practice for our characters during club. I look over. I see Vanessa’s walking towards Zach. No! I run and reach Zach right before she does.
“Hey Zach,” I say breathless. “You want to go over scenes with me?”
“Sure,” he replies. We practice for 30 minutes, before biking home together. We’re neighbors, so we hang out and practice in the front lawn.
“I’ll be right back. I need a drink.” I walk inside my house.
After getting my water, I step on the front porch, refreshed. Wait, what? I see someone next to Zach. Her long fawn hair looks cute against her light blue shirt. Why must she be prettier than me?
They’re talking and laughing. He stares into her eyes, before leaning forward and pecking her on her lips.
Vanessa’s here. And Zach just kissed her.
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