What I Needed

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Chapter 10 ~ The Beginning

Priya’s P.O.V.

“You can’t ask me that.”

Jakobe Sloan, you sly motherfucker.

“I just did.” I was super pissed. I wish he’d answer the fucken question.

“Priya, what do you want me to say?” Caveman flopped onto the bed beside me, “you are my woman, I claimed you as that in front of my brothers, is that not enough for you?”

Jakobe looked so cute, so innocent, so defeated, so vulnerable, and completely full of shit. I could see that look in his eyes, he may not be able to voice it just yet, but he will when he’s ready. Why else would he go through all of this if he thought I was just alright?

I couldn’t help but smile at him, holding his hand and softly kissing the back of it. “It’s okay; your secret is safe with me, just give me a minute, will you?” Jakobe nodded, watching me curiously.

I grabbed one of his shirts and headed into the shower. I had to wash ‘dead man’ off me before any of this could go any further, and I most definitely wanted it to go further. He was in love with me; he was in love... with me? He might not be able to say it yet, but, he will. Jakobe had saved my ass time, and time again, all our Intel was wrong. It painted bikers as ruthless, mindless, fucking machines but the truth was, they were... unbelievable.

I scrubbed the makeup off, sponged my whole body, bathing my skin in vanilla and making sure I was well-groomed before exiting. I hated that I had been responsible for seven deaths, but I had no choice - it was them or me. I put the thought out of my head as I shrugged on Jakobe’s shirt, it had Harley’s on it. I wonder if he knows Harley and Davidson were two separate men? Now was not the time for useless facts and he probably already knew, he did after all work in the clubs bike shop. Shit, I am nervous, maybe I should relax and show him how I can create a tiny motorbike with four Bundaberg Ginger Beer bottle caps? No, what the hell am I thinking? God, where have all these butterflies come from?

Taking a deep breath, I slowly opened the door, Jakobe was leaning against the back of the couch in his blue satin boxers. Every deliciously sculptured muscle, tattoo and piercing on display for my feasting pleasure, and boy did I peruse unashamedly; he scrutinized me through blazing chocolate eyes.

“Ya know, when I picked you up off the road, I never expected this.”


“You. I thought you were just some... some...”

“Damsel, in need of saving?”

He chuckled, “yeah.” Jakobe folded his arms across his broad ink-covered chest.

“Do you wish you had of left me there?”

“No.” Caveman answered quickly while I gazed at him.

“I am in need of saving though, by you,” my eyes narrowed in on his chest as it slowly rose and fell. “Just not in the way you thought.”

Jakobe pushed off the backrest, slowly sauntering over to me with a confused frown. “What other way is there?”

“My heart. It had given up on everything, on finding someone to care for it - and me.” Jakobe’s hands gripped the bottom of his shirt.

“Then trust me, Priya, trust me to keep it safe,” he whispered against my flesh as his lips reached mine.

Slowly sliding his shirt up and over my head as our eyes remained locked on one another. “I-I do,” I whispered insecurely as his lips captured mine.

This kiss was not rushed or harsh; it was light and loving, soft and full of hope - the magnetic tenderness moistening my core as his eyes mapped my body with adoration, trailing his fingertips lightly over the curve of my neck before his lips pressed gently against my heated skin.

Jakobe was gentle, attentive, admiring every inch of me; he was in love with me - no man embraces a woman this way without attachment, I was certain of it.

Jakobe’s thumbs lightly grazed my erect nipples and circled hypnotically; I was lost to the rhythmic touches and feathery feel of his hands as they expertly brushed against me - rendering my soul exposed and opened from the inside out. He was loving me with his heart, Jakobe was helping me to understand he could be trusted to keep me safe and protected, he could be trusted with my love - eventually.

His palms slipped over the curvature in my lower back and grasped my backside, squeezing my derriere as we both moaned into each other’s mouths, our tongues still gliding against one another’s.

He backed up slowly as my lips made their way down his neck, moving tenderly across his chest. His back meeting the wall behind him as I continued my passionate nips down his perfectly sculptured and tattooed stomach. My tongue trailing along every dip, curve, and ridge as I lapped up the taste of his alluringly sinful shell.

I progressed down until my bare knees found the floor. Pushing back the tufts of pubic hair, I enclosed my mouth around the head of his penis, my tongue circling before flattening and swallowing as much of his shaft as I could.

Relaxing my throat as he slipped in and out, his hushed grunts and moans, music to my ears as his fingers slid up into my hair. Jakobe never thrust into my mouth; he never pushed my head down harshly or held it there - no, he allowed me full control over pleasuring him how I saw fit.

My tongue tip tickling his balls as my hand stroked him up and down, fisting him faster and faster as my other hand wove up in between his legs, massaging his perineum with my thumb, I could hear his grunts and pants becoming urgent and uncontrolled.

He gripped my shoulders, pulling me up and devouring my mouth with his, turning both of our bodies around, and resting my naked bum on his dressing table. Guess the slow approach was too much for Jakobe to handle? He was inching towards rushed, heated, and lustful - which I did not mind at all.

His mouth encapsulated my highly sensitive nipples as my back arched, his plush tender lips creating a trail of burning fire as he blazed his way across my flesh, all the way down until his mouth reached my throbbing apex, and his divinely wet and warm tongue swiped over my pussy lips. I was in pure heaven as he consumed my core.

“Ooh, god, yes, caveman.”

My body shuddered under his expert tongue as ecstasy burst from every nerve ending throughout my being; I couldn’t help but grind into his face nestled between my thighs. A growl of satisfaction escaped from the back of his throat and sent a pleasurable shiver crawling up my spine. Jakobe plunged two thick fingers inside me, working me to the very edge, hanging on the precipice of orgasm.

He moved vehemently against my engorged pussy, lapping at the liquid silk hungrily. “God, you drive me crazy Priya.” Jakobe’s rumble from between my thighs wettened my sex more, his tongue flattened, causing his piercing to hit the raised nub of my clit, and just like that - I exploded.

“Ooh!” I mewled as a flurry of fireworks lit up my insides.

Without respite, he thrust his massive rigid cock into my creamy centre. “Fuck,” Jakobe hollered, slamming into me.

I slid down; my back lay flush with the dressing table as his hands firmly gripped my hips. Jakobe slightly adjusted his positioning, his hold guaranteed to leave behind some bruising of the best kind. Relentless in his momentum, pushing pleasure through me from head to toe, washing like waves under the surface of my skin, he ploughed deeply with sexual force.

“Ooh!” I couldn’t help but cry out as he withdrew and drove back in. Jakobe attempted to lean forward to capture my lips, but his powerful hip ruts, pushed through, and our rhythm was altered, so he abandoned that idea and jerked back.

“Fuck,” Jakobe cursed as I tried desperately to breath. His cock was curling my soul with rapturous euphoric feelings of utter happiness. “Your pussy... Priya... is heaven,” he rasped.


“Shit, I... cum,” he cried before spurting his seed deep inside the condom while I enthusiastically clenched down around his exploding cock, orgasm ripping me to euphoric shreds as my mind shattered and I trembled in incredible bliss.

Jakobe’s sweaty forehead hit the valley between my breasts as he heaved slowly while I tried to calm my racing heart. My fingertips raking through his luxurious locks as I fully relaxed, enjoying the after orgasm ecstasy flooding my system.

He lifted me and slid us both into bed, caveman’s arms fastening securely around me as he ran his lips and stubbled chin along the curve of my neck, groping my breasts while my fingertips lightly trailed Jakobe’s forearms.

For the first time in a long time, I was able to forget and live in the moment, this perfect moment, wrapped up in a cocoon of majestic purity. I could have cried at how wonderful it felt to be able to just let go and be caught in a haze of lovingness.

His chaste kiss pressed against my temple - no words were needed - everything had been expressed with our bodies, and now, no secrets were concealed. I had handed over my heart - finally taking that vital step into trust.

I have no idea what time we fell asleep, all I know was my eyes closed as the sun rose in the distance and I had never felt more fulfilled or connected to any other being in the world.


A hard knock sounded at the door, “get up Trigger; it’s time.” Jakobe rubbed the sleep from his eyes with the heel of his palm and then stretched underneath me.

“I’m sorry; I had no idea I’d fallen asleep on you.” I rolled off of him, but the biker Adonis tugged me back into his warm chest.

“I loved having you in my arms like that; don’t move from this bed, Miss Mafia. After Gathering, I’m coming back here to take you again, and again.”

“What happens at Gathering?” I queried as he kissed the side of my face.

“We discuss you,” my earlobe gets pulled into Jakobe’s warm mouth, and he gently suckles.

“Me?” I feigned surprise.

“Yes you, Miss Mafia,” he teases, snaking his hand down in between my legs.

“Oh god Jakobe, you have to... Ooh... go.” My eyes closed tightly as his middle finger circled my already aroused clit.

“Just cum for me once, and then I’ll go,” Jakobe whispered sensually in my ear.

My hips buck up into his hand as my back arched off my sexy man’s chest. Whimpering in splendour, it doesn’t take long before I come undone under his wickedly torturous ministrations, and I breathed out an, “Ooh, caveman!“, releasing my pent up orgasm.

“God, you look sexy as fuck,” he coos. Jakobe slips from the bed, and I roll onto my stomach, scrutinizing him getting dressed.

Another hard pair of knuckles rap at the door. “Hurry up, fuckwit!” The unmistakable growl of President Deon wafts through the closed wood.

He leans down and kisses my forehead, “don’t go anywhere Priya, I am not done with you.”

A smirk form on my lips, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Good,” Jakobe nods before leaving.

I groaned out in euphoric ecstasy as my cheek rubbed against the soft sheeting. Tomorrow we will go back to reality, but last night, and what I’m presuming, all day today; we can take a small portion of time for ourselves.

I was rather unhurried in getting up from Jakobe’s bed. Walking sluggishly into his kitchenette, I grabbed something light to eat, and then directed myself to the shower. How did the most horrifying event of my life, turn into the most incredible circumstance? I was a woman in love, this I knew for sure, and as the water massaged my skin, I giggled, remembering the pure exhilaration of him: Jakobe’s touch, his lips, tongue, dick, and his moans. Everything about him made me smile with delight and giddiness.

Once dressed in denim shorts and a black singlet, I slipped my happy feet into converse socks and braided my long auburn hair. A hard thump belted against the door, I moved quickly and opened it, only to find Cadence the prospect. “Hey, beautiful,” he wiggled his eyebrows, “you’re needed at Gathering.”

“Women aren’t allowed at Gathering?” I looked at him, stunned.

He motions with his hand and shrugs his shoulders. Dread rose from the pit of my stomach as I left the safety and comfort of the bedroom, nervously making my way to the meeting, followed by a whistling asshole prospect with an ego the size of Atlantic Ocean. I knew he was watching my backside; his mere presence made my skin crawl. I squared my shoulders and straightened my spine, tilting my chin skyward, and walked through the open doors at the end of the sleeping quarters.

Every pair of eyes were on me as I made my way up the aisle and to the open chair resting beside Jakobe, his glower towards the men in the room, murderous. He knew they were glued to my bum, I was not blind, most of these men were dirty as fuck bastards, and they made my stomach churn when they were on heat - which was about ninety-eight per cent of the time.

Jakobe collected my hand the moment I sat, and held it in front of everyone there, his actions and possessiveness made me smile.

“This here, for those who don’t know, is Priya Antony. Now, we usually never allow women in here; however, on top of being Triggers ‘claimed’ woman; she is also the only heir to the Antony Empire, as in... Mafia.”

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