What I Needed

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Chapter 11 ~ Justice

Priya’s P.O.V.

Leaving Gathering was surreal, I thought for sure I would be carried out with a bullet, but no; once again, I was surprised by just how honourable the bikies were. They had agreed to help me, and since we were unsure of just how many Mafia members had turned - It was time for recon.

Waking up in Jakobe’s arms, completely naked and very sexually satisfied, it was time to start my new position. Slipping down under the covers, I decided that since I was leaving the bed this time, I should give him a wake-up call to remember, and sucked his monster cock until he blew down my throat.

“Fuck Priya, that’s how I want to get woken up every morning, I’m throwing my alarm out now to be sure.” Jakobe saddles in behind me, kissing my neck as I slipped on my boots.

I just laughed, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

“You’re rather eager to leave me?” I turned to look at my strapping biker curiously and then moved to straddle his hips.

“Never, just excited. Cooking actually sucks, I have no idea how Aja does it?”

“You know, she told me once that it helped clear her mind of the screams,” Jakobe ran his calloused hands up and down my denim thighs.

“Screams?” I questioned, gliding my fingertips through his silky hair.

“Yeah, from when she was a contract killer.” I froze with widened eyes.


“Yeah, Aja never told you?” I shook my head from side to side. “It was a long time ago, Rex saved her life the way he saved mine.”

“You always have such wrong assumptions about people. That is not at all what I thought she done before The Road Warriors,” caveman chuckled.

“What did you think Aja did before the club?”

“Honestly?” He nodded to confirm, “I thought she was an innocent soul, college girl, went to a bad party, was lured away by very bad bikies, and fell in love. She seems so soft and good-natured.”

“Are we not good-natured?” I giggled.

“No, you are trouble, and I’m late.” I jumped up from the bed and headed downstairs for my new post. Deon, Kitty and Leighton were there to meet me.

“Priya, the reason I’m being so lenient is that I want you to teach Kitty how to fight. Trigger is already teaching the Kid,” Deon points his thumb towards Leighton, “but Kitty is delicate and pure, we can’t teach her our way.”

“Our way?... A male way?” I was slightly offended by his sexism.

“I didn’t mean that,” Deon growled.

“It’s okay Prez, I’ll teach her... ‘the girl way’,” I jested before heading to the kitchen.

President Deon grabbed my arm to halt my tracks. “Dagger told me about your plan for those bullies, are you sure about this? I could smell that fucken thing brewing days ago, swept straight into my office the moment the windows opened.”

“There is an injustice done here. I know this is not the ‘right’ way... but it’s ‘my way’, and it guarantees those pack of bitches back the fuck off.” He could see the flame of determination in my eyes.

“Fine, but none of this comes back to the club,” Deon warned.

“Naturally,” I smirked wickedly.

Kitty and I were both excited about our new arrangement, Leighton, on the other hand, was not so impressed with having to spend extra time with me, not that we spent time together anyway, but he made his opinion on the new situation heard.

As they went off into school, the prospects and I got to work. The main objective would be to set up security throughout the campus; we needed eyes on our ‘next generation of Warriors’ so Prez put it. Really, I think he was on to Kitty and Leighton and required reconnaissance on them, everyone could tell something was stirring between those two.

The prospects had kindly delivered my special ‘bully brew’, and come this Friday, game time, I would unleash hellfire. Digger and I had made sure to prepare it in the sun, for extra pungent flavouring, and I was beyond titillated. Kitty had never been able to attend a football game because she was considered an undesirable. This Friday, she and Leighton will be attending their first of many outings together, but for now, I needed to set up a camera in the girl’s locker room, that could only be accessed by me, to record this momentous occasion.

We got back to Headquarters at the end of the day, to see Techno and Deon watching the cameras.

“Hey, Techno?” Techno was Deon’s electrical’s man, he was in charge of all the computer and technology needs for The Road Warriors. The tech-savvy magician was a nerdy sort of a bloke, 5ft 7, fair skin, short black hair, no beard, glasses, and sported a rather slender build, but from what I’d heard and so far witnessed, he was a wiz when it came to tech.

“Yeah, Princess, did you do it?”

“It’s up.”

“What’s up?” Deon queried.

“Justice. Friday. six o’clock.” I leaned against the Tech room wall.

Techno angled over, “here’s the remote, did you follow my instructions step by step?”

“I did, sir,” he smiled at my ego-boosting politeness.

“Good. Press the button to start recording, and the feed will be patched through to the monitor.”

“Are you sure?” Prez Deon asked again.

“C’ mon Prez, you didn’t see Kitty when I picked her up, that girl was broken. Yes, we grow up, and these things become inconsequential, but right now, Kitty’s living through hell, I can’t let it slide.”

He nodded in understanding, and I turned to leave, voicing my thanks to Techno before heading to Jakobe’s room for a nap. Climbing through roof’s is exhausting, and come this Friday, I was going to need all the strength I could get - not to laugh.


“So, there’s a rumour floating around the yard that you are up to some pretty terrible revenge?” Jakobe walked in Friday afternoon to find me getting ready. I had chosen all black for my mission into the ‘hell history books of high school’, and I was digging my attire choice, conscious in my decision not to implicate the club in any way.

“Alright, who ratted on me?” I winked playfully at him.

“Where the fuck did the sweet, innocent, and loving lady go that I picked up off the road? Who is this badass? And why the fuck, do I find you so goddamn sexy?”

“I am still the same person, just letting my inner bitch shine for a while.”

“When’s the show?”

“Techno will be recording at six.”

“Are you going to need saving?” He flopped down on the bed, rife with concern.

I walked over, separating his legs with mine. “No, I do not need saving, but I think your son might. You know him and Kitty are on a ‘date’ tonight, right?”

Jakobe blows out the air between his lips harshly, creating a whistle. “Fuck, Prez is going to murder Leighton.”

“Yep. Oh well, see you later.” Jakobe grips the backs of my thighs to hold me in place.

“I don’t even get a kiss goodbye?”

I leaned low, so our lips were barely touching. “I’ll do all that and more - when I get back, caveman.” Jakobe groans, but before I exited through the doorway, I turned around and winked at him. “Don’t forget to watch the exhibition.”


The girls had been just inside the locker room now for fifteen minutes. Cheerleaders, I internally groaned, the only thing cheery about these slags is the jocks that get their cocks sucked by these whores. Their future would consist of much more cock sucking and in a small town like this, probably the club’s on-hand fucks.

The two prospects who had helped me set up the cameras for Techno and Prez Deon also wanted to join in the festivities of tonight. I guess with all the time Kitty, and I spent with them, we have sort of become... friends. Either that or they were just as cruel and as black-hearted as I was.

We clicked the button, and the camera switched on.

I withdrew my gun from its holster, along with the prospects, Phil B and Rocket. I had a feeling Rocket would not have to change his name when he patched in. My boot connected with the locker room doors, giving those immature sluts one hell of a fright.

“Good evening, Bitches.” I enthusiastically greeted with my gun trained on all of them, and as suspected, these babies screamed for their mothers. God, why are most women so predictable?

“Shut up, shut up,” I growled as the prospects brought in the fermented tonic. “Now, you pack of assholes have been harassing my precious, Katie-Anne.”

“No, we haven’t.” The Queen of the Bitch pack, Rimmer, attempted to defend her wild Barbie horde.

“Rimmer, isn’t it? Your Mumma name you that because she knew you’d grow up to be an ass licker?” The prospects snickers behind me.

“My daddy named me,” Rimmer spat in return.

“Oh, so it was your daddy who enjoys licking asshole?”

“Fuck up, bitch.” She tried to act tough, but Rimmer was a dime a dozen - basic and foul.

“Calm your tits ass licker Barbie; did you not see my gun?” I raised it to her head, “wanna see if it works?”

“It’s not real, you can’t scare us,” without a second thought, I lowered my piece, squeezed the trigger, and shot Rimmer in the leg. That set off her hollering, spluttering, and bawling.

“Sorry, what was that about it not being real?” I moved to the bucket and kicked off the lid, “now, this is how this is going to go. Since you feel the need to humiliate my friend, it’s only fair I return the favour. For your little red dye stunt on the back of Kitty’s pants, a friend and I have been brewing this bucket of shit and rotting fish in the sun for over a week, specifically for this event. You girls are going to sit in it, one by one, and then take your hands, scooping up the concoction - yes, with your hands - don’t ask me stupid questions, and run it along your inner thighs. Then we are all going to head out and watch you cheer for your football team in front of the whole school.” My tone dropped to dangerous. “This is your warning, because if I catch you near Kitty, talking to her, or even thinking you can be cruel and sadistic again, I will be back with the boys here, and we’re going to make you lick the boy’s assholes clean after they’ve done a shit. Any questions?” By now the girls were all petrified, huddled around their Queen Bitch crying, howling, and complaining their bony backsides off. I swear I was going to need a panadol when I returned to the compound, the pain in my eardrums was enough to resonate through my skull.

“You c-c can’t make us d-d do this.” Rimmer’s top minion tried to protest through snot covered tears.

“Briny? Isn’t it?” Bang. Without questioning further, I aimed and shot her thigh. “I thought we had been through this? Do you want me to keep shooting you? And sweetheart, I can make you do anything because I’m the one with the poo brew and the gun,” my tone was irritated and dripping in sadistic sarcasm.

One by one they lined up, sat in the shit, then wiped it down the inside of their thighs. The cheerleading coach came in halfway, and we had to tie her up with a very solid threaten that if she were caught opening her mouth, we would add her to the list of shit lickers.

The smell that surrounded us was putrid.

The rancid potion made my eyes water, and I wanted hurl just like the rest of the cheerleaders; even the prospects were having trouble holding in their barf. At one stage, I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew, opting for one of Phil B’s cigarettes just to smell something different.

Rimmer stood, overdramatized her flesh wound, and limped to the bucket. “Since you are the mastermind behind the attacks on my buddy Kitty, you get to wear the rest of the bucket... yum, yum, yum, tip it over your head... now!”

She looked green as she covered herself, head to toe, in the poo tonic and shook violently, I was enjoying this vengeful act way too much. The prospects grabbed the bucket in their hazmat suits, tied it, and the lid, into a large garbage bag, and then threw it in the van - no evidence.

We followed the vomiting cheer squat out onto the field; I had never been to such a silent football game before. Internally, I was just happy to have fresh air, but the action of justice was intoxicating.

“C’ mon girls, time to motivate the team.” I opened my leather jacket and flashed them my gun, coupled with my million dollar smile. Needless to say, it didn’t go so well, and the crowd were either in fits of laughter or vomiting themselves, “no one messes with my girl again, or I will be back, got it?” They nodded vehemently through tears.

We made our way back to Headquarters, and I could not stop the happiness and giddy joy, walking through the doors, desperate to be cleaned, the sound of delight that greeted us was almost deafening. All three of us stood there in shock at first but then burst into laughter. Yes, it was cruel, and yes, I probably psychologically damaged the local cheer squad, but at least I could guarantee they will not be ridiculing anyone else any time soon.

Jakobe came near me, but I held up my hand to stop him. “I need a shower and to burn these clothes,” he sniffed, and I could see by the look on his face, he had discovered the odour, and how terrible it was.

“Please, go,” Jakobe chuckled to himself.

After scrubbing my entire body and practically bathing in perfume, I descended from the room to join the club in the booze bunker but was collected by a very unfamiliar pair of arms. “I’ll never be able to thank you for that, plus, I’m pretty sure this video will be played on repeat,” Prez gushed. “Yum, yum, yum - ha, classic.”

“Thanks, Prez,” I blushed ferociously. What are these warm and fuzzy feelings?

“Get your filthy fuckin hands off my woman.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at Jakobe, every time he went all Alpha Macho, he had me creaming between my thighs.

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