What I Needed

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Chapter 12 ~ Hunting

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

We had been staking out the different locations for over two weeks, and I was desperate to get back to Priya, but Prez’ orders were simple.

~ V.P., spare head this recon mission, we need as much information as we can get to see what we are up against~

We had Flicker taking the shots of the different men so we could run them through our system, we had Gravel listening in on their conversations through the gadgets Techno had given us, and I had placed different teams at all the locations, accumulating the same Intel as us.

How many visitors?
What product?
Any stand out features?
What cars?
Times and movements?
Other associations?
Vital information.

We needed to get everything correct. This was the Mafia we were dealing with.

The annoying thing, I was sure they had more men than us. We had associated chapters we could call upon, but we hated owing a brother, affiliate or not, and usually when you called in a favour, a favour needed to be repaid.

I was just chilling out from the top of the hill, overlooking the third location on the list, when a black BMW pulled up surrounded by four military-grade S.U.V.’s. Heavily armed members filed out of the cars and barricaded around our target. A woman in lingerie appears with a silver tray adorning a line of white powder. Our person of interest inserted the pipe into his nose and sucked back - the damn bastard is testing Priya’s father’s product out in the open.

“What can you see?” Boomer, our bombs expert, ex-army and one hell of a mad fucker, comes crawling up beside me.

“Here, take a look, its that fucker Frazier Saltora, testing the gear.” I handed him the binoculars, Boomer was a tall fucker, 6ft 7 with short blonde hair and light brown eyes, he was blessed with a ranga beard. Poor man, the ginger ran strong within this one, no wonder he likes to blow things up the soulless bastard.

“So that’s how he’s bankrolling this whole thing? With Mafia product? Jesus, he’s bold, Frazier clearly thinks he’s untouchable. Trig, if your woman is the heir to the Mafia legacy, isn’t that her product?”

“Yep, which is exactly what Priya thought Frazier was doing.”

Boomer dropped the binoculars, “we don’t deal in hard gear?”

“Right,” I wondered where the gigantic ranga was heading in his train of thought.

“So, when we get it back to H.Q., what happens?”

I shrugged; the truth was I had no idea. “I don’t think any of us have thought that far ahead.”

He raised a brow at me, “you and Prez might wanna discuss that.”

I rang through to Prez to let him know we’ve captured enough info and we’ll be returning home soon. Deon appeared to be a little distracted, but so am I, I had one thought on my mind - Priya.


After a full day of riding, we pulled up and parked our bikes in the side garages, it looked like rain, so best to protect them. I was collecting my gear when I heard loud, fast, footsteps running towards the bikes, I turned to see whose old lady was excited to see them and was going to get fucked, only to recognise it was Priya. I dropped my gear and caught her as she jumped into my arms, capturing my lips with hers, Priya’s delectable tongue seeking comfort and caressed my own passionately.

“Fuck, you’re a sight for sore eyes, baby,” princess chuckled. With her auburn hair in a high ponytail, she was wearing tiny as fuck jean shorts, and white cropped, off the shoulder jumper, “sexy as fuck.”

“I missed you,” she breathed against my lips, “take me now,” Miss Mafia ordered which had me groaning and my cock straining hard in my denim.

“Fuck, that was the longest two weeks of my life.” My hands palmed her taut round ass, as her legs wrapped securely around my waist and I steered us inside. “Prospect, grab my bags and bring em to my room.” The prospect known as Phil B, jumped straight up and got to work, those fucken bags were in the room before Priya, and I even made it there.

We randomly stopped on the way to my studio, pushing her against the walls as she moaned and groaned, I couldn’t help but thrust up into her denim covered core, rubbing my rigid pole into her voluptuous sexy body. “Oh, God, Jakobe, I want you so bad,” her tongue flicked out to collect my earlobe and nibbled.

“Uh, hey, Dad.”

“Leighton mate,” our lustrous passion immediately halted, and Priya dropped to her converse covered feet.

“Um, Kitty, you sporting a new hairdo these days?” Priya inquired with childish amusement.

“What?” Kitty paled and immediately tried to control her dishevelled mane.

“What are you two doing?” I questioned.

“Nothing,” they both sang back, guilty as fuck.

“Get in Kitty’s fucken bedroom before Prez catches you both,” I growled, throwing Priya over my shoulder. I loved how pliable and receptive she is to being manhandled by me. “I have to fuck son, we’ll talk after I’ve unloaded my gun,” Priya smacks my ass hard, giggling.

Leighton’s eyes bulged, well I’ve never lied to him, shouldn’t start now. “Fuck Dad, really?” He groaned in embarrassment.

“As if you and Kitty aren’t doing it? Use protection,” Priya called back to them as I slammed the bedroom door and tossed her onto our bed.

“I’m not going to be gentle baby,” I stated, removing my cut and my shirt.

Priya stands up from the bed, kicking off her shoes and dropping her shorts to reveal no knickers. “Fuck,” I hissed in satisfaction. She lay back on the quilt and purrs seductively while spreading her legs. I could see the pinkness of her sweet nether lips and the already glistening lubrication, Miss fucken Mafia was wet and ready.

“I couldn’t masturbate once while you were away,” Priya pouted.

“Why, baby?” Our eyes locked as I shrugged out of my jeans and briefs.

“Because nothing feels as good as you, Jakobe.” Oh, god, I almost came.

“Rub your clit baby, I’ll get a rubber.”

“You don’t need a rubber,” I arched my brow at her, hell, I wasn’t ready for any surprises. “I’m on the Depo, I can’t get pregnant.” Her confession had me reeling, I was a massive advocate for condom use, but I’ll admit, I wanted to fuck her raw, I can usually slip one on discreetly, I know how them club whores are, desperate to carry your baby and become someone’s ‘old lady.’

I leaned forward, pushing her hand away and diving, face first, straight into her juicy centre, her mewling was the sweetest sound as it licked at my ears.


Some bastard had the audacity to knock on my fucken door. “Fuck off,” a sexually frustrated woman bellows from the bed, then paled realising just how desperate that sounded. “Please,” she shouts as I gave her that look of surprise.

“Gathering V.P., now,” Prez hollers through the timber.

“Fuck sake,” I cursed.

“You can fuck princess after, extract your cock and move,” Deon ordered.

“Sorry baby, I have to...”

“I know,” she huffed, sulking and cutting me off.

“Just don’t move, I’ll be back... after I kill Prez.”

My growl could be heard all the way into Gathering. As the men sat in their pews and I made my way up the aisle and to the front, I could hear a murmur fall over the bastards and a shit ton of immature snickering. My dick was so hard and uncomfortable, disliking the restricting material, and these assholes had the gall to call a meeting?

Deon silenced the room, “alright, alright, shut the fuck up, we have to make this quick before V.P. explodes and cum’s all over the front row.” The smirk on his face did not impress me.


I finally got to leave, after two fucken hours of sitting there with those pack of wankers, and my balls were suffering. The music was turned up behind me, I guessed it was party time, but I didn’t care, I was heading for the only thing I needed.

As I returned to the room, I found Priya fast asleep under the covers, the innocence on her face had me rock hard again. I removed my clothes and climbed in behind her - deciding not to wake Priya - I pulled the lube from the bedside table, just in case she’s not wet enough, I didn’t want her waking just yet. Straddling her left leg as she faced the wall and lifting Miss Mafia’s right leg up to rest on top of my shoulder, I slipped in. My entire body shuddered, I could feel her velvety inner walls adjusting to my hefty size.

“Move,” a croaky voice ordered.

“What?” I was a little distracted by her clenching hole and didn’t quite comprehend.

“Don’t just wait there, Jakobe, move that thick, long, glorious cock of yours.”

God, that’s when my brain caught up, “right.”

Well, yes, I had woken her up, but on the other side, Priya wasn’t mad about it. My horny, horny woman. “Fuck,” I groaned, slipping in and out of her with somewhat of an animalistic force. God, her pussy was divinely crafted just for my cock, I swear. Princess removed her top and bra with lightning speed, my left hand imprinting on her thigh as I slammed hard into her centre, my right hand reaching up to tweak Priya’s fully erect nipples, I was in ecstasy. Two weeks without her... two weeks without her was far tougher than I ever thought it would be. I spanked my woman’s ass as she moaned and writhed beneath my hard fucks that ploughed straight into her, Mafia’s centre milking my rod for all it was worth. My thumb found her swollen clit and rubbed, causing the right amount of friction needed.

I was pumping with everything I had, and sweat was dripping from my forehead as she was barrelling towards her third orgasm. Suddenly, Priya pushed back on my hip thrusts, and I slowed right down, she clenched down around me, squeezing my cock as she came hard. “Oh, Jakobe!”

Shaking and convulsing, as she rode through her climactic high, slowing my hip thrusts down allowed me to feel Priya completely while she surfed her explosive waves, but - it made me swell and cum too. “Fuck, Priya,” I growled as my cum spurted up inside her hugging channel.

Gathering our minds and reattaching the shattered pieces, Miss Mafia lowered her leg, resting it upon the other, undisturbed by my need to remain buried inside her. We both maneuvered, so I was behind and had her nestled firmly against my chest with my cock still tucked up inside of her divine hole. We fell asleep loving the importance and warmth of each other.

Shit, Deon’s tease was right, I really am whipped, but would I change it? Hell to the fuck no. Mafia was mine and no one else’s; there was only one thing left to do.

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