What I Needed

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Chapter 13 ~ Making Friends

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

“Baby, I’m taking you out tonight.”

“Oh, you are?” Priya feigned surprise, “because that worked so well last time?”

I glared at Mafia unimpressed by her snippy tone, “fine stay inside... again.” I knew that would get her.

“No, I’ll come. Where are we going? It’s a good thing I just had a shower then.”

“The strip club.” Clearly, that was the wrong thing to say because a shoe got hurled in my direction.

“You asshole,” she spat furiously.

“What are you throwing shoes for?”

“You don’t take your... whatever this is... to a strip joint to watch naked girls, you fucken dickhead.”

“Do you really not know what we are?” I asked dejectedly.

Priya steps out of the bathroom with a look that had my balls tightening. “So far, caveman, all I’ve been told is I’m your woman, whatever the fuck that means?” She floundered her arms about frustratedly.

“Okay, first of all, Priya, being my woman is an honour,” didshe just fucken scoffed at me? “Secondly, it means that as much as you belong to me, I belong to you. No one else has any right to touch either of us.”

“What?” Miss Mafia’s temper faltered.

I stepped in closer to her and cupped Priya’s cheeks. “It means we are attached to each other, a partnership, committed completely.”

“Oh.” A soft smile dances upon Priya’s plump lips. Yep, she definitely loves that answer. “Because you love me?”

Bloody hell, I will kill Prez. “Mafia,” I growled.

“Relax Jakobe, I’m only teasing... I already know you do.” That sassy women smirked triumphantly, I decided to veer the subject in another direction.

“I have to go tonight, I need to find out what has got Prez so got damn occupied, and with you there, the girls will back off. You can have a dance, get out of the compound, and if you want to make it even? We can head next door to watch the male strippers.”

“Jakobe? You would take me to watch males strip?”

“As it turns out, I would do just about anything for you.”

“Because you love me?” She had to take is there again, didn’t she?

“Priya” I snapped.

“Relax Jakobe, I’m still teasing... As I said, I already know you love me.” She flipped her damn auburn hair and strode back into the bathroom to get ready. I couldn’t pass on the temptation and chased her in, fucking her hard against the sink as we inspected one another in the reflection.

Since Priya volunteered to be ‘Designated Daisy’ for tonight and was not drinking, we took her car. I opened the passenger’s door for my Mafia Princess; she was wearing thigh-high black boots with a tan mini skirt and a black plunging neckline, tight bodice, that all stuck to her like a second skin. Fuck, I was dying, but at the same time, I was elated. Priya looked so fucking delicious, the other women would take one peek at her and back the fuck off. It mused over just how much, one woman, the right woman, had turned me into a devoted relationship man.

Entering the strip joint, we found the boys drooling over the array of women. Prez had seated himself at a table, in the dark, nearest the bar, he spotted us and nodded.

“What are you two doing here? Priya, you’re dressed far too nice for a place like this?” She victoriously smiled.

“Thanks, Prez, I thought so too.” She flicked me the sideways evils which had Prez chuckling, but she knew why we were really here. Deon’s suspicious behaviour.

We sat there for a bit, watching the action unfold, Prez’ attention definitely wasn’t on the naked birds on stage, no, his entire focus was on the petite blonde behind the counter serving drinks. Priya spotted it too and decided to take action, as she does.

“I’m getting a drink from the bar, and going to chat with that sexy fox, she’s gotta be worth talking to if she can keep her clothes on in a place like this.” Priya chastely kisses me before taking off.

“I may have judged that one too harshly?” Deon confesses.

“Ah, it’s alright, Deon; she forgave you a long time ago.”

“Really?” Our charter head, the main man, leader on the fucken Road Warriors, appeared to be gobsmacked.

“Yeah, man. Priya said she understood your actions, and you’ve proved otherwise since. My Mafia doesn’t hold grudges, she’s... different.”

“You feel that way, Trigger, because you are in love with her.” Fucken wanker.

“You are a prick of a cunt, you know that.”

“It’s only a matter of time before you admit it to yourself, Trig,” Deon grinned, I took a swig from my beer attempting to distract my mind with numbing liquid, just as Megan came flirtatiously swaying over.

“Fuck, you’re in trouble now.” Prez points out before turning toward the girls cackling at the bar.

“Thanks for the back-up, asshole.” Deon snickered just as Megan reached us, running her fingers up my thigh.

“Trigger...” her attempted voice of seduction just annoyed me. “I haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Go away,” I grunted before locking eyes with Priya, whose new friend alerted her to the woman trying to touch me.

“I’m not going anywhere without your big, juicy cock in me.”

“Fucken hell,” Prez cursed beside me, spitting his beer across the table.

“I got a woman now; you need to back the fuck off.”

“No, ludicrous. This fly-in slut ain’t got nothing on me,” Megan licked her parched, cracking lips. How the fuck did I manage to fuck that thing?

“I told you to go away, Megan; I have an old lady now.” The stripper had been around the club long enough to know what an ‘old lady’ is, and how when a biker takes an old lady, it’s like marriage, not open.

“Unacceptable... you’re here to see me...”

“No, he’s here with his old lady, so back the fuck off.” Priya interjects rather pissed off, “he told you already, stop touching what belongs to me,” she warned.

Megan eyes up Priya as if deciding if she could take her in a fight, but my baby being who she is, pulls a gun from her boot and slams it on the table with that ‘I will fuck you up’ look adorning her face.

“Whatever, Triggers not worth it anyway, I’ve had better,” Megan sneers before turning to leave.

“You and I both know that isn’t true, my man’s sex is out of this world, that’s what brought your thirsty ass over here,” Priya smirked knowing she’d stung the stripper bad. I glanced over at my woman with a proud smile upon my face. Oh, clearly I read that situation wrong because Princess is looking at me like she wants to slice off my balls off and use them as earrings.

“What?” Females are designed explicitly for fucking men’s heads up, I swear.

“Jakobe, if they touch you, push them away, before I cut a bitch in half. Also, we never fucken discussed the whole ‘old lady’ thing, just that we were committed, you can’t go spouting that shit around.”

“It’s the same fucken thing,” I defended.

“It’s not, and you know it.” I huffed at her as she waves her finger around like a prima donna diva. “We are here when we could be on a proper date, so don’t even start with me jack ass,” Priya struts back to the bar.

My head snaps to the side and finds Prez desperately holding back his laughter. “Fuck up,” I scolded.

“Yep, definitely misjudged princess.”

Another hour goes by, and Prez is still nursing the same drink he had when we arrived, when finally, Priya returns to our table, followed by the bar chick. “President Deon, this is Nevaeh Zuli, she won’t dance with me because she has to work, and ‘The Boss’ was sitting right here. Please, can she just have a break to dance with me?”

Deon’s eyes were burning with lust as Nevaeh began to object. He raised his hand to stop her mumbling. “I don’t think we’ve properly met?” He vacates his seat and gestures for the new addition, Nevaeh, to sit down, which she accepts gratefully. “I’m Deon,” I glimpsed at Priya who’s eyes were the size of flying saucers watching their interaction excitedly.

“Nevaeh,” the curly blonde smiled before blushing. “Shit, Priya just told you that.” The tiny little thing fidgeted nervously, then motioned to move, attempting I think, to hurry back to work, but Deon held her forearm.

“It’s fine. It’s lovely to meet you, Nevaeh, please stay. How come you keep your clothes on?” All the blood drained from the bartenders face.

“Holy shit,” I spat out as Priya watched on in horror.

“Excuse me?” Nevaeh seemed furious, and Prez began to panic.

“I-I I didn’t mean it the way it sounded...” Had he never tuned a woman before? I guess not. The whores would just knock on Deon’s door, “I just meant because you’d make more money, not because I want to see your tits.”

“Excuse me?” By now the petite blonde looked mortified.

“Fuck no, that’s not... I’d love to see your tits.” Shit, he’s awful at this.

“Excuse me?”

“Fuck, I didn’t mean it how... I’m sure your tits aren’t odd or anything...” Nevaeh covered her chest with her arms, subconsciously protecting them from our very own President Deon.


“Oh shit, no, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your tits, I’m sure they are nice tits, I’d love to watch them...” Fuck, he was sinking fast - like a bomb falling from a plane.

“Prez?” Priya interjected, “can she have time to dance with me, please?” Deon looked relieved by the forced change in subject.

“Yes. It’s slow tonight, take the rest of your shift off,” he growled before quickly disappearing to the bathroom. Priya and I flashed a look at each other like, ‘what the fuck was that?’ and she and Nevaeh skipped to the small dance floor to happily giggle and sway. My theory - they were laughing at Prez.

A long while later, Deon eventually returned, flopping down on his seat, we both awkwardly stared at each other. I had known him for many years and had never seen him so unnerved. “It wasn’t that bad... right?” Deon whimpered as my bottom lip trembled, trying to not laugh in his face.

“Mate, I’m going to be honest - that was fucken awful.”

His head fell into his hands as tears stream down my cheeks, and I smacked his back. “Fuck,” Prez growled, looking over at Nevaeh dancing. “I’ve always had women on tap, I don’t know how to talk to one I genuinely like?”

“You genuinely like her?” No wonder he was so nervous.

“Don’t fucken tell anyone, Jakobe,” Deon warned. Heck, I knew when to take his warnings seriously, and with the added nail in the form of my birth name, there was a lock placed over my mouth too.

“Prez, it’s okay. I mean yes, I have never seen anyone with as little game as you have, but you never know, it could work in your favour?”

“Ya think so?”

“Fuck no, that shit was awful. I’m just trying to make you feel better.”

“Jakobe,” he snarls. “Help me, how did you tune Priya?”

I couldn’t help but laugh again, “I saved her life, you gonna follow Nevaeh around until you can save hers?”

“Shit, I’m screwed.”

“You’d never be screwed if that’s how you talk to women. Thank god, you have the club’s whores to come banging at your door.”

“You’re not helping, Trigger,” he chastised me.

“I never said I would,” I replied nonchalantly.

“Let’s go, Nevaeh and I wanna go back to the compound.” Priya winks at Prez, thank god Deon caught on, she had provided him with an opportunity.

“You designated Driver?” Deon questions.

“Designated Daisy, thank you very much, and yes, no drinks, I swear.” Just like that, we left the shithole strip joint, heading for home, our two shy lovebirds in the back seat together.

When we arrived back, party mode is in full swing, and Deon and I decided to get the ladies a drink. “Okay man, you get another shot at this. Don’t fuck it up,” I say with my best smile of encouragement.

“Is that your motivating face? Because it looks like your shit face, you know the one you pull when you drop an after grog bog?” My expression falls, and my brow arches, radically unimpressed.

“Fuck you, Deon; you will get no help from me.”

Sitting there for a while, laughing and talking, things were leading in the right direction - then the club whore’s start fucking, giving blowies, and whatever else the men wanted all around us. We observed Nevaeh’s face of distinct disgust, and her nervous fidgeting escalated, becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the public display. Priya was giving Prez those, ‘make a move dick’ eyes with drastic head movements, in the direction of the petite blonde. “Uh, Nevaeh?” Deon cleared his throat.


“What?” He appeared to be thrown, both Priya and I cringed expecting the worst.

“E-Eva, it’s my n-nickname,” she apprehensively scans the room again.

“Oh. Eva, do you want to take a walk with me? Away from all of this?” She scoped the room once more with a furrowed brow of horror.

“That would be lovely, President Deon,” Nevaeh relievedly smiles before exiting.

And I, I was happy as Larry, because it now meant Eva was Deon’s problem, and I could take my woman to bed.

High five me.

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