What I Needed

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Chapter 14 ~ Her

Deon’s P.O.V.

She was the most enchanting woman I had ever seen - tiny and curvy with adorable hazel eyes, her blonde curly hair made me want to run my fingers through it, so thick and lush. I had already blathered like an idiot in front of Nevaeh, and she still agreed to take a walk with me, so, I guess that was something?

I decided to take her up to my room and out on my private balcony to gaze at the stars and hopefully talk. She was uncomfortable with the club whores, I suppose we were just used to them - I was brought up in this lifestyle, so I know no different.

Pushing open the door, I gestured, “after you?” Nevaeh hesitated. “I have a nice view, thought you might enjoy it, plus, it’s away from the noise and the club’s whores,” I shrugged, offering some calm to her apparent dislike.

“Why do you have them?” Neveah timidly asks.

“They tend to want to be here as on hand pussy for the men, no one forces them.”

“Does it not bother you?”

“Uh, no. I don’t know any different. Even when Dad ran things, we still had club whores,” Nevaeh appeared to disapprove of my answer. “The men work hard, they deserve some stress relief. We take of them, jobs, money, a roof over the girl’s heads, security, and in return, they take care of the men - it’s an above-board exchange.”

Nevaeh eyed me curiously, curtly nodded, then stepped past the threshold.

As she sat outside on the veranda looking up at the sky, I lustfully examined her profile. God, she is breathtaking staring up into space, under the rays of the moonlight. “They fuck rough.”

I was taken aback by her comment, almost choking on my own saliva. “What do you mean?”

“There’s no pleasure, no intimacy, the men just seem to... want to cum?”

“I guess that’s because they do. Intimacy is saved for who you decide shall be your old lady or your wife, not pussy every man’s had a go at,” I answered honestly. “Do you want a drink?”

“Do you have a ginger beer?”

“Uh, yes. You sure you don’t want alcohol?” I moved to my fridge.

“Positive. I actually don’t drink very often, maybe if someone dies or it’s a wedding.”

“What about all those shot’s the men buy you?”

“What? How did you know they buy me shots?”

“I’ve seen them.”

I handed Nevaeh the ginger beer. “Oh, yeah, I’ve pre-poured either water, apple juice, lemonade or coke into my shot glass, depending on what they ordered me, but I charge every man full price.”

“Huh, so they spend more money thinking they will get you drunk enough to want to sleep with them, but you’re always sober?” This little woman’s confession had me grinning from ear to ear, my girl was smart.

“And making money for you, Deon, you should really thank me. The truth is, if I’m going to have a drink, I want to enjoy it. A delicious well-mixed creation, not something that burns your throat to get you loose enough, to drop all inhibitions and fuck some random. Just so you can feel less shitty about selling yourself off cheaply, instead of making love to the right man. Completely sober and drunk off pure, sexually satisfying pleasure, where you both end up fully sated and humming in after orgasm ecstasy.”

“I take it, you’ve thought about this?”

“You learn from experiences, right? Or rather... inexperience.” Nevaeh sounded that out a little bitterly. “Why do I see you six nights a week at the strip club? You don’t come across as though you’re paying attention to the mountains of... um... women?”

I sat there, assessing this minx with my mouth resting on the back of my left fingers as they brushed gently across my lips. “Because you’re there.”

Nevaeh narrowed her eyes at me, tucking her feet underneath herself as she adjusted her position. “Well, you’re wasting your time, I can’t be that downstairs or what’s on stage. I’m not a harlot.”

“Good, that’s not what I want.” Unexpectedly, I was drawn in and captured, lost in this woman’s eyes for the briefest of moments - my insides flipped excitedly as she blushed. “How did you end up at the club?”

“Oh well, that’s a crazy story actually,” Nevaeh chuckled.

“Okay, let’s hear it,” I shifted closer, seating myself right next to the object of my dreams.

“Well...” Eva shuffles nearer to me, “there was an ad in the paper for a job - I applied,” she begins to chuckle.

“Wow, that story was so crazy it almost sounded unbelievable,” I smirked at her, noticing the twinkle of mischievousness in this minxes hazel eyes. God, she has beautiful eyes.

“I’m actually a poet. Back home, I would go to all those silly coffee houses and share my poetry. These days, I just write and keep it tucked in my journals. Turns out, poetry doesn’t pay the bills.”

“But you could make more money, at the club, if you worked in say, a bra?” Here I go with trying to get her fucken top off -again.

“Do you really want me to show my tits or something?”

“What? No, I mean financially...”

Nevaeh pushed my thigh, playfully, “I know what you mean Deon, but I can’t. I don’t lead men on, I expect them to respect me, empty flirtations when I have no interest is cruel. That’s why I don’t wink or act suggestively, why I cover-up, and why I never walk the same route home.”

“You walk home?” What is it with me tonight?

“Yes, I don’t live far from the club,” that answer didn’t sit well with me. “How come you’ve never brought Priya by the establishment before?”

“Well, I would never have brought Priya in the first place, but she seems to have become Triggers safety net. Wherever he goes, she’s usually being dragged.” I chuckled at the difference princess has made to one of my oldest friends. “Those two are definitely going to end up married, with kids, a white picket fence, two dogs, and a pool in the backyard.”

“That’s not what you want?”

“Maybe, one day.”

“Priya and Trigger seem to really love each other.”

“Yep, but they can’t say it too one another.” Nevaeh’s hazel eyes traced my form, analysing my response and body language.

“How did they meet?”

“Trigger saved Priya’s life, found her half-dead in the middle of the road, taken care of her ever since. Princess Priya deserves to be happy after what she’s been through.”

Eva’s orbs sparkled with a weird emotion, “that’s so romantic.”

“Fucken women and romance,” I tutted Nevaeh.

“Shut up, I am a poet remember - I eat that shit for breakfast.”

“You eat shit for breakfast?” I laughed at my own joke.

“Yep, spread it on toast.” This had us both chuckling, we were finally meshing - relaxing - gelling.

“Why don’t you write about the wind in your hair as you ride along on your Harley?”

“Ah, yes well, I have no idea what that’s like... so... I can’t write about it. I could stand in front of a fan and pretend?”

“I can take you,” a smile formed along her pouty plump lips.

“I’d like that.”

“Whenever you’re ready.”

“What do you look like without a beard, Deon?”

“I’m pretty sure I have a photo, somewhere?” I get up and move to my shelf, extracting a sizeable dusty photo album.

“You’re going to show me? Like, actually?”

I just shrugged. The truth was, that’s not all I wanted to show Nevaeh, but the interesting thing about my actions was the fact that my items were always off-limits to club whores, so why was I offering my past to Nevaeh? I wanted to show her, this beauty was not a whore, I needed Nevaeh as my... more. As my saviour.

I returned, nestling in next to her, as she scooted closer. This made my heart leap, I could smell a light scent of sweet pea and freesia, groaning about how I knew that scent, but it was only because of the countless times mum made me help her in the garden - Nevaeh smelt phenomenal.

Opening the album of when the boys and I were younger, we animatedly perused through every photo, and I explained the story attached, up until we hit my high school pictures. “This is us at graduation, Trig was stoked that ‘the bitch’ actually allowed him to see his son Leighton, and so Brutus, Trigger, Dad and I, all got a photo together with the Kid. It’s actually my favourite photographs.”

“Oh my god, look how cute you all are?” Nevaeh puts down the album, still open on her lap, and squared in on me. “Why do you have a beard if you look so adorable without it?”

“You think I’m adorable?” She rolled her eyes.

“Don’t mix my words.” Nevaeh focused back at the picture book.

“I think you’re adorable,” she peeks up at me through her lashes and swallows hard - nervously.

“You shouldn’t.” Nevaeh’s fingers skimmed over the images again, distracting herself.

I made my bold move and lifted my hand, gently pushing Nevaeh’s hair off the curve in her neck. The delicate flower shuddered as the back of my fingertips, grazed her skin. I notice a significant difference in Nevaeh’s breathing, “but I do...” I softly whispered.

“I can’t be them I told you that. I require commitment and monogamy, a future. You’re barking up the wrong tree, President Deon.” Nevaeh stood and moved around the couch, wholly away from my touch. I leapt over the back, grabbing her waist and halting her hasty retreat.

“Nevaeh, is that honestly all you think I want from you?” She bit the side of her bottom lip as my hands dragged upward to cup her face. “I’ve watched you six nights a week, for a few months, trying to work up the nerve to talk to you. I finally get an opportunity, and you think all I want is sex? There are girls you have sex with, and there are women that are meant for more - let me take you out on a date?”

“Why?” Her insecure whisper, barely audible, as complexity slid over her delicate features.

“Because... I want to get to know you? Because I’m attracted to you in more ways than one, and because... I find myself wanting to put that effort in with you.” I closed the distance between us, pushing my lips softly against hers. At first, Nevaeh didn’t react, she felt stuck, frozen in place, but then I sensed her elegant palms gliding up my chest and grasping the back of my neck, opening her mouth wider to allow full access at deepening our kiss.

Nevaeh tasted of heaven, the way her tongue brushed gently against mine, the traction causing electrical pulses to run straight into my groin and awoke up my trouser beast. The soft moans of satisfaction this angel released from the back of her throat, had my mind reeling. Holy shit, I have never been kissed like this before. My right hand left her reddened cheek and toyed with the hem of her shirt before slipping under, and my calloused thumb scuffed along the softest skin of her hip.

I was rewarded with another moan before pressing more into the couch back and bringing Nevaeh’s lithe frame closer between my legs. Nevaeh’s arms went up over my shoulders as my hands crawled over her bare back, under her shirt. This was the hottest make-out session I’d ever had, and I was harder than the steel poles at the strip club.

“Who the fuck is she?”

Immediately I felt the loss of Nevaeh’s warmth as she stepped back right away from me. My eyes infected by the sight of Maya, one of the clubs whores, standing there thinking she had ownership over me.

“Well? Who the fuck is she Prez?” Maya’s dark, demented, and jilted glare, narrowed in accusingly as the whore’s black dishevelled hair floundered about, obviously from being freshly fucked.

“Oh, god, I’m such a fool.” I hear Nevaeh gasp beside me, and I began to panic.

“Maya, get the fuck out of my room.”

“You’re mine, why does this slut have her hands on you?” Maya spat.

“You’re with someone?” Nevaeh’s breathing hitches. The shame that filled my lights features had me worried.

“I am not, nor will I ever be yours, Maya,” I growled.

“Oh god,” I hear Eva whimper as she bolts out the door.

“You’re out, done, finished...” I sneered, “get the fuck out Maya and don’t ever come back. If you’ve ruined things for me, I will fucken kill you,” I warned before hauling ass after Nevaeh.

I spotted her exiting through the metal gates, running at full velocity. I grabbed the keys from the prospect to the van and took off after her. Eva had slowed down and was walking along the side of the road by the time I pulled up behind her. I launched from the driver’s seat, racing directly to her - leaving the lights on as I hauled ass.

“STOP!” I screamed, thankfully, Nevaeh turned around, and I scoop her up into my arms. “No little angel, you don’t get to run, I told you I wanted more - I want you.”

“You have a woman...” Eva pushed against my chest angrily, trying to escape my clutches.

“That is no woman Nevaeh, and she certainly is nothing to me. Maya’s a whore that’s been fucked numerous times by the club’s men.”

“But she said you were hers...” I cut my saviour off.

“All I want is you, only you, little angel. I also just threw Maya out because of the shit she tried to pull just then - you didn’t deserve to see that.”

“You threw out club pussy?”

“I threw out trash that tried to hurt and confuse my light emotionally. Don’t disregard me, little angel - I’m good - I swear.”

“Oh, God, Deon. This is so much drama for one night.”

“I know baby, let me take you home? Let me make sure you are safe, let me explain everything?”

I pressed my lips to hers again, little angel’s soft, full, pouty lips sending sparks of pleasure whizzing through my body. “One chance, Deon. One.”

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