What I Needed

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Chapter 15 ~ Trouble

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

Fucking Priya was like utopia. Watching her curve that back as I yanked down on Mafia’s soft auburn hair with her eyes shut tight as she writhed and mewled under my control. Priya was my very own brand of cocaine, and I needed a fix every few hours. Thrusting roughly into her from behind, I loved the ripples on her rounded ass when my hips slammed my cock in, and princess clenched her heavenly centre around my rod.

I reached around to circle Priya’s clit, that action had her backing up, meeting my force with frivolity. “Ooh, Jakobe,” my woman moaned.

Fuck, I loved my name passing through her lips. Mafia was close, I could feel it - everything she attempted to say had become incoherent, and the squeezing of her inner walls was growing tighter and tighter - she was hanging on the precipice of orgasm. “I can’t... not another... too many orgasms... feels too good...” Princess cried out. “Fuck.”

“That’s good, baby. You’re going to have to give me just one more...” I slowed my hip thrusts to allow my vixen to ride out her shuddering wave of pleasure when suddenly, I felt Priya trying to crawl away. “Where are you going?” I questioned, almost annoyed and offended.

“Relax, caveman,” Mafia purred, squeezing lube into the valley of her chest. “I want you to fuck my tits...” Holy shit, was I a lucky bastard or what? “and then, Jakobe, cum in my mouth.” Oh, yeah, Priya is perfect.

We shifted into position, and she enclosed her soft, supple bosoms around my hard cock. Every time I thrust, Priya’s tongue would dart out to lick along my weeping slit, absorbing the sight of her lapping up the droplets of cum was sexy as fuck. It didn’t take long before I was ready to blow, “open your mouth, Mafia,” I grunted. Fisting my fat cock rapidly, I exploded - in her mouth, all over Mafia’s face, in Priya’s hair, across the bed, and even up the wall. “Priya!” I moaned as my jiz flew all around the room, I could hear my cheeky woman sniggering under me, I glanced down to see Priya smiling, covered in semen. “What?”

“I said in my mouth, Jakobe.”

I shrugged, “I got a little excited.”

“Kiss me?” Priya was smirking wickedly.

“Fuck no; you’ve got cum all over your face.”

“Kiss me?” Mafia demanded with authority this time.

“No. go, have a shower.”

“Carry me to the shower?” Priya sweetly requested in an innocent tone.

“Fine.” Okay, I really need to start doing manly stuff, like going hunting or fishing. Yeah, then again, maybe not. Carrying Priya to the bathroom was enjoyable for me, I loved the way she moulded against my body.

Gathering was the usual affair, discussing business, seeing where we were up too on The Mafia situation. Priya was at the school with Kitty, Leighton, and fucken Cadence - the shithead prospect that kept hitting on my woman, which drove me bananas, but Deon swore there was no one else available or steady enough.

I was chilling with the boys, fuck ass-ing around, no one worked today because the party from last night still inebriated us from functioning, unlike those who stayed sober. Careless and joking around, liking our alcohol-induced wounds, I felt my phone vibrating away in my pocket. It was Priya.

“You okay ba…”

... I’m on highway 94 coming up the left side lane. We’re being chased by five pitch-black S.U.V.’s, military-grade, no plates... I could hear the panic in her voice.

“Hold on, baby, I’m coming for you.”

I slammed my fist on the table, gaining everyone’s immediate focus as I held Priya to my ear. “They are being chased down highway 94,” the boys all stood, making their way to the bikes, immediately, seedy hangovers long forgotten. “Five black S.U.V.’s, military-grade, no plates.”

...Jakobe, you need to hurry. The Mafia bastards are spraying bullets everywhere, and innocent lives will be taken...

“Just stay on the phone with me baby, I’m on my way.” There was a very pregnant pause then a blast of swear words; As god as my witness, I felt my heart stop. “Priya?”

...I can’t wait any longer, Jakobe. I’m sorry - forgive me...

“Forgive you? What the fuck? Priya?... Shit.” We were hurtling down highway 94 as fast as we could. My ears picked up Kitty distinctly screaming in the background, and Priya barking orders at Cadence before the line went dead. “FUCK!” I cursed.

Prez led the horde of pissed off bikers, desperate to get to our treasure, he made a signal, drawing an invisible line from his eyes directly at Priya’s car in the distance, the were exposed and being shot at. We whipped out our pieces, but within seconds, Priya had stopped the vehicle horizontally, and was out the doors with Cadence, shooting wildly as the assholes exiting their S.U.V.’s. We didn’t stop. Instead, we all rode past them, firing with intent to kill the bunch of fucken pricks. Prez halts momentarily in front of Priya, and says something, causing her and Cadence to jump back in their vehicle and take off towards the compound.

We shot every single one of those traitorous scum, then lit their cars and bodies on fire. It was all done as fast as possible, and, like ghosts in the night, we got the fuck out of there. The coppers were the last thing we needed, but considering The Road Warriors was the closest MC within the vicinity, they would know it was us.

Would the pigs actually have the balls to come knocking? Probably not, they would more than likely say it was a ‘gang deal gone bad’ on the news, and the public would go back to their little, happy, insignificant lives, believing the bullshit they were fed.

We trailed back into the compound, Kitty comes running out, straight into Deon’s arms. “It’s okay,” Prez soothed, looking at me with his face etched in worry.

“Where’s Priya?” I growled fiercely.

“She was shot, mum’s working on her now.” Immediately my heartbeat rose, and I went racing inside to find Cadence sitting at the table, being bandaged by my son, Leighton. I pulled my boy into a worried but relieved hug as my eyes fell to Priya, lying flat on her back, atop the table.

“What? No hug for me, Trigger?”

“I’ll give you a hug with my fist,” Cadence chortled at my comment. “Fuck sake, Mafia. Are you trying to kill yourself?” Priya giggled, instantly I felt ease wash through me.

“Dad, Priya was pretty badass,” Leighton looked at my woman for the first time ever in awe, and not an annoyance.

“I’m sorry, did you just praise my woman, son?” Leighton laughed.

“Just stating the facts.”

Deon storms in, “Gathering, now!”

I leaned over the table to give Priya a kiss. “You okay?” I locked my fierce gaze with hers.

“Just a scratch,” Mafia smiled back, “go, I’m good. Nothing like a shootout to get your adrenalin pumping.”

“You’re a worry,” I snipped.


Inside, the room was electric, then again, the men were always buzzing after a kill, and Cadence stood, dramatically explaining what had happened in the car - he knew, details in depth would be required and did not disappoint.

“The Mafia assholes appeared out of nowhere, attempting to swipe Kitty. The adrenalin kicked in the moment we saw them trying to kidnap her. Princess and I launched straight from the car without hesitation, just as Leighton came running down the front stairs. He dove amongst the chaos, belting them with everything he had and managed to pull Kitty out from their grasp while Priya and I fought fist on flesh, with the four men from the front S.U.V.’s. Leighton dragged Kitty to safety, throwing her into the back of Priya’s car, protecting her from the attack. Princess shot one of them in the arm, landed a brutal kick to the side of one muscle mountain, and stabbed another in the leg, while I stabbed a dude in the shoulder and smacked the shit out of the man princess shot before we managed to scramble away - and then the chase was on. Princess thought she would be able to lose them weaving through the streets, but suddenly, she panicked. We asked princess what was wrong? Princess stated that she knew the driver - some fuck stain named Jojo - there was no one else from Frazier’s crew that could match her driving skills.”

“So, it was them,” Deon growled.

“Then, what happened?” Brutus pushed Cadence to continue.

“When Princess couldn’t shake our tail, she decided our best option was to get Kitty, Leighton, and I into the compound - Princess didn’t want us near harm and was going to face them without us, but Kitty screamed at your woman, Trig, to not to be so stupid - that’s why we didn’t call you until we were close enough. There were originally ten S.U.V.’s following us, but then, they broke off into teams - I think they were trying to surround us, heard us like cattle to where they wanted us to go. We were coming down General Drive, Priya spun the car around, slammed it into reverse as I hung out the window. Driving fucking backwards, I managed to shoot the tires out from under two trucks, and they lost control, veering off the road and into some shops. By this stage, Kitty was howling into Leighton’s lap as he desperately tried to calm her down.

“Princess spun the car again, and slides that fucken machine around the streets like a damn professional drifter while I managed to shoot two more S.U.V.’s, and they went careening off the road. The last one was our tail - that Jojo - princess just couldn’t shake him, no matter what maneuver she pulled. Priya warned Kitty and Leighton to crouch down on the floor, and get as low as possible...” Cadence turned towards me with wonderment oozing from every pore. “You should have seen Leighton, Trigger. Your six-foot son laughed at the fact there was no way in hell he could make himself small enough to crouch down behind the front seats.” All of The Road Warriors chuckled, including me.

“We were heading for the rail junction, princess didn’t even pause, the warning lights were flickering, sounds baring around us, the boomgates were lowering, and a train was hurtling at full speed, directly for the side of us. We had one shot, one chance to get right. Trigger’s Missus knocked it back a gear and slammed her foot to the floor - JUMPING THE FUCKING TRACKS - I near on pissed myself. I thought we were going to be roadkill, only, the moment we landed, we were met by the other fucken cars that had taken the side roads, falling into line behind the car.” The excitement radiating off of Cadence was intoxicating, the way he described Priya’s movements and ability, it had me brimming with both pride and arousal.

“Princess ordered me to pull her phone and dial your number, Trig. We fanged it down 97 with bullets flying everywhere, Princess was mid-conversation with you when the bastards tried ramming our vehicle from behind, that’s when princess told you she couldn’t wait anymore and apologised. Priya ordered me to gather these schmick-ass guns from the secret compartments under my seat, I loaded all four weapons as Leighton instinctively tries to cover Kitty with his body, comforting her as best he could. Princess told me to shoot everything and everyone, before bringing the car to a horizontal halt.

“We flung open the doors, guns drawn, and start firing at every target possible, shooting with intent to kill. You boys must have been close, because next minute, you came flying past us, and Prez ordered our asses to get the fuck home. Holy fuck, I’m so drunk on adrenalin right now - Trigger your Missus was the sexiest fucken thing I’d ever seen, and I ain’t even going to apologise because if you were in that fucken car, witnessing what I did? You would have a raging fucking hard-on too.”

I sported the foulest scowl, staring daggers straight into the cocky shit.

“Alright. So, as it turns out, yet again, we should be thankful to the fucking Mafia Princess, Priya.” Deon rolls his eyes, “if any of you mother fuckers find a woman half-dead in the middle of the road - leave her fucking there,” he growled as the club snickers.

I knew what Prez meant though, and as much trouble as Priya was, she was equally pretty goddamn amazing, and after what Cadence just told us, no wonder Leighton was singing my woman’s praises. I stomped out before Gathering was even finished, cock barred up and ready to fuck, as Mafia slumped on the stool, slamming back Vodka. I didn’t even wait; I walked straight up to her, the feral hint of carnal need emanating from within me.

“Hold on, Jakobe, before you go off-tap at me, let me explain…” Priya began her defence, but I snatch my sexy goddess up, threw her over my shoulder, and carried her straight to our room.

“You okay, caveman?” I just grunted, slamming the bedroom door closed and tossed her onto the bed.

“Take off your clothes now, Mafia,” I ordered. “I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk straight.”

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