What I Needed

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Chapter 16 ~ Love?

Deon’s P.O.V.

I’ve sat on this damn couch with Nevaeh night after night. All we ever do is kiss, which believe me, is fucken new, but if my balls get any bluer, I swear they will fall straight off. Little angel sleeps during the day, works six nights a week at the strip club, and I go there to wait for her to finish before giving her a lift home. The club whores were starting to wonder where I am; God knows the men are too.

Thank God, Jakobe has been covering for me, but he just called to complain, again, at having to stop mid-fuck to deal with another problem. Personally, I think, those two fuck way too much, everyone can hear them going at it three to four times a day. Maybe that’s what happens when you’re in love? I wouldn’t know, I have never been in love, perhaps I’m just envious of them both.

“Hey, little angel?” Nevaeh was in the kitchen, making us something to eat in her shitty, run-down apartment that I hated. I wish she’d take up my offer to stay at the compound, it was far safer for her than this shit hole, got to admit though, she does make it homely, or maybe that’s just her.

“Yeah?” Eva calls back.

“Why don’t we head to mine tonight? You could stay over?”

“I’m sorry, Deon, I can’t... I-I...”

“You what?” She appeared in the doorway.

“I was expecting this eventually.”

“What? What were you expecting?” My heart was in my throat. Is my heaven pushing me away? I know she said she wasn’t like the other girls, maybe she is a virgin? Hmm, I don’t dislike that idea.

“You want to move things along?” My little angel suddenly became fascinated with her shoes.

“Do you not want to move things along?”

“I honestly don’t know what I want, Deon.”

“Are you saying... you don’t want to see me anymore?”

“Maybe, it’s for the best.” Holy fucken shit, are you kidding me right now?

“Little angel? What’s going on in that head of yours?” I growled, trying to keep myself calm and not flip out of control.

“Perhaps, you should go Deon.” Fuck no! I was going nowhere until she was fessed up about where exactly Nevaeh’s head was at.

“No. You need to talk, what’s going on? Is it me?”

“What? No... yes... no... yes and no.” Jesus fucken Christ; this is going to be bad.

“Talk Nevaeh, please,” I implored her to see reason, for my sanity and hers, she huffed as if mentally preparing herself to deliver the critical blow.

“It’s painfully obvious that you’re more experienced than I am Deon, and I think about things like that a lot. I am clean and clear of any sexually transmitted diseases, and I’ve slept with three practical virgins in my life, who didn’t know what they were doing - I don’t really know what I’m doing?” Oh god, so that’s what her problem is, fuck Deon, you are the biggest idiot ever, she’s still fresh at twenty-three.

I walked up to her, standing in the doorway with a beet-red face. “So, we take the sex thing slow. Let me teach you how pleasurable intimacy can be, as for the other thing, I will get screened by the Doc tomorrow. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to get everyone examined, and then you will see how clean we all are. Well, how clean I am.”

“You would do that... for me?”

“Little angel, I would do anything to keep you in my arms, but I still want to sleep with you - sleep... no sex - my arms wrapped around your sexy body, my lips against yours, perving at your thighs as they peek out from underneath my favourite shirt you’re wearing. Will you allow me that?” Nevaeh peered up at me with innocence and damn sparkles in her hazel eyes. “Are you burning something?”

“Oh, shit!” Little angel panicked and quickly scurried back into the kitchen.

Instant happiness bubbled away inside me, the moment I saw the food. “C’ mon, let’s pack you a bag, we’ll grab something to eat on the way,” I mused, glancing over my girl’s shoulder to see a burnt pan. “Yep, that’s a better idea.”

Nevaeh turned in my embrace to hold me. I don’t think little angel wants to push me away at all, I think she wishes to get closer, but Eva has reservations, she wants me to be trustworthy - than I will be.


Waking up to Nevaeh in my hold was exactly what I needed - I hadn’t slept that great in years. The club’s whores were good for a bit of stress relief, but they were never allowed to spend the night, or in fact, fuck in my bed. I have blurred a lot of lines in my life, and I would not confuse that one. The bed was for my wife, but even with all the precautions, shit still got confused, whore’s caught feelings and stupidly thought they were more than just a fuck.

I couldn’t help but run my lips across the curve of little angel’s neck, nipping at the flesh. Fuck was I barred up and horny as hell, pushing my soldier against her delicious backside extracted a throaty moan of approval. I smiled against my woman’s skin as Nevaeh nudge back into my cock. “I wouldn’t do that...” I warned with a husky tone to my freshly woken voice. Thank God it was Monday which meant no work for her tonight; we had to start getting her more hours off - this night shift shit was killing me.

“Deon,” Eva whispered.

I slipped my calloused hand into her underwear, only to be delightfully met with a very manicured pussy, and what I’m presuming was a triangular-shaped pubic hair patch. I let out an animalistic growl of satisfaction; I swear my dick grew harder as my fingers manipulated her clit.

“Deon...” Nevaeh sounded somewhat panicked.

“Shh, little angel, I’m going to make you feel so good.” My promise was genuine, only I was dreading having to finish myself off.

Nevaeh’s legs naturally parted, allowing me better access as I greedily caressed her beautiful tits on the outside of my shirt, causing her breathing to hitch. “Has anyone made you orgasm, little angel?”

“N-No,” Eva moaned. Nothing was going to be able to wipe the smile from my face after hearing that.

“I want you to fly, Little Angel, fly with your explosive bliss.” Nevaeh began to buck up into my hand; she was giving in, I could feel her unsure resistance fading as I continued my circulating upon her delicate folds.

“Deon...” Nevaeh moaned again, “ooohhh.”

I inserted my middle finger and groaned at the feel of how tight she was, confirming Nevaeh was all forms of perfection. “God, Little Angel, I can’t wait to feel your tight pussy around my cock.”

“Oh, Lord Deon.” My splendour was panting hard, her walls clenching.

“You like me whispering things in your ear, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Eva purred. My finger and thumb were working in unison to push her over the edge.

“Fuck, you are sexy.”

“Say it again.”

“Little Angel, you are sexy. I want to bury my cock deep inside you.” I felt her walls constrict like a vice grip around my finger. Delighted by my words.

“Holy shit, Deon!” Eva screamed, slamming her legs closed and pinning my hand still as she orgasmed hard. I couldn’t take it any longer, I pushed her on her stomach, spat in my hand and furiously tugged at my massive rod, lifting my shirt she was wearing, revealing her lower back - that had a pair of angel wings tattooed there. I groaned at the sight, pulling faster on my long stiff trouser beast, feeling my build up coming at me like a freight train. “My angel,” I growled as I exploded, spurting my hot sperm all over those wings of hers. Roaring like an animal, thankful for the tension release as my body shuddered from euphoria, I flopped down beside her.

My after cum haze was interrupted by Nevaeh giggling crazily. “What are you cackling at?”

“That was fucken amazing,” she laughed. I loved the fact that I was her first orgasm, the feel of her had been so intense that I needed to relief immediately - I probably could have done it better than just using her back to unload on. Still, there wasn’t a whole lot of thought going on in that particular moment.

God, if she thought that was amazing, wait until she sees what I can do with my dick, but first things first... Doctors. I craved to be inside her as fast as possible, call me selfish, but for some fucken strange reason - I wanted Nevaeh around me, my sizable appendage up inside her cunt, and I never wanted to leave her side. Fuck, something is wrong with me? Maybe I should get mentally checked too while I’m there.


I sat in my office while Nevaeh spent some time with Mum, Kitty, and Priya. It was late afternoon by the time the Doc arrived, and I was ready and eager to get this done.

“Hey, Doc, thanks for coming.” I shook his hand, and he took his seat in front of my desk.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner, Deon, I was in surgery,” the payroll doctor apologised.

“All good. Listen, I wanna make sure I’m free of any sexually transmitted diseases, and the club too - including the whores.”

“That’s very responsible of you Deon. May I ask what brought about this sudden need to certify you are all healthy?” He moves over and extracts some vials, needles, and whatever else he required for withdrawing my blood.

“It’s a new woman; she won’t move things... along... until I’m screened and come up clean, but I thought, why not check everyone, no one likes a toxic fuck.” Doc laughed at my use in terminology, “but there’s also something else, I think something is seriously wrong with me, Doc.”

“I’ve known you a long time Deon, what makes you think there is something wrong?”

“I think about this woman all the time, my heart races, I get sweaty, I can’t function properly or concentrate, and now, she’s got me screening the whole damn compound. So, I need you to just give me some pills, ya know, fix this shit.” Did he chuckle at me?

“Okay Deon, today I’m going to take some blood, then I need you to pee in this cup, I’m going to swab your mouth and your genitals, the results should be all done in a couple of weeks.”

“Weeks? No, no, we need those results as soon as possible, Doc - like today.” He fucken chuckled at me again.

“Deon, tell me. Do you get nervous around this new leading lady? Do you want to take care of her? Make sure this woman is happy and safe?”

“Yes, bizarre right?”

“Pee in this, please.” I leave the room and come back moments later.

The doctor scrutinised my jar of urine. “You’re dehydrated; you need some water, Deon,” he scolded.

“Alright, alright.” I’ve known for a long time I needed to drink more water.

“Do you see a future with this mysterious woman?”

“I definitely can’t see a future without her.” The fucker looked to be so amused by my symptoms. “Alright, you gotta give it up, Doc, what do you find so hysterical?”

“Oh, Deon, you are just like Rex. You son, are mentally healthy, it sounds like you are just...”


I farewelled the Doc. He was coming back in a few days to get the rest of the club’s members. Everyone was in the booze bunker, and I stood on top of the pool table to get their attention. “Alright you fuckers, listen up...” they attentively but curiously glanced over at me. “Right, so I’ve ordered the Doc to test everyone for any sexually transmitted diseases, everyone is to be examined - no exceptions, club whores, prospects, yes, even you mum...”

“Fuck you, Deon, it’s not like I fuck anybody.” I couldn’t help but snicker at my mother; she’s a sneaky woman, who knows what she is up too?

“Don’t forget your protection; it’s simply just keeping the compound safe.” I jumped down and walked over to Nevaeh, pecking her gently on the cheek while she smiled shyly at me.

“Bar, now!” Jakobe ordered.

We stood in front of Brutus, and they both eyed me suspiciously. “Why was the Doc really here?” Brutus jumped straight in.

“I thought I was having a heart attack or a mental breakdown or something.”

“What the fuck, Prez, why didn’t you tell us?” Jakobe, my honest and sincere mate retorts with concern.

“What did he say?” Brutus asked again; he always liked his explanations straight up.

“Are you guys not pissed about the S.T.D. checks?”

“Nah, Brutus and I regularly go to get em done.”

“Huh, I never knew.” I actually had no idea, shit though, Jakobe has always been responsible - Brutus was a surprise.

“What did the fucken Doc say?” Brutus requests again, slightly pushier than before.

“He’s fucken insane...” I take a swig from the neck of my beer, “say’s I’m perfectly healthy. He thinks my symptoms are the result of me falling in love with Nevaeh.”

Why are these fucken assholes laughing at me?

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