What I Needed

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Chapter 17 ~ Something Is Coming

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

Brutus and I couldn’t believe what the fuck just came out of Prez’ mouth? Of course, he was in love with her - anyone with two eyes could see just how smitten he was by her, and Deon called in the Doc to make sure he wasn’t having a heart attack or a mental breakdown? Holy fuck. I was spewing I didn’t have a camera recording it.

Tears were streaming down our faces as Deon sat there with a miserable look on his, it was the best thing I’d watched all year - besides his cringe-worthy flirtation failure.

“Fuck up, ya assholes,” Deon grumbled before the petite blonde, Nevaeh wrapped her arms around his torso, and he turned to even more of a mush. “Hey, Little Angel.” Prez maneuvered her around into his embrace and scowled at Brutus and I. Yeah, that boy’s lost his heart to her for sure.

Priya stepped up behind me, “what’s so funny?”

“Nothing baby, just one of Prez’ jokes.”

“Let’s hear it then?” Mafia demanded.

“Jakobe and Brutus,” the cunt spits out before escorting himself and Eva away.

“That’s not very funny.” Priya stares off into space, trying to work out Prez’ answer while Brutus and I snickered.

“You’re so cute baby,” I chastely kissed her temple.

“I’m off to bed. I feel like getting naked and watching porn, are you coming?”

“Holy fuck,” Brutus swallows hard attempting to regain composure, as I stand up.

“Yes.” I tried in vain to calm the arousal that just flared up, coursing through my whole body, but failing dramatically, I raced Priya back to our room. How did I ever land the perfect woman?


We were cuddled up under the blankets, completely naked and fast asleep, when a custom ringtone blared through the speaker on Priya’s phone. She moved as fast as SuperWoman, going from completely knocked out cold, to scrolling frantically through the news feed. Mafia smacked on the light switch with the palm of her hand, causing it to nearly blinded me. “What the fuck...”

“Ssssshhhh.” Did she seriously just shush me?


“Sssshhhh.” She did it again, this time with hand swats.

Priya pried open my desk drawer and retrieved a paper and pen as she worked through the newsreel with lightning precision, finally held up the paper as she gnawed on her bottom lip. Then, Mafia goes back to the beginning, double-checking, and returning to bite her flesh anxiously. I observed as her mind worked overtime, desperately trying to figure the next move. “Priya?” I extracted myself from the blankets and stalked towards her, transfixed by the scribbled paper.

The words, ‘we found your mole’ were sprawled across it. Priya sat there completely still, unfocused, with furrowed brows and a worried, almost fearful look upon her face. Next minute, everyone’s phones went off, you could hear the chimes simultaneously ring throughout the clubhouse, alerting us to danger. We threw on some clothes, as quickly as possible, then stomped towards the booze bunker. Priya’s hand got separated from my own, and she was engulfed by the mass of bodies, I finally spotted her rerouting to Aja. Thank god, she’s better off with the women and entirely out of this.

“Alright, Techno just picked up movement heading in our direction. We need you to load up on weaponry, Boomer has just restocked the equipment hub, same ammo as before, fifteen pitch black, military-grade S.U.V’s, all with no plates. You all know your stations and your positions, E.T.A. in 4 minutes and 26 seconds,” Prez rattled off quickly.

We all scrambled off in different directions; I go back towards where Aja and Priya were, but they are no longer anywhere in sight. Priya was informed of what was going to happen if they came knocking, and she has bloody disappeared, no doubt she was up to something. That fucken woman, I swear, is going to give me grey hairs.

We crouched in our assigned stations, encapsulated in almost deafening silence, our positions spread out over the compound and the fortress walls, waiting with thick anticipation. The screeching of tires had us all on edge, stiff and tingling, surging with adrenalin and ready to pounce. The atmosphere was electrifying; these assholes had balls, dumb, but had balls. From my location, I could clearly see they had parked in a semi-circle, guns trained at the fortress walls and at our steel entrance gate.

“Bring her?” Some unknown darkened man ordered, his face concealed by a fedora hat.

A large muscular and very tall man in a fitted suit heaved a lifeless body from one of the S.U.V’s and dragged it by the hair, throwing the unidentified unconscious victim in front of our steel barricade. I smelt vanilla before I felt her hand on my back, I breathed out a sigh of relief to which she gave an apologetic look before sneaking off again, I hated the fact that Priya was apart of this dangerous world.

The men loaded themselves back into the cars, and took off, leaving the immobile unknown behind.

After an intense thirty minutes, Deon, Boomer, Gravel, Flicker, Brutus and I crept cautiously, with guns drawn, to the front of the gate - only to find bloody Priya already peeking through the opening. “What the fuck are you doing, Priya?” Deon whisper growled at her. She really pushes the fucken boundaries, if she weren’t my claimed woman or The Mafia’s Princess, she wouldn’t get away with half the shit she does.

Priya turned around with tears in her eyes. “Deon, before Techno picked up their movements I got a message via the newsreels, it said, ‘we found your mole’. That’s who’s body that is. But listen to me, they would have embedded a tracking device under the skin. I’m going to cut it out, then drive it to the hospital in town, I want them to think that’s where we are taking her...”

“Her?” I questioned immediately.

“Yes, her. I can see her chest struggling to rise and fall, which means she is alive, only just - but alive. Aja has set up the room ready for her arrival.”

“Did you know that this is what was about to happen?” Deon requested.

“I guessed, I didn’t know for sure. It’s the same way Dad would send a message to his enemies, I didn’t expect that they would continue the tradition.”

“Who is she?” Brutus asked, always the first to pursue the critical questions.

“She is my informant, the only solid I had left; she helped me escape and then stayed in to track my father, she’s also my second cousin.”

“Wait, I thought you said your contact was a man?” I snipped at her with accusation.

“I did,” Priya nodded rapidly, “I’m sorry, I needed to keep her identity safe.”

“That worked out so well for you now didn’t it?”

“Don’t be a jack ass, Jakobe, it’s precautionary measures. Just like how when we were on a first date at the aquarium, and the hitman asked you where I was... you automatically said ‘who?’ out of a protective instinct. Same deal, only I said man instead of a woman.” Priya looked pissed, I was ropable at being lied too. Okay, it wasn’t a huge lie, just an annoying irrelevant one.

“You aren’t going anywhere Priya. Flicker, get the van, two armed prospects and two men on bikes following you, flanking your rear. You will get that tracking device to the hospital, implant it somewhere it won’t be found - they can think this woman of Princesses, is still in a coma.” Deon snatches a knife from his belt and turns back to Priya, “go, cut it out.”

She grabs the knife as Prez signals for the door to be opened. Priya slips through and gets to work, squeezing the beaten woman’s arms and legs, trying desperately to feel for, what I’m guessing was a chip or small box, muttering, “I’m sorry Vell, I’m so sorry,” as she sniffed back her emotion and tears leaked from her eyes. It hurt to see her in pain.

Finally, she felt it on the woman’s upper thigh, Priya sliced her open without hesitation, digging in her hand and extracting the device. Brutus had already called in the Doc and informed him of what had occurred so far. Flicker took off like a bat out of hell, and we carried the broken woman inside, Priya scrubbed the blood from her hands underneath the outside tap.

“Right, my office now. You, princess, are going to teach me this code the Mafia uses,” Prez commanded.

We sat in silence, awaiting answers, attempting to process everything. The Mafia Mobsters knew where we were, hell, it’s not like we were hiding, but still, they deposited a warning on the fucken doorstep, and they were ready in case we came out. I had a feeling this was just the beginning of what’s in store for The Road Warriors. “What’s her name, princess?”

A set of hard knuckles boomed upon the office wood and in walked Brutus. “Doc’s here, he’s doing what he can. Leighton, Kitty, and Nevaeh are in the theatre room being supervised by Cadence, and Aja is assisting Doc.” Deon nodded his thanks, then gestured for Brutus to take a seat.

“Name, Priya?” Prez barked again.

She sniffed before swallowing, preparing herself. “The woman’s name is Ovella Pearl, she was dropped off at my father’s house when she was seventeen by social services. Vell is not trained to the extent I am, she is not even interested in anything Mafia-related. She’s far too soft and innocent, but she was used as a distraction tool. You can’t see it yet, but when her face isn’t covered in blood, Ovella is absolutely breathtaking. Men, find it impossible not to stare at her, fall at her feet, biding for Vell’s attention. Frasier letting go of her so easily is unnerving. Ovella’s always been an untouchable asset. She gets sent in when the Mafia require the enemies attention and focus pulled away from what they are doing. Usually, it’s poker games or drug deals, she’s been used at charity events and horse races before, but dad found she gained too much media focus - desperate cameramen drooling over Vell’s assets and all.”

“So, this Ovella Pearl helped you escape?” Deon asked.

“She did.” Priya paused, struggling to breathe as if remembering something. I leaned over and grabbed her hand, princess squeezed it and looked up at me thankfully - I immediately regretted being a cunt in the heat of the moment. “I had been bound to that chair for over a month, taken beating after brutal beating, so many different torture devices...” Priya’s bottom lip began to quiver, and her hands trembled.

“The latest brandishing by Frazier had been so intense, I-I I pissed myself. That’s what stopped him from raping me,” the tears fell from her eyes as apparent shame washed over my beauty. Why had I forgotten that? “Ovella snuck in with a knife and cut me free, with a spare change of clothes. Vell cleaned me up as quickly as she could, apologising profusely about how she had just found out I was being restrained, or she would have been there sooner. Vell gave me the keys to my car and told me she’d packed my bags, that they were in the back seat. Ovella gave me her revolver and left the door open, with information on the last location of my father’s whereabouts. It was in the town back from here, but obviously, when I got there, he was gone. I gave up, refusing to search anymore and accept my fate... but, that’s when you found me, Jakobe.”

Priya gazed at me with those beautiful eyes of hers, and I almost broke. Pulling her onto my lap to comfort Miss Mafia as best I could, my arms holding her with surety as my lips press lightly against her’s. My heart bled over the amount of sickening abuse my woman had suffered at the hands of a monster. I looked over to Deon for direction.

“Priya, show me how to read the reels,” he requested gently. I think Deon was suffering from the overwhelming emotional story of Priya’s abusive past too.

She kissed my cheek and withdrew her phone, explaining how they sent the messages, like Morse code, within the news stories, and what to look for. Her brain had been programmed to notice the abnormalities, so it was easy to spot the difference between a typo and a purposely implanted letter.

“Why did your phone have that unusual ringtone?” I wondered aloud.

“It’s an alert for whenever there is a new report is posted.” Deon and I were locked in a fierce stare when Brutus, who I had completely forgotten was even in the room, interjected.

“Let’s get the girl better and take this information into Gathering to discuss.” We all snapped in his direction. Well, he wasn’t Sargent in Arms for nothing.

“Good idea. Trigger, take your woman to bed, I’ll assume first watch over Ovella, and I will send for Priya the moment there is a change in her condition.”

“I’ll take first watch,” Brutus interjected again, and moved swiftly out, allowing no room for negotiation.

“Thank you, Prez.” Priya moved into my arms, and we were passed the threshold faster than he could say stop.

I lay in bed holding Mafia as silent tears escaped from her orbs, I suppose, even when she showed up here, Priya never actually got a chance to mourn, and emotionally work through her predicament. Yet, here it was, coming full force at her, gathering the emotional wetness with my shirt as my fingertips lightly trailed up and down her back. Neither one of us really knew what to say, we just simply needed to be close to one another.

I wished we hadn’t have met under these circumstances, I wanted to take away all of her pain and hurt, all Priya’s reoccurring nightmares, and Mafia’s broken trust, piecing her back together.


“Yeah, baby?” She wiped away the wetness from her cheeks.

“I want you to be my Old Lady? I want you to wear my patch, will you? Will you be my Old Lady?”

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