What I Needed

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Chapter 19 ~ New Friends

Priya’s P.O.V.

I reached behind me and twisted the taps to the off position, pushing Jakobe’s naked, wet ass out the bathroom and onto the edge of his bed. Lowering to my knees, I sealed my lips firmly around the head of his cock, sucking and slurping my way, down and back up his mesmerising shaft, my tongue circling his thick bulbous head.

“Priya,” caveman mewled. His moaning spurred me on my inner sexual deviant, flooding my milky centre with the desperation and ambition to be entered.

I pulled off, unable to endure the throbbing of my cunt any longer, and climbed on top of Jakobe. He gripped my ass cheeks as I angled my core, gliding my entrance over his thick beast. An almost primal growl emanated from within Jakobe’s chest releasing a very satisfied, “ooh,” from me as my inner walls hugged his penis flawlessly. This was my sanctuary; my big bad biker, deep inside my cunt where he was made to be.

Gently, at first, I ascended, leaving behind a trail of glistening lubrication before sliding down, tilting my hips to accommodate his monstrous volume. Jakobe sat up straight with his glorious mouth enclosed around my breast, his tongue lapping at my erect nipples as my hands pressed his face into my chest.

I ground my pelvis against him, in dire need of extra traction but Jakobe flipped me, and I growled in frustration, to which the fucker chuckled heartily. Clasping my ankles, Jakobe placed my feet upon his shoulders and dived into my burning, saturated apex, his tongue sweeping over the ball of nerves as his fingers rubbed vigorously against the right spot inside of my walls.

My hips bucked into his face, “Jakobe,” I mewled as orgasmic ecstasy washed over my once hampered and tense body, releasing my honey into his eagerly awaiting mouth.

Lying back wholly limp, he widens my legs and inserts his raging hard cock as I whimper at his very pleasing intrusion and he begins to thrust. My back arching off the bed, his hands gripping my sides as he drilled into my sensitive pussy. I was in utter heaven.

Stroking my clit with his thumb, Jakobe built me up again, my walls squeezing tightly around his pummelling manhood, I watched as his eyes rolled back, releasing a groan and a shiver, then his head lulled forward, “fuck, I love your pussy,” he groaned out.

“Jakobe, I’m going too...”

He pinched my nipple, “don’t hold it in, baby,” caveman cooed, and just like that, I exploded around his cock, with a hiss and a “fuck,” he spurted his milky semen, covering my spasming tunnel.


Brutus’ P.O.V.

I sat in the recliner beside Ovella’s bed reading out the latest crossword I had picked up; it was something I decided would pass the time as I watched her heading into... wow, five days now. I couldn’t see her face properly yet, but I liked how this mysterious woman wielded my attention, some primal craving inside of me to protect her, more than I cared to admit. Ovella may wake up and completely freak out about a strange biker being here? But I had to know the colour of her eyes. Possibly it was how Priya described her? Or the way I could see Ovella possessed a killer body? Maybe I was just an idiot, but I loved spending my nights with her. Despite there being on-hand pussy, I had watched Jakobe, and now Prez, lose themselves willingly to their ladies, and those boys seemed so... happy? Was it wrong to yearn that too? I could be borderline crazy - shit, I hadn’t even spoken with Ms Pearl yet.

“A celebrity with a fruit for their child’s name?” Looking over at Ovella’s despondent form, eyes still shut, breathing remained steady, so I continued my wayward rant. “Why do they never put stuff in these damn puzzles I would actually know? Like, the year the first Indian motorcycle was made? Or what tank was used on a 1997 Goldwing? How many different brands of whiskey there are? Why must it be all crappy shit? Does anyone actually know this junk without the internet to fall back on?”

“Gwyneth Paltrow,” a hoarse voice croaked out, causing me to jolt in surprise.

“Holy fucken shit, you gave me a heart attack.”

“Sorry,” her lids opened to reveal the most, dazzling brown eyes, the kind that made my heart ache with longing. “But, your answer is Gwyneth Paltrow, she named her daughter, Apple, I believe.”

I looked down, “huh, you’re right, thanks, gorgeous.”

“Water?” Vell croaked.

“No, that’s not the next answer,” Ovella chuckled but then keeled over in pain.

“No, drink of water?” Oh, right, idiot. I jumped to my feet, grabbing the glass beside Ovella’s bed and brought the straw to her lips, holding the back of her head gently. “Thank you,” she whispered, giving a small smile.

“We’ve been waiting for you to wake up.”

“How long was I out?” The beauty enquired as I placed the crossword down.

“Almost a full five days since we found you, the year is 2067 though.”

“Those bastards,” she spat clenching her jaw, “where am I? Wait? 2067?”

“Africa, and yes, 2067. When we found you, the sun had almost burnt you to a crisp.”

“Really?” She gasped panicking. “I have to get home, I have to warn my cousin, wait... I slept through everything, what the hell am I going to do?” I couldn’t hold it in any longer and burst into laughter.

“I’m just fucking with you, you’re at The Road Warriors MC, Priya is just upstairs with her man, she’s been here all day, every day, taking care of you, and I assume the night shift. Well, except last night, Priya wanted to stay. Think her and Trigger had a fight.” Ovella’s face paled, and her mouth hung agape, assessing me curiously.

“That’s not even funny,” she tried to sound cross about my tease but smiled too widely to actually be mad. My heart stuttered behind my breastbone, I adored her smile. Oh shit, I shouldn’t, I don’t even know her. Fuck, I’m in so much trouble, right now. “So... if Priya is upstairs, who are you?” Ovella raised a brow and nibbled her bottom lip endearingly.

“Brutus. Well, my road names Brutus; my birth name is Kai Henderson.”

“Kai is a wonderful name, why use Brutus?”

“It’s the name I was given by my brothers,” I shrugged, “you want more water?” I offered.

She nodded slightly, “please, I feel as though I haven’t hydrated in days.” I moved again, holding her head steady as Vell sipped the liquid from her straw, “thank you,” I returned her thanks with a small upturn of the edges of my mouth. Ovella’s stunning browns had my gut fluttering.

“You want me to get Priya, gorgeous?” I asked.

“No,” she shook her head, eyes still analysing me. “I’ve been listening to you talk for a while, you have some pretty interesting perceptions of the world.”

“Oh, Doc said to talk to you, I was just rambling shit.”

“Well, it was nice, Kai. Hearing your voice, made me feel... less alone, thank you.” I grinned at her.

“You’re welcome, now, Miss Ovella Pearl, you should get some more rest, you’ve been through a lot.”

“You’re not leaving, are you, Kai?” My heart jumped at the use of my Christian name.

“No Gorgeous, you’re stuck with me for tonight. I’ll be right here,” this made Vell blush. I groaned at the sight of her cheeks tinting red.

“Well, in that case, please help me up and tell me you have something to eat, Kai. I’m starving.”

“Fuck, okay then, midnight munchies it is. How about we be really naughty and make the prospects go get us burgers, gorgeous?” Ovella laughed heartily at me before recoiling again in agony. “Be careful gorgeous, those assholes seem to really enjoy breaking ribs, they did the same thing to Priya.”

“Is my cousin okay? I haven’t seen her since...” Vell cut herself off, realising she had no idea what information Priya had divulged.

“Since the day you helped her escape?” I interjected attempting to sound bored as though it was no big deal the both of them stemming from The Mafia’s roots. Grabbing my phone, I texted Phil B, a prospect, “you want onions?”

“Ewww, no thank you,” I nodded, finishing our food demands. “Um, Priya told you?”

“Yeah, we know everything, Frazier Saltora’s death has already been declared,” Vell curtly nodded in understanding.

“Everything?” Gorgeous looked a little sad.

“Everything,” I confirmed.

“Including what I am?” Her enquiry mystified me, she appeared to be somewhat... ashamed.

“What you are? A distraction tool?”

“They call me ‘Delirium’. Did Priya inform you about what I did, or have had to do to become, ‘The Distraction’?” Ovella’s insecurity was misplaced, especially around me.

“Just that you got sent in when they needed the enemies focus pulled from their task,” she seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, that was an odd reaction. Was Miss Pearl embarrassed by her role within the organisation? “Does it matter?”

“It’s not something I’m proud of, Kai, or particularly want people knowing,” her brown eyes definitely displayed shame.

“Yeah well, you are not the only one in this place with a past they would rather forget, gorgeous; in fact, you’re not the only one in this room.”

“When do I have to leave? Do I get to leave?”

“You’re not our prisoner, gorgeous, you can leave when you want. But, your body needs to heal, and for now, you are stuck with Me, Priya, Aja and Kitty taking care of you. I also think Prez wants to pull in Nevaeh, so she is here more than at the strip club.”

“Who are the other people you mentioned?”

“Our Presidents Mother, Aja, sister Kitty and his Girlfriend, Neveah. You’ll meet them all in the morning.”

“And why do I get the pleasure of your company at night?”

“I volunteered. Most nights I find it hard to sleep, being here with you has been sort of calming, someone else to fend off the darkness with,” I answered honestly.

“Well, that’s about the nicest thing I’ve heard in a while,” Vell offered me a small smile. “Perhaps we should continue the night rendezvous?” I sucked in a sharp breath, excited by that prospect.

“I wouldn’t mind that, at all.”

“Kai? Why do you need company fending off the darkness?”

“Like I said gorgeous, you’re not the only one with a past they’d rather forget. Maybe I’ll tell you one day.”

“Okay,” Ovella seemed to understand my answer, “but you have to tell me one thing first,” my brows knotted together, “why do you have such a massive eighties porno moustache?”

I couldn’t help but chortle at Ovella’s quirkiness, “it was a dare, originally.”

“Okay,” she smiled. God, she is beautiful.

“You’re not going to ask me to shave it off?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see what’s under it, but no, I technically just met you, why would I?” I shrugged, even the whores had asked me to shave my mo. “I’ll wait at least a week,” Vell teased with a wink.

Priya possessed a pretty spunky personality, so to end up finally being able to talk to her cousin, it was refreshing to find out that she too retained an enchanting individuality. Huh... enchanting. Never thought that word would come out of my mouth.

A knock at the door broke our playful banter, and I open it, only to see Phil B’s eyes widen on Ovella. “Hey, two doubles, no onions, with fries and cokes,” he recited our order but remained focused on my beauty. “Hey, you’re awake?” He licked his lips like a predator.

I glanced over to the bed to glimpse Ovella visibly uncomfortable with his leering and pulled the blankets up to cover her chest. “That will be all prospect,” I sneered, but the persistent fucker decided to walk in. I raised my hand, blocking the doorway glaring murderously at him.

“Fine,” he threw his hands up in defence, “names, Phil B, cherub. Come find me when you’re up and about.” I grabbed him by the collar and pushed the ballsy mother fucker out the door with a glower that could make milk curdle. I wasn’t Sargent in Arms for nothing.

“Sorry about that,” I grumbled, handing over Ovella’s food. It was warming to see the smile return to her face.

“No, I’m sorry, Kai. Sometimes, I don’t feel comfortable around men,” her cheeks tinted with a pink hue this time.

“That’s no man, he’s a fucken idiot, and you have nothing to worry about here, you’re safe. But if you ever feel uncertain around these wankers, gorgeous? You come to find me. Usually, I’m behind the bar, okay?” She nodded with a breathtaking inner light beaming brightly upon her face, “now eat.”

After Doc arrived and checked Ovella over, removing her catheter and all the tubes, we sat there and talked for a few hours. Vell was funny and alluring, despite the bruises and cuts that adorned her body, I could understand why they used her as a distraction.

I helped my gorgeous to the bathroom, she was a little unsteady on her feet after being asleep for so long. Staying close to her I was thankful I had forgone the onions, especially when Vell couldn’t get up off the toilet seat and I had to come in and lift her - deciding bridal style was best. My insides were practically melting being able to hold her this way, I was lost to her, heart and soul, in that moment of vulnerability, Ovella Pearl just became the most important creature in the world to me.

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