What I Needed

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Chapter 20 ~ Balls

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

I had received a text from Doc sometime last night about seeing Ovella because she had woken up. Once I told Priya, she practically busts down the damn door to get to her friend, I had to pull her back and order her to dress before she went running through our damn headquarters naked.

Ovella’s door flies open, only to find her sitting up on the bed with a crossword puzzle in hand. Priya launched at Vell, but Ovella’s finger moves immediately to her lips, making the universal sign for ‘be quiet’ before she points to Brutus asleep in the recliner chair.

Priya just ignores Vell’s plea and envelopes her in a hug. They both loudly whispered while I leaned up against the door, “shhh, don’t wake him. It took Kai so long to get to sleep.”

“His ass shouldn’t be sleeping anyway; Brutus should have told me the moment you woke,” Priya spat.

“He tried too, I stopped him. It was very late, so he woke a prospect up to get us some midnight munchies. Do you think we could get prospects to do everything?” Ovella quirked her brow with a mischievous glint in her eye. She was pretty, I could see what Priya was saying and why they would use her as a distraction, definitely not as breathtaking as my woman, but I could appreciate the beauty.

“I’m so sorry, Vell, I’m so, so sorry you are involved in this.”

“Hush Bella, we had no idea this was how things were going to unfold. I’m just thankful the stupid assholes dropped me off to you, saved me hobbling my broken backside all the way to find you.”

“You shouldn’t joke,” Priya chastised, “you almost died.”

“But I didn’t,” she soothed.

“Sorry I wasn’t here when you woke up, and you had Brutus.”

“I’m not, Kai is amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.”

“Wait, his real names, Kai?” they both laughed, “oh, meet my man, Jakobe.”

The tiny woman held out her hand for me to shake. “Hello.”

“Hello Ovella, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Vell, please, and the pleasure is all mine, I’m so thankful she found you... Kai filled me in on a few details last night.”

“Yep, I’m bloody lucky, Jakobe’s amazing,” I smiled at Priya’s comment, only to realise this entire time, Ovella’s eyes keep flitting back to Brutus asleep on the recliner.

“He’s always had trouble sleeping. How’d you get him to pass out?” I was intrigued by their sudden care for each other.

“He was probably bored with my continuous chatter,” a blush tinted her cheeks.

“Never gorgeous,” a husky thick deep voice from the blue-eyed, blonde-haired, porn moustached, tattooed Brutus. “But, I should let you have your time with princess.”

“Kai, are you going?” Ovella seemed concerned.

“I’ll be back tonight like I said I would,” the small woman’s cheeks flushed again, and she slightly smiled. Hmmm, things were getting interesting in this room.


Once Brutus sent a wink at Vell and shut the door, Priya pounced, “what was that?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play coy with me, Miss Ovella Pearl, I know you better.”

“I told you, I enjoyed his company, and his crosswords,” she held up the paper for emphasis.

“You are a liar.”

“Baby, I gotta get to work and so do you,” I interjected noticing Vell looking uncomfortable at the inquisition.

“Right, right... I’ll see you this afternoon; Aja will be in soon with breakfast, we’ll talk when we get back, yes?”


“Good,” Priya nodded, “Ciao Bella.”

“Ciao, la mia Bella” (bye my beautiful) Ovella called back.

I hastily pushed Priya against the wall once the door closed tight, “I love it when you speak Italian,” I purred seductively.

“Il mio bell’uomo,” (my handsome man) she said, stroking my face before kissing me.


I decided some one-on-one time was needed with Brutus, and we met up at the pub for lunch. The shitty dive bar had a terrible reputation but a bloody great chef, who happened to be a biker affiliate. We had those all over town, ones that could associate with the MC but were not in.

After ordering, I decided to rip the band-aid off and go for it.

“You know, when you offered to take the night shift with Ovella, I thought you were doing it because you were Priya’s friend, but after seeing that eye raping this morning, I think there’s more to it?”

He displayed more of a ‘really, you arsehole, coming at me like this?’ face than denial. “What do you want, Trigger? Is this why you asked to meet up?”

“Yeah man, I just wanted to see what’s up?” Brutus huffed like he was trying to understand his actions.

“I don’t know. At first, I felt sorry for the wee thing. She’s tiny and look at what those bastards did to her? The way they belted Ovella without remorse, without a conscious, they knew she was weaker than them, and they tried to kill her.”

Ah, so he was feeling the same as I was when I found Priya. “I understand, and now you’ve spoken to her?” I encouraged, hoping Brutus would open more.

“I think she’s been through a lot, more than just the beating, I just want to help her...”

“Your good Karma for the year, maybe?”

“I’ve done a lot of bad in my life, I’ve done things that were highly illegal... is it wrong to want to help? Gorgeous seems so pure, honest and good, like really good.”

“Yep, so did Priya, and then look what we found out about her?” I laughed.

“Anyway, I’m seeing gorgeous tonight.”

“You like her,” I pointed out.

“Shut the fuck up, Trigger, I don’t even know her.”

“Yeah, and I didn’t know Mafia, and yet, I wanted the exact same thing.” I took a swig from my beer bottle, watching his eyes flicker, trying to comprehend the predicament Brutus found himself in.

“We are just friends,” he stated.

“Look Brutus, the only reason I’m even checking in on you is because you stopped paying any attention to the whores a good six months ago, maybe longer? I think you’re looking for something more than just an easy fuck.”

He took a sip from the neck of his beer, eyeing me, suspiciously, “maybe?”

“These girls were brought up differently. I wish someone had of prepared me for Priya, but damn was she worth it, I’m just letting you know... the risk is worth the reward.”

He nodded in appreciation with a small smile on his lips, “now, as ya mate Trig, I’m going to be honest with you. You need to rope in that son of yours before Kitty ends up pregnant, I caught em practically fucking in the hall.”

“Fuck,” I growled. Right, is this how today is going to go? Just call me Dr Phil Jakobe.

Alright, next mission, reel in my horny son.


“Leighton mate, come sit down.” I had texted my boy to meet me in my room, and I could see the red rash evidence on his lips from too much kissing the second his lanky ass appeared.

“Dad, can we do this later, Kitty and I have to... study,” study? Shit, I got to teach this kid how to lie.

“Sit,” I ordered.


“Nah mate, this has gone too far. Prez is going to kill you if he finds out you’ve been defiling his sister...”

“Well, don’t tell on me,” Leighton snapped.

“I wouldn’t, but you’ve been caught by too many people,” he slumped his shoulders. “You don’t think I don’t know what it’s like to wanna fuck all the time? Christ, how do you think we ended up with you? There’s been some massive changes in your life, your sixteenth, getting ya first bike, leaving ya mum and her fuck head husband, living without rules, discovering pussy. All of this is learning for you, but I’m telling you now, if you think you’re man enough to fuck, then you’re man enough to come clean and face Prez.”

“What...” he began to protest.

“Before it gets worse, because if he finds out and you haven’t said a thing...”

“I get it, I get it, Dad.” Leighton rolled his eyes defiantly.

“Kitty actually mean something to you? Or are you two just fucking?”

“She means everything to me, Kitty’s my girl,” this made me internally smile.

“Then be a man, face the consequences, you’ll probably get the shit beaten out of you, but I’ll be there to fix you up when Deon’s done,” I teased.

“Or... you could jump in to stop him?” the cheeky child of mine smirks.

“And deny Kitty prime, Leighton love time, playing doctors and nurses?” I couldn’t help but strain my voice to sound like a girl on the last bit.

“Right, well, are you busy now?” he asked.

“No, why?”

“I’m going to face the music.” Fuck me, this son of mine is either fucken brave or fucken stupid.


“Why are you both here?” Prez sat at his desk, staring at us suspiciously.

“Prez,” Leighton gulped than took a huge breath in, “I asked Kitty to be my girlfriend, she said yes, we have begun a sexual relationship, I’m willing to accept whatever punishment you deem necessary, but I’m not letting her go.” Fuck, not the words I would have used, but okay, we’ll roll with that.

I could see the tick in Deon’s jaw at Leighton’s words, but I couldn’t be prouder of my son, he owned up and faced The Road Warriors scariest mother fucking bikie. “Trigger, take The Kid to the yard.” I glared at Deon, narrowing my eyes in warning, Prez’ calm demeanour meant one thing... trouble.

“C’mon.” As I marched Leighton out through Headquarters, we were gaining curious glances, many of them had seen a yard march before, and every single one of them knew how bad it would be. I had endured two in my time with The Road Warriors and vowed to never fuck up again, and yet, here I was guiding my own son through the process. Lucky it was Deon and not his father, Rex, he was brutal when it came to punishment.

As we neared the yard, Kitty’s eyes widened, she understood what was about to happen. Priya and Neveah obviously had just been told what was about to occur and tried to protest, but I scowled at Mafia with a fierce, deadly glare and shook my head, snapping her mouth closed immediately.

This is Club business.

Deon removed his cut, slipped out of his jumper and pulled off his shirt revealing his very muscular physique, decorated in tattoos, and ordered Leighton to strip.

“Naked? Dad, I can’t do that?” I felt sorry for the poor kid, he was far too innocent for this.

“Nah mate, just ya shirt.”

“We haven’t ‘Yard Marched’ in a while,” started Prez, “because everyone has stayed in line. Now, while I commend the Kid on owning up to fucking my sister, the fact is... he’s fucking my sister.”

“No, please Deon, don’t do this,” Kitty begged, falling at Priya’s feet.

Aja stood there watching, her face blank of emotion, but I knew her, she would have been brewing inside. “Just remember he’s sixteen,” I warned Prez.

“I remember,” he nodded.

“Deon?” The petite blonde called out, and I saw a slight furrow of remorse before Prez hardened again.

“Look away, little angel.”

I turned to my son, “you feel you need to fight? Fight. If it gets too much I will step in and take it for you, but you talked about being patched, this is the way we do things.”

“I got this Dad, don’t step in, I can handle it.” I nodded. Fucken brave boy.

Leighton stood strong in front of Prez with his chin tilted upward, shoulders back and spine straight. “Anything you wanna say?” Deon questioned Leighton.

“I won’t fight back Prez. I accept everything you give.” Damn, my kid had balls.

Deon was like lightning, his fist connecting with Leighton’s face so hard, you could hear the sickening crack ripple through the yard. Fist after fist, he slammed into Leighton’s body, my son may have been 6ft 2, but he was still a kid, a sixteen-year-old innocent kid that was wrapped in cotton wool most of his life by his bitch of a mother. Well, until she met her fuckwit husband.

Blood dripped from Leighton’s nose, red pound marks covered his chest and torso, I was sure Deon’s wrath cracked a rib or two. True to his word, Leighton took it all, the sheer force of Praz’ blows sent my son flying into the ground, red flowing like the Nile from his face. “Fight back,” Deon screamed in Leighton’s face. Obviously, Prez didn’t like this brutality either.

“No!” Leighton roared.


“Because I love Kitty, and she loves you. I won’t ever lay a hand on someone she loves.” Prez’ face fell, both in pride and understanding. He extended his hand and hauled Leighton to his feet.

“You got balls, kid. You may be sixteen years old, but you got your head screwed on right, you’re more like your father than you know. Kitty is lucky to have you.”

And just like that, Deon collected his discarded gear and headed back to his office, leaving a bewildered Leighton behind.

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