What I Needed

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Chapter 21 ~ Justice 2.0

(Warning, this chapter is a little gruesome)

Brutus’ P.O.V.

“Hey Gorgeous thought we could… oh, holy shit, I’m so sorry.” I walked into Ovella’s room without knocking, was I regretting my actions? No, but I had stupidly gotten used to just letting myself in over the last couple of weeks, only now, she stood there with all her erotic alluring beauty, in pink booty shorts and a midriff T-shirt as she was bent over making the bed.

Oh, the nasty thoughts that swirled through my head, of all the things I wanted to do to her in that position. I should have turned around, maybe backed out of the room but my eyes were focused solely on the Italian goddess that seemed to have fire burning in her eyes.

“Kai, can I ask a favour?” She turned and stood straight, her braless tits straining against the almost see-through white shirt, her nipples pointy and pronounce and begging to be licked, I could feel my jaw as it hung open and my jeans become tighter.

“Anything,” I pushed out gruffly, trying hard to contain my excitement and arousal.

She stretched her arms to the roof, straightening her spine, the shirt riding upward revealing the underneath of her plump full breasts. I was hypnotised, “do you have a bigger shirt I can borrow? Priya leant me this one but it’s too small,” her eyes looking up at me seductively through her dark lashes.

I immediately moved, unbuttoning my blue and green flannel shirt, dropping it at my feet and pulling off my plain white shirt I was wearing underneath, revealing my aesthetically pleasing and muscular body, colourfully decorated in mythical creature tattoo’s, and handing it to her. She walked slowly forward, her pink ankle sock covered feet making no sound as she stood in front of me. Her big brown doe eyes drinking in my body as her fingers reached out to my chest, softly hovering above the burning flesh as she perused my artwork, trailing a blazing fire behind her fingertips as they moved above my skin.

I felt exposed under her gaze; as if everything was open to her as if she could see my very soul. How could someone’s stare have me so unnerved? Could she accept what she could see or what she found below the decorated flesh?

She nibbled at her bottom lip, lustfully exploring, before her eyes connected with mine and held for maybe a minute, “thank you,” she whispered before retreating back to the bed as I picked up my flannel off the floor, shrugging it back on. Just in time to see her with her back to me, slipping off the smaller shirt, the contours of her lightly tanned skin had me drooling and my hands twitching in the need to touch, but before I had time to act on my wayward thoughts, she slipped my shirt over her head, adorning my much larger one that instantly covered her delectable curves.

I was cursing myself so bad. “Ah… ah… getting ready for bed?” my voice thick with heavy lust.

“Yes, and now I’m in your shirt, I feel much better,” she gathered it in her hands and brought it to her face, breathing deeply, “it smells of you,” she smiled.

For the first time, she slid under the covers and moved all the way to the other side, “I got this book off Priya…” I cleared my throat attempting to normalise my vocal chords as they were drowning in desire, “she said you would enjoy it, said it was one of your faves.”

Ovella pulled back the covers and patted the bed, “Come, get comfortable… will you read it to me?”

“I… I… can read… I… it from the recliner?” I stuttered out.

“You are here every night Kai, relax, take off your shirt, drop your jeans and climb in with me… I want to see if it helps you sleep any better… please?” How could I deny the Goddess?

I turned off the room light, leaving just the glow of the bedside lamp, stripped and climbed in. She lay down comfortably facing me as I lay on my stomach. I felt the need to clear my throat again before I started reading, but man was I nervous, for more than one reason.

By the fifth chapter in, it dawned on me what kind of book this was and here I am reading it aloud to my fantasy woman; “ah… I think this is a smut story?” I nervously rubbed at my forehead.

“Yes, that sounds about right,” she murmured with her eyes closed, “my guilty pleasure, but I’m tired, would you care if we finished it tomorrow?”

“No,” I blushed; knowing she enjoyed smut novels sent my heart racing. “That will be fine… ah… Goodnight,” I went to move as her small hand darted out to grasp my arm, opening her sleepy brown orbs.

“You’re not leaving are you Kai?”

“No Gorgeous, I was just moving to the…”

“Please don’t go, turn off the lamp…” her bright brown eyes ordered, “and stay with me.”

I did as she requested but as I moved to my side, she snuggled in closer, grabbing my arm and pulling it around her lithe body, my cock was instantly hard, did someone as beautiful as her really want my company? I am a criminal, a sinner, a murderer; could someone as incredible as her really have feelings towards me? The mere thought of it excited my very bones and lit up my heart.

For the first time in a long time, I felt sleep pulling hard at my eyelids, I had not even had a joint, booze, nothing, I was simply just curled up with the most divine woman I had ever met in my whole life and I could feel my entire body relax. With her naturally rounded behind pressed firmly against my cock, I slipped my right hand under her head, pulling her tiny body in closer and burying my face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her delicious scent, letting sleep pull me under.

That night I was blessed with a dream free sleep, no horrors, no screams, I could not believe that being next to her was everything I needed to relax and calm my crazy mind. I felt her sexy behind wiggle against my still hard cock and my lips grazed along the curve of her shoulder causing her to moan and press further into my body. My right hand moved over her hip, we were both beginning to heat up, feeling each other’s bodies… when a hard knock sounded at the door and in bursts Trigger.

“Hey,” he looks over at the recliner and then to the bed where he sees me and Ovella and his eyes grow wide before a smirk graces his face, “the prick has been released and is heading home,” I nod in understanding and he closes the door.

I whip my head back around and see her looking at me in confusion, “Gorgeous, I have to go away for a couple of days, business,” her brows furrowed but then she nodded, this, after all, was the life she was used too, but I wasn’t about to reveal why.


“You’ve got my number, use it whenever you need too,” becoming lost in her eyes I make a bold move and cup her face, pressing my lips gently against hers and then I regrettably slip out from the warm covers, closing her door behind me.

“We are going to talk about this when we get there,” I jump back in fright.

“Fuck off wanker,” I hiss at Trigger, who walks away laughing, fucken arsehole he is.

I take off to my room, grab my stuff and then head for my Harley. This run was going to be brutally fun.

All of us seeking retribution for the abuse of Trigger’s son, Leighton.

The rumble of the bikes always had people looking and as we pulled up to the hometown of Trigger’s bitch of an ex, the town’s folk were no different. They knew… the criminals had rolled into town. I wondered if we would get a visit from the local law enforcement too.

Deon had a family friend not so far out of town that had offered to put us up, which was handy, I wonder if he expressed why exactly we were there but as we entered the property it was almost comical to see we had arrived on local law enforcement land. Deon’s family naturally knew dirty coppers; I don’t know why I was surprised after all these years.

He came out, introduced himself as Sargent O’Rourke and led us to a basement where the fucken scum was tied to the chair with a bag over his head. The Sargent bid us farewell and closed the basement door leaving us to deal with the prisoner.

Deon took up the position behind the chair as Trig pulled up a wooden stool and sat directly in front of him, before nodding to indicate it is time. After a full days riding we were all on edge.

Deon whipped off the bag, revealing a very scared and weak man. “Ian Cavery, so nice you could join us this evening,” Trig sneered menacingly.

“Fuck, it’s you,” he spat back.

“You didn’t think you could lay your filthy fucken hands on my boy and get away with it did you?” A ripple of laughter rang through the room; The Road Warriors understood the hilarity of his presumption.

“Justice has been done, that shit put me in hospital and had me arrested, just take me home.” His demands had me snickering, the fucken idiot should have known better than to demand anything, after all, we are bikers.

“No, no, no,” soundlessly laughs Trigger, “you’re a doctor right? Need your hands?” Panic and fear flash across his face at the realisation he was not leaving here unharmed.

“Now listen, I tried to instil some decent morals into that kid, where were you huh? Running around in your little gang, someone had to be a father to him.”

“Father?” Trigger grabbed his jaw tightly, “I’m his father, he is my boy and I have always been proud of who he is minus, the abuse you found necessary to inflict on him.”

Trigger pulled a knife from his utility belt as Deon placed a piece of wood between his teeth, you could feel the panic and fear rolling off him in droves and filling the room with tense, thick terror. “I’m going to show you mercy, which is something you don’t deserve and if you ever lay a hand on any child again…”

Trig sliced off his three fingers on his left hand without batting an eyelid and leaving behind his index finger and thumb, Ian Cavery, a fully grown abusive man pissed himself in front of a room full of bikers. “… I’ll be back for your whole hand.”

Only now did I realise that he was screaming his lungs out, I knew Trigger had a bastard side but fuck me, this whole time I was expecting a beating not a body part removal, holy fuck. Deon ordered some boys to see him home with a warning about running his mouth and his three fingers placed in a remembrance box, while Trigger handed over a briefcase to the Sargent. I figured it was full to the brim with crisp hundred dollar bills, that sly bastard was always rolling in cash.

That night I missed her, we spoke before the boys went to bed and after we were all fed, cleaned and well rested, we jumped on the bikes and headed all the way back to the compound. It was well into dark by the time we got home and I was shattered, that’s when my phone started to ring and I noticed it was her number.

“Hey, Gorgeous,”

“Hey, how are you?”

“Fine, what you doing?”

“I just got out the shower… where are you now?” hmmm, she must not have heard us roll up.

“On our way home,” I couldn’t help the smile that crept across my face as I walked in and headed for her room, ignoring every other fucker that was there.

“Good, last night sucked without you.”

“You wouldn’t happen to be missing me would you Gorgeous?” I heard her huff into the phone as I stood outside her door,

“Yes, Kai, yes, I miss you,” she exasperated, clearly annoyed I made her admit it, “we haven’t finished our book?” what an excuse.

I twisted the doorknob and pushed her door open, she gasped dropping the phone as she stood there in a light pink lace bra-let and matching lace G-string panties, I groaned happily at the sight, “baby, we don’t need a book, we can create our own.”

A giant smile graced her face as I strode forward, slamming the door behind me and collecting her in my arms, planting my lips firmly against hers. Exactly where I wanted and needed to be, her legs wrapping around my waist, her core teasing my raging hard manhood.

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