What I Needed

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Chapter 22 ~ Love is Incredible

Deon’s P.O.V.

We had successfully returned back without any trouble and a clear threat to Ian Cavery, I didn’t think Trigger was going to cut off the wanker’s fingers, I mean, I knew he was crazy but Jesus, I was expecting a bashing. Everyone who didn’t know before now knows NOT to fuck with the VP. I, however, was happy to discover Nevaeh in the shower, drenching that delicate body in Sweet Pea and Freesia body wash; I dropped my things to the floor and stripped.

Since the Doc had given me the all clear, we had been pushing our sexual activity further but not quite the whole way and I was desperate to feel her surrounding me, moaning my name. I relished in the way she would whisper, ’Deon’ when she came. But like any red hot blooded male, I wanted her screaming in climatic wonder.

As I walked naked to the bathroom, my raging hard-on knocking at my lower abdomen, already leaking from the slit on my cocks head. I had always been proud of the appendage I had been blessed with, but all this time without her cunt had me thinking that maybe I was too big and she was afraid of it? considering every time she went down on me she would mention just how ‘huge’ my cock was. I neared the bathroom door and heard the most entrancing sound… it was my little angel.

I opened the door a small crack and listened to the angelic sounds bellowing out from within her. Of course, she could sing, and of course, it was exactly how I assumed heaven to sound. Her beautiful voice was bringing harmony to my very soul and my heart constricted, she was everything I could have dreamt of and more, but the song she sang was sad, heartbreaking and torturous.

That was when I realised that I knew nothing about her really, not her past, not her parents and not her dreams, I decided right then and there, that would change and I would do everything in my power to provide her with the amount of love needed to change her sad songs to happy ones, always.

She was my enigma, my personal game to solve, puzzle to figure out, but you don’t sing that beautifully when you haven’t been through substantial hard times and survived, after all being a biker, and even the old lady of a biker is hard, the strength required to last sometimes is more than others can bear. There’s a real threat every day and especially now with Frazier Saltora hunting us, stupid idiot that fool is, but I need to keep her safe, no matter what. She was strong enough, I could see that in her, she was nothing but purity and she would last as my wife one day.

The soapy suds covered her divine body as she lathered up, my perverted mind conjuring thoughts of the most impure nature as I snuck in and pulled open the glass shower door, she turned in shock covering her delectable parts with her hands.

“Oh thank god, it’s you,” she breathed a sigh of relief, granting my sinful eyes access to feast upon her heavenly body. She was tiny but her curves weakened my existence, “welcome home, I missed you.”

“I love you, little angel,” I spat out of nowhere, no thought process, it just came flying out.

She fell back into the tiled wall, “what?”

I stood there blinking rapidly, wondering where the hell that came from? “I do,” I stumbled back into the basin at the realisation I was actually in love with her.

“Deon? Are you feeling okay?” Her concern seemed to throw me, “we can pretend…”

I moved forward into the shower, cupping her petite face in my rough hands, halting her words, staring into her beautiful hazel eyes. “I mean it, I have never been in love with anyone in my life but I am completely in love with you.”

A stray tear rolled down her rosy red flushed cheeks, “I love you too Deon,” she whispered, almost fearfully her admission would set me off running. It was the most beautiful moment of my life, the realisation of your deep connection to someone; I guess the Doc was right. Damn it, they were all right, even my bloody mother.

I captured her lips with mine, our tongues grazing softly against one another in erotic need to be as close to one another as possible. My hands glide over her soft curvaceous bum and squeezed gently as she moaned into my mouth. I pushed her against the cold tiles as the water pelted us, my hands grazing over every inch of her divine goddess body. Kneeling down in front of her as she turned off the running water, I lifted her leg over my shoulder, my tongue immediately delving deep into her luscious pink flaps. I loved her manicured pussy with her triangular pubic hair patch, the delicious taste of her silky honey made, between her thighs, my most favourite place in the world, a place I would never get sick of.

“Deon,” she moaned, slightly thrusting into my face as I ate her enthusiastically.

My fingers entered her slippery hole, twisting slightly, I felt her buckle, knowing I had hit the right spot deep within her. I flattened the pads of my fingers against it as the tip of my tongue skilfully lapped at her sensitive clit. “Fuck,” I heard her curse before her tiny fingers wove into my hair, closing her fist causing a slight pull to my hair follicles, her struggled breathing and pants loudly echoed in the enclosed space.

“Cum little angel,” I ordered gruffly against her pussy lips.

“D… D… Deon,” she practically screamed as my mouth flooded with her delectable juices, fuck was my little angel sexy.

As I stood to claim her lips once more, she practically jumps on me, lucky she is so small and easy to carry. Our mouths massaging each other’s, I carry her to my king size plush bed, she was the only woman that has ever been in it. I sit down with her on top of me, smirking at her bouncing tits in my face.

Her soft lips possessively claiming my earlobe as my tented soldier slips its head into her creamy centre, she gasps against my ear with a slight groan. “Deon baby… I need you.”

“I’m going to slide you all the way down, little angel. It might hurt just a bit, but I promise to make you feel great.” My mouth made its way to her perky luscious breasts, my tongue swirling her tight buds and nibbled gently. Her head fell backward as her walls clenched around the head of my hard cock; excitement fizzed through my body, “here we go, my beautiful angel.”

My large callused hands firmly grip her hips and slowly lower her down, both of us moaning at the exquisite feeling of her tight hole. I knew she was snug by the way her vaginal walls clenched around my fingers and tongue when I was licking her out, but to feel her on my cock, hugging me? The feeling was sensational.

“Oh my god, Deon,” she gutturally moaned, pushing her lips against mine.

As she bottomed out unable to go any further, she rose before sliding back down, “fuck little angel,” I groaned in pure ecstasy. “You feel like heaven.”

Deon,” she moaned again, her eyes shut tight as her muscles contracted with every rise and fall, sliding rhythmically along my rigid penis.

“Open your eyes Nevaeh, look at me.” I had never made love before, I had never cared what they looked like, never wanted to watch every detail as climatic pleasure course through their bodies, after all, before it was about my release, my pleasure… just a fuck… this time?... This time I was making love.

She slowly opened with unshed tears gathering, those incredible hazel eyes storming with such unaltered passion. Her arms securely fastened around my shoulders, every time she slid down to the hilt, her eyes would try to close and a slight, soft whimper would escape her lips. My left hand enlaced in her curly blonde locks as I connected our lips and flipped her onto her back.

“I love you so much, little angel,” I whispered against her neck as my hip thrusts quickened.

“Say it again Deon,” she demanded, her head digging into the mattress with her back arched.

“I am in love with you, Nevaeh.” I groaned feeling my climax coming at me, hard and fast.

“Cum for me Deon,” she purred seductively, I pulled back to slowly pump into her, leaning my weight on her shins as her knees lay flush with her chest. “Right there,” she screamed as I angled my body to rub my penis against her G-spot. I thrust inside her, “Oh my god,” her voice had dropped an octave into a guttural, primal moan.

“Cum… I… can’t… hold… fuck,” Nevaeh’s body jolted upward off the mattress and my cock swelled before we both exploded together. Her vagina clamping down so tight around my spurting thick dick, my hips jacking into her, making sure every inch of her hole was completely covered in my seed.

“Holy fuck,” she breathed out erotically.

I growled into the curve of her neck like a primitive beast, opening my mouth and biting down hard before sucking like a vampire. The metallic taste filling my mouth… I had given her a love bite, the kind that would last for a while, my possessiveness claiming what belonged to me. Everyone would be able to see, if they hadn’t already heard, she was mine and now she wore my mark, even if it was to fade eventually, it was there.

We lay there wrapped in each other’s embrace, breathing as not one but both of us were lost in our thoughts. After several minutes she spoke, breaking my thoughts of happiness. “That was incredible.”

“It meant more to me than I can ever express,” I looked down at her and smiled as she lay upon my chest. “You mean more to me then I can ever express.”

“Deon, I’m afraid to go to sleep in case I wake up and this was some cruel fantasy I had concocted in my head, that you are simply my boss and nothing more."

I thought for a moment, a devilish grin graced my face, “hmmm, well perhaps we should fuck again and keep at it until you realise this is actually happening?”

She excitedly gets on all fours, hands already stroking my rising manhood, “I think that’s a great idea,” she murmured.

“All fours huh? Seems like you want me to dominate your exquisite pussy.” I see her shudder with apprehension, making my way to the back of her, I notice her natural wetness running down her inner thighs, “you are excited by that idea, aren’t you? You may be a little angel the rest of the time but in our bed, you are my horny, sexy vixen,” she shudders again.

“Please, touch me,” she begged, “I want you again, and again, and again.”

The smirk on my face grew into a wide toothy grin, “it’s all yours Nevaeh, never doubt that, I. Am. All. Yours.”

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