What I Needed

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Chapter 23 ~ The Calm

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

Priya had not answered her phone once while we were gone, she had not replied to any text messages, and she had not bothered to even call back. I was pissed. How was I meant to keep her safe when she doesn’t answer her damn phone? What the hell happened while I was away, and why was everyone so sketchy when I asked them questions about her movements? Surely their women had spoken to Priya, why was nobody answering me? Even Leighton was acting weird.

I twisted the handle and pushed my bedroom door but found it to be completely locked. If she wasn’t in the room, Mafia wasn’t home last night.

My heart began to beat a bit faster as I pulled the keys from my pocket and unlocked the door, I could barely push the door open, and it slammed shut in my face. What the hell was blocking the door?

“What the fuck?” I growled.

Opening the door, just a crack again, I noticed my room was filled to the brim with multicoloured plastic balls. This was my absolute dream, my heart raced for a whole other reason.

“Priya?” I hollered.

“Welcome home, baby.”

“Where are you?”

She purred huskily, “sneak in and come find me.”

I did not have just a small room, it was the size of an apartment, so for her to fill it with multicoloured plastic balls, would have taken her hours. That must have been why the ‘no contact’.

“You know, I always wanted a room full of rainbow coloured plastic balls,” I shouted, difficulty navigating my way through the multi-colouredness. My hands extended in front of me as I practically swam through.

“I know.” Hmm, sounded like it came from my left.

“And the locked door?”

“I didn’t want anyone to let the balls out, nobody likes balls... loosely hanging around.” She chuckled to herself over her terrible jest.

“And you?”

“Have been waiting forever for you,” god her words had my cock twitching. I hit the bed and flopped forward, the noise causing a rustle through the balls, and I found her on top of me, placing a kiss to my cheek. “I missed your sexy arse,” she thrust her hips into my backside.

“What are you up to, Mafia Baby?”

“Nothing,” she smirks while her hand snakes in between the bed and my jeans. Her nimble fingers popping my button and undoing my zipper as her tongue lapped at my neck and earlobe.

“Why didn’t you answer your phone or call back?” My tone was snippy as I slightly turned to gauge Priya’s reaction.

Her eyes narrowing in on me, “and spoil your surprise?” She stood back from me, revealing her divine body wrapped in a lace-trimmed shelf bra, exposing her lickable nipples and a lace and wet look garter with tights. Priya’s auburn hair cascading over her shoulders and down her back. I sat up and leaned forward, burying my face into her hairless and uncovered pussy, my tongue roaming her exotic flaps as she cried out to the gods above.


I loved Priya, beyond the unbelievable sex, I honestly did. I loved her inside and out, and from the very moment I found her, I knew I could never let princess go. She became my everything so quickly, and I wanted to tell her, I wanted to show her, but I was so afraid. Everyone who was meant to love me from my youth, abandoned me the moment I needed them, was she capable of the same? She once stated, in front of my brothers, that she would give her life for mine, Priya also affirmed that until I kicked her out, she was not going anywhere. She had her loyalty tested again and again, and has not really failed apart from tiny little white lies, innocent ones like her informant being a female and not a male. We lay there, her back to my bare chest after another session of divine sex, as our hands entwined with each other.

“I think Vell has feelings for Brutus,” she mused as we remained, still surrounded by coloured plastic balls.

“I forgot to tell you, I caught them together in Vell’s bed before we went for the run.” Princess suddenly turned and straddled me, her luscious tits bouncing in front of my eyes as she got comfortable on top. “Now this is a position I both love and hate, right now,” I arched my brow teasingly.

“Shh, concentrate. I can already feel your cock pressing against me, but I need to know... what did you see?”

I tucked my hands behind my head and gazed up at her. Yep, I definitely adored this position. “Not a lot, so don’t get too excited. When I got the call saying he’d been released on bail...” I couldn’t help my angered momentary reaction, “I opened her door expecting Brutus to be fast asleep on the recliner, although, when I looked at the bed, I had both of them turned around and gaping guiltily at me like they had been caught. Shit, the energy was so weird, sort of like I was their father and had busted them.”

Priya squealed, moving her pussy against my cock. “Oh my god, I wonder if it was the book?”

“Don’t move unless you wanna be fucked again. And what book?” I warned.

She gave me a mischievous peek before rising to her knees, grabbing my hard pole, and slipping it into her nice, warm, and wet hole. My hands immediately coming down, stroking her thighs as she rose up and down on top of me, still surrounded in a room full of multicoloured balls. “Ovella has a secret obsession... with smut literature... I gave Brutus one from her... favourite authors in the hopes... oh god... they would both be horny enough to... get past the hesitation... Ooh... and fuck each other... Jakobe." Priya confessed while bouncing along happily, mewling between words. God, I love everything about her.

As I thrust my hips upwards, “you little Mafia matchmaker.”

Sitting up, I captured her perky soft breast in my mouth, her body naturally ground into me. I loved this feeling, buried deep inside of her cunt and princesses body flush with mine.


The next day brought about a calm over the club, one we hadn’t had for a while. Aja was listening to her music in the kitchen, while Nevaeh, Kitty, Ovella, and Priya, helped her get lunch ready for the club, all of them dancing to the beat.

The Road Warriors needed this, it had been a stressful few months, and it was time for some peace.

Deon was the most relaxed as we sat in the Booze Bunker discussing business.

“You finally fuck her?” I questioned, leaning in close so that only he could hear me.

He looked at me with the goofy kind of happiness on his face, “I told her I loved her, and little angel said it back.” My face twisted into a wide toothy grin.

“I’m happy for you brother, really happy.” I clasped his shoulder as we clinked bottles, but inside of me, I was feeling strange. Why could he tell his woman and not me? I couldn’t say shit to Priya, even though I really wanted too.

Brutus leans in with a smirk on his face and a twinkle in his eyes, “Ovella’s agreed to be my girlfriend.”

Our heads snapped up to meet his front on as he takes a long swig of his beer. “What?” Deon and I both screamed in unison.

Cheers went up around all of us at that bit of news, what was really entertaining was the way jealousy ripped through the club whores. None of them had been able to get near Brutus in months, after all, that was a club whore’s end game, to become a members, ‘Old Lady’, and Brutus, well, he would have been a perfect catch, but the truth is, a whore is a whore and an ‘Old Lady’ is rare.

There are exceptions, whores have made it to ‘Old Lady’ status, but there was always something different about them, and usually, they were snapped up before they had been passed through the club.

The thing I loved most about club life was this - the family side of things - there with you until the end of time, beside you, holding you up, and having your back. Yesterday, I sliced a cunts finger’s off, today, I’m sitting with my brothers having a drink with a bedroom full of coloured plastic balls.

As the women came in from the wet-mess, Priya gave me a massive smile before sliding onto my knee and pushing her lips against mine. I relished in her lips against mine.

“Foods ready,” she murmured, getting comfortable on my lap and facing the table.

“In a bit, princess,” I nodded.

I took some time to look around at my family, the family that would never abandon you, and I realised I had created what I truly wanted. If it hadn’t have been for Rex, Deon’s dad, I wouldn’t have understood what it actually meant to be apart of all of this, and I was thankful.

I looked over at my son Leighton, who at first, I thought was a mistake, and came to very quickly understand, was my greatest accomplishment, sitting there in the corner with Kitty on his knee, so openly doting on her. He’d been through so much for such a young age, and I was proud of the man Leighton was moulding into.

I examined Brutus, his eyes were only on the woman tucked under his arm, Ovella, who was somewhat of an enigma but who brought peace to Brutus’ soul, something I know he severely struggled with. For that alone, I was thankful for her arrival, even if it was in the worst way possible.

Deon sat beside me with Nevaeh’s legs slung over his, he kissed her fingers and hands while she blushed and gushed over his behaviour of her. It was nice to see him so overly affectionate, even as the other men sat around, I guess we were all ready for this change, to settle down and stop being boys, and finally, becoming men.

As I’m lost in my musings, I notice Aja in the corner watching us all from the doorway. Her eyes glazed over with a pained look on her face as if she were stuck in a memory. Aja must have been reminiscing of a time when Rex was alive, and I guess her heart hurt because she took one last look at everyone and then disappeared. I felt sadness for Aja, she had been through more than anyone could ever fathom and was left behind without her soul mate, to fight against the evil of this world alone.

The Road Warriors MC was enjoying this respite, but every single man that was in that room knew there was always a calm before a shit storm, and I know there is one heading our way, what we didn’t know was, if we are going to survive it or not? Did we have enough weaponry or manpower in order to weather the tornado’s heading in our direction and come out the other side still as a whole family?

I grasped Priya by the hand and headed out to my bike, “we going somewhere?” She teased, eyeing me suspiciously.

“Yes,” was all I replied.

Getting on my bike, we took off. Her arms wrapped securely around my waist, her cheek against my shoulder, the wind in my hair, and for a short time, no worries, no cares, no club, no mafia, just her and I.

The sun was beginning to set when we finally arrived at a lookout point high up in the mountain range.

She stood at the edge of the railing looking out over the evening orange hue that littered the sky, a skyline reminiscent of a beautiful oil painting or a nature photograph.

I came up behind my Mafia, wrapping my arms around her tightly, never wanting to let her go, now and here was the perfect time.

“Everyone I have relied on in the past let me down until I joined the MC. I thought I was happy, but I wasn’t, not until you... not until that night you showed up, not until you turned my world upside down, did I realise just how much I was missing out on.”

I snatched a leather vest from my bike and held it up. “Priya Antony, Mafia Heir and crazy, self-reliant, and independent woman. I love you. I have from the moment I met you, and I will love you until the day I die. Will you be my Old Lady? Will you wear my patch?”

The vest was sewn by Aja a couple of weeks ago; it had the clubs insignia on it with a patch that said, ‘If lost, return to VP Trigger’. Priya laughed when she read the patch.

Looking up at me with tears in her beautiful bright green eyes, “you love me?”

I smiled at her, “yeah, I love you... more than I can ever express.”

I slipped the vest onto her shoulders as she threads her arms through the holes. “It’s okay, I already knew you did Jakobe, just how I have always been in love with you.”

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