What I Needed

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Chapter 24 ~ An Unexpected Storm

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

“Well, good morning, you two. Why are you so lovey-dovey this morning? We didn’t see either of you all night, might have to patch you in princess, just so we can spend time with Trigger.” Boomer joked as we walked in hand in hand.

After last night’s crazy party which Priya and I were not apart of, everyone was looking a little worse for wear, we, on the other hand, were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, completely in love, and had fucked to the point of galactic oblivion all night long.

“You don’t have too...” Priya smiled and bit her lip, turning around to show her patch. “I’m already in.”

This woke everyone up from the hungover stupor, whistling, clapping, some hollered and hooted; well, everyone made noise except the clubs whores. I’ll never get tired of seeing the green-eyed monster slide across their faces.

“Bout fucken time,” Deon called from the doorway.

“I’ll say, I sewed that bloody thing weeks ago.” Aja laughed and hugged Priya tightly, “it’s fantastic news for me, I get another daughter,” she cupped Priya’s face and kissed her on the cheek.

“Welcome to the family.” Deon hugged Mafia next as Nevaeh gazed on with sparkling hazel eyes, then stepped forward to congratulate her friend.

This was a moment I will never forget, the acceptance of my love. “Uh, we all knew you were gonna be stuck with us the moment Trigger went caveman and claimed you,” Brutus remarked, pulling out from his hug with my old lady.

“Well, you know, it took him a long time to realise though,” she winked at me serving us up a plate of food. Aja had taken pity on the still half-drunk bodies that littered the booze bunker and cooked up a greasy storm. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, mushrooms, spinach and waffles. I really loved Aja, she was the epitome of what a mother should be, even if her past was riddled with blood and evil.

“I’m not calling you mum,” Leighton spurned as he and Kitty sat down next to us at the table.

“I’m not calling you son,” she bit back. I creased my brow slightly worried, will these two ever get along? I thought we had turned a crucial point, maybe not? “But, if you ever need me, Leighton, I’ll be there no matter what,” she nonchalantly replied, continuing to eat without looking at him.

My eyes shot over to see my sons reaction and a smirk graced his face before he shovelled eggs in his mouth, while Kitty giggled beside him, kissing his bicep. This gave me hope, things were going to work out, for once in my life, things were harmonising. I was on top of the world.

The day passed reasonably uneventful. The legit business we owned stayed closed, not that we really minded, they were all a front for the other shit we ran, but let’s face it, every MC needed a tattoo parlour, bike shop, strip club, brothel, nightclub, mechanics, and liquor store. Enough to cover all of our needs when necessary, and the towns, should they require it.

Priya and I were relaxing, watching a movie when my phone went off. Gathering had been called, something was happening. “Babe, I gotta go to Gathering,” I started, sliding my phone into my pocket.

“You want me to pause it till you get back?”

“Nah, you watch, I’ll be back as soon as I can,” I kissed her forehead and headed downstairs.


“So, my uncle Chop just called, he and his MC, The Red Riders, are heading our way, they have business with The Grims. He didn’t say much, only that it was urgent and the entire club needed a meet with us.” Brutus sat in the front row, his face etched in worry.

“The Grims,” Deon sneered, “if they need to take down their stronghold, I want that fucken president Gunther, his head belongs to mum for murdering my father, how long until they arrive?”

“They estimate five days ride.”

“The whole club?” Deon asked.

“The whole club is heading our way.”

“Something real bad must have gone down to come all this way for them bastards?”

“Uncle Chop didn’t say, but he mentioned he’d make it worth our while.”

“They trustworthy?”

“Chop is, but then again, you can only really trust your brothers.”

“Reputation of the club?” Deon enquires.

“I don’t know much, other than my mum mentioning, aunty saying they went legit years ago while the president was in lockup, been trying to stay straight ever since.”

“If they give us a chance to get those Grim cunts, then I think it’s worth our while. Let’s vote, all who want the meet raise your hands?” I sat in my chair on stage and watched while the entire club raised their hand. All of us craved retribution for the murder of our old Prez and brother. Pride swelled through me as I saw the glint of hope flash across their faces. “On this day you all make me proud, you know personally the heavy toll of losing my father took, not just on my family, but on our club as a whole. We lost a lot of great men that day, and we suffered a lot of pain. I’ll get mum to organise the spare rooms in the hope this is what they have come to propose to us, then we’ll open the club to them.”

We were all expecting a storm, but we thought it was Mafia and Frazier Saltora that would be at the helm, I guess this was an ‘unexpected storm’, a side glitch to our ultimate war. We had a few days to prepare, restock our supplies and prime the prospects for what happens while we are away. The bonus now though, was Priya had started training not just Kitty, who was becoming an exceptional fighter from what I heard, but Ovella and Neveah. Aja too had resumed her training, though her practice was to kill. What Aja had them doing kept Priya unnerved and on edge. She had mentioned it a few times and shuddered. I guess when you are a trained assassin, you are taught to kill mercilessly and without emotion.

Right on time, on the fifth day, Techno flagged us, there was a large convoy heading up our highway and directly for our compound. Everyone was armed to the hilt, after all, we didn’t know these mother fuckers, we were going off Brutus’ word that his uncle was trustworthy. Priya and Aja were inside, loaded, and in charge of the women, everyone else was spread out over the compound. After the first lot of contract killers sent for her at the aquarium, we’ve been on a sort of lockdown. It seemed the best way to continue living but still stay safe.

The unmistakable rumble of Harley’s echoed through the place, the men shifted uneasily with their guns at the ready, Prez nodded for the prospect to begin.

“What you want?”

“My nephew Brutus is expecting me,” a male voice calls back, Deon signals Brutus to proceed.

He slides open the slot, “you crazy sonofabitch, open the fucken gate prospect.”

The steel door rolled back, and an older man embraced our Sargent in Arms. A man well over 6ft with cold steel grey eyes stood behind him with a President patch slapped on his cut, the other, just as tall with dreads and a Vice President patch on his leather Cut. Brutus waves through the horde of men who were now greeted at gunpoint.

“Lot of security,” Chop remarks flippantly.

“Fucked up situation, club on lockdown,” Brutus replied.

“Precaution.” Prez Deon yells out.

“Hey, Brutus meet our Prez, Connor Steel...” Brutus’ eyes grew wide in excited surprise.

“No fucken way, Sadistic Steel?” I had heard of this bastard. Ruthless and unstable were the words associated with him, but I guess being in prison, you had no choice but to be savage and unpredictable or wind up as some arseholes bitch, taking it in the ass. I had not been to prison yet, we were clever, and the cops were terrified of us in these parts. I had, however, been to juvenile detention, and that was enough.

“How do you...”

“Your rep is legendary, before lockup and during, had the clink in your pocket from what I hear.”

“I did alright,” the president biker replied suspiciously, “this is Patches, my VP.” The dreaded man rolls a smoke between his fingers before placing it in his mouth and lighting, then leaned over and shake’s hands. I guess he was trying to be intimidating, but it took a lot more than that to unnerve us.

“Prez, VP, this is my Uncle Chop, craziest asshole ever, and his Prez... Sadistic Steel, and his VP, Patches. Boys this is Prez Deon and our Vice, Trigger.”

“Come on into Gathering boys, I hear we have business to discuss.”


“So, The Grims have patched over The Hell’s Kings, kidnapped your Old Lady and that one’s Old Lady, and you want what from us?” Prez Deon stood firm at the podium, trying to suss this unknown MC out.

“We would like your help, $50,000 is yours if you do, but if you all vote against helping us, then you at least know we are operating in your area and we are here for the women only, not to cause trouble.” Sadistic Steel looked as though he was sincere in his approach, but you can never really tell.

My focus had been on the older men at the back. Clean cut, shirts tucked in, tan slacks, something you’d expect a fucken pig to wear when he is not in uniform. “Your blokes at the back look like narks?”

The Prez, Sadistic Steel, laughs, “that’s probably because they are, meet our town Sheriff and his men, but also, my soon to be father-in-law.” A collective hiss and whistle rang out across our throngs of men. Fuck me, Sadistic or not, he had some balls to bring a cop in here. You could feel the tension in the room spike.

Prez holds up his hand to silence everyone, “you brought a pig into my home?” He sneered murderously, “you trust him?” We had dirty coppers on our payroll, but we didn’t know this one.

His answer was surprising, “with my life. He’s murdered more motherfuckers than me on our hunts.”

“Hunts?” My eyes widened, by the way, he answered, I would say these two fuckers were friends.

“Look, those bastards have my child and my wife; it’s safe to say I ain’t operating within the law. Besides, Steel here knows enough of our bad shit to take us all down, and a copper in the joint is like handing them cunts Christmas presents... I’d be nothing but a memory within a day. I’ll do anything to get my family back, including being temporarily deaf and blind with a trigger-happy finger.”

The pig stood his ground as a true man does; there was a smidgeon of respect there. “Alright, you seem passable... for now. We have business to discuss, but when you step outside the club, while we deliberate, I want you to discuss something with each other too. We have a problem with Mafia, it’s getting pretty full-on. If we do this for you, we want the favour returned, when we call, we need back up...”

“It takes five days to ride here, just so you know,” Prez Steel cuts in.

“We understand, but it looks like war. You scratch our backs, we scratch yours.”

“Alliance? No patch over,” Steel warned. That’s a great solution for us, the last thing we needed was another chief trying to run the show and fucking everything up.

“Strictly alliance,” Prez agreed.

“We’ll vote on it,” the Red Riders stood and exited Gathering.

Deon waits for the murmur to settle, “alright, you heard same as I. With their added men, we have a real chance at getting the fuckers. Our focus these past few months have been on the Mafia situation, but our feud with Grims has always been our top priority. This could give us the advantage we need.”

I stand and walk to the podium as Prez takes a seat. “So, we hate to call in our other chapters, the whole, ‘owing a favour’ doesn’t sit well with any of us, but these Red Riders will already owe us, our club is turning over a pretty penny at the moment, and funds are flowing nicely. What they are offering is a chance to bury the murderous bastards that we hate and bury them for good. I vote they keep their moolah, and we do this for our fallen Prez and for our brother’s redemption?”

Prez retakes the podium, “all those in favour say aye.”

A collective, ‘AYE’ rang across the throngs of men.

We had our answer, we had a chance, and we wanted this badly. “Looks like The Road Warriors just allied with The Red Riders,” Brutus announced.

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