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Chapter 25 ~ Revenge

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

“Well, President Steel, what say you?” Deon requests.

“You help us, we help you, even the coppers agreed, if you want them.”

We nodded in thanks at the Sheriff; hmm, this man was becoming more intriguing by the minute. “Well, we voted you to keep your fifty grand, and we will help you get your old ladies back. However, the Grim’s Prez, Gunther, is all ours, no one but us touches him... it’s a personal vendetta.” Steel agreed as did his men, I was sure my smile was showing. “Techno, show em what you dug up.”

Techno pulls up the blueprints of The Grims headquarters, leaving us to deliberated for hours on a plan, the best way in, members of The Hell’s Kings outlaw MC, and who exactly, we were looking for once we were in there. Everything needed to be meticulously planned down to a Tee; we get one shot at this and did not want to fuck up our chances.

The Sheriff knocked his knuckles on the table, gaining the attention of the room. “As Steel knows, I intercepted a weapons shipment from Hell’s Kings to the Cartel. I got my hands on some pretty insane weaponry, we brought some of that with us. First of all, we have AA-12′s, they shoot shotgun rounds at 300 per minute. Next, we have Dragons breath, If you don’t know these shotgun bullets are filled with magnesium shards, which upon hitting the air, light fire and spray, illegal as hell. We brought along the flamethrowers again, let’s face it, those are just fun, and lastly, we have cases and cases of hollow-point bullets. These particular bullets are banned in warfare because they explode and fragment, leaving an exit wound that looks like Bruce Lee’s ghost tried to uppercut your ribs apart, rather than a clean hole.”

Who the bloody hell was this fucken Sheriff? He certainly was no law-abiding man, he was out for blood and wanted it dripping from his body. Even the coppers we had on our payroll didn’t get their hands dirty like this man, they were paid to look the other way, this one was hell-bent on revenge with about nineteen, ‘supposed clean pigs’ under him, not once questioning his sanity. I was a little aroused, I must admit.

“Fucken Jesus,” Boomer looked as though he was about to cum. “Sheriff, I think you just became my best friend.”

“Fuck you too, Boomer,” Flicker screams out, causing everyone to erupt in laughter.

“Enjoy your pussy tonight because in the morning... We go to war.” Prez stated before sculling back his beer and slamming it down on the table to the side of the room.

The hollow point casings were loaded into the guns by the prospects as we all took off into the booze bunker. The music got turned up, the whores and alcohol were flowing, and I found Priya, pulling her onto my lap with a beer in my hand. “You okay, caveman?” Mafia curled into my chest.

“Tomorrow, we are going to war,” was all I said; thank God, she grew up in the Mafia.

“Well, better give you the best sex of your life tonight, so you’re clear and on point tomorrow.” I smiled lovingly down at her in my lap and possessively claimed her lips.

“I fucken love you,” I unashamedly announced.

She smirked wickedly, “I fucken love you too.”

Priya had no idea about the clubs past, how Rex had died, or the fact, that there was another club close enough to cause issues for us, but still far enough away to stay off the radar of everyone. When war presented itself, there was always a chance we would never come back, but we were smart and solid fighters, none of us was scared little pussies, and most of us knew this lifestyle, having grown up in it. I peered over a Leighton who was in Alpha-male mode over Kitty, it was amusing to watch him protect what belonged to him when unknown males entered the scene. Kitty clearly got sick of it, deciding to leave, I made a mental note to tell him I loved him before I left, and that I was proud of the man he is.

Aja sat at the table where some of Prez Steel’s men were playing cards; she slotted in well with them. Actually, all his men merged nicely with ours. Having an alliance as far out as they were was smart business if we ever decided to go legit, at least we’d have a club that knew how it was achieved, on our side.

Tomorrow would be a day for the history books, redemption for Rex meant everything to this club. He was ripped from his family, and that was unforgivable, it was time to show those asshole’s what The Road Warriors were really made of.


The morning brought about an eerie emotion, you just knew mother fuckers were going to die today. We had speculated after Steel went to bed, what exactly he was capable of to acquire the nickname Sadistic Steel. Well, we were about to find out.

“I love you, you crazy bastard.” Priya was attached to my front as I walked to my bike.

“Are you planning on coming woman? Because you might need to let go at some stage?” I teased.

“Nah, I’m planning on remaining a permanent fixture on the front of you until you stop doing stupid stuff.”

“Well, you’re going to be there a while.” She laughed, god, I loved her laugh. “Watch Leighton, will you?”

“Sure, we’ll have high tea together, and he can braid my hair,” Mafia retorted sarcastically.

“Priya,” I growled.

“Relax Jakobe, Prez has Ovella and me on Kid duty today, there is no one to go in or out while you’re all away. Prospects are operating the gate.” I breathed a sigh of relief, “just come home, you hear.”

Priya extracted herself from my front. “I have no desire to be anywhere else but in your arms, baby.”

“Good because I still need you to save me.”

“You’re too stubborn and independent, you’ll probably save yourself,” I joked as I straddled my bike.

“That’s true,” Priya shrugged as the surrounding bikes begin to rumble. “Still need you though, Jakobe.”

“I love you, Mafia.” Priya kissed me with such adoration and passion, waking up my dick again. I growled into her mouth, “you know how to turn me on, don’t you?”

She wrapped her arms around me for one last hug but whispers in my ear, “I’ll be thinking of your gigantic, delicious cock sliding in and out of my saturated pussy the entire time you’re gone. I will miss the way it fills me completely, I may have to relieve myself while you’re away,” Priya bit down on my earlobe.

I held her in place, “you can think about my hard cock all you want, but you are NOT to rub your sexy cunt, you hear me? I want you dripping wet and ready the moment I return.” My ears captured the pleasure whimper escaping Priya’s mouth.

“Not even one touch?” I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

“No. I’m going to fuck you till you can’t walk when I get back.” Smacking Mafia’s plump ass as she moved away from me, Priya mouthed ‘I love you’ before turning and joining Aja.

The loud uproar of the bikes vibrated through the compound at an almost deafening pitch. Deon motions for us to move out, and we all headed off, riding in the order we are meant too. Murder was coming, murder and a horde of spectacularly pissed of killers.


Aja’s P.O.V.

When Deon informed me about what was about to go down, I was elated. I had waited so long for revenge, and every day that passed by without justice hurt more and more. We sat in the booze bunker, the club’s whores on one side, us on the other, and the ’old lady’s we didn’t bother to associate with sat with their kids in the wet-mess where the food was.

Kitty and I had known those bitches a long time, and in all these years, we could see them for what they really were, glorified nasty using whores. I was happy when Priya came along; she brought calm to the club, even if chaos surrounded her. Then she befriended Kitty, no questions asked, no expectations, just respect and love, Priya was what we had been missing.

When she drew Nevaeh and Ovella with her, it really felt our family could be whole again. We clicked, and that is what our MC lacked, there will always be fake ass whores around this lifestyle, but you can see through a snake, so they would never really be a problem. The backlash if you overstepped your boundaries are just too drastic, so the plastics stayed in line, eye raping other patched members from afar.

We had lingered all day, I chose to fill the time making Ovella and Nevaeh’s vests, the boys had not asked for them, but there was no harm in having their badges ready, right? Hell, last week, I even completed Kitty’s for when Leighton patches in, though, he can’t prospect until he’s eighteen, so we have time.

The Doc arrived and was admitted into the compound. He set up his equipment stating that he just got a text from Flicker saying he needed to be ready, but beyond that, he had no further information. The anxious and unsure atmosphere was almost suffocating.

It was well into night time; Leighton remained vigilant at the controls, even though he was told to stay with us, he naturally defied orders, while the four prospects manned the gate. We, all at once, heard the bikes in the distance and jumped to our feet. Excitement and apprehension rolled off all of us in strangling waves of animosity and dread. Aversion towards what was heading our way.

Deon was the first through the threshold, followed closely by Trigger and Brutus. A solid wash of relief crashed over me, but then I realised... if they were in one piece, that meant they would have him... Gunther... the murderous cunt that took my husband’s life.

The girls were straight into the men’s arms the moment their feet hit the ground. I watched Deon closely, he eyed me with a knowing look and nodded.

They definitely had him.

Deon ordered Neveah inside to organise the drinks, thank God she was handy behind the bar, we needed another equipped pair of hands at a time like this. Nevaeh did as she was requested, he explained he had something to finish up on and would be right in. A lady in a white coat was rushed past me and into the room where our Doc was waiting, while another unconscious woman and the Sheriff entered behind her. I guess this was who needed help.

Once everyone was inside, Trigger, Brutus, Boomer, Flicker, Gravel, Deon, and I, opened up the back of one of the vans, pleasantly rewarded with a taped and gagged cunt of a thing, Gunther.

“We do it tomorrow when the other MC has gone.” Deon decreed as Gravel and Flicker hauled his roughed up ass from the back.

I couldn’t restrain myself, I pulled back my fist and slam it down hard on his face, the sheer force causing Gunther’s head to snap back and then hang forward as a very satisfying groan of discomfort filtered out from the prick. Triggers monstrous arms enveloped me. “Aja, you will get the justice you deserve,” Trig whispered in my ear as I broke down. Tears of so much pain fell from my brown eyes. Tomorrow, justice will be served, and I will not hold back, I will make that fucker pay for what he has done.

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