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Chapter 26 ~ Loose Cannon

*** This is a little gruesome. To those who can’t handle it, which is usually me, skip to about three-quarters of the way through the chapter. Thank you <3 ***

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

Fist after massive fist slammed into that scum Gunther. Deon had been smashing him repetitively, and none of us dared interfere with his own serve of justice for his slain father. Gunther’s broken teeth lay at his feet on the concrete floor of ‘the cage’ - the one place you never wanted to end up.

“You piece of shit!” Deon howled ferociously.

Nothing came from Gunther; he had no choice anyway but to accept his fate. The opening of the door and sunshine pouring in the cold, lifeless cement room drew our attention. A tiny figure with brown eyes and light brown hair dressed in all black stepped in, bolting the door behind her, locking us all in. The cage was small enough, but now, with the intense atmosphere, the space seemed to shrink and almost collapse under the deafening silence.

I had heard stories of what Aja was like in her younger days but never had I thought I would bear witness to it. I was somewhat excited and equally as scared.

“Enough,” Aja ordered in a dark tone, one I was not accustomed too or would have associated with her, but I guess in our kind of world, a little darkness is what you required to survive.

“Mum, are you sure you can...”

“Son, I have been doing this since before you were born,” Aja instantaneously cut Deon off. “Tie the shit to the wall.”

Brutus and I moved swiftly, collecting Gunther’s almost lifeless body off the foundation. There was a wooden cross that was attached to the wall of the cage; I had seen it numerous times, but never thought about it, until now. There hung a strap where you attached the head and another at each foot, but the arm straps looked as though they’d been broken years earlier and never replaced.

“Aja? The straps...” I went to say, but she walked over with her hand raised to muzzle my mouth from moving. My stomach turned at the blizzard of coldness and extreme pain that shined back through those haunting brown eyes.

Aja unzipped the bag attached to her hip; the case fell forward and revealed several tools all lined up in their rightful positions. She selected what looked like a screwdriver, gripping tightly on the whimpering man’s wrist, she moved it into place, and with one hard thrust, drove the screwdriver straight through the palm of his hand, pinning Gunther in place. Muffled cries filled the stagnant air as she repeated the process on his other hand. No fear - no hesitation.

“There, problem solved,” she roared unhinged and primitively. “Do you know why there is a cross in this room?” her focus on Gunther as he tried to shake his head, indicating a no. Fear seeped from him like a waterfall. “Because you pray for your life... every time... religious or not. The least we could do was provide you with some sort of dutiful statue to confess your sins upon.”

I made a mental note, not to ever, ever, ever, piss Aja off, ever. “Stop playing mind games mum, castrate the cunt already, and we can rid ourselves of this shithead,” Deon snarls getting frustrated by her play, taunting him, as Gunther remained stuck against the crucifix, literally screwed. Which is not how Deon does business in the cage, usually it’s, get the information, kill the informant.

“Patients, my son,” Aja chastised, patting his chest gently. “We have waited a long time for this bastard, I want to get this right,” she smiled kindly. It was very unnerving and demented, but entertaining all at the same time.

Gunther whimpered, knowing full well he was about to endure a lot of discomforts. Aja shifted forward to remove the tape from his mouth; she took satisfied appreciation by ripping it off. Gunther spat out the gag and looked directly at Aja, “you fucked-up bitch. You think this will hurt me, pain turns me on,” he sneered.

“Oh, I’m a sadist too, and I’m going to dream of your torture until the day I die, I can already feel my pussy clenching in excitement.” I looked around at the men watching Aja work with wide eyes and curious faces. It didn’t feel right, for that Aja, was not the same woman we had all grown accustomed to seeing, day in and day out.

She collected the steel baseball bat that I had no idea was in the corner, when did that get there? “You’ll have to forgive my aim, I’m getting older now, and things aren’t quite as strong as they used to be,” Aja feigned, pulling back her arms and swung with all her might, straight into Gunther’s shin, smashing the bone to smithereens as he howled in suffering. The snap of the bone echoed off the walls, all of us enduring the phantom twinge.

“You took my husband from me, you strode onto our turf...” she pulled back the bat again, steadying her aim, and then swung hard. The next shin shattered under the blunt force, the crack filtering through our ears. “...And murdered my love...” she raised the bat over her head, coming down hard on his extended right arm, shattering Gunther’s humerus bone. “...And now, I repay the favour.” She raised the bat once more, cracking his other arm, the skeletal frame had no chance.

She extracted a black Sig Sauer mosquito and aimed it at his hip, pulling back the hammer, her face directly in front of his. “If you had a wife, I would have brought her in to die with you, but since you do not, this will have to be the next best thing.” Aja shot two bullets, one on each hip, his hard steel face was faltering, the pain was too much for Gunther to handle. “Two to the hips, exactly what you gave Rex as you watched him crawl along the ground.”

“You will... never break... me bitch,” he scorned through gritted teeth.

“I already have.” Aja extracts a scalpel from the bag of tools on her side, unhooks Gunther’s button, and unzips his fly. We all had an inkling as to what was about to unfold. A collective shuffle from our club and a protective hand moved over the men’s pelvis’, sheltering their own juniors from what they knew Aja was inching towards as she twisted the scalpel menacingly through her fingertips.

Gunther squirmed uncomfortably as she ripped down his blood-soaked underwear, revealing the deep and openly oozing bullet wounds but then she looks up at him and laughs maniacally. “Really? That’s what you’re packing? No wonder you have no Mrs.” That comment would have cut any man’s ego like a well-executed surgeon.

Aja, without a second thought, makes three incisions lengthways, along the shaft of his penis, slicing with immaculate precision, and peeled back the skin like a banana. Gunther’s body lays lifeless because at some stage during the slices, he had either passed out from being so severely damaged or had, in fact, died, from his wounds. Either way, he was not moving, and neither could I. I was frozen to the spot in horror of what I had just witnessed.

“Your turn, son.” Aja zipped up the bag on her hip, unbolted the door, allowed the light to come streaming in for just a microsecond, and then closed it again behind her as if she had never been there at all. She was fast, efficient, and scarier than Lucifer himself.

Deon was as white as a ghost; guess he wasn’t resistant to his once sweet mothers, methods either. Prez clocked his gun, aimed, and shot Gunther four times in the head. I think he felt pity for him for having his shlong, or should I say, short, peeled like a fruit.

“Hoot, Master, and Spank. Get rid of the body, no evidence, no trail.” Deon barked.

“Yes, boss.” The most recent members to patch in replied, swallowing the bile you could tell was rising up the back of their throats, turning their faces green.


A while later, Priya came waltzing in as I stood frozen in the shower. My hand against the tiled wall and my head hung low, she jumped up on top of the bench, curiously assessing me. “Hey, you okay? Everyone is really quiet and withdrawn.” I turned to look at her, shutting off the water and stepping out. Priya collected a towel with furrowed brows and wrapped it around my body. “Jakobe?”

“It’s nothing baby, today justice was served, I think it all hit us a little harder than we expected.”

“What can I do to make you feel better?” I gazed down at the woman I loved, her smooth face in my large hands, her stunning green eyes looking at me with such concern, I had to claim her lips.

“Having you in my arms is all I need to feel better, Mafia.” She gave me a small smile, leading me to our bed.

Princess removed my towel from around my waist and proceeded to slowly dry me off, not missing one droplet of water. Her soft lips caressing every spot after it was wiped, then she lay me on the bed.

Opening the bedside table drawer, Priya asked me to roll onto my stomach, to which I happily obliged, and then I heard the distinct sound of her removing her clothes.

Slippery hands were the first to make contact as my love massaged my feet. I couldn’t help but groan in delightful bliss. I may be a hard man, VP of an MC, and a killer, but I’m still human, and her touch felt like my very own piece of heaven.

This was Priya loving me through my hard time, she was taking care of me even if I couldn’t physically voice what had occurred in ‘the cage’. My woman still wanted to ease me of my burden, fuck did I love this goddess.

Priya’s fierce but small hands moved up my calves, only stopping to add more oil, which naturally smelt of vanilla. Her deft ministrations relieving me of my tenseness. Mafia paid special attention to my ass, I didn’t care though, she would always comment on how sexy my ass was. When Priya got to my shoulders, I could feel her straining to really loosen the concrete bricks my trapezius muscles had now turned into. She really threw her weight into it, pushing deeply, but I knew by the end, the pain I was feeling now, would be worth it.

My light finally released as much as she could, promising a daily shoulder massage to work out all the tension built up over the years, I wasn’t going to turn her down by any means. When Priya had finished, I remained there completely relaxed, as she laid flush atop me. Princess didn’t move, didn’t say anything, just held me. Her skin to skin contact was exactly what I needed, she was all I ever needed.

“I love you, you know that?” I finally broke our silence, feeling somewhat vulnerable.

“I know, I love you too, Mr Mushy.”

I turned, and Priya reattached herself to my front, causing me to laugh. “No Priya, I mean, I really god damn love you, more than my own life.”

She chastely kissed my lips, “Jakobe, I know. You are safe here with me, in my arms. Whatever horror you faced today has consumed your mind, I will spend my life wondering how I managed to be so damned lucky to find you. To have you love me unconditionally, just the same as I love both you and Leighton, beyond words, and far beyond comprehension. You don’t have to tell me because I know, I’ve always known, even when I was feeling insecure, I knew... but it doesn’t mean you get to stop confessing and never say it again.” I laughed loudly at the last part she quickly threw out. “You own every inch of me, my heart beats for only you, Jakobe Sloan, nothing will ever keep us apart.”

Priya snuggled back into the front of me, collecting the movie remote, and pulling the blankets over us as I watched on in awe of my ‘Old Lady’. The only woman I have ever loved, comforting me in the way I needed.

The thing that struck hard about today was not the revenge; it was the crippling emptiness in Aja’s eyes. The man she had loved beyond words and beyond comprehension, just like Priya and I, had been stolen from her. It stripped Aja of happiness and left her gaping in a pain she would relive, day in and day out. The kind of love you dream about, and she only got a limited number of years to share their love with one another.

Aja may now find some comfort in knowing her man’s death was redeemed, it may compensate or atone for the injustice suffered, but the wound will never heal, it will never close, and she will forever mourn the lost love of her soul mate. Having to see parts of him staring back at her through the children they created together. I promised myself I would not let a day pass by without telling both Leighton and Priya just how much they mean to me, in case something happens, they would know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I loved them, more than life itself.

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