What I Needed

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Chapter 27 ~ What did you do?

Deon’s P.O.V.

The past months had been insane and all though the threat of Mafia still loomed over our heads we were all looking forward to a little slower pace. Nevaeh had been quieter than normal but I brushed it off, if she had a problem she knew she could talk to me. She still had not let go of her apartment, much to my dismay, it was like she needed a security blanket, if something went pear shaped? She had an exit plan.

“Little angel? You in here?” I walked into my room to find her lying in the middle of the bed, on the phone, flinging her legs about like a child.

“…Nathan, I know, okay, I’m still waiting for it… no, I’m okay… yes…” I stood by the door listening in on her conversation but also appreciatively examining her body. Nathan? Who the fuck is Nathan? “… Do you hear from him?... No, tell him nothing… I swear, everything is okay… No, I’m still working in that strip club… it’s not that bad… trust me, I just serve the drinks… please, they would be yelling, put your clothes back on.”

I chuckled loudly, if only she realised just how many men would love to see her how intimately I have seen her. She heard me and rolled over, her hazel eyes locked on mine, “…I have to go… yes, you too… take care, bye” she hung up, placing her mobile back into her purse and collecting her clothes as she got up and walked into the bathroom.

I followed her in and placed the toilet lid down, sitting uncomfortably as I watched her undress. “Who’s Nathan?” My curiosity had piqued the moment she mentioned another man’s name.

“Huh?” She was playing dumb.

“You heard me, who is he?” My arms folded, resting on top of my knees.

“My brother.” She climbed in, closing the glass door behind her.

She has a brother? Okay, how come this is the first I’m hearing of him? She knew my whole family, yet, I knew nothing of her past or family. I walked over to the shower and opened the door forcefully, “you have a brother?” I questioned.

“Yes Deon, I have a brother.” Truthfully, I was a little distracted watching her lather up her angelic skin but I had to remain focused.

“And? Do you have any other siblings?” she huffed and turned to look at me.

“No, just a brother.” She stood there, intently watching me, waiting for the inquisition.

“Mum? Dad?” Her face displeased and her head drooped forward.

“Why do you care?” her snippy tone didn’t impress me.

“Because I’m in love with you and know nothing about you.”

“Deon…” she huffed, “it’s in the past, can’t we just leave it there?”

“God damn it little angel, why do you never tell me anything?”

“It’s not important, now I have to get ready for work.” She was clenching her jaw harshly, what was so damn hard? Was she an orphan? Was she a foster kid? Was she from New Zealand? I don’t know.

“Nevaeh… Do you have any other family?” I raised my voice, my tone hard and determined.

“I have neither,” she slid down the tiled wall and sat on the bottom of the floor with her chin on top of her knees, representing a broken soul. I leaned in and turned off the water that was pelting down on her.

“But you have a brother, which means you came from somewhere?” I nudged; extracting information from her was like pulling teeth.

“Deon please, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“C’mon, you can do it,” I encouraged standing over her. She remained quiet with her eyes closed tightly, as if reliving some memory buried deep. I grabbed a red fluffy towel from the shelf and wrapped her up in it. I loved how petite she was because I just picked her up and carried her to my bed. Her curly blonde locks dripping water onto my shirt. “Tell me.”

“I have neither, no mum or dad, my mother died… a few years ago.” She gnawed on her lips as her breathing became erratic and shaky. “At the hands of my father… and now he’s due to be released from prison.”

“Fuck, well I wasn’t expecting that.” I tried to lighten her mood but her posture did not change. I pulled out my phone and dialled Triggers number. “Trig, organise someone to replace Nevaeh’s shift tonight… I don’t give a fuck, she’s not working tonight.” God, he pisses me off, he can extracted his face from Priya’s pussy for five minutes while he finds a replacement.

“You shouldn’t have done that Deon.”

“Don’t chastise me; I’m not the fucken President for show, what I say goes.”

“I need the money.”

“Why? You’re my woman, I’ll take care of you,” She rolled her eyes in annoyance but I chose to ignore it. “When does he get out of prison?”


“I need more information than that.”

“Deon, I have no more information than that.” She pulled the towel tighter around her small frame.

“Okay, did you know your father killed her? Was it proven it was him?”

“Yes” a stray tear rolled down her flustered cheek, “I saw the whole thing.”

Fuck, the weight of her predicament was beginning to show, “what do you mean?”

“I mean, I fucking saw the whole thing, I saw him strangle her to death.” Her teeth were grinding together while she fidgeted in front of me.

“Okay, so your father was a… what? Violent man?” I asked, trying to understand her home life.

“My father is a sadistic asshole that deserves to rot in hell for everything he has done. I testified against him.”

“Are you afraid he will come looking for you?”

“No, and even if he did, I’m pretty sure you would rip him to pieces.” A smirk danced upon her lips.

“Well you’re right about that!” I laughed.

“You’re not going to ask me to relive it?” she looked up at me shyly, through her dark lashes.

“No, when you are ready to talk about it, I will be here, but until then, it’s nice to learn more about you. That’s all I want little angel, is to know you, all of you.”

She leant forward and pressed her lips softly against mine, my knees had begun to tremble from squatting in front of her for so long. “Deon, I don’t want to hide anything from you, everything I withhold is simply because it’s hard to talk about.”

“Well, now that I know that, it helps me understand you more, but honestly, I need to get up, my thighs are burning in this crouching position.” She giggled at me, so naturally; I jumped on her, tickling mercilessly.

We spent the night, curled up in bed, making love and watching movies, it was nice to do domestic stuff for a change.

Katie-Anne’s P.O.V.

Fuck, what was I going to do? Priya sat there staring at me with wide eyes, reflecting the turmoil on her face, that I had rolling around in my stomach.

“Do you want me to call anyone?” The nice lady’s question broke through my numb stage.

“N… no, thank you, I will deal with this.” My short reply sounded more robotic than actual strength.

“Can she have an abortion referral? Just in case… Clearly she is in shock and if she decides to follow that path, than I’d like her to be ready.” Priya always had my back; she was the first real friend I had made in a long time.

“Yes, of course, that’s most definitely an option, but just in case, if you decide to keep the baby? I will give you a referral for your first trimester screening and your first lot of bloods. You’re young, try to think about what you want for your future when making your decision, there are many benefits to both outcomes.”

We farewelled the doctor and silently slipped into Priya’s car, the papers tucked safely into my school back pack.

I felt physically sick, everyone warned me, hell, even Jakobe came and warned me, mum put me on the pill that I didn’t take, Leighton had tried to reach for a condom but I wanted him so much, so god damn much, what had I done?

“Do you want too…”

“No.” I cut her off.

The car ride back to school was so pressurised with silence, I could only breath out my mouth and my limbs failed to function. We sat there in the parking lot waiting for the end of day school bell and for Leighton to come out.

“Are you to tell…”

“No,” I cut her off again.

“Kitty, he has a right to know.”

“Just let me get my head around it first.” I beseeched her to understand.

“Alright, you have three days… As your friend, the only and I mean ONLY, reason I’m give you a timeline, is because if you chose to abort, the earlier the better.”

Leighton chatted the whole way back to the Clubhouse; I collected my stuff and shuffled inside heading straight for my room, “babe, you okay?” he finally asked.

‘NNNOOOOO’ I screamed in my head, but instead I just nodded and mumbled, “Tired.”

“Well I’ll just grab something to eat and the come…”

“Actually, I just wanna have a nap if that’s cool? Ummm… I’m missing dad and just need some time alone.” I hated lying to him, well, it wasn’t a complete lie, I always missed dad but I just wanted something big enough for him to give me some space.

“O… okay, well, if you need me, I’ll be in the booze bunker, playing pool.”

“Yep, cool, see you.” I attempted to sound as cheery as possible but failed, though I was not sticking around to have fifty questions thrown at me.

I slipped into my room, locked my door, flopped onto my bed with my warming and comforting pink duvet and cried like a little girl… oh, that’s right, I AM A LITTLE GIRL.

It had been two days so far, mum came knocking but the moment I said I was missing dad, she left me alone. Leighton sat outside my room begging for me to open up but I couldn’t, I was numb all over my body. Priya was the only one I would allow near me, Deon had lost his temper but again, when I mentioned dad, he withdrew his assault on my door and left me alone.

“C’mon girl, you have to talk to him, it’s time.”

“Princess, you said three days, it’s been two” I countered hoping she would ease up.

“Yes, and you’ve done nothing but lay in bed. I’ve got a date with Jakobe tonight, so you need to use this time to talk to him, now, he is beside himself with worry.”

I peeked out from under my covers and sighed, “Tonight, when the house is quiet, I will sneak into his room.”

Priya smiled, “Good. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“Looking forward to it,” I mumbled back sarcastically.

True to my word, I crept down the hall on my tippy toes and tried his handle, thank god it wasn’t locked; I quietly entered and closed the door behind me, locking it.

“What the fuck is going on?”

“Fuck!” I screeched in fright, “why are you awake?” I yell whispered.

“I can’t sleep without you,” Leighton’s confession and black rings under his eyes melted my heart.

The tears came thick and fast as I slouched into his arms, you’d think after the amount of crying I had done, I wouldn’t have anything left but no, the sadness, anxiety and worry came rolling back.

“What’s going on? Please talk to me,” why was he so perfect?

I gathered every ounce of strength I had left and whispered, “I’m pregnant.”

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