What I Needed

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Chapter 28 ~ Shit and Fan

Deon’s P.O.V.

A few weeks had passed and we had no sightings of Mafia, I should have realised that when there is peace and quiet, it means the storm is brewing and only a matter of time before something went horribly wrong. Why didn’t I foresee the shit about to hit the fan?

Nevaeh had left her bag hanging on my chair, I happened to notice a rather large envelope sticking out, with a red and gold emblem in the corner of it. Curiosity got the better of me and I reached in, pulling it out and opening it to read.

Bravestone College
567 Hartley Drive,
Decoder NSW 5879

Dear Ms Nevaeh Zuli,

It is with great honour that we inform you of your acceptance to Bravestone College, as a mature student of the award winning Brazingly Creative Writing Programme.

Your video entry was remarkable. We are excited to offer you one of the five limited positions and are expecting great things in your future.

Along with your welcome pack, we have enclosed the financial aid office numbers and building locations, counselling services as sometimes it can be a tedious adjustment entering as a mature aged student and a list of acceptable lodgings, since you are coming to us from so far away.

We look forward to hearing from you on your date of arrival, the new semester starts September 21st. Please do not hesitate to contact us on any matter regarding your placement.

Once again, Congratulations.

Yours sincerely

Dean of Admissions

Mr M.K. Packer.

My head spun frantically, she had not revealed that she had applied or even that she got accepted. The college was only a day’s ride away at best, but that was not the point. We were meant to be in love? Why had she not told me?

She walked in on me staring at the letter as the envelope with her welcome package rested on the bed beside me. “What are you doing?”

My eyes snapped up to meet hers, “were you going to tell me?”

“There’s nothing to tell Deon,” she hissed, clearly annoyed I had read her mail.

“This is a great opportunity, you could have spoken to…”

She snatched the letter from my hands and collected the envelope, “why did you go through my bag?”

“It was sticking out. Now, why didn’t you tell me?” I growled lowly.

“Because I’m not going.”

“Why?” I snapped back. “You received one of the only five positions available. Is it the money?”

“No Deon, I’ve saved a long time for this and with financial aid, I could do it but I’m not going because it’s a long way away from you.” Fuck, I’m an ass, here am I, annoyed she didn’t tell me when she was willing to give up her future to stay by my side.

“Go, you have to.”

“Why are you pushing this? I made my mind up a long time ago.”

“Because this is your dream obviously, you wouldn’t have applied if you didn’t want it?”

“Maybe, once upon a time, I applied before I met you.”

“Little angel…” she climbed onto my lap.

“Deon don’t, okay? This is what I want now, you and me, here.”

I chose to leave the subject alone for now, despite it niggling at the back of my mind. What was the outcome of her decision? I couldn’t predict but I loved her enough to let her go there - if it meant she would be truly happy and she was following her heart.

Tonight we were heading to Jacks Hog House, a bar a couple of towns over. My little angel looked magnificent on the back of my bike, exactly where she belonged, the wind rustling through her hair, her arms secured tightly around my waist, this feeling of love buzzing through my system. It was like magic.

We were sitting in the corner when I felt her body go stiff and rigid beside me, I eyed her curiously, wondering what had caused that reaction. Like a bat out of hell, she jumped up on her seat, climbed over the table and piss bolted straight into the arms of an unknown man in the corner of the pub.

The men stood awaiting my instruction, but I motioned for them to sit, I was eager to see what she would do in this situation. The stranger held her tightly, not in a sexual way which I was relieved at but he definitely knew her, she placed hard pecks over his whole face excitedly, her actions had me clenching my fists and it was hard to control the rage building up inside me.

The unknown had a blue Mohawk, hazel eyes, broad nose, strong jawline with a cleft chin and from what I could see, a lot of ink. The tattoos covered his neck, forearms and hands with an eyebrow piercing in his left brow; he wore black jeans and a Nirvana T-shirt on his, I’d say, 5ft 7 bulky frame? I guessed his height; there was no way of actually knowing. The table behind him sat four other men, amused by the display in front of them, before she leapt into their arms, hugging them tightly as well. This is when I hit my limit.

I moved out of my seat, striding menacingly forward, I knew my look alone was intimidating so I was pleased to see when they coward slightly, trying to avoid eye contact.

“… I can’t believe it” Nevaeh squealed excitedly, dancing about on the balls on her feet.

“Can I help you?” Mohawk questioned, squaring me up and down, she turned to see what the stranger was looking at.

“Little angel, back to the table.”

“What?” She queried.

“Eva? Do you know this piece of shit?” My brow arched then my face contorted to murderous.

“What did you…” I jumped in before she could complete her sentence.

“You don’t know who you’re fucking with Ken.”

“Don’t call him a Ken doll,” she spat at me.

“Table. Now.” My order meant business.

“Fuck you Deon…”

“You can fucken leave, right now,” Mohawk puffed his chest, pushing Nevaeh behind him, while she scrambled to get our attention but I could no longer hear her, my sole focus was on this ken doll.

I swung hard, fierce and fast, collecting the side of his cheek, he swayed back gaining his footing quickly and jutted forward, over extending his throw and I blocked, unleashing a deafening blow to the fuckwits jaw, the crack alone was enough to haunt your dreams but I was certain my middle knuckle had either, dislocated or broken completely, sending him flying backwards and landing heavily on the floor. He was knocked out cold.

The men had their guns drawn behind me, ready to shoot if anyone intervened.

The distraught and horrified look on my girls face would be one I’d never forget, her cheeks glistening under the lights from the tears that covered her face as she sobbed above the lifeless body.

“Move Nevaeh,”

“H… h… how could you?” she cried, “Get away from me.”

“What? Get up off that floor now, we’re leaving.”

“NO!” She screamed in a displaced voice I had never heard before, “GET AWAY FROM ME!”

“Nevaeh, he was…”

“MY BROTHER YOU ASSHOLE!” Fuck!!! Why did I let my jealousy consume me?

“Your?...” I went to grab her wrist but she pulled away, hatred burned within her heated look,

“Leave. Now.” Her tone cold, the detestation she now had towards me hit me like a concrete wall, I recoiled in hurt, shame, anger… what had I done?

You could hear the murmur of sirens in the distance, someone had called the cops. Trigger and Brutus both grabbed my arms and pulled me out of there, “C’mon Prez, this ain’t our area.” Trig said.

Usually I am level headed, reasonable, but tonight, I acted stupid and territorial. I was a fool. I rode away from her, the love of my life, I just left her there, how was she going to get home? How was she going to get him to the hospital? Shit, I should have been a man; I should have stayed and owned up.

I waited on the balcony, the sun was well and truly up, had been for hours, Techno alerted me to Nevaeh’s arrival via taxi and the steel gates. I had not slept all night waiting for her to come home. All fucken night I had called, texted, videoed and even social media’d which I never go on and she ignored them all.

I heard movement behind me but she said nothing, I could tell she was moving around the room though. I slowly turned, ready to face the wrath and onslaught of insults but instead, my eyes fell upon her packing up her belongings.

“You going to talk to me or you just going to leave?” I was now mad; the woman I love was packing her stuff.

She stayed silent and continued, “little angel, I didn’t know…”

“Save it Deon, you’ve already backed up my message bank with your apologies and maxed out my text storage, you don’t need to say anything else.”

“So, why are you leaving?”

“The hospital they took him to is awhile away, I have to be there in case he wakes up.”

“In case he wakes up?” Shit, I had really put my foot in it. What if he never wakes up?

“Yes Deon, if he wakes up.”

“I’m so so…”

“DON’T YOU DARE,” her tone now angry and ready to fight. “You hurt my brother,” That statement had me flinching.

“Where does that leave us?”

“Right now, I don’t know and I don’t care, I have to get back to the hospital.” Her hazel eyes red raw from crying, she didn’t care… she said it, she didn’t care.

I move forward trying to touch her but she jumped out of the way, with both palms up to stop me from getting closer to her. “I need you,” I whimpered out.

“I needed you, now I don’t. My brother is there because of you, if he doesn’t wake up the same person he was before, I will never forgive you.” My heart bled at her knife wielding words that stabbed at my heart.

My temper rose as tears prickled at the sides of my brown orbs, she doesn’t need me anymore, than fine, I don’t need her either. “Fuck off then,” I spat.

“Wow Deon, you really don’t understand what you’ve done, do you?”

She grabs her stuff and heads for the exit, she didn’t want me, she didn’t need me than fine, she can fuck off and never come back. She was walking briskly past the food hall and into the booze bunker, I could see Priya and Ovella up ahead, with Jakobe and Brutus, then I spotted the club whores… and I made the worst mistake of my life in my seething anger, how did I know really? It’s not like I’d been in a serious relationship before this.

“Fine, fuck you. I’ll find your replacement by this afternoon; a whore will do nicely, after all, that’s all you were.”

She halted her storm immediately and spun around on her heels, mouth agape and fresh tears glassing over her beautiful hazel eyes. “How could you?”

“You heard me; I was getting sick of you anyway.” My intention was to get her to stay and fight but it actually had the opposite effect.

Her bottom lip trembled and her eyes closed before opening and revealing her completely crushed soul, the love vanquished completely, stripped from her heart by me and what stared back, was an empty woman with no hope left. My heart pumped vigorously in my throat, my brain pulsed and I tried to reach for her but instead she side stepped, bolting out the side door, not saying goodbye to anyone.

Priya ran after her as mum stepped in front of me, with one massive swoop, she collected my cheek, my head snapping to the side under the sheer blunt force. The slap could be heard for miles, I would say. “How could you?” her horror filled face of disgust and disappointment burned into my memory bank as she left me there, stunned by the traumatic events.

“You wanker.” Ovella spat furiously at me while being pushed back by Brutus.

I didn’t deserve her, I knew this would happen, I broke the one thing that meant the most to me, I had torn the wings of my angel clear from her body and left her imaginarily bleeding on the floor.

I shattered my light and I had no one to blame but me.

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