What I Needed

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Chapter 29 ~ It's Over

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

*** Trigger warning, explanation at the end of the chapter. ***

Deon is an idiot, why am I the only one in this shithole that fucken thinks? Okay, thinks when I’m not around Priya. Oh, my Priya. Did I just fucken swoon? Jesus, I need to man up.

Nevaeh had been gone for two weeks, and Prez was in the foulest mood, the club whores had heard everything he announced and their eyes lit up as they circled like moths to a flame. All of them trying to tie down Deon, but luckily, he wasn’t having a bar of it. There had been Mafia movement this week, and a bunch of us were assigned to Kitty and Leighton duty. Priya hated the restriction, but we needed to keep her safe, keep them all safe.

Black, unmarked S.U.V.’s had been tailing our convoys, Prez had issued a lockdown on the club, brought in the boy’s families and the Old Ladies, everyone was becoming restless and anxious by the congested proximity. We had caught some low-level fuckers at the high school, but before we disposed of them, we found them with notepads, writing down times, dates and locations on every member. Dumbasses thought they could get the jump on us, no, no.

They were scouting our activities, and that fucker, Frazier Saltora will die by my hands. I swore that oath the night I found out who was hunting my girl.

“Prez?” I walked into Deon’s room, empty bottles littered the floor, and I found him curled up and shirtless next to a picture of him and his little angel. Shit, this is worse than I suspected. “Prez, wake up.”

“Fuck off, Trigger,” Deon groaned huskily.

“Man, get dressed. I called Gathering, another bunch of Saltora’s blokes have been sighted on our way home, we need to discuss our plans.”

“Fuck. I’m coming.”

He removed himself from the bed just as Aja walked in; she was still not talking to him and hadn’t been for two weeks. I knew she was hoping Nevaeh would be her daughter in law, but Deon blew it. I glanced at her sympathetically, Aja just shook her head and started to tidy up her son’s bedroom, collecting the bottles of destructive pain and throwing them in the bin. His light was gone and now, so was Deon’s reason to live. Fuck you, love.


After hours of deliberation, we had our strategy set, it was going to take all of us, but until it was time, we decided to operate as normal as possible. A run was scheduled because we needed to stockpile our weapons. Boomer walked into the food hall dressed in a tailored suit.

“Boomer? You look amazing,” Ovella commented with a smile, gaining everyone’s attention.

A smirk graced his lips, “thanks Vell, I’m seeing a broad before we hit the road.”

“Anyone, we know?” Priya prodded.

“Hopefully you will.”

His smile was as wide as the Atlantic Ocean and the giddiness dripping from him made me think this could be another ‘takedown’ of our crumbling order. So far, all of us were shacking up with women, left right and centre, only, as I looked over at Deon tucked away in the corner, I could see the hurt written all over his face. The man was shit at flirting, shit at his relationship and now, because he was an idiot and didn’t know what he shouldn’t have said, had lost the love of his life. I think watching Boomer so excited; he mourned for his woman, hell, let’s face it, he wept for her abandoned light.

I need to deal with this Mafia problem, and then I’ll fix Prez.

Priya hated Prez’ guts for hurting her friend, but what could I do? Leighton and Kitty were on the rocks too, every time I asked him he would just shrink away or change subjects, I had to find out what was going on there first, before I left town. They had not been close for two weeks, and they were barely talking to each other, so, I headed to my boy’s room, knocking on the door before entering.

“Mate, there’s grub, you hungry?”

He lay upon his bed, staring up at the ceiling. “No thanks, dad.”

I pulled out Leighton’s desk chair and sat down. “You okay? You and Kitty, you guys broken up or something?”

“I don’t know.” Usually, I would let him sort himself out, Leighton was a decent man and had a good head on his shoulders, he knew he could rely on me, but for some reason, my son wasn’t, and he’d been given enough time to deal with it on his own. Now was my time to intervene.

“What do you mean, mate?”

Leighton sighed so loud. “Dad, I’ve fucked up, big time.”

“You’re going to have to be more specific than that mate.” Shit, it must be really bad if it has him this worked up. “Did you fuck someone else?”

My son laughed and looked up at me, incredulously. “I wish it was that simple.”

His reply had my whole body heightened and alert. “Fuck, boy, what is going on?”

“Kitty’s preggers, and it’s mine.”

I blew out a large breath causing a hiss between my teeth. “What are you going to do?”

“She wants to tell Aja tonight.”

“And?” Any father would agree, this was the one situation you didn’t want your sixteen-year-old dealing with, but hell, even I had been through it.

“She wants to abort.”

“How does that make you feel?”

“I don’t know, dad, you went through it, tell me... was I worth it?”

“Fuck, son. Of course, you were worth it. But just because you were worth it doesn’t mean it was easy. I love you mate, so I’m not going to lie; it was HARD, like bull shit hard. I don’t regret you, but kids having kids is not a future you need. If I had a choice, I would abort; I would save that shit for when I grew up, like now, now I’m ready, financially and emotionally. Back then, I dealt with issues way beyond my comprehension, stuff that adults should be dealing with. Thrown out of the house, nowhere to go, being forced to steal just to provide for you and your mum, living on the streets next to crazy people, and that’s just the things I’m willing to share with you, the rest of it is horrifying. You two should be finishing high school, not raising a baby, living life, hanging with your friends. A baby is a full-time commitment, you need to be present, physically and emotionally, with no sleep, no money, no social life, and if I remember correctly, I was fucken terrified all the time.”

“Would you hate me if I agreed to Kitty’s abortion?” It was hard to see my son, identical to me, with his black hair now reaching his shoulders, and his chocolate brown eyes, baring so much turbulence.

“I could never hate you, mate. I love the shit out of you, but you guys need to do what’s right for the both of you, and not what you think society wants you to do. There’s a lot of folks that won’t agree with your decision, but Leighton, you can’t even wash ya socks, how can you look after a child that relies on you for EVERYTHING?” I emphasised so he would understand the reliability an infant demands.

I shifted closer to Leighton on his bed. “Kitty wants to book the appointment tomorrow.”

“If that’s what you want, then I will support you both, but please, ask her to wait two days. I’ll be back by then, and we can deal with this together. I want to be there for you when you need me the most, right now, we need to get those guns back here, those Mafia bastards are preparing to attack, and I need to be able to protect both you and Priya.”

“Thanks, Dad, you have no idea how much that means.”

“Shit Kid, why you gotta be so much like your old man, huh?”


We had been gone for almost two full days, thankfully, nothing had happened while we were away, and tomorrow morning at eight, Priya and I will be driving Kitty and Leighton to the abortion clinic, the next town over.

Deon, I thought was going to stab my son, but instead, he and Aja surprised me, stating that it was the best option for them both. My son was broken though, not entirely but definitely cracked. He was confronted with a grown-up decision, and I felt awful for my son. He did it to himself through, both his and Kitty’s reckless behaviour. Lust, that shit will fuck you up.

He and Kitty could not have been further apart emotionally, now was the time they should be comforting each other, but they were both hurting badly. Kitty suffered rejection from Leighton; he reacted so poorly when he found out about the baby and threw Kitty out of his room. To say I was pissed when I found out that information was a gross understatement. Leighton defended his actions and stated he got scared, was in shock and didn’t know how to handle it. I think deep down, they are both terrified, little kids.


We arrived at the clinic with a distraught Leighton and a devastated Kitty. After filling out mountains of paperwork, the nurse called Kitty’s name, and she and Leighton stood, ready to face the inevitable. “No Leighton, I want Priya with me.”

“But, we should do this together, you’re my girlfriend.” He was holding his ground, I was proud of him, even though he looked like he could break down at any second.

“No, I’m not. Not anymore. The end of us was the day you threw me out of your bedroom when I needed you the most. It’s over Leighton Sloan, and I don’t want you in the theatre with me.” Priya and I watched on in horror. Aja attempted to come today, but kitty refused, and now we were dealing with this whole tornado alone.

Priya ran her hand across his arm and mouthed, ‘I’m sorry’ before following Kitty through the automatic doors. Leighton fell to his knees as sobs ripped from his throat and he cried on the cold Laminate foundation. I collected my six-foot, sixteen-year-old son off the ground and held him in my arms. No father should ever have to go through that, witnessing your already shattered child being kicked apart from the inside out - it was savage.

Leighton and I waited outside the clinic until almost four that arvo when finally, the girls exited and trudged to the car. Kitty had her arms clamped tightly around her body, Kitty’s head flopped forward as droplets still escaping rolled down her cheeks while she dragged her converse clad feet. Priya stepped silently beside her, though, Mafia was paler than usual, with red eyes. She appeared to have been crying too.

None of us spoke a word. Priya slipped into the back with Kitty, her arm protectively over the destroyed overall-wearing girl as Katie-Anne curled up into a ball, her head on resting against my woman’s knee as she closed her eyes. Leighton sat beside me, lost in his head; gnawing at his knuckles. I caught Priya’s eyes in the revision mirror; her fraught glimpse of what she had witnessed evident in her irises. I tried a small, reassuring smile, but Priya couldn’t even muster a slight curl at the ends of her mouth. Instead, Mafia turned her head, focusing out the window at the passing scenery.

Aja was waiting in her child’s room when we got back. Kitty slipped into the door, but Leighton’s hand stopped it from closing. “Kitty?” Her name cracked as it fell from my son’s mouth. “Please, Kitty-cat,” he begged.

“Don’t.” Her small whimper was strong but quiet, “don’t ever speak to me again. Don’t look at me, don’t text me, don’t sit next to me, and definitely do not sit outside my door, Leighton.”

You could hear Kitty’s loud sobs coming from inside her sanctum as Leighton’s shoulders fell and he dragged himself to his room. I looked around to catch a glimpse of Priya darting off, guess she was retreating too. I solemnly followed my son into his compartment, kicking off my shoes, and laid down next to him on his bed.

“Dad, why are you in here?” My boy looked up at me with watery eyes.

“I told you, I love you. You need me, now, let’s order some food and watch a movie, hey?”

“Dad, I need...”

I cut him off, “food and a movie.”

That night, I stayed with my son. Watching over him and holding Leighton as he crumbled and cried, listening to his pain collapsing my soul. I got a front-row seat as the weight of his life’s decision demolished him entirely, the hurt made worse by the loss of his first love, Kitty.

Priya understood where I needed to be, and I was grateful, she texted back saying she was tired and that she was sorry Leighton had to go through this. Mafia stated that what she saw was enough to knock her out for hours and she will be in our bedroom when I needed her, but she also asked for a blunt, which I was surprised at, considering she doesn’t smoke weed. She obviously needed a ‘calm’, and since I was occupied, that was the next best thing.

This whole situation was fucked up; it’s like life looks at you and says, you’re deliriously happy, let me throw some crippling shit in your direction to really screw you up the ass. As if we hadn’t been through enough in all of our lives? The last thing we expected was this right now, but hey, life doesn’t care.

They’d made the best decision for both of them, and now, Leighton and Kitty had to deal with the fallout. It was not an easy choice to make either, Priya said the guilt of it all was eating Katie-Anne alive, and that was before we had even left for the clinic. Now, I can only imagine how she was tearing herself apart.

Tomorrow, my son can pick himself up and begin his repair, but tonight, tonight he can be my little boy who I love more than the galaxy, nestled in my arms as if he were five years old again.

A/N: While I understand everyone does not agree with their choice, I’d like you to take five minutes and remember, THIS IS A STORY. Yes, these things happen in real life, but, THIS IS NOT REAL LIFE, THIS IS FICTION. Trust me; there is an excellent reason why this is in here, you will realise when that chapter comes up.

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