What I Needed

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Chapter 3 ~ Fitting in

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

Priya was fascinating; she always wore a beautiful smile on her face and was so respectful, despite what she was recovering from. Priya and Kitty had really hit it off, it was nice to see because Kitty had trouble making friends, most of the girls her age just wanted to befriend her to get near her brother and the other men, but she also couldn’t trust anyone enough to be around this lifestyle. I had a sneaky suspicion that Aja, Prez’ mum, wanted to adopt Priya and keep her at the headquarters permanently.

It had been almost two weeks since Priya arrived and her swelled eye had dramatically decreased, the bruising from her broken nose faded to a light greenish, yellow colour, and my assumptions had been correct, princess Priya was absolutely breathtaking.

Her ribs were still giving her grief, especially when she laughed, which Priya seemed to do often. She could cover most of her facial bruising with makeup, but I noticed that occasionally, she would double-check it hadn’t come off. The discolouration seemed to really bother her, though Priya still hadn’t spoken about it.

I’d caught her several times, scrolling through the news nervously. Tonight, I walked in and found her on the bed again, vigorously scanning her laptop. Princess Priya quickly closed the screen then offers me a giant big, innocent smile. It continuously ran through my mind about what I should say and how I best to broach the subject, I can see just how much it haunts her.

At night, in Priya’s dreams, she relives her horror, and I don’t know how to help, I don’t even know if she realises I can hear her crying out for someone to rescue her.

We’d been getting closer every day, spending hours talking in the evenings or first thing in the morning before I headed out to the bike shop. We’ve also been taking short walks to help gain Priya’s strength back, and I can feel us becoming more connected in general, it’s... nice. She has so much to say but never about anything substantial, Priya asks more questions than I’ve ever answered in my life, and I really enjoy spending time with her. She’s different, brave, but the intimate and familiar we get to one another, the more I find myself wondering, what happened?

“Hey, are you busy tonight?” Her beautiful green eyes found my chocolate browns.

“No.” I dropped my jeans to the floor while pulling off my shirt.

“No club stuff?” Priya pushes nervously.

“No, why?” I flopped down on the bed beside her, regarding her curious behaviour.

“You wanna watch a movie with me?” Priya inquired shyly.

“What like a date, movie?” Her mouth hung open and she sort of freezes, “because I’d love that.”

“A... ma... a... wo... wh... ah... if... if...”

“You look cute when you stutter babe, but I really can’t understand you, so I’ll pick the movie, hey?” Her face flushed a beet red.

“Just... nothing scary, please,” princess pleaded.

“Okay, how about the new Avengers movie?” I offered.


We got comfortable on my bed, I have been sleeping on my pullout couch, but maybe I should try my luck and see if she’ll let me sleep with her?

Lying on my back with Priya on her side, our arms resting pleasantly next to each other. The skin was just barely grazing when I made my move and entwined our fingers.

Holding hands awakened my cock to an almost painful tension; I snuck a peek at Priya out the corner of my eye, only to be graced with a red tint flushing her cheeks. Priya’s bottom lip was being harshly bitten, and she faintly smiled, turning up the corners of her mouth. Princess was digging this action just as much as I was.


I admit it, I didn’t watch a single bit of the movie and the fact that our hands remained attached the whole time made me smile. I had forgotten how this stage of getting close to someone could feel. Being me, I had pussy ready available, but Priya was not a woman to be fucked and tossed. I switch off the movie, immediately noticing princesses eyes shut, about halfway through she had moved under the covers and I followed suit. Now was the moment of truth, this next action would reveal all I needed to know.

I kissed Priyas forehead, and she slightly shifted closer to me. “I’m just going to take the couch, you have to let my hand go, babe,” I loudly whispered.

“No!” Princess groaned with a smile dancing on her lips, “stay?” With her eyes shut tight, she curled into my chest.

“Babe, are you sure?” I waited with bated breath.

Her eyes fluttered open and locked with mine, “yes,” Priya whispered before shutting them again and draped her left arm over my side, pulling herself flush with my bulky frame.

My heart clenched at the responsive action from her, Priya felt so damn good in my arms. Princess smelt of vanilla, and for the first time in a long time, I fell asleep without any trouble at all, and without having to have a blunt, which I’ll admit, hasn’t happened in years.

When I awoke the next morning, Priya was gone, though I had woken really late. I quickly got dressed, rushed out of the room and through the kitchen, but was stopped immediately by Deon.

“Whoa, calm brother, she’s just outside with Kitty.” He gave me that knowing sympathetic, ‘you got it bad’ look, “what had you sleeping in this morning?”

“Enough!” I growled, jerking my hand away. “I simply slept in.”

“Yeah, and princess Priya simply rose at the crack of dawn to help Kitty with her assignments. Turns out, the mystery woman majored in business, did you know?” I didn’t know, it had never come up, and from the look on my face, he knew I was blanking. “Ya might want to investigate this random woman who has you so whipped, I’ve never seen anyone work equations the way she taught Kitty this morning.” Prez was warning me, we knew nothing of her, and Priya was quickly becoming very important to me. I grabbed a coffee and sipped it, watching Priya from the doorway.

“Trigger?” The voice of the woman I felt to be my mother.

“Yeah, Aja?” I turned to meet her brown eyes head-on.

“I don’t care how paranoid Deon is, my instincts are never wrong, and that girl is someone special.” She tapped my shoulder lovingly, “you don’t live the life I have without learning a thing or two, trust your instincts, they will never lead you wrong.” Aja had formulated her point before casually wandering away.

Later that day, I came in to find Priya lying on the bed, frantically searching her phone. She spotted me and quickly puts it down.

“Why do you do that?” I asked, beginning to feel paranoid.

“Why do I do what?” She feigned ignorance.

“I know you search the newsreels every chance you get, I know you know who hurt you.” Priya rubbed her tired eyes before pinching the bridge of her nose.

“I’m looking for somebody...” she flopped onto her back and swallowed hard as if trying to gain composure of her emotions. “I look every day, hoping there’s some sign, but there’s not, there never is, and more and more my hope fades.”

“Is this the reason for my finding you?”

“You said I don’t have to tell you?” Goddammit, now I know she has something to hide.

“Your conversation with Kitty this morning raised a few eyebrows.”

“Why, because I showed her a better way at calculation?” Priya rolled herself off the bed and sat at the very end. “Ya know... where I come from, women are never to show they are smarter than a man, of course, I was not going to let it be known that my I.Q. is higher than 140. You didn’t see that, you don’t know that side of me Jakobe. So, I was free just to be a normal person, instead of one that should be contained and ridiculed. I got to be just me. Kitty needed help, she couldn’t understand, I just assisted her, like how she cared for me. Is there something wrong with that?”

Princess shuffled to the door, “Priya, where are you going?”

“I need air,” Priya snapped, forcefully closing the door behind her.

But like a fool, I followed, and we continued our heated discussion. Both of us, barely containing our tempers. “Priya, you have to understand, we have no idea who you are?”

“And you think acting this way is going to get the answers you want, Jakobe?” She stomped past everyone, cursing gruffly.

“If you would just open up?”

“I’ve been talking for two weeks!”

“Yeah, about everything but the reason why I found you half dead in the middle of the road.”

“I can’t give you that answer.”

“Then tell me something?” My frustration boiled over as I growled.

“I have, you’re just not listening, Jakobe.” I grabbed Priya by the wrist; our little argument had caused enough of a scene to draw the brothers attention. I know why they are just as curious about her.

“So, who hurt you?” This time I cupped Priya’s face, forcing her to focus directly on me. “Who hurt you, and will they try again?”

Tears welled in her eyes as Priya firmly held my wrists with her delicate and soft hands. I could see the turmoil slide across her face, Priya couldn’t hide anymore, it was crucial now, she had to offer something substantial. “Yes, Jakobe. Yes, they will try again.” Her bottom lip quivered as the teardrops escaped, rolling down her rosy cheeks.

She buried her face in my chest as my arms flew protectively around her. “You’re going to have to tell me everything Priya, I can’t help you unless I know.”

Her muffled sobs escaped her heaving chest, “you’ve helped me enough, the more you know Jakobe, the more danger you are in.” This caused me to break out in hysterics.

“Baby, you do know you’re in a Motorcycle Club Compound, right?”

Priya lifted her head, peering up at me with pleading greens, “you’re better off getting rid of me, send me on my way. I owe you my life, and I will repay that, no matter how long it takes. But Jakobe, you are better off without me.”

“I can’t get rid of you, not now.” Her sad, beautiful green orbs searched my chocolate brown eyes despairingly. I couldn’t stop myself, these past two weeks had only increased my want her - so I went for it, and leaned forward, gently pressing my lips against Priya’s.

It was a bold move, but one I had been craving for. Priya’s lips were everything I’d imagined they would be, and so much more. Soft, supple, and heavenly, as if they were crafted just for me. By now, we had caused a lot of gapes to be focused on Priya and me, I blocked out their invasive peeps.

Just at that very moment as we stood staring, lost in each other’s arousal, a prospect chose to interrupt. “Sorry, Trigger, sir?”

My face morphed into murderous at being intruded upon, “what?” I snapped.

His eyes widened, “there’s a young boy here, sir, claiming to be your son?”

“Oh my god,” came flying from Priya’s mouth.

“Leighton?” I gasped. “Bring him in?” I ordered through gritted teeth.

“I can’t Trigger sir, not until you confirm it’s him.”

“Go, I’ll be here, I’m not going anywhere.” I nod and step away, “Jakobe?”

“Yeah, babe?” I turned back to Priya.

“I’ll make up the pull out for him, and then go hang with Kitty, so you two can have some time together.”

“Thanks, babe.”

My heart pounded within my chest for a whole other reason now. What the hell is Leighton doing here? It’s still two months out from his birthday, no doubt his mother will call the fucken coppers, he’s smarter than this. So, what the fuck is he doing here?

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