What I Needed

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Chapter 30 ~ Get Ready

Priya’s P.O.V.

The fallout from both Deon and Nevaeh’s break up and now Kitty and Leighton, rippled through the club like a toxic gas, no one was happy not even Aja, who no longer cooked to her favourite tunes and swayed her hips. We had endured too much and with Frazier still on the loose, more chaos was yet to come.

At least Nevaeh was safe, she had contacted me with her address and new phone number but with specific, iron clad, cone of utter silence about anything to do with her when it came to Prez, not that I would, he didn’t deserve her after what he said, even more so now that he had the vulture whores circling him like prey to be devoured.

I was out in the yard, jabbing at the bag when Jakobe approached, “hey, can we talk?”

I was drenched in sweat and turned slightly to witness him nervously switching from foot to foot, “nothing good ever comes from, hey, can we talk?”

“Mafia, why do you have to be so suspicious? I just need to hear your thoughts.”

“So speak then Jakobe, because you are making me nervous.”

I grabbed my sweat towel and wiped my face and arms. “You once said that Ovella was who they sent in when they needed the suspect’s attention drawn away?”

“Yes, get to the point” I huffed in irritation.

“Was she ever used to extract information?” I was in fight stance immediately,

“Of course she was, what are you planning?” I growled.

“Shhh, keep ya fucken voice down.”

He looked around nervously, seeing if we drew anyone’s attention. “You better explain yourself and quickly before I remove your balls,” my warning was solid, I meant every bit of it.

“We wanna send her into a casino,” he whispered, “plant a few bugs, wear a camera to take footage, that sort of thing.”


“Because she never leaves the compound, technically, she was never mentioned in the notes.”

“What notes?”

“Fuck, I wasn’t supposed to talk about it, its club business.”

I turned to show him the patch I wore with ‘if lost, return to VP Trigger’ on it, “well, it’s a good thing I’m apart of the club then isn’t it idiot?”

“Fine,” he spits through gritted teeth, “come with me.”

He was yanking my arm hard, as we made our way through the clubhouse and up to our room. “Spill everything.”

“We have been gathering Intel; we intercepted some of Frazier Saltora’s men, which you knew, that’s why you were taken off high school run…”

“Get to the point.”

“Right, god you’re mean sometimes…” any minute I was going to kill this mother fucker, “what you didn’t know, was they had notepads full of information on us, times, dates, profiles, they have been watching us for some time.”

“But no info on Vell?”

“No, nothing. According to the notes, they have been speaking with a bunch of Nomads, a few hours away, small time criminals mostly, dabble in cocaine and ecstasy but they do own a chain of Casinos. Frazier has a meeting organised with their Kingpin, Stephan ‘stabber’ Blyth…”

“His parents named him stabber?” It was a necessary question.

“Priya…” he groaned at me, okay, clearly they did not, “the meeting is organised for next Saturday. They have not met each other yet, so, we were hoping… if she went in on the Friday, she could plant the bugs and collect images. We think he is recruiting for our demise.”

“What does Brutus say?”

“Actually, it was just discussed between Deon and I.” He could see the unimpressed look on my face,

“I promised her Jakobe, she could live here, happy and peacefully without being forced to be ‘Delirium’ you’re asking me more if she would go for the idea or whether she will tell you to go jump, I don’t want her in danger.”


This was the first time I had ever seen fear is his eyes; the cold realisation hit me like a ton of bricks, “what do you know? What aren’t you telling me?”

He slumped to the floor, looking up at me through those beautiful chocolate browns, “there was a set of instructions in the car of what they were to do to you, if they caught you.”

“And? What did it say?” I crouched down in front of him, sliding onto his lap, running my fingertips through his black locks.

“They were to rape you if you were captured.”

“Lucky you will never let that happen, huh.”

“Nope, no fucken way,” Brutus was angry, I had an inkling Vell had told him about what she went through as ‘the mafia’s distraction’ and could sympathise with his reaction. We all sat around Deon’s desk but the look on Prez’ face suggested he was not going to change his mind on this subject.

“Brutus, I understand you want to keep your woman safe but she is not mentioned in the notes, she is our best option.” Prez was trying to keep it together.

“You don’t understand, after what them bastards done to her, she is afraid to leave the compound.” I had to hand it to Brutus; he really was showing how much he loved her.

Moving my face towards Ovella, I questioned, “we’re going to need Ludwig?”

“We’re?” She replied softly.

“Yes, we are, I’m not going to let you go in there alone.”

“You’re not fucken going in.” Jakobe stated fiercely.

“Baby, I promised her, no more being Delirium, I’m going in… We need Kitty.” Deon did not like that at all, he motioned to stand, his chair flying backwards as he exited his seat.

“Fuck no!”

“Oh, but it’s alright for you to send in the woman I love?” Brutus snapped.

“Look, Deon it’s not actually up to you… she is Aja’s daughter, her power has been stripped from her, she has broken up with Leighton, she’s a mess. If anyone can do this, it’s her.”

“Priya, you’re pissing me off.”

His warning and attitude had me squaring my back ready for a fight. “Deon, we had someone else trained for a mission like this, but you saw to it that she ran for the hills. Now, if we are doing this we are doing it our way, WITH KITTY.” I turned back to Vell, “get Ludwig, I’m going to inform Kitty.”

“Are we resurrecting Brittney?” Ovella questioned.

“It’s a Brittney revival.” She burst into laughter.

“Gorgeous, you don’t have to do this” Brutus was on his knees, imploring Ovella rethink her decision.

She placed her delicate hands atop his broad shoulders, “my beautiful man, you heard the evidence, we need this information, this is what I’ve been trained to do. I can do this, for us, for Priya and for the club.”

He hung his head low, he knew, deep down, there was no other option. Vell took my phone and dialled, “Ludwig?… yes, yes, it’s good to hear your voice too… I need your help...”

While Ovella removed herself and organised Ludwig, our secret weapon, Jakobe brought in Aja, I think he was expecting her to be on his side.

“Mum, Priya wants Kitty to accompany her and Ovella on a mission into a casino.” He sat there with a triumphant smirk upon his face.

Aja sat down next to me, facing me directly, “Priya, explain, please.”

“They want Ovella to go undercover as Delirium to plant bugs, record video and gather any information she can, I refuse to let her go on her own. We had trained Nevaeh to be our third…” Deon scoffed from his desk as Aja threw his a disapproving look but I continued. “Kitty would be best at planting the bugs, she moves inconspicuously, she can fight now better than most of The Road Warriors, if we run into trouble, there will be the three of us to get through…”

“Four,” Deon and Jakobe’s eyes popped out of their heads, as a devilish smile graced my lips.

“Mum?” Deon started but she held up her hand to silence him.

“Four Deon, that’s final.”

“You fucken women.” His furious jab did not go unnoticed.

“You need to watch yourself,” she scorned, “how are we doing this?”

“Vell is bringing in Ludwig; he’s a special effects artist, as long as Techno can dummy up some passable identification to match Ludwig’s creation, we should be good. Now that you’re coming, we could play the role of grandma and granddaughters.”

“Kitty’s not confident.”

“I know, she has anger though…”

“She needs this, for her own empowerment,” Aja nodded her head slowly as if silently agreeing to herself.

“I thought so too.”

“Then we do this, all of us together,” She agreed.


After so much argument with Deon and Jakobe, they finally agreed and Kitty was relieved by the thought of being away from the Clubhouse for a little while.

“Priya? Who’s Brittney? That’s three men.” I chuckled at Jakobe’s question as the three were frisked by The Road Warriors.

“Brittney, Mr Biker man, was my alias.”

“Darlings… how are you both?”

Ludwig was a short man, barely pushing 5ft and shoulder length blonde hair, straightened to perfection, his soft blue eyes were always covered by some coloured contact and today it was blood red. He wore and eccentric brightly coloured flower shirt, buttoned all the way to the top and bright pink denim jeans with white loafers, it looked odd but he pulled it off. We used to utilise his skills a lot and no one knew his identity apart from Ovella, me and Dad. My father always said it was because if we need to be hidden, he could make us invisible and for any criminal, being invisible, was a very good thing.

Our mission was risky, Deon had sent ahead some of the men that had not been mentioned in the profile details and they were staying above the casino, in the suites. They would be our back up, with the rest of the gang to be waiting just outside of town but within reaching distance if we needed them. With Frazier’s men watching our movements, Boomer was to rig up two bombs, to go off simultaneously at two warehouse locations, to draw the men away so we could leave. The Old Ladies and whores were being left behind, protected by the prospects, to make it look as though we were all still there, having a party. Would it work? We weren’t sure, but we had to try right? I felt awful that what started as revenge on my father has now implicated all of these innocent people.

The anxiety that rolled through everyone was suffocating, Jakobe left our room, since everyone was crowded in there to prepare, choosing to stay in Leighton’s room. He is such an incredible man, I understood he need to be near his son too, Leighton was not handling the break up well and it would be made worse when we left as he was staying behind.

This would be a lengthy couple of days especially with all of us needing work but Ludwig was confident he could pull it off. With the assistance of his boyfriend ‘Tiny’ who was anything but tiny, 6ft chocolate skinned god with black eyes and built like a brick shit house, along with their apprentice Joshua, a very petite looking Mexican man, who I actually think was once a woman, we had our basis covered. Now, to transform all of us into blonde haired, blue-eyed, sexy foxes.

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