What I Needed

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Chapter 31 ~ Getting Organised

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

The plan for the girls was set and some Ludwig bloke had flown in with his partner and their assistant. The girls had warned us about their sexual preference, expecting us to have a problem with it? But none of us really cared, shit, like I said, ‘as long as the blokes don’t grab no cunt’s cock without permission, I think we’re good.’

Priya still doubted us but this wasn’t our first time at the rainbow fair, hell, they even had their own bike clubs these days, some places in the world they could marry and I’m pretty sure the dentist we see, is a fruit.

I was chuckling in my head, my thoughts were hilarious but that was probably the reefer we had too. Deon walks in with a strange look in his eye, he was certainly gunning for me, his focus was on nothing else. I ceased loading the clips for my guns,

“Whatever it is? I didn’t do it. Though I can’t say the same for Priya,” he furrowed his brow.

“Shhh, keep it down idiot, I need to ask you a question…” he looked around the inventory room at the men who were occupied by their own stocking and he leans in, “has Priya heard from Nevaeh?”

I looked into his sad brown eyes, fuck; Priya said she was sworn to secrecy, even from me, what do I tell him? “Yeah.” I slouched back waiting for the next question.

“She… Okay?” His fingers twiddled nervously as his elbows rested upon his knees.

I sucked in a sharp breath, “ahhh? I’m not sure you really should have an answer to any of the questions in that brain of yours.”

“Please Trigger, I have to know.” Fuck, if he asked for Nevaeh’s details? I’ll have to lie to him.

“She’s heartbroken man, so are you… while we are on the subject, what the fuck, were you thinking?”

He runs his hands down his face and pulls at his beard. “I wasn’t thinking, that’s the problem, I wanted to provoke her into an argument so she would stay longer. She was walking out on me…” I had to halt his pathetic whining.

“You hit her brother, knocked him out cold.”

He grumbled, “I didn’t know it was her brother.”

“Yeah well, too late now. To add salt to the injury, you told her that she was used as a fuck and that she was replaceable.”

“Yes, thank you asshole, I know what I’ve done.” He sat against the table, “Is she happy?”

“Prez?” I growled, “I don’t want to be in the middle of this.”

“Yeah okay… mate,” he sneers at me. “I risk the lives of everyone here to save your Old Lady against the Mafia, Trig, The Mafia, and you can’t even tell me one tiny detail.”

“Deon, it’s not that, it’s because… FUCK, it’s because the both of you are hurting, badly… but she’s safe where she is and she’s enrolled in college, in some creative writing program, okay, that’s all I know, now can we drop it, please?”

He nodded his head, breathing a sigh of slight relief, “how do I get her back?” his eyes begged for mercy, pleaded for me to know some way.

I clasped his shoulder with my large hand, “sorry man, I’m the wrong person to ask, before Priya, I never entertained the notion of getting into relationships, pussy was so readily available.”

He nodded in understanding, I watched on as this once strong, mighty man was now a shrouded bleak, desolate and crestfallen shell as he stalked his way out of the room. I knew Priya knew where she was and what she was up too but I told her to specifically not tell me, in case, a situation like this arose, she also had promised Nevaeh.

Deon had to keep his mind focused on the task, hell; we were crazy enough to agree to send in his inexperienced sister for Christ sake. I ran my hands down my face. This better bloody work or we are all screwed.

With Leighton on hiatus and the girls in full training mode, the Club was uneasy, a feeling we were growing accustomed too, the fall out, if they failed, would be catastrophic. I knew Priya could handle herself, but she had mentioned Ovella was not cut out for this and Aja would do anything to protect her child.

I walked into Techno’s, electronics’ lair, the camera’s sat on his desk, “Ah, Trig, fantastic timing, I need to do a dummy run with these camera’s that will be attached to the girls?”

“I’m all yours man, what do you need me to do?”

“Nothing difficult,” he attached a small pin to my chest, “this is a camera Priya will be wearing, since she will be the fighter if shit goes haywire? I need you to go out to the training yard and train with someone, just to see if the movement will interrupt the visual feed?”

“Cool, okay man, who am I fighting?”

“Boomer offered,” he looks up at me with an amused glint,

“You know I will murder that soulless bastard?” I chortled.

“Yeah, I know, but the cocky prick still thinks he can take you after all these years and relishes in the opportunity.”

I chuckled, “he’s an idiot sometimes, still can’t forgive me for kicking his ass when he was a prospect.”

“Ego’s man, that ranga has it in droves.”

We were in the yard, ready to begin, “never thought I’d get this opportunity at redemption.” Boomer snickered at me.

“Boomer, you will end up the same way, knocked out cold and piss saturating your pants.”

His face paled as the boys rumbled with laughter, “I never pissed my pants ya lying bastard.”

I winked at him tilting my head towards the girls, “yeah but they don’t know that,” I whispered.

He smirked viciously, “you asshole!” he spat.

“Yes I am.”

The fight lasted about thirty seconds, the 6ft 7, mammoth of a man with his blonde dishevelled hair and ginger beard, dropped like a sack of shit after the third strike. I laughed at his unconscious body lying on the ground, “Jesus Christ Trigger,” Techno came bursting out into the open, “you didn’t even give him a chance?”

“I did too,” I defended, “his first punch really hurt.” Priya just shook her head at my antics.

“Well, at least we know the feed is stable,” he mused before extracting the pin from my chest.

“Good, now we need to prepare, prospects?” I called over the four prospects Cadence, Phil B, Rocket and Brocky… Brocky was a very silent kid, he always remained under the radar, we often forgot he was around but always found him making himself busy, he was self-motivated, dark black long hair and pitch black eyes, most of the time he didn’t speak but could hide a body like no one’s business. If anyone of them were going to patch in early, it would be him.

The four stood attentively in front of me, “lift this gigantic man inside and call the doctor.”

Cadence began to whine, “But he’s Mesolithic?”

“He’s not a fucken cave man you prissy bastard,” Phil B scorned, “grab his leg, we’ll move him together.”

Phil B was a cocky son of a bitch, I liked that about him.

I made my way towards Priya and the girls, Kitty, I noticed, sat with her head hung low twiddling her thumbs. Ovella’s eyes flicking from the other side of the yard back to Kitty. Curiously, I followed her line of sight and sure enough, there was Leighton with a dejected and hurt look upon his face before he took off again. He had been disappearing a lot. “Hey Kitty, how you doing?” I planted my ass on the wooden bench next to my woman.

“Hey Trig, fine thank you,” she excused herself and walked inside.

“Fuck me, that poor girl is completely shattered,” Ovella commented before going after her.

Priya rested her head on my shoulder, “how you doing baby?” she questioned.

I reached up and ran, her now blonde locks, through my fingers, “I want your auburn hair back.”

She chuckled, “It’s not for long Jakobe, then it can go back to normal.”

“Yep, I know but I still hate it.”

Priya’s P.O.V.

Ludwig had worked his magic yet again; I stood in the mirror barely recognisable. Gone were all of my uniqueness and what was reflected was unbelievable, My hair was now just passed my shoulders, straightened and layered, my green eyes now a deep ocean blue, my nose, chin and cheeks were contoured so much that it didn’t look like me but more like Kitty and Aja, though my neck and jawline appeared skinnier than usual.

In walked Ovella, looking almost identical to me, it was like a magic trick because we actually looked nothing alike normally, my mouth fell open.

“Hey, Techno’s just dropped off our new ID’s… Brittney Hartman… holy shit, how much do we look the same?” We were both in awe of each other, before we burst into laughter.

“My blonde bombshells? The limo’s here.” Ludwig came waltzing in with pure proudness of he and his protégé’s creations.

“Thanks Ludwig, for everything.” I opened the bathroom draw and went to hand him two envelopes both containing five thousand each but he pushed it back.

“Darling, I worked for you guys for so many years, this ones on me, I’m sorry about your father, he was a great man. Now make sure you take out that asshole trying to destroy your life.” My appreciation at his gesture was immeasurable. I hugged him tightly.

“Thank you.” He just smiled and nodded.

We exited the bedroom in our new looks, only to be confronted with a room full of loaded up bikies and their mouths almost on the floor. I had never been in a room so full of silence, it was little unnerving.

My blue sparkling dress was just covering my tits and butt as my skin shimmered and my black six inch heels clicky clacked on the ground with every step, “Ah, Priya?” shit, even Jakobe was unsure if it was me.

“Yes Jakobe,” his shocked face was hysterical.

“Holy shit, you don’t even look like you.”

“Yes, that’s the point,” the deep almost scary voice from Tiny rumbled from behind us.

Ludwig snickered gleefully beside him. Ovella stood beside me in her red, skin tight revealing dress that just covered her plush rounded booty and her ample breasts; you could practically see everything she had on offer, which is exactly what we wanted. Aja was behind her, for an older woman she had a killer body, Joshua had dressed her in tight black denim jeans, white glitter four inch heels and a white glitter top, her hair identical to ours in colouring only he had added grey strands to hers as well as extra wrinkle lines to her face. Her brown eyes now transformed to a darker shade of blue.

Kitty closed the door, gaining the attention from everyone in the room, she looked incredible. Her skin now glowing with a bronzed tan and sparkled under the shimmer dust Tiny had covered her in, her feet adorned silver six inch heels which she strode confidently in, damn her young ability to switch from flats to heels like nothing. I had no idea her legs were so muscular and strong, if I could choose anyone’s legs, it would be hers, shit they were sexy.

She was dressed in a black pleated mini skirt that showed just a hint of her abdomen and just covered her firm, tiny taut backside. Her black off the shoulder top, covered her chest completely, stopped at the elbows and clung to her like a second skin. Her long platinum blonde locks cascaded down her back and curled elegantly at the ends, he deep blues suited her as she perused the shocked faces before her with big doe eyes. Gone was the shy innocent sixteen year old; in its place stood a confident, sexy woman that looked to be around twenty two.

“Nope, no fucken way,” Deon spat angrily.

“Shut it.” Aja sneered.

“Mum, she is meant to be invisible? Look at her,” he thrust his hand in her direction, “she looks fucken gorgeous.” Leighton’s face fell and tears crawled down his cheeks as he disappeared, fuck his pain hurt and I was only watching it from a distance.

Kitty strode confidently forward, “thank you brother, now, can we get a move on? I can’t bend over in this thing without my ass falling out the back.” She winked at Deon knowing full well her comment meant to goad him, and continued her confident strut all the way to the limo, purposely putting an extra sway in her hips.

“Don’t… she was provoking you.” Aja warned her son.

Ovella leaned over and kissed Brutus on the cheek, “Handsome, please… don’t watch the camera’s, I may have to do everything I can to get the information we need. Know that it is only you I love, no one else and this is all pretend.”

They locked lips passionately as he whispered back his love, this would be the first time she would have to do this in a relationship, my chest ached for her.

“You ready Mafia?” Jakobe held my hand walking to the limo.

“I love you,” I stated.

“I love you too, I will be there if you need me.”

“I know you will.”

With one last erotic pash of ecstasy, I climbed in beside Aja and closed the door.

Brocky was our driver for tonight, Techno sat on top of his three wheeled trike, he needed the extra room for the monitoring equipment he was taking, and watched the screen. Deon lifted his hand held radio and signalled Boomer to blow the warehouses, we waited with batted breathes inside the large car. No one said anything as hour long minutes passed by.

Suddenly there was a bang on the top of the roof and the giant steel gate opened, the bikes were started and head out before us, giving enough time for them to get there first and set up site on the out skirts of the town.

This was it, time to get into character.

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