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Chapter 32 ~ Casino

Priya’s P.O.V.

It has been so long since being in a situation like this, you would think four women, heading into a dangerous casino would cause us to falter in confidence? But no. We were all familiar with this scenario, well, all except Kitty, but Kitty wasn’t herself tonight, no, she was Harmony Hartman.

Aja was prepping her daughter, well, downloading her with ‘what to do’ should gunshots start and where to steer to. I was surprised by how Kitty was soaking up the overload of information, considering she was a rooky going into the lion’s den.

... Priya, sorry Brittney, can you hear me? ... Techno’s voice rang through my earpiece.

“Loud and clear, Techno,” I replied.

... Good, everything is ready to go here, good luck MC Angels ... I snickered at the nickname he had labelled us with, just like Charlies Angels the T.V. show from years ago.

“Thank you, sir.” I heard the chuckle before Techno cut off communication.

Since Aja and I were ‘protection’, we were the only ones wearing earpieces. Ovella needed all of her focus on the mission, God, I hoped Brutus listened and was not watching the visual feed. There was a reason Vell was explicitly chosen for playing ‘Delirium’, she had the magnetic ability to make men talk - like they wanted her to fuck them, so, their tongues became a slide, tossing out information left, right, and centre.

They lapped up Ovella’s attention as though they were drooling dogs, and when she was on form, Vell oozed sex, like a whore in a brothel, easy and available with a hint of mystery. Okay, that was kind of a horrid description for someone I love, but it was true. If Ovella was an evil person, she would be running the world with an army of horny dipshits at her disposal. Thank God, her heart would not allow that, despite her upbringing, she was actually pure inside.

“You ready, Bree?” I asked Vell, Bree was her now alias.

“I am... Brittney,” she smiled with confidence.

“Good girl,” I patted the side of her thigh just as the limo finally stopped.

The partition wound down, and Brocky’s black eyes were watching us tensely in the revision mirror. “Alright MC Angels, I’ll be right here, waiting.”

“Thanks, Brocky,” we all sang back.

Aja was the first to exit, then me, Kitty, and finally, Ovella. The security guards stiffened their posture when she slid, like silk, out from the car, their eyes trailing a burning glaze of lust over her body. They were ready to penetrate her the moment Ovella’s heel touched the concrete.

She popped her hips with sexual allure as we walked in through the doors. “Hello gentlemen,” Vell winked as we entered. You could see them salivating at the awareness of their presence.

We linked arms like a bunch of wild women on a night out, and shuffled for the money exchange, to cash in our notes for chips. Strolling towards the Blackjack tables, we positioned ourselves at a table next to our targets. Their heated scrutiny of our bodies seemingly unnoticed by us, despite being very much aware. I had a suspicion they had been notified of our arrival, after all, horny powerful men thought they were untouchable and could have anything they desired.

We ordered our cocktails and were into our first hand when our victims surrounded us, like moths to a flame. You could hear their heavy breathing, as though wolves on the hunt. We flirtatiously eyed them as they pulled up chairs in between Aja, Kitty, Ovella and I, sectioning us off and away from each other. Naturally, ‘The Kingpin’ went straight for Ovella, while I extracted myself, using the excuse I had to be near my baby sister, Kitty, or rather Harmony.

“Evening ladies, welcome to my Casino, my name is Stephan.” The fit bald man with a thick Irish twang spoke, our target was playing right into our hands.

“Stephan,” Ovella purred seductively, “so nice to meet you. My name is Bree, you own all of this?” She questioned, batting her lashes and leaning into him, tilting her hips ever so slightly, to push out her delectable ass.

“I do,” he licked his dry lips, narrowing his brown eyes in on her erotic and tantalising figure. “So, what brings you, ladies, out tonight?”

“Well, our grandmother here wanted to do something fun for her birthday.”

“Grandmother?” His eyes quickly shifted to Aja before snapping back to Ovella. “Well, you ladies came to the right place.”

Aja giggled, “I can see your heated glaze young man, my granddaughter is not easy,” his men chuckled at her feisty nature.

“Nana?” Ovella creased her brow, pretending to be embarrassed, to which Aja shrugged her shoulders.

“Oh, well I can be very... convincing and trustworthy,” he replied with a tempting husk.

Ovella sat down on the seat, crossing her legs while he surveyed the silky skin peeking out from under her red dress. “Tell me?” Vell popped her left shoulder and gently grazed her chin along it, her tongue running over her teeth in full view of Stephan’s transfixed gleam, before focusing back in on him. “How does a man acquire such a vast empire as this one?”

Stephan shifts forward, bending closer to Vell, reaching up to brush his index finger along her chin. “I’m very good at business,” he smirked.

“Oh, I’m sure you’re very good at more than just business,” she flirtatiously winked and tilted back from him, her eyes falling to the table. “Better than I am at Blackjack?”

Stephan ‘stabber’ Blyth chuckled. “Perhaps, you ladies would feel more comfortable in our private room? There are pokies in there, a dance floor, bar, and a D.J.”

Ovella grasped his forearm tightly and looked over at Aja, “Nana? It’s your night, what do you think?”

“Yeah, nana?” Stephan prompted, “I heard those pokies are paying out on special women’s birthdays.”

I chanced a glance at Kitty as she doe-eyed a large bulky blonde man, paying attention to her. If she was being watched, this was going to make her movements harder.

Aja’s eyes grew wide with excitement, “well, in that case, maybe we should head to this room?”

Stephan clapped his hands together, “men, escort these lovely ladies in.” He waisted no time, and collected Ovella’s hand, clasping it tightly. “You are with me, sunshine,” he fluttered at her.

Ovella worked her magic on Stephan as we were ushered through the casino, past the secret Road Warriors muscle, that was there for our protection, behind the sectioned off V.I.P. area, and into a secret room hidden behind the V.I.P. bar.

The room was large. At one end stood a lavish, glass bar, with a mirrored background, the dance floor was lit up by neon, multi-coloured changing lights, and at the other, a row of pokies with an elaborate poker table. This was definitely a room for business.

Stephan ordered there be no women waitresses, but shirtless males to service our ‘nana.’ He was clearly a smooth player. Kitty and I giggled to the dance floor while Ovella operated, and Aja pretended to focus on the machines. What Aja was really doing, was planting the first lot of devices, so Techno had a way into monitoring the gameplay, but no one was paying attention to her, ‘too old’ it would seem for some of the young men.

Kitty and I were seductively body rolling against each other, playing the part of giggling, fun-loving girls. Ovella’s leg slung comfortably over the top of Stephan’s while she toyed flirtatiously with his tie. I knew Vell was probing Stephan for answers without being obvious, just like she had been trained to do. We had been dancing for a while before the big blonde eyeing Kitty earlier, made his way to us. “Hey little one, care to dance?” Kitty smiled.

“Oh, you are a bit gorgeous; you look like a heartbreaker?” I was impressed by Katie-Anne’s act, “but, I need to pee.”

“Once you break the seal Harmony, it’s all downhill from there,” I chimed in.

“Harmony? That’s your name, little one?”

She blushed furiously, “yes.”

“Well, Harmony, I’m Grant.” He bowed at her feet.

“Grant, I like your name. Can you tell me where the toilets are?”

“I can show you,” he smirked viciously.

“Thank you.”

Kitty knew she had to drop the bugs, I didn’t understand how she was going to with a tail on her, but luckily, the devices were covered in a sticky concoction, so, all she had to do was hide them in inconspicuous spots throughout the room. I, on the other hand, continued my highly sexual sway, keeping the men in the rooms attention on me.

“Hey there, sexy.” A cheeky but confident, slender male with blue eyes and short black spiky hair, sauntered up to me as I moved to the music.

“Brittney, not sexy,” I chuckled.

“Brittney, my apologies,” the stranger held up his hands in defence, “well, Brittney, my names Cage, would you like a dance partner?”

“Do you have a job?” His face paled, clearly not expecting that question. “Look, I’m going to be really honest with you, I’m superficial, and I’m also highly motivated. I have a list of questions I need to be answered before you get anywhere near me, and that’s just the first contact. After that round, assuming you pass, I give you one date, only one, with that comes a whole ten-page list of questions, so if you want a dance? I expect answers. Now, do you have a job?” His lips slowly curled into a smirk.

“Yes, I have a job.”

“How long have you been employed?”

“Do you want to sit down and do this?”

“You didn’t answer the question?”

“Four years.”

“And your previous employer?”

“Is this a job interview?”

“No, I need the strongest man for my future offspring, its natural selection. I require a suitor with at least a six-figure salary.”

“And what happens if you do not live up to expectation?”

“Impossible, look at me, I hit the gym every morning at four for two hours, I only put the best nutrition into my body...” I giggled, “...unless it’s alcohol, and I work my pelvic floor muscles for half an hour, every single day, so my pussy remains nice and tight. Everything else is simply irrelevant. Our bodies were built for procreation, and I refuse to fuck a bum.” I flipped my blonde locks dripping with attitude.

“Uh, I’m just going to get a drink.”

“You do that.” I was pleased he was fucking off, I was busy, and I needed to focus. I saw the man Cage warning everyone, their faces all flashed with ‘high maintenance, beware’. I wanted to laugh so badly.

Kitty made her way back, but her movement was odd like she was playing some kind of, “follow me” game, with Grant. Kitty was meandering around the room as I watched her with my peripheral vision. She would seductively walk to a particular spot, his eyes solely focused on her figure, and she would open her hand behind her back while flirting with him, connecting a bug to either a pot plant or a light. What a clever dickybird she was, doing it inconspicuously but in plain view. Looks as though Deon underestimated his sister.

Stephan was getting handsier on the couch, his lips caressing Ovella’s neck. I thanked my lucky stars; I could still see her mouth moving. Kitty signalled she was out of microphones, but I still had four camera’s to plant. I danced my way to the Dj booth, extracting the first mini camera from my bra and attached it to the side of his desk as I purposely tripped. Then requested ‘you can do it’ by Ice Cube. I wandered to Aja in the corner, attaching one to the side of the pokie machine.

“It’s time to go dear, I’m tired, and a little drunk,” Aja chuckled, steadying herself on the topless waiter before running her hands along his muscular taut chest. “How much for you?” Aja slurred as the man’s eyes widened in terror.

I grasped her arm; “c’mon on nana, that one has a girlfriend,” I winked at him.

“Oh, really?” She pouted.

‘Thank you’, the man mouthed to me. Fucken asshole would be lucky to have Aja on his arm, but I wasn’t about to voice my thoughts.

I propped up a very fake drunk grandmother against a guard by the door. “Excuse me, can you hold this crazy, please?” The guard laughed and nodded as I made my way to Ovella, Kitty saw Aja and made her way there, of course, with Grant in tow.

“Hey, Bree?” I interrupted Vell, “nana’s not feeling well, she wants to go home.”

Ovella feigned disappointment but then nodded. “Your grandmother could stay in one of the hotel’s rooms?” Stephan offered. Of course, you would offer that you horny wanker.

“No, it’s her birthday...” Vell groaned. I reached down to grab Ovella’s clutch off the floor, extracting the third camera from up my dress and leaned against the fake plant in between the sofa’s, it helped the cameras were all the size of a five-cent piece. “Stephan,” Ovella looked up at him through her lashes, “tell me you will be here next weekend? Tell me, I can see you again?” She raked her bottom lip through her teeth, teasingly.

“Kiss me sunshine, and I’ll be here waiting for you next weekend.” Fuck, I hope Brutus is not watching or listening in because fuck is he going to be pissed when we get back.

Ovella leaned forward, claiming Stephan’s lips, their tongues wrestling erotically. Deciding I’d had enough, I cleared my throat and received a murderous glare from the both of them. “I’ll be thinking of you,” Vell purred.

“Till next weekend, sunshine.” He smirked with a wink.

Kitty collected a business card from Grant, gently pressing her lips against his as we made our way to the door. The security guard opened it for us as I slipped the last camera into my hand, gripping the door frame and sticking it to the outside, facing the V.I.P. section. The Road Warriors would be able to see who enters the ‘business’ quarters or V.I.P. section. “C’mon on nana?” I ushered Aja gently as she pretended to be falling asleep.

“Huh? Oh, I llloooove you girls, you are ssssoooo good to mmmeeee,” she slurred, grasping onto Kitty for dear life.

We made our way through the casino, followed by two of Stephan’s men, and were helped into the limo. Aja wound down the window and waved to the men, “bye, bye, you sssseeeexxxxy hunks. If I was twenty years younger, you would all be in trouble.”

When we were far enough away, I spoke. “Techno, we are clear.”

... Great work MC Angels, we are live ... he replied.

“See you at home.”

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