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Chapter 34 ~ The Red Riders

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

The rumble of bikes heading our way filled the air, tensions were running high but we were thankful they stuck to their word and were returning the favour. Techno informed us the moment they crossed the border and Boomer was like a giddy child, switching from foot to foot. The giant metal gate opened and first in was Club President, Connor ‘sadistic’ Steel, followed by his Vice President, Patches, Sargent in arms Juan and the rest of their MC.

Bringing up the rear with loaded trays was that crazy Sheriff, Walt Bradbury and his men. Once they were all in, Brutus made his way to his uncle, Chop. They embraced lovingly as we greeted the other boys, welcoming them enthusiastically.

The boys were led into Gathering, along with Priya who stayed glued to my side, Ovella, Aja and Kitty and for the first time ever, Leighton, whatever him and Kitty were up to? It was nice to see a smile back on his face and his hand wrapped securely around Katie-Anne’s. He didn’t know it yet but we were finally going to add him in on the Execution of Mafia scum.

Once everyone was seated, Deon began…

“Welcome back boys, it’s nice to see you all again and thanks for following through on our deal, we really appreciate it, especially now Prez Steel has knocked up his Mrs.” There was a loud eruption of cheers, while Steel chuckled from the side lines as he stood next to his crazy, soon to be father in law, Sheriff.

“Alright, alright, shut the fuck up you insane bastards,” Steel quietened them down.

“Okay, so you all know why you are here…” Techno flicked on the projector and the face of Frazier Saltora graced the wall. He wore a well-tailored suit and was talking on the phone, he had very tanned skin and pitch black beady almond shaped eyes with slicked back short black hair. Flicker had captured his photo during a recent re-con mission; I had stared at that image at least a thousand times these past few days. He was going to die by my hands.

Priya stiffened beside me, clearly not liking seeing him. “This is our main Target, Frazier Saltora… we sent my mother in, undercover, where they are staying, as housekeeping, she managed to plant a listening device but could not get visual. From what we’ve heard so far, they will be moving their men into position in two days, so we’ve decided our best plan is to hit em whilst on the move…”

Techno flipped through the other photographs and images we had collected from the casino, explaining who they were and how imperative it was to take them out. Boomer made his way to the podium, his child like wonder unable to hide or hold back, you could see he had something up his sleeve.

“Boys, do I have a surprise…” he unzipped a black duffle bag he had carried with him to the stage, pulling out an unusual gun. “I have a friend who deals with the Germans; this is a RPG or Rocket Propelled Grenade. It’s designed to blow up million dollar tankers, let’s say that fucker is in the middle of the procession of cars, completely surrounded? This can wipe out the entire front line and then some.”

Everyone was in awe of the weaponry both Sheriff and Boomer had, back in the old days we used to go toe to toe with fists but things weren’t run like that anymore. These, Ex-Mafia could not be trusted and firepower was our best defence. After hours of discussion, the plan was set, Priya knew her roll and I could see determination in her eyes, now, it was time to relax, rest up and get ready for the ‘show down’. The music was turned up and the booze was handed around, Priya excused herself and headed for our room, stating she had a headache. I wanted to catch up with everyone first and said I’d meet up with her later, she had been acting odd since the Gathering, I guess the realisation of what was about to happen really got to her and she needed time out.

The club whores were enjoying the extra attention by fresh meat and Aja sat with the four bloke’s from Steel’s crew that played cards. I leant over to Patches and asked, “They play wherever they go?” I tilted my head in their direction and he chortled.

“Yeah man, their Old Ladies would have their heads if they were anywhere near any club’s pussy so it keeps them occupied and free from trouble.” Huh, smart men.

The party was well underway, I couldn’t spot Deon anywhere, most of the time he was either in his room, pining for Nevaeh or in his office working on business, I’d have to sort this out after the Mafia situation. He still had not tried to lick his wounds with club pussy and I had an inkling as to why, Eva hated they were here; guess he figured if he touched one, he’d have no chance ever at getting back with her.

Steel pulled up a pew at our table and huffed, knocking back a beer. “You okay Con?” Patches queried.

“Yeah man, Paxton’s just freaking out, near on chewed my ear off about things for the baby, shit pregnancy is going to kill me, I swear.”

I smiled inwardly; wondering if we would be ready for kids soon. She was really good with Leighton and it would be nice to actually do the whole process properly, I must talk about it to her, scope out how she feels.

“If you guys will excuse me, I have to check on my son.”

I made my way to Leighton’s room, I was feeling a little guilty about being distracted with Mafia business and needed to make sure he was okay with not only his role but also his ‘Kitty’ situation.

Knocking on his door before entering, I was happy to see Kitty sitting on his bed reading while Leighton sat at his desk drawing. “Hey mate, you got five minutes for your old man?”

“Yeah dad,” Kitty excused herself and shut the door behind her.

“You look happy?”

He smiled broadly, “I am.”

“You two decided to give another crack at it?” He chuckled as a red softly tinted his cheeks.

“We’ve decided on no sex, neither of us were ready for the consequences, I’m just glad to have her back.”

“Wow son, that’s really mature of you, can you stick to it?” I hoped they could.

“So far, yes, I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but this time we’re going to do it right.” I nodded feeling proud of the man in front of me.

“Leighton mate, you make everything I went through, worth it. I’m proud of you.” I sat down on his bed, “now as for the other thing?”

“Dad, I’m ready for that too.” He looked me square in the eyes, his chocolate browns, identical to mine, shinning with strength and determination.

“You’ll be head to toe, in bullet proof get up, since you are not as bulky as I am, it makes it easier to disguise. Remember though, if you do get hit? You dial Doc straight away and give him your location, he’s been instructed to drop everything a come straight to you.”

He moved and sat down beside me, “I got this dad, don’t worry, this will all be over soon.”

“I don’t really want you anywhere near this,” I slumped dejectedly.

“I know, but it’s a great ruse and I’m only there to keep eyes off you.”

“But are you su…” He cut me off straight away.

“Yes dad, did you know Priya told me she loved me the other day? Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve heard or even felt loved? I mean obviously by you but with mum it always felt like I was more of an inconvenience rather than her child, like I was just a way for her to torture you. Here, it feels like we are actually… a family.”

I couldn’t help there tears that welled in my eyes, “you have no idea how good that feels to have you say that mate.”

I left his room brimming with proudness, I had actually been a great father, despite my own parents being the arseholes they are, for him to claim we are a family, it made my heart swell. Now, to find my extraordinary woman who told my son she loved him.

Walking into my room to find Priya and Deon talking in hushed tones, I was immediately on high alert, “you lost Prez?”

He chuckled at my possessiveness, “Trig,” they both smiled at me, but then turned back to each other.”

“You got everything you need, let me know when it’s done.” Priya nodded and came over to wrap her slender arms around my torso.

“Got it.”

“Got what?” I questioned.

“See tomorrow Trigger, I’m off to bed.”

“Got what?” The bastard had the audacity to chuckle as he shut my door.

“Priya?” I zoned in on her, “what were you and Deon talking about?”

Priya giggled at my inquisitiveness, “and ruin the surprise?”

She wasn’t going to tell me, they were up to something and I was being kept in the dark, what the fuck? This was unacceptable but before I could do anything else, I had to tell her about what Leighton told me. “So, I was with Leighton just before…”

“Please tell me him and Kitty are back together?”

“They are, no sexual intercourse apparently.”

She smiled, seating herself on the couch, “good, that’s a very mature decision.”

“It is, but what really surprised me was the fact that you told him you loved him?” Her faced paled and she looked uncertain.

“Sh… sh… should I not have? I do, though, I… I… love the both of you with all my heart and soul.”

Again, my heart swelled, could my life get any better than this? How the fuck did someone like me become this lucky? “Oh baby,” I cupped her reddening cheeks in my large calloused hands, “I love, that you love him, I love that he said it feels like we are a family, I love that he is willing to jump in to protect you and I love you, I’ve always loved you but…” my eyes darkened as arousal coursed through my veins, “If you don’t tell me what you and Deon were talking about? I’m going to fuck you, so hard; you won’t be able to walk.”

Her eyes went from scared and unsure to shinning with excitement, “oh, caveman that just makes me want to keep my mouth securely fastened shut.”

“Priya,” I growled as she grasped the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head. My sexy Mafia Princess wanted to be fucked.

“Jakobe, will you strip for me? Like the girls from the strip club?” she purred, teasing me by slowly downing her pants.

“Aren’t you meant to do that?” Whoa, this was well out of my comfort zone, was she really expecting me to continue with this little game of hers?

“C’mon, my spunky caveman, we never got to even the score that night Deon met Nevaeh,” she pouted, lying sideways on the couch with her head resting on her hand, in only a white lace G-string and a white lacy bralet. Thankfully, she had returned her hair back to its alluring auburn colour, “here, let me put on some music for you?”

She leant over, pushing out her plump behind, lulling me into submission by her sexy body, clicking play on the remote. ‘Blurred lines’ by Robin Thicke comes blasting through the speakers as I turned around and locked the door, if I was going to do this? I sure as shit didn’t want anyone wandering in on it.

I patted the recliner indicating her to sit and with a devilish smirk on her face, she plopped down and got comfy, leaning slightly back. There have been a handful of times in my life where I was embarrassed and this was one of them, but hell, she didn’t know it yet, but I was definitely going to make her return the favour.

Kicking off my shoes, I began to swing my hips. Shit, I felt like a twit and wished I had fucken rhythm but I pushed past my embarrassment and manned up. I lifted the bottom of my shirt, rolling my hips, showing her my defined abs in all their tattooed glory, my belly button ring glistening as the light from the lamp in the room, hit it. Priya’s eyes glazed over in lust as she bit down hard on her index finger that nestled in-between her teeth, damn, this was getting me hot.

Relieving myself of my shirt, I rolled my pierced nipples between my fingertips while thrusting my hips, I heard her suck back a sharp breath as I turned around and attempted to pop my arse at her, this position, she leant forward and grabbed my butt cheek, giving a very appreciative, “yes caveman.”

The music changed to ‘Tambourine’ by Eve and the beat was quicker than the other song, so I tried to twerk, in all honesty, that action felt unnatural but I just shook my head at my ridiculousness and continued. Popping the button on my jeans, I swayed my hips side to side until they pooled at my feet and I step out of the leg holes, kicking them across the room.

Standing with my back to her, in my black boxer-briefs, I rolled my tongue ring between my teeth, feeling somewhat apprehensive. Had my performance been exciting enough for my Mafia vixen or had she been disappointed? Thankfully, I didn’t have anything to worry about it because at that very moment she cried, “take it off, you sexy hunk” and I chuckled to myself.

With my thumbs trailing along the elastic waistline, I hooked them under and dropped them to the floor, “Woooooo,” Priya screamed from behind me, “Show me that gigantic dick.”

I swear my cheeks were flaming red. I backed up and body rolled in front of her, suddenly her energetic and nimble hand slipped between my legs and grasped my cock firmly. It had been limp up until that point but once her skin touched mine and her deft fingers wrapped around as much of my girth as she could, it started to rise, while her other hand massage my backside.

“Do you know how sexy that was?” She asked still tugging on my now erect member, “you are going to do that again, Jakobe, but not now, now I’m so fucken wet, I want you…” she removed her hand, “get on your knees and face me.” I did as she requested, it was tantalising to switch dominant roles.

She leaned back, grasping her panties and pulling them to the side. Her glistening pussy was covered in her arousal, “lick me,” she moaned and pleaded at the same time. I gave a throaty growl of approval and dove right in.

*** If you don't know who The Red Riders are, they are from my other MC book, The way to Steel. ***

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