What I Needed

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Chapter 35 ~ The Take Down - Part 1

( Things get a little gruesome in these two chapters )

Priya’s P.O.V.

“Just cum for me Princess, one more time.” Jakobe’s thick cock plunged deeply into my slippery centre, causing a ripple of shudders to run over my body, just below the surface of the skin. Droplets of sweat covered my heated flesh, his left-hand fingers, manipulating my clit, while his right-hand thumb, circled my puckered arsehole. The divine force of all three combined was unfathomable pleasure. With one foot planted firmly on the floor and my knee resting on the bathroom bench top, I had lost all ability to keep myself upright, arms buckling some time through the third orgasm.

I could no longer watch his magnificent masculine display in the mirror as he pounded into me, my upper body lay flush with the bench; my eyes clenched shut and my whole being, mewled and writhed, under his dominant and erotic control.

“Fuck… I love… you Mafia,” he groaned in-between hard ploughs.

That unrelenting knot of euphoric bliss growing in the pit of my lower abdomen, until finally, it snapped. Sweet and torturous relief racked my body, my vaginal walls clamping down around his swelling cock as he painted my insides with his hot sticky man juice.

Oooohhh,” I cried in complete satisfaction.

“Fuck,” Jakobe jutted his hips rapidly, making damn sure, not one speck of cum was left behind and his tool had emptied every last drop of his load, inside of me.

I was in pure blissful heaven.

Struggling to breathe and clear the ecstasy haze, I felt his soaking wet forehead, slump onto the middle of my back as he extracted his wilting shaft, remnants of his orgasm dribbling down my quivering thigh. “Priya, how do you feel about being a mum?” He puffed out, trying to control his own, shallow breathing.

I pushed off the bench with surprise, feeling slightly light-headed and claimed his addictive lips, thrusting my tongue into his mouth and gliding along his passionately. “You want to start trying?” I questioned, our eyes locking onto one another’s.

“You mean you want too?” Jakobe looked angelic, his innocents and vulnerability clenching my heart. How could this man be any cuter?

“Of course, I want everything with you, everything Jakobe.” I could see the relief and happiness wash over his face, “when did you decide this is what you wanted?”

“I don’t know, just something I’ve been thinking about for a while now.” He picked up his discarded towel from the floor and turned the shower back on.

“So, does that mean, once this Mafia issue is dealt with, we are going to start trying?” I queried cheekily, I just wanted him to say ‘fuck yes, Priya’ I needed the verbal confirmation.

“If you want to?” He arched his brow mischievously, that sexy prick knew I wanted him to say it.

“You scoundrel,” I growled, “Say it Jakobe.”

I stood with my hands on my hips, narrowing my eyes, glowering at him murderously. “Mafia, will you do me the honour of carrying my… arse to the shower?” I leapt onto him, my arms closing around his neck as I unleashed hard pecks, over his handsome face. Lord have mercy, Jakobe will be the death of me one day.

“You… smart… arse,” he chuckled underneath my onslaught, moving us both below the pelting water, for our second shower of the morning.

The warm liquid covered us as he pushed me up against the tiled wall and captured my lips with his before he pulled back. His hand reaching up and wiping away the hair that now, stuck to my forehead, “Mafia, I want you to carry my baby.”

“Nah, I’m cool” I teased, giggling like a school girl at his unimpressed face, “kidding, I’ve just had a depo shot, so in three months we can start trying.”

He graced me with a stunning toothy grin, “until then though, we are going to need lots of practice.”

I threw my head back and laughed, “I think we’ve got it sorted caveman.”

He shook his head from side to side, “nope, definitely need practice.”

“You ready?”

I was jolted in my seat by Leighton, who looked exactly like Jakobe, even sat on top of his bike.

“Shit, you scared me, you look exactly like your father, ya know that?” He laughed, his voice somewhat muffled by the thick sturdy helmet he wore.

“I think that’s the point, Priya” he snickered, it was the point, he was meant to look like his father atop his father’s Harley.

I looked up at him incredulously, “listen to me, I know what you’ve been told to do, but if anything happens, you come directly to me, you understand?”


“No Leighton,” I grabbed him tightly by the arm, through my driver’s side window, “directly to me, I love you like you were my own, I will protect you with everything in me. Directly. To. Me. Leighton.”

He nodded slowly in confirmation, “Okay Priya.” I exhaled a sigh of relief.

Techno called through on the walkie-talkie, …convoy is in motion…

I looked to my right and mouthed ‘directly to me’ as he started Jakobe’s Harley and nodded. Planting my foot on the clutch and slamming it in to first, we were off, the clubs Old Ladies and whores, closing the giant steel gates behind us. This was it; there was no turning back now… everyone was in position.

Leighton tailed me with Cadence and Phil B flanking his rare, two dummies sat in the car, one in the back and one in my passenger’s seat. We were the bait, we had to get their focus on us, they had our Intel and they knew our schedule, so they wouldn’t expect me to be coming up on their right, along Highway 97. I prayed they would notice, hell, my car wasn’t exactly hidden and as they transferred hotels, this was our best option at depleting their numbers and getting a decent shot at killing them.

…You’re almost upon them Princess, slow down and draw their attention, remember we need them on Highway 94… Techno patched through, I knocked it down a couple of gears and gently tapped on the brake, allowing the car to slow to a normal speed. Leisurely, we made our way past the beginning of the convoy, by now, we were halfway down the line of SUV’s, when all of a sudden, there was a screech of tires, smoke pouring from the bitumen as he drifted his car around, fanging it in my direction.

“Well hello there, Jojo,” I sneered, pleased, I had gained his attention.

Suddenly, all the cars screeched to a halt and turned, their precision convoy, now a shambles. I know exactly what that fuck head Frazier would be doing, screaming at his men to ‘get me’ while I lacked protection.

I planted my foot, the boys and I gunning it down the road as Jojo was coming up fast. My black Chevrolet Corvette (C5) not fast enough, compared to his Silver BMW M5, but that’s okay, I just needed to get him close. How the fuck did I miss him going past the procession?

I picked up the portable, “Techno, we got their attention; Jojo’s heading straight for us, as predicted.”

… Thanks, Priya, we got visuals on them now, good luck, see you soon … Techno cut the feed.

“Alright mother fucker, let’s do this,” I mumbled to no one.

I collected the second portable, “how are we looking Sheriff?”

… Coming up on your sides now … he patched back.

The Sheriff and his men barrelled up the shoulders of the highway, dust trailing their tires, three trucks on each side, carrying a shooter and the RPG’s on the trays. They cut in the tail end of the convoy, lining up side by side so no one could get around, all done whilst still punching it at high speeds, up the Highway.

… We cut off about sixty cars … Sheriff came across the walkie.

Next minute, there was a massive explosion, the most gigantic eruption I had ever seen. The blast radius could be felt from where I was up the front and in my revision mirror, the two prospects and Leighton wobbled on their bikes. Behind them, the background was lit up with yellowy orange flames, bits of metal and shattered car parts littered the sky.

… Woooo hhhhoooo hooooo … Boomers screaming could be heard through the portables, then the Sheriff spoke, … fucken hell, this crazy mother fucker singed my eyebrows … Boomer still excitedly screeching away, … good luck Princess … The trucks swerved in the background, trying to avoid the raining shrapnel as it fell from their ‘unleashment of hell’, in the form of RPG’s.

We were coming up fast to the off-ramp, Jojo still hot on our heels, I swerved at the last second, the prospects and Leighton managing to stay close… and so did he.

We headed up and over the off-ramp, drifting my Chevy around the bend and down onto Highway 94. I looked to my right, watching the leftover men from Frazier’s convoy, exit the off ramp too.

They were unknowingly heading straight for our trap, the prospect of his impending death tickled at my nether lips; I liked the idea of him receiving, even just a portion, of the pain he mercilessly inflicted on me. A collection of Red Riders and Road Warriors pulled up alongside the Hummer, which was surrounded by bulletproof SVU’s and began shooting at the tires. Some cars flipped, others go careening off the road but Frazier’s hired men, took up the place of their lost cars and fallen men, protecting their false and unworthy leader.

Jojo was swerving carelessly, attempting to get around the bikes on my tail, a shooter leans out the passenger’s window and tried to murder the two prospects and Leighton, out of nowhere, a horde of bikers appear, spraying bullets at Jojo’s car, I noticed the green flaming skull on the tanker at the front, It was Leighton’s bike… “Jakobe,” I whispered. He pulled the trigger, nailing the shooter as the passenger’s side glass is splattered in red, his bullet landing a lethal shot.

My body was gripped with pride, probably the wrong time to be turned on but I was, and really, what was fucken normal about any of this crazy shit? So naturally, I yearned for my hunk of a man.

His silver BMW swung wide, trying to knock the boys off their bikes, stupid idiot, that was exactly why Jojo was always number two. He could never control his temper and would lose focus. During our years together under my father, he was always cocky, pig-headed and chauvinistic, hated that a woman could thrash him. I should have known he would betray my father, he and Frazier were as thick as thieves. If he had of learnt to rein in and control his ego, he would have been a better driver than me but of course, he never learned.

I stuck my arm out my window and signalled for everyone on the bikes to pull up beside me, when the last was out of the way; I slammed on my brakes, so my car was almost parallel with his and leaned sharply into him, causing him to swerve into the other lane and oncoming traffic. We were playing cat and mouse. He had to maneuver around the large heavy truck, but swang back into me with exceptional speed, I jabbed my shoe on the brake pedal, then hit the accelerator heavily, clipping the left side tale, causing him to spin in a 360 circle as we hauled arse right past him but the wanker, even though it took a bit, still corrected himself. Damn it.

We went flying past the next wave of hell, waiting bikers faced the oncoming SUV’s, Digger, the man with a talent for poo brew, was at the ready with the Sheriff’s flamethrowers and the hollow point bullets, some fake wannabe’s stopped and a shoot-out began in the middle of the highway, but Frazier and a bunch of his other, hired thugs, managed to get around them and followed us.

Jakobe and Deon, Steel and his bandits, came to a stop, leaping off their bikes and filled the air with bullets. I slammed on my brakes and pulled to the side, just as Jojo came to a screaming stop. We ran towards each other, not only was he second in driving skills but he was also second in hand to hand combat.

He still wore the same look of hatred on his leathery face, his light brown hair and eyes, identical to the day I ran away when they had me tied to that chair, torturing me, in that room. His fist came first but I managed to block, my elbow connecting with his mouth. The arseholes teeth embedded into my skin and I let out a cry in pain.

His foot swung out connecting with the back of my knees and my knee caps collided with the bitumen just as his fists came down harshly on my back and my front slammed into the ground.

“How you managed to best me all those years? I’ll never know,” he sneered menacingly.

I twisted my head to the side as his foot collected my stomach, the hard kick rolling me onto my back. “You piece of shit,” I spat furiously.

“Huh, funny, that’s what your father said just before Frazier and I dropped him into the ocean, what’s that saying? Oh... that’s right, he now sleeps with the fishes.”

My face paled, my father? My father, he had killed my father…

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