What I Needed

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Chapter 36 ~ The Take Down - Part 2

Priya’s P.O.V.

Why?” I screamed, “he loved you like a son, you traitor.”

He stood above me as I whimpered on the gravelly road, grasping a fistful of my hair, “he didn’t love me, he destroyed me, all to keep his little princess shining brightly. You never deserved to be his replacement, Frazier and I should be the rightful heirs.”

“You think Frazier is going to share the spotlight? Oh no, you idiot, Frazier is using you, placing himself in the Kingpin chair.”

He withdrew his fist, slamming it hard into my face, “you liar.”

White dots danced in front of my eyes, I pulled the knife from my belt and drove it deep into the side of his calf, as he roared and released his grip on my locks. I jumped to my feet and pulled my gun from my waistband, BANG, the nuisance fell to the ground with a bullet hole between his exceptionally well-manicured eyebrows.

“That’s for your role in the execution of my father, you dumb prick,” I mused, jumping back into my car and fanging it, as fast as I could, back into the war zone, I had specifically instructed Leighton to ‘get directly to me’ yet, I wasn’t in amongst it to protect him, I prayed I wasn’t too late.

I arrived within minutes, in truth, I hadn’t known Jojo and I had gone so far down the highway. After Sheriff and Boomer dispatched the first round of RPG’s, they should have set up the blockade of roadwork signs, to stop traffic and jammed innocents, in a safety zone.

Leighton thankfully, was the first to gain my attention, his helmet was off and he was being pummelled by some beast of a man I didn’t recognise. I grabbed his discarded helmet and screamed, “get away from my stepson,” smashing the thick bike helmet into the back of his head.

The cunt dropped like a sack of potatoes and Leighton pushed him off, “thanks… mum,” he chuckled.

I handed him my gun, “shoot them.” I ordered and he nodded, firing the gun. I watched, as if in slow motion, as the bullet just missed the side of my face and embedded into one of the ‘hired meat’ that snuck up behind me. The blood sprayed the back of my hair.

“Like that?” he winked.

I turned back around with a wide toothy grin, “fuck yes.”

The adrenalin was hurtling through my veins at warp speed, I felt like I was on the starship enterprise, I gotta stop letting Jakobe pick the movies. I shook off that wayward thought pattern and landed a kick to the groin of one of Frazier’s private security guards that was attacking Brutus.

Brutus thrust a knife up through his jaw and we carried on, “GET HER,” I heard the growl of my target, Frazier stood a mere ten feet, from me, he pulled his trigger and the bullet lodged into my thigh.

I released a harrowing scream and dropped, bullets went whizzing in every direction and strong arms gripped me, pulling me behind an overturned car. “Jesus Christ Princess, you trying to be a target?”

It was Steel and the Sheriff, “fuck, am I glad to see you two, anyone got a gun?”

“Shit woman, you’ve been shot?” Steel paled incredulously.

“I fucken know, I felt it,” I growled back, “but that bastard killed my father, I’m not finished with him.”

Steel and Sheriff looked at each other with amusement, Sheriff ripped his shirt, tying the tourniquet over the wound and handed me a Glock, “you got some massive balls, Princess.”

I wobbled to my feet, extending the pistol out in front of me and hobbled out, squeezing the trigger as he sheltered behind the SUV.

I had made it almost to him when the bullets ran out, the action still playing out around us. “You couldn’t just do what we asked, could you? Give me the codes?” Frazier spat.

My anger had finally piqued at an all-time high, “NEVER, YOU WORTHLESS CUNT!

Frazier ran for me, I braced for impact, ready in fight stance, ready to take on the man that destroyed my life, murdered my father and almost killed Ovella.

But his fists never came, like lightning, Jakobe tackled him to the ground, Frazier’s tailored suit and back, torn up by the black road as he skidded along with a very bulky, pissed off, biker on the front of him.

Jakobe was quick, the agility and strength in his forceful hits, buckling Frazier’s face; it was literally collapsing in on itself as my caveman drove his hands into him. All I could see was, blood red, the cataclysmic fatal war raging around us, fell from view and all I could see was Jakobe stand and pull a gun from the front of his pants, “you never fuck with my family,” BANG, BANG, BANG.

My roaring biker had shot him three times, one in the dick, one in the heart and one in the head.

My mouth hung agape, completely in awe of this hunky sex god that was my Old Man, MINE, he had taken out the bastard like a rag doll. Jakobe looked at me, unsure suddenly, of my reaction.

I dragged my wounded leg toward him, throwing my arms around his shoulders as he lifted me up and planted my lips upon his, hard and full of ecstatic lust. “Caveman, you are my hero.”

He chuckled, “Priya?”

We both twisted our heads to the side, to see a bleeding Deon, pulling Aja and Leighton.

Jakobe steadied me on my feet, “Prez?”

“Get these two outta here; we’ll meet you back at Headquarters after we clean this shit up.”

I looked up at my sexy biker, “go, baby, I’ll be right behind you.”

Leighton and Kitty sat beside me as we awaited the return of our boys. We had done it, I couldn’t believe it, we had finally buried that son of a bitch. Even though Jakobe wouldn’t divulge the clean-up part of the plan, I was still thankful they sent us away. I think he was more worried about me and Leighton seeing the piles of dead bodies, though, if they were anything like my father, there would be a lot of evidence pointing towards Frazier, left behind with the mountains of blood and flesh. I threw back another shot of bourbon and looked over at the two little lovebirds as they held each other tightly, “schnapps anyone? Butterscotch flavour.”

Leighton tipped his head back and laughed; Kitty eyed him suspiciously and replied, “No thank you.”

Aja refilled mine and Doc’s drinks, he had patched me up well over an hour ago and now, we were just lounging around waiting for them. The girlfriends and Old Ladies that were left behind, had put together an enormous spread for the boys, you could see them nervously making small talk with each other and I internally debated over the fact that we had no idea what the body count was for our MC and Steel’s MC, I prayed none of the women in the other room would suffer the loss of their lovers but I guess that is the risk they take, when you fall for a biker.

Ovella comes out to join our almost silent gathering, things had not been smooth for her and Brutus since the casino, I guess she had told him what went down but I didn’t ask if she needed to talk, she would. They both agreed to the stakes, well, Ovella agreed, Brutus would have kept her tied to his bed if he could.

Another hour passed and all of us were on edge, Aja had been wiping the same glass for twenty minutes and Leighton had left to shower, leaving behind Kitty. Their ‘no sex’ pact was mature and they were taking it seriously, not putting themselves in any situation that would cause their hands to wander, I was proud of them.

“Aja, I think that glass is dry.”

She looked down at her hands, “I wish Nevaeh was here.”

“You really liked her, huh?” I questioned.

“Loved her, just like I love you and Kitty and Leighton and all these boys…” she suddenly looks over at Vell, “and you Ovella, you are all my children.”

I felt an overwhelming and powerful pull at my heart, it had been so long since I had a mother and here was this crazy, mental and loving, Motorcycle Club, that risked their lives for the ones they loved. Ovella embraced Aja tightly, “thank you,” she sniffed; Vell survived through a monstrous upbringing, so I guess she was feeling the same flood of warmth I was.

“Then we bring her home,” I stated, matter of factly.

“We bring her home,” all three of them agreed.

Another hour had passed and we decided to play some rounds of pool to pass the time, none of us really focused but we still tried to enjoy it, as much as we could, under the circumstances.

I lined up my shot, cocky as ever and affirming that I would sink the black when the unmistakable sound of rumbling engines slithered through our ears. The gates were opened and we practically ran to the entering leather-clad warriors, a hint of poignant danger filled the air as they filtered in; I didn’t even wait for Jakobe to park his bike as I crawled up his front. His long muscular legs holding the Harley firmly in place, while I attached myself to his blood-soaked chest, throwing his helmet to the stony ground and claiming his lips lasciviously.

“You worried Mafia?” His chocolate brown orbs twinkling with amusement.

“Nah, not even a little,” I teased, “this is just how I’m going to greet you from now on.”

He placed a chaste kiss to my forehead as I curled into his warm body more, “I could get used to this.”

By nightfall the place was pumping, Techno had the sounds up, everyone was adding their ‘war clothes’ to the burning drums in the yard, the whores were being fucked or sucking cock, or both at the same time, the booze was knocked back at rapid rates and Jakobe had his arm resting atop his son’s shoulders. Jakobe was brimming with pride at the excellent job his own flesh and blood had done, I was too, Leighton saved my life, almost shot me in the process but he saved my life none the less.

Kitty’s eyes burned with desire as we recounted the story, shit, that girl had it bad, I had a sneaking suspicion the ‘no sex’ pact was about to be broken.

Ovella and Brutus sat inside the bar, practically fucking, I was elated this little escapade had brought them back together. I guess the fight made him realise just how much he loved and needed her, that made me feel giddy inside.

Though in all our happiness, there was a very real sadness, we had lost six men total, one being Cadence, the prospect, while I was always annoyed by his blatant cocky, come-on’s, losing him was a tragedy. Steel had lost men too, four men to be exact but, as Deon explained when he addressed everyone earlier, there were over four hundred of them, so this time around, we triumphed in more ways than one.

We were all buzzed, alcohol humming through our systems, when Jakobe climbs the pool table, “alright you fuckers listen up… Priya and I are so thankful for you brothers, Steel, Sheriff that includes you, brothers, too. What happened out there today will be forever etched in our minds and hearts, the solidarity you showed the patches and the Brotherhood will not be forgotten…” he slurred and swayed as they all howled like bloody wolves. “Priya, my Mafia Princess, get your sexy arse up here.”

My eyes grew and my cheeks flushed red, I shook my head from side to side, indicating a no but he persisted and eventually, Deon, Brutus, Boomer and Gravel, lifted me up and carried me to the pool table. I stood there awkwardly, tucked under Jakobe’s arm as he leant on me for stable support, “thank the men Mafia, you gotta give it up.”

“Alright, thank you, I do really appreciate your help; I don’t know what I would have done without any of you…”

“Especially Leighton,” he slurred again, dropping his bottle on the felt.

He bent down to pick it up, “especially Leighton,” I chuckled, flashing him a thousand watt smile.

I feel Jakobe’s warm hand wrap around mine as he tugged, trying to get up. I turned to pull him but he wasn’t trying to get up at all, he was on one knee in front of two MC’s with a god damn, diamond ring in his fingers.

Staring up at me with tears filling his eyes, he smiled, “Priya, there’s a lot that’s not perfect about me, there’s a lot of fuck up’s I’m definitely going to do in the future and there is probably a whole lot more shit heading our way… but I know, I don’t want to face this life without you, when you said yes, to us trying for a baby, I knew I was going to do this properly. Granted it would have been better if you were Leighton’s mum but the fact that you love him like your own, means more to me than I can ever express. I always assumed I’d saved you, but the reality is, you saved me, you brought so much love into my life, you help me to be a stronger, more confident man, you took all of the darkness and washed it away, accepting me for who I am and all of my imperfections. Priya, you are all I have ever wanted and you are exactly what I needed, will you marry me?”

I couldn’t see. The tears that streamed down my face, dropped onto the dark green felt below us and I jumped into Jakobe’s arms, tipping him and the pool table backwards. The boys had to hold it down before it toppled over completely but I ignored them, raining lip prints, all over my caveman’s handsome face. He held my head still, in-between his bruised hands, his thumb and forefinger still pinching the ring, “is that a yes?” he questioned, I still couldn’t combine words, so I just nodded up and down and sobbed hysterically. “She said yes” he cried out, the deafening eruption of celebration filled the clubhouse; this was the best moment, of my entire life, so far.

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