What I Needed

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Chapter 37 ~ Discovery

Priya’s P.O.V.

I stopped Leighton as he and Kitty were getting onto his bike, I hadn’t spoken to him since the proposal, mainly because I dragged Jakobe’s sexy ass to our room before I fucked him stupid on the tables in front of everyone, which I don’t think that kinky son of a bitch would have minded but then we got sidetracked saying farewell to the Red Riders.

I put in a little gift for Paxton, the Prez Steel’s Mrs and their new bundle of joy growing inside of her. It was a baby leather vest, Aja had sewn from the club as well as a little start-up cash, Deon said whenever there’s a birth in his charter, the club throws in money to give the kid a good foot forward in life. I found that information comforting, it showed they really cared and since money was not at all a problem for me, I threw in a little extra, that kid was going to enter the world $15,000 dollars richer.

“Ah, Priya, we are just going for a cruise, can we talk when we get back?” By the look on Leighton’s face as he spoke to me, I thought they were going to do more than just a bike ride, but fuck, I wasn’t about to get involved in this drama.

“Just quickly Leighton,” he nodded and waited, I sucked back an unsteady breath, “I didn’t get to ask you, how you felt about your father and I getting engaged? Are you okay with it?” I needed verbal confirmation, what is it with me always needing these Sloan boys to verbally communicate?

He laughed, clearly, I was amusing, “Priya, I already knew, dad asked me ages ago how I would feel about it? I helped him choose your ring, trust me, when we first met, yeah, I was suspicious of you but everything you’ve done since then, has proved just how much you love not just dad… but me, I couldn’t be happier… mum,” He teased. My heart swelled with pure emotion, so this is what it felt like to be a part of a real family? “Don’t cry,” he warned as my chin quivered.

“I… I’m… n…not,” I managed through my chattering jaw.

“Yes you are, your eyes have glossed over.”

“You’re the best kid in the world,” I praised, feeling finally complete.

“Shit Priya,” he cursed, getting off his bike and pulling me into the lanky teen's arms. “This is a good thing, no crying.”

“I… I’m not.”

He chuckled as my head rested against his brawny chest, fuck, if we weren’t careful he was going to be as solid and well-defined as his father soon, “yeah okay, that was not convincing.”

I withdrew, trying to calm my exploding soul, “thank you, Leighton.”

We departed and I headed inside, there was still a lot we had to do in the next coming months and I was on a mission today to tie up loose ends. Brutus was sitting on the couch watching T.V, Ovella nestled in his arms, I waved ‘hello’ as I passed but then suddenly realised there was something odd about them two and rather than turning, I just walked backwards and stared down at them. Ovella laughed at the shocked look upon my face.

“Get fucked,” I screeched in awe.

Brutus flashed me a wide toothy grin and shrugged, “I know,” Ovella winked, tightening his embrace around her.

Deon and Jakobe entered, cackling to themselves about something, I quickly planted my arse on the couch armrest and whispered, “Let’s see how long it takes them?”

“I bet two minutes,” Ovella commented.

“Nah, they won’t notice at all,” Brutus quirked his brow.

“I bet five minutes,” I whispered, shaking Ovella’s hand.

We sat there calmly as they joined us, “hey, what ya watching?” Deon plopped down on the other couch as Jakobe flopped into the recliner. I slipped onto his lap, his lips pressing lightly into the curve of my neck.

“Ah, just some music show,” Brutus commented.

“What they playing? Not that shit gangsta rap crap?” Deon leant forward, picking up the popcorn and resting the bowl in his lap.

“Hey, I happened to like that kind of music thank you,” Ovella chided.

“Non hanno ancora notato,” (they still haven’t noticed) Vell laughed at me.

“Cosi ho perso,” (well I’ve lost) she replied and we burst into hysterics.

“What the hell are you two ‘secret squirrelling’ about, in Italian?” Deon scolded with a deep frown.

“Fuck, don’t stop, you know I love it when you do that,” Jakobe rumbled, thrusting his hips upwards, with a mischievous glint twinkling in his eyes.

Boomer, Flicker, Dagger and Gravel walked into the room, planting their arses wherever there was a spare spot. Brocky, the prospect, this entire time, had been sitting on top of a rounded wooden table in the corner reading. “Scommetto che non noterà né.” (Bet they won’t notice either)

Once we heard him, Vell and I were on our feet, pointing and screaming excitedly, “parli Italiano?” (You speak Italian?) I spat.

“Pensavate che foste gli unici?” (You thought you guys were the only ones?) he chuckles.

“Here? Yes.” I retorted. The boys were all looking at us astonished, Vell and I flopped back down chuckling to ourselves as Brocky rolled his eyes and continued reading.

Deon slammed the bowl of popcorn down on the coffee table with a murderous glare, “okay, now that we’ve established, Brocky knows what you are talking about, what the fuck is going on?” he growled.

“I don’t know what they are mumbling about either?” Brutus remarked, suddenly Boomer and Flicker realised, they lifted to their knees and pointed, making ‘ooooo’ sounds. My index finger on my lips, trying to stop them from spilling the beans with the universal sign of ‘shhh.’

“Get fucked,” Jakobe hurled me off him and leaned forward to punch Brutus playfully in the shoulder.

“What?” Deon exclaimed, “what the fuck is going on?”

He looked at Brutus then back at us, just as the other boys noticed, then Deon did a double take back to Brutus, “fuck me,” he screeched, suddenly noticing, “When did you shave off your mo?”

Brutus chuckled heartedly, amusement glistening in his blue eyes, “yeah, thought it was about time, since Gorgeous and I are going to be parents,” his flipped remark silenced the room.

“You’re pregnant?” Jakobe’s hands slapped the side of his face.

“No,” Ovella giggled, “Kai and I, we’ve decided to adopt, a foster kid, like me.”

All hands were thrust forward and the men were shaking Brutus’ hand enthusiastically while I hugged Vell, the congratulations slaps rang through our little-excited group. We sat back down talking animatedly between ourselves when the television presenter announced…

‘Next up, we have a new solo act, she goes by the stage name Heaven, but her real name is Nevaeh Zuli…’

We all froze, blood drained from our bodies and stared at the screen, Deon’s face was as pale as a ghost.

‘She may be a new artist to the industry but her first single is making massive waves on the music circuit, not much is known about her yet, apart from the fact that she was a college girl, singing in a local bar when the music mogul, Steven Shaw of Grace Records walked in and practically signed her on the spot. She still has a lot to prove but man, I am in love with her voice. Here’s her new music video, debuting on our… up and coming… list, in the number two spot, this is Heaven with Take me to Church.’

*** Please listen to Take me to Church by Davina Michelle ***

We were flabbergasted, who knew she could sing? No one had ever heard her, did Deon know? Our eyes were glued to the picture of Nevaeh, standing there belting out the most incredible sound, looking like an angel as the piano keys chimed in the background. Bright white wings protruded from her back as people from all different walks of life surrounded her, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. Goosebumps and pleasurable chills ravished my body but when she really let loose, reaching for those high notes, I shuddered. Her tone was magnificent and yet none of us had any idea.

A deafening crash broke us from our stupor and my eyes fell to an overturned couch and Deon striding away swearing. Just when he was starting to feel better, this happens.

“I’ll be back in a little while,” Jakobe pecked my cheek and walked after him, followed closely by Brutus.

“Did any of you know she could sing like that?” I questioned them all, but they shook their heads in denial.

“I did,” Techno called out from the door frame of his Tech room.

“How?” I was confused.

“I don’t think she realised but sometimes, when everyone had left the room or she was on her own, she would sing, I caught it all on camera. That’s why I’m standing here, once I heard her voice, I thought she was back, but no, she was on the idiot box. Good for her, she has a remarkable sound.” Techno clicked his tongue then slithered back into his electrical grotto.

“We need to get her back,” I looked at Vell.

“Will she want to come back now?” Ovella stated with a worried crease between her brows.

That’s true; would she want to come back now? Would she want Deon after she’s had a taste at a whole other life, one with her in the spotlight? Judging by her voice, she was going to be massive, could she even speak to any of us again?

I had been sworn to secrecy, I had her number and address and she had mine, yet she had not told me or even texted to share her massive news. Shit, things were getting crazy, fast, I needed to call her.

I flopped, face down, onto our bed and dialled…

… This number is no longer in service, please check the number and redial …

Fuck! She had disconnected her phone, the only lifeline I had to her is now gone. What the bloody hell were we going to do now? Maybe this was fate? After all, Deon did almost kill her brother, knocked him clean on his arse and out for a week, maybe, this was it for them?

He had been so in love with her, not jumped into the sack with a whore, drank himself stupid over her, begged Jakobe to tell him information and it was obvious to anyone who had eyes, he still loved her, he couldn’t even step foot in the Clubs strip joint, because that’s where she used to work, and I know for damn sure, he made random trips past her shitty apartment to see if she had rolled back into town. Guess now, she would never be back, and that would be the end of their great love story… or was it?

I burst into Techno’s room, pushing open the door without knocking; he fumbled with the front of his pants clicking furiously on the screen as if trying to shut down porn. “You have club whores for that,” I chuckled.

“Fuck off Princess;” he growled back, “it’s my wife.”

“You have a wife?” he pulled out his headphone connection and clicked on the screen.

“Honey, put your clothes on, I got somewhere here who wants to meet you.” I could hear rustling through the speakers as if someone was rushing to get dressed.

“Hang on?” A tiny, sweet sounding voice hollered back with a thick New Zealand accent.

The camera was adjusted and there was a beautiful caramel brown woman with pitch black curly hair and dark brown eyes, I waved to which she waved back. “Honey, this is Priya, Trigger’s Old Lady, Priya this is Aroha, my wife,” he beamed with pride.

“Chur, nice to meet you girl, though it will be better next month, ah?” I turned to Techno.

“Our application has just been approved; she fly’s over next month to live here permanently.”

“And I’m just hearing about this because…?”

“You never asked.” I threw my head back and laughed, bloody bikers.

I smile back at her, “fantastic, can’t wait to ‘officially’ meet you and as exciting as this discovery is… I need to speak to your… husband… about something important, sorry.”

She waved her hand, “sweet, we good.”

I didn’t know what that meant but I presumed it meant to carry on, so I did. “Techno, I need any hit you get on Nevaeh, if she comes up anywhere on the scene, I need her location.”

“Priya, this could possibly take months? What are you up to?” he narrowed his eyes at me.

“Fixing,” I said sternly.

“I presume this is to be done, without, Prez’ knowledge?”

I smiled wickedly, “I will wear the brunt of the entire thing.”

He knew exactly what I meant, “fine, I’ll let you know when we have something.”

“Thank you,” I turned to face the camera, “bye Aroha, see you next month.”

“Haere rā” she replied, to my confused face, “it means goodbye.”

Fuck, everything was changing so fast, in one day I had more revelations to deal with then I could poke a stick at, this was going to be an interesting few months ahead… but the massive thing facing my direction, now that fuck head Frazier is dead, was product inventory. 27 warehouses, well 26, the stupid nomads from the casino and their jackass wankers could have the ecstasy pills, less product for me to get rid of.

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