What I Needed

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Chapter 39 ~ What Have You Done?

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

Things were really starting to piss me off now, for two god damn fucken months I have bit my tongue, Priya, the three prospects, Aja, Leighton and Kitty were off six days a week, doing god knows what? And no one would tell me anything, not even my damn traitorous son, instead he chose to say, ‘learning dad’ what the fuck does he need to be learning? Even Deon, the bastard cock sucker, would laugh and taunt me with ‘I know something you don’t know’ Jesus, I was about to burst and burn everything down in the process.

She was always tired and sore, and shit was going down, I knew it. As VP, I needed to be informed but no one else had any idea either. Today they came back early and I was done fighting about this subject, why the fuck was I being kept in the dark?

“Wake up,” my rough, pissed off voice bellowed through the room as Priya lay, face down, practically comatose.

“What?” she grumbled into the quilt covers, “I’m tired.”

“We haven’t had sex in forever, you’re gone all the time, doing god knows what? And you’re keeping fucken secrets, I’ve had enough.”

“You’re pissed because we haven’t had sex?”

“No, I’m fucken angry about being kept in the dark.”

“Jakobe,” she whined, “please, just trust me, I need you.”

Deon bursts into our room with his cell in hand, “Priya, they’re on the line.”

“Fuck,” she cursed, getting up and collecting the mobile phone before exiting the room.

I go to follow her but Deon put’s his arm in my way, “leave it man,” he warns with an edge of finality to his voice.

“Don’t fuck with me Deon; I wanna know what’s going on? This have something to do with Mafia product? You know our club doesn’t touch that stuff, what are you doing?”

“This has something to do with all of our futures, I know you hate that shit but for now, I need you to just let it go, you’ll find out soon enough, now sit!”

I grabbed my stuff as he exited the room, I was fuming, the rage of being kept in the dark was boiling, ready, at any moment, to explode. Yes, I loathed the hard stuff but we still dealt in weed, would Deon be using our connections to push Priya’s product? Fuck, I can’t lose my head about this.

I exit the shower to find Priya back in our bed, naked and fast asleep, I was too pissed to join her and instead, I got dressed and joined the boys in the booze bunker. I was well and truly maggot by the time Deon dragged my arse back to the bedroom, “thank you good sir,” I slurred.

He snickered at me, “get inside big man.”

“Deon, you are my one true friend, you know that? A liar, but my friend.”

“And you’re mine mate.”

“Aw, can you feel the love?” he snickered again.

“Get inside, big fulla, before you fall over and I need back up to lift you.”

I waved him goodbye and stumbled through the doorway, a very naked Priya, jolted upright, “Jakobe?”

“Shh, Priya, you’ll wake Priya.” I hear the most electrifying giggle.

I fell onto the bed as Priya took off my clothes and tucked me in, “Jakobe, have you been drinking?”

“Just a couple,” I slur as she climbs in beside me.

“I love you caveman,” I hear as I close my eyes and darkness consumes me.

My mind is stirred awake; I feel a warm tongue lapping at my erect tool before it slides down a warm wet hole. What the fuck? God, that feels good.

I open my eyes blurrily, to see the light streaming in through the slightly open curtains and I squint, Jesus fucking Christ, why is the light so fucken bright? And what the fuck feels so damn good on my cock?

Through my tightened eye slits, that were straining to focus, I see the quilt moving up and down as I lulled my head back. The suction was exquisite, my long deep vein that trailed the underneath of my fleshy shaft, tingled as her tongue ran across it. “Priya?” I croaked, as a hum vibrated around my mushroom head. “Oh god,” I groaned, feeling it wash over me.

The nerve endings being tickled by the tip of her tongue, sent pleasure, shuddering at my body. I heard a small rustle, then felt cool liquid being dribbled over my puckered arsehole, “relax baby, I don’t want to hurt you.”

What the fuck did that mean? I didn’t have to wait long to find out because a small finger was inserted in, past the tight ring that was now clamping down, up as far as this finger could go. Her warm mouth swallowed my fuck stick and engulfed me whole, moving in sync with the finger, buried up my arse. My breathing became laboured and my back was curving, at any moment I thought my mind might explode.

The euphoric feeling of complete ecstasy ravished my entire body, the pad of her thumb working its magic as that feeling of climbing your orgasmic peak, grew until my balls tightened and I exploded in a flurry of mind-numbing fireworks. My entire load shooting down the back of her throat and she slurped up the entire lot.

For a moment, I was both temporarily blind and deaf. That had been the most intense orgasm, I had ever had and as I drifted down from my cloudy haze, I saw her walk, completely bare to the bin, dropping a condom in and then into the bathroom, returning a few moments later.

“Fucken hell, Mafia,” I was still reeling from the pings shooting across my nerve endings, “that was amazing.”

She screwed her face up and turned away from me, “fuck me Jakobe, you reek of bourbon, how much did you fucken drink?”

I just shrugged and rolled over, bitch, ruin my post orgasmic euphoria; it’s her fucken fault I’m in this state.

“C’mon caveman,” she attached herself to my back, “don’t sulk.”

“I’m not sulking, you just ruined the best blowjob I’ve ever had.” I mumbled into the pillow, annoyed.

“The best huh?”

“Tell me what you’ve been doing for the past two months?”

I heard her sigh and felt her warm breath against my back, “I can do better than that caveman, day after tomorrow you will find out.”

I turned around to look at her, “why is it a secret?”

“Do you honestly think I would go through everything with you, just to find some way to hurt you? I wear your ring, I claimed your son and I wear you name across my vest everyday…”

“Not for the past two months.” I snip.

She stroked by face with her palm, looking at me with those damn beautiful green eyes, “it’s not a secret baby, it’s a surprise.” She placed her freshly fucked lips against mine, “but hell Jakobe, it feels like I’m drunk just from the alcohol wafting out on your breath.”

I rolled my eyes and pulled her to my chest, “stay in bed with me today, I feel seedy as fuck.”

“I’m not surprised; I bet the bar is empty.”

“Will I like the surprise?” she chuckles, squeezing her body into my chest.

“You better.”

We spend the rest of the day locked up in our bedroom, wrapped in each other and consumed completely in our rapturous love nest.


The day of this supposed ‘surprise’ arrives, we had awoken early and with the Depo shot no longer an issue and the fact that she had already been through one cycle, which, by the way, was hell on earth, so it was time to start trying for a baby, despite being kept in the dark. I have to trust.

My lips pressed softly against her shoulder and my fingers circling her clit, she pushed her bare behind against my seeping man weapon, “oh,” she moaned.

My left hand snaked over her left shoulder to palm her deliciously plump, right breast as we lay on our left sides. Raising her right leg, I slipped my hard shaft, in-between, her wet folds and glided it back and forth, coating him in her dripping arousal as I continued my assault on her clit.

She was a mewling underneath my control, her body humming appreciatively with every touch on her divine flesh, “you ready Mafia?”

“Oh, god, yes.” Her panting spurred my lustful need for her on.

I angled the head of my penis, toward her centre and thrust my hips; pushing in as far as I could go. The feel, as her walls pulsed around my cock, was nothing short of remarkable, I loved the way she hugged my member. I had fucked a lot of girls in my time, fuck, being a biker with on hand pussy made it easy to always be laid but her, my Mafia, it was like her entire being was expertly crafted for only me.

“Fuck,” I cursed as I gently slid in and out of her naturally lubricated core. “You feel amazing, baby.”

“Jakobe,” she cried.

I slightly shifted so her back wasn’t as close to my chest, wrapping my large calloused hand around the back of her neck, maintaining a firm grip. Her right leg foundered and thrashed as my hips picked up pace, her clenching muscles choking my cock every time I pulled back, loosening when I pushed in.

She grasped my hand, moving it away from her hooded ball of nerves on her clit and rolled both us so I was on my back and she was on her knees, still straddling me, her fingers digging into my thighs as she rocked her pelvis forward. Placing another pillow under my head to get a better view and more leverage, while she rode me in reverse. Her round taut bum bouncing against my lower abdomen sending soft ripples rolling across her muscle as she came down hard, on top of me.

My hands placed firmly on either side of her waist, helping maintain a steady momentum as the sunshine streaming through the window, illuminating her skin and her silky soft wavy auburn locks as they trailed down over her shoulders. I missed her long hair; it being cut for the casino mission was disappointing but I was happy she chose not to keep her blonde.

“Rub my clit Jakobe,” her strangled cry and clenching inner walls meant she was close.

I tensed my abs, reaching around her and manipulated her pussy, fuck, I was close to blowing my load, “Mafia,” I groaned.

“Fuck, just like that… yes,” she ground her hips and I felt her bare down.

Suddenly she cried out, I felt her entire body tighten, her back arched as she threw her head back and groaned, her release setting mine off, my cock swelled and I shot my semen into her while she writhed above me. I jutted my hips upward, my body shuddering as my weapon bathed her insides in my juices. Her frame caved as her own orgasm ravished her body; I could barely keep my own focus as I guided her body back down beside me.

“I love you Priya.”

She sighed, tightening her grip on my arms as the encapsulated her, “I love you too Jakobe.”

We lay there talking animatedly, laughing and kissing, it was a perfect way to start the day and I was regretting having to go to work. An alert broke us from our sex haze; you could hear the continuous chimes from everyone’s cell phone going off throughout the clubhouse. I cursed, leaping to my feet and both of us getting dressed as quickly as we could.

These sorts of things only happen when there is trouble, every fibre of my being was alert and ready, tension rolled through my muscles as I clasped Priya’s hand tightly, “stay with me, I need you protected.”

She just smiled at me, which I thought was odd, fuck it, she’s up to something? My immediate thought had a ripple of worry and fear run over me.

Deon stood atop a table looking over the gathered crowd, “alright you fuckers,” his booming voice silencing the murmurs, “Techno has just picked up Yakuza movement heading straight for us… I need everyone loaded and in your positions, ready to fight. Lock your women away in the rooms, Ovella, mum and Kitty get to the towers, you three are my sharp shooters, Priya? You ready?”

My eyes bulged and I swung my head around glaring murderously at her, “the ledgers are in your office.” She was refusing to look at me; she knew I was fucken fuming.

“Go get them, meet me outside, I want you in-between Trigger and I, Brutus and Digger, I want you either side of me and Trig. MOVE!”

She took off like lightning and I grabbed Boomer and Flicker by the shoulders, “I want Leighton attached to both of your arses, where you go, he goes, give him a gun and keep him safe.”

They both nodded vehemently, changing direction and collecting him on their way through to their post. I walked out to the yard, to meet Deon as he stood with his arms folded over his chest and guns covering his body, I sneered as he looked at me, “what the fuck have you two done?”

He chuckled in my face, the cunt, “you won’t be so pissed if this works out the way we hope it will.”

Priya ran back carrying folder after folder, she placed them on the hood of her car behind us and then handed Deon a walkie talkie. “Techno said they’re almost at the front door.”

She glanced up at me from the corner of her eye to see me glowering down at her, my jaw clamped tight as I spat through gritted teeth, “What did you do?”

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