What I Needed

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Chapter 4 ~ Surprise

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

The large steel compound doors rolled opened as I took in my panicked child, “Leighton?” He was a dead ringer for me, dark, slicked-back hair, deep chocolate brown eyes, roman nose, strong jawline with a slight dimple to his left cheek, and same height at 6ft 2.

“Dad, I know I shouldn’t have come...” I rushed to him, giving him a warm hug.

I pulled back and held his shoulders, “what’s wrong mate?”

“I can’t do it anymore, Dad, I hate living there.” I enveloped Leighton’s brawny frame, something was definitely wrong.

“I’m not going to make you go back mate, okay, I never wanted you to live there anyway.”

“Are you going to tell mum?”

“Did you come all the way here on ya skateboard?” He followed me inside the compound’s walls.

“Nah, took the bus,” my son chuckled to himself.

“Should have called me, I would have picked you up.” I scrutinised his appearance, Leighton’s jeans were ripped, and not in the fashionable kind of way. His red long-sleeved shirt had a tear up the side, and the only thing’s he had on him was his backpack and skateboard - clearly, he had high tailed it in a hurry.

“Are you going to ring mum?” Leighton asked me again, which had me on concerned alert.

“Does she know you left?”

“She should have by now.”

“Why do you hate living there? You were two months out from being free.”

My child fell silent as we walked through the clubhouse entranceway, I thought it was because he didn’t want to answer the question, but as I glanced up, I notice something had caught his eye. Kitty and Priya stood at the pool tables, laughing and playing a game. At first, I assumed it was because of Priya, a spark of heated humour ran through my body. Just like his old man. But when princess moved to the bar, Leighton’s eyes remained transfixed upon Kitty, and I understood. “You wanna meet her?” He looked at me with a flushed face.

“Dad!” my boy cried with embarrassed.

“C’mon, I’ll introduce you later, Priya made up the pullout couch for you.”

“Who’s Priya?”


“Who’s Priya?”

“Um, a friend.”

“Dad... what kind of friend?”

“When did you get so nosey, huh?”

After Leighton settled into the bedroom, I decided it was time to introduce my fully grown boy to my brothers, but first, he had to see Aja - I stepped into the central kitchen.

“Aja, I want you to see somebody, you’ll remember him from when he was younger.”

Aja turned around slowly with tears in her eyes, “Leighton?” she whispered.

“Oh, uh, hey,” he said a little unsure; clearly my child did not remember Aja, then again, why would he? His bitch mother made sure he was no longer allowed near the club, at least until he turned sixteen.

Aja launched forward, sweeping him up in her tiny arms, “I have bathed you, fed you, and rocked you to sleep - my boy is finally home.” Watery happiness seeped from her eyes, for how gentle Aja acted, you wouldn’t think she used to be one of the world most dangerous contract killers. She may look soft and squishy, but even in her old age, she’s one dangerous mother fucker. “It’s about time, why are you here early? Your bitch of a mother will send the pigs after you, not that we can’t handle those assholes,” Aja released her death grip on him and cups his face. “Are you hungry? Tea’s nearly ready, or I can get you something else?” Guess everyone called Leighton’s mum a bitch and not just me, well at least we all knew it was true and what she did to ensure Leighton was kept out in my life.

“So the rumours are true, the Vice President’s son finally grew some balls and came home.” I laughed as Deon grabbed him and rubbed his knuckles in my boy’s hair. “Bout bloody time.”

“How do you all know me?” Leighton’s question made me sad.

“Mate, these are the people who helped me raise you when you were a wee tyke before your fucken mother moved so far upstate and then had the orders restricted due to my affiliation with the club, resulting in even less of a chance to spend time with you. I’ll show you the photo’s I kept later, it’s only natural you’ve forgotten them.”

“Well, that’s not happening anymore, I want nothing to do with any of them.” I noticed the clenched jaw and the hatred that swept across his face, both Aja and Deon did too, we gave each other a knowing look of, ‘something has happened.’

“You wanna talk about it mate or tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow, dad. Right now, I think it’s time we went, and I kicked your ass at pool,” he grinned broadly as Aja burst into laughter.

“You cheeky fucken shit, there is no way you can beat your Uncle Prez or me.”

“Damn right kid... maybe we should...” Deon leans out of the kitchen door frame and yells down the hall. “Hey Kitty, wanna be a forth?”

“Quit ya hollering, will ya?” Kitty struts in and her eyes widen when she sees Leighton, blushes and then turns to Deon. “What do you want, Prez?”

“My son here, Leighton, you two used to have baths together, reckons he can beat us at a round of pool. You wanna be his partner for doubles?” I threw my arm over my son’s shoulders and arched my brow at Kitty who was shifting nervously, I guess about the bath thing I just threw in?

“Sure,” she shrugs, pretending not to be excited. “Priya just went for a shower anyway, I got time.”

“Priya went for a shower?” Everyone snapped their heads to me, and eyed me suspiciously, “I mean, let’s play pool.”

“So, I’m Kitty, Katie-Anne, but everyone just calls me Kitty.”

“Leighton.” They shook hands but keep their sights on each other, I laughed at Kitty’s attempt at being coy. We headed out to join the club in the booze bunker.

A little while later, Priya appears, waltzing in with an air of sensual confidence, my gaze immediately on her, as well as others, littering the room. In fact, I noticed just how many men were watching her. Could I blame them? No... Priya looked incredible, she had washed her long auburn hair and left it to dry naturally. Wrapped in an off the shoulder red crop jumper and black high waisted skinny jeans with red heels, princess was looking all sorts of edible. Cadence, one of the new prospects, made his way over to her as she grabbed her drink from Brutus at the bar. I snuck over there to listen in on their conversation.

“What do you say we take a walk?” He is cocky I’ll give him that.

“Boy please, what are you, all of twelve?” I stifled my chuckle at her vivacious response.

“Baby, I could make you see stars.”

She laughed in his face, “you think that works? Do you think any self-respecting female will fall for that load of crap? I can make you see stars,” she teased in a mocking voice of imitation.

His whole posture stiffened as I emerged behind Priya. “You wouldn’t happen to be hitting on my woman, would you prospect?” Cadence’s face paled.

“Your-your, shit, Trigger Sir, I had no idea she was yours.” Cadence bowed and left as fiery green eyes turned to greet me.

“Your woman?” Her mouth was withholding a smirk.

I just shrugged, “yep, you got a problem with that?” I pushed on purpose, wondering how she felt about being claimed? But Priya just suggestively smiles up at me.

“No problem, only you can’t handle me. You better think long and hard about what you’re alleging because I don’t fuck around, Jakobe.” Priya grabbed her glass and headed over to Aja.

I take a second to adjust my cock and then head back to the pool tables. Priya had a hot spark and fuck it was attractive.

A little while later, I observe Priya and Leighton disappearing down the hall and into the sleeping quarters. I decided to follow, eavesdropping on their conversation.

“Your dad’s very proud of you; he showed me the albums he keeps of when you were...”

“What’s the deal with you and my dad?” Cheeky fucken shit.

“Umm, I’m not actually sure, to be honest.”

“What do you mean?” Fuck, when did my son become so inquisitive and forward?

“Well, he saved my life, Leighton... I owe your father everything.”

“And have you slept with him?”

I could hear how uncomfortable she was, but I wanted to discern where this line of interviewing was going. “No, what kind of a woman do you think I am?”

“I love my dad, and I don’t want to see him get hurt or be fucked over.”

“Leighton, I don’t ever want to hurt your father, I like him, a lot.” Shit, I need to step in now.

“Here, you two are...” I closed the door behind me, “you two, okay?”

Priya was staring at me with distress in her eyes and just nodded in reply. “Yeah dad, we cool,” Leighton responds before dropping his pants and slips his headphones on, climbing under the covers.

“Priya, you okay?” Her vision flashed to Leighton, and she gave a curt nod before grabbing her negligee and steps into the bathroom. My son had stirred something inside of her, I could tell.

Priya returned with her jumper over her nighty. “What are you wearing?” I was used to seeing her skin; I enjoyed princess’s skimpy outfits she’d wear to bed, now she was covering? Priya walked around the other side, lowering her frame between the sheets. Princess turned, keeping her back to me before she removed her sweatshirt. “Priya? What’s going on? Why do you have your back to me?”

“Shh, Leighton’s trying to sleep,” she countered.

This made me annoyed, Priya had gone cold, froze me out, something Leighton said had really struck a chord, unnerved her, and she lay there internally struggling with the impact his words had left.

I decided I’d had enough of staying away from what I desired, no doubt Cadence would have spread the word on Priya being my woman, I told her she was mine, I was going to take her as though she is my girl. I pressed myself hard against her back.

“What are you...” I covered her mouth with my hand as I ran my hairy chin along the curve of Priya’s neck. She responded instantly with a throaty moan of approval.

My tongue darted forward to lick the shell of her ear. “Now listen Priya, I just claimed you as my property in front of the club and as my woman, I expect certain things...” I whispered as her breathing increased, the left hand clamped firmly around her mouth while the right snaked up her thigh and under her nightdress, cupping her vagina. I felt her body stiffen as I lightly grazed my fingers over the thin fabric that hid her juicy slit.

“I know there’s confusion in your head, and I know you’re struggling with trust. I also know you want to be with me.” I moved the fabric to the side, tracing my fingertips over her shaven pussy lips, extracting another exhilarating throaty moan from her. Taking a quick glance over at Leighton, checking his headphones were still on, and his back was to us when I feel Priya pushing her core into my hand.

“I want you, Priya,” I whispered as my lips nipped at the soft surface of her shoulder. “You are so sexy when you’re under my control,” she moans again, and I thrust my fingers inside her centre. “Shh, Leighton’s sleeping,” I teased, slipping in and out of her wet hole. I could feel her tight walls clamping down around my thick finger, her breathing became more and more erratic. “I want you to cum for me, baby,” Priya whimpers while her right-hand slipped into my briefs and gripped around my cock. Fuck, there’s not enough lubrication for her to get a good slide up and down. “What are you doing, baby?” I quietly growled in her ear. I sensed her hand leave my now painfully hard dick, and her delicate fingers make their way into princess’s saturated cunt, scooping some of her pussy juices before her hand returned to my pulsing member.

Getting a good grip of as much of my cock as she could, Priya pumped my rod, up and down. I grunted into her ear as my fingers slipped in and out of her entrance and the heal of my palm knocked furiously against her clit. I found myself thrusting into her palm, quickly being tugged to the edge of my release, her walls clamped down with a strong vice-like grip just as Priya shattered apart, coating my digits in her juicy nectar and she released hushed, mumbled, throaty whimpers.

With her body shuddering against me, and her hand still pumping me furiously, jacking me off as I hip thrust into her hand. 1, 2, 3 and... sweet release. I exploded all over her back with a long groan of relief against her ear.

“You naughty girl,” I whispered, extracting my hand from her underwear and letting go of her mouth, my lips suckling at her neck. Priya turned her head into me, and I captured her lips hungrily before lifting her nighty up and over her head - it was covered in my cum, so wearing it was not an option.

We sat and peered guiltily in Leighton’s direction. Priya slipped my shirt over her head and laid back into my side as my lips gently brushed her forehead.

Without any words, we drifted into slumber - satiated for the meantime, but after the first taste, I wanted more.

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