What I Needed

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Chapter 40 ~ Yakuza

Priya’s P.O.V.

Jakobe looked scary, I mean, I had seen him mad, I’ve even seen him batshit crazy like the time he destroyed the clubhouse when he found out about Leighton being abused, but this… this was a whole other level of insanity and my body rippled with fear. “What did you do?” the words that slithered out his mouth held warning, a promise, that if I had fucked up as bad as he thought, there would be dire consequences.

I exhaled my deep shaky breath, “hopefully, you will forgive me because right now, I’m more terrified of you than an entire pack of Yakuza coming here.”

His tone dropped too deadly, he was in lethal biker mode and I was his target, “you have five seconds to explain yourself, Priya Antony.”

I flinched at the use of my full name, shit, I was in big trouble, I don’t think I could explain months of hard work in five seconds.

“Can the chatter, we need to look united on this because one wrong move and there will be war.” I inwardly thanked Deon’s fantastic timing, bless that man, bless him to heaven.

I heard Techno through the handheld communicator …Inbound in 4, 3, 2 and 1…

“Open the gates Techno,” Deon ordered and the large steel gates creaked and groaned.

First through the doors were twelve men on import bikes, they parked in a semi-circle, slipping their semi-automatic’s out from behind their backs and aiming them directly at us, just as three limousine’s entered. The first two parking either side of the third, which had come to a stop in the middle. Behind them, ten pitch black hummers, each containing several footmen; they filed out with their guns trained on the walls surrounding the compound and clubhouse. All of The Road Warriors had their weapons at the ready, fuck the air was tense, thick and pregnant with the absolution of ‘death will follow the moment you release your weapon’ and it was coming from both sides.

Four of the most monolithic men, I had ever seen, climbed out from the centre limo, cracking their knuckles and necks like barbaric Neanderthals, then finally… him. The devil himself, the man that tried to murder my father, the sperm donor to my wanker brother and the arsehole who my mother loved more than her own life… Takayama Saltora.

Standing this close to him was surreal, I tilted my chin and straightened my shoulders; I did not fear this man because he would not be here unless he was interested. Hell, the man I loved stood beside me emanating pure fury and I feared his wrath more than the devil incarnate. Takayama had definitely aged since I last saw him, he was not a tall man or particularly muscular but his reputation was what horror movies were made from and his beady little slits as black as night.

He gave me an amused smile stepping forward, “I was surprised to hear you were searching for me.”

“Rumour or fact? You left my mother’s dead body at the doc’s?” He chuckled at me,

“You look like her.”

“Answer the question.”

“Fact, she birthed a child I never wanted to use for entrapment. Now, you answer mine, rumour or fact, you disposed of a little problem of mine?”

I soundless laughed, “Oh, how I wish it were me… unfortunately, though, that honour belongs to my fiancé here; I only got a bullet in the bastard, this one pounded his face so hard it collapse inward.” I lifted my hand to Jakobe, whose murderous glower remained like concrete, upon his face.

“Fiancé?” Takayama arched his brow, “Well, I am grateful for the assistance.”

“You’re welcome but his target was purely his own doing, not for any favours, just so we are clear.”

“You may look like your mother but you run business like your father.” I clenched my jaw, happiness sparkling in his satisfied black eyes; he knew my father was dead; no doubt that little gold nugget had made its way around the underworld.

“So, I presume by now, Hideki has returned to you the figures, weights and quality of the product?” He snickered at me pushing forward and ignoring his previous jab. Fuck, I was always taught not to beat around the bush when it came to murderous bastards and business.

“He has, I’m curious because you have, in your possession some of the purest cocaine, you can cut it ten times over and it will still be a fantastic hit, why do you not want to push it yourself?”

“As you know, I’ve have been preened and primed to take over his empire since the day I were born, however, it seems I do not possess the heart. I want out. Pure and simple, clean cut break. I have 25 warehouses stacked to the brim, full of product. Thirty years ago an injustice was done and my father snaked you out of a deal…”

“A scar I wear to this day.” He cut in.

“Yes, well I’m offering a correction.” I took a step forward, paper in hand, the men on the import bikes tensed and so did our men. “Relax you, idiots, it’s a piece of paper,” I sneered at them menacingly.

He took it from my hand, opening up to the dollar amount I requested for the product along with the account numbers for the money transfer. “So the sale price was not a mistake?” He replied, eyeing me suspiciously as I stepped back into line between Prez and his VP Jakobe.

“The entire lot is yours; including the warehouses and land they sit on.” I felt Jakobe shift next to me; I knew he was not expecting any of this today and he was unaware of what was written down.

“You can make four times that amount, plus extra with the sale of the land in their prime locations?” He eyed me again, failing to see any hidden agenda. After all, I had none, I wanted out.

“I can, that’s true, but like I said, I’m offering a correction.”

“Do you have the paperwork?” He questioned.

“I have everything in the folders behind me, including the alias identities that the property is under, all of it ready to hand over with our signatures upon receival of the cash. I’m presuming since Hideki ran my offer past you, that you have the funds?”

“I do, I’m still undecided whether to trust your word, this could be a setup?”

I scoffed, “it could but it’s not. My path is heading in a direction, away from this business and away from this life; I doubt very much, a man like yourself would not have shown up here without the necessary leverage needed to screw us, if we screwed you, correct?”

A smirk formed on his thin tight lips, “it’s a shame you are affiliated with bikies, you would make a ruthless business associate.”

“I was trained well.” His smirk remained as he clicked his fingers, ordering the four mini-hulks into action.

The limousine boots were lifted and four briefcases were pulled out and opened. Takayama handed the first monolithic hulk replica the paper and he began to type furiously, then handing it down the line to the others. Firewalls and safeguards were set in place, Techno and I had made damn sure that once the money hit those accounts, it was completely untraceable and could only be extracted by Deon, Jakobe and myself. It had taken all of his skill and months to set up, starting back, when they done their first recon mission before I knew my plan in full. Shit, I even had to bribe him back then, now that I was Trigger’s Old Lady, he did shit for free.

After what felt like a hours, Deon was given the nod of approval from a bewildered and flustered Techno, so far he was the only one of them that knew the exact amount received in those accounts, he had to watch them after all, and make sure it was all electronically transferred and not a fake counterfeit bug. I walked cautiously forward, Deon, Jakobe, Digger and Brutus flanking my rare. We leant on the hood of his black limo as he perused the files and once satisfied, signed the necessary documents. The tension in my muscles from this entire transaction was near on breaking point, I was aching from how rock solid they had remained, ready to burst into action if need be.

“Well Miss Antony, it was a pleasure doing business with you,” he held out his hand for me to shake, which I did. Considering he viewed females below him, I was grateful for the respect.

“Thank you Mr Saltora, I hope our paths never cross again.”

He smiled at me before entering his ride, just as fast as they came, they were gone. Once the gate was fully sealed and locked into position, we remained still, just in case they returned, until finally, Deon ordered everyone into Gathering.

The Road Warriors collected a flummoxed Techno, gaping like an idiot at what had just transpired. As we seated ourselves into position, Deon raked his fingers through his long beard, his eyes unfocused as if he were contemplating, lost to deep thought. “Alright, first of all, today you all done a great job, I mean shit that was intense. Priya?” He turned to me, “there were 26 warehouses? Why did you keep one?”

I stood with a toothy grin, “turns out, the last one was stacked full of marijuana, a gift to the club?” I shrugged, “figured it would be more useful here, than in their hands.”

He chuckled, “well thank you, princess, we will take great care of that green.”

“Care? We’ll be high as fuck for days and then it will be gone,” Boomer cried out. An eruption of excited man snorts and squeals filled the room as they laughed animatedly amongst themselves. I held up my hands to silence them and walked over to Techno, collecting three tablets and handed Jakobe, Deon and Brutus one each, all of them containing the information, amounts and passcodes to access the money. They flicked through with wide eyes and pale faces, looking between each other in disbelief, after all, the final endpoint that the money had filtered through too, belonged to The Road Warriors.

“I’ve taken two mil as my cut; the rest belongs to The Club.” I had never seen their mouths hit the floor all at once, it was amusing, I loathed that I did not have a camera running.

“Priya, that was not our deal, our deal was for five mil, yet here its shows quadruple that amount, plus more?” Deon gripped the podium so hard, his knuckles went white.

“I know what our deal was Prez, but I got a reason for doing it this way, no more damn prospects tailing me, no more Kitty and Leighton duty and I get to come and go as I please, fully one hundred per cent above board, deal? I just want my freedom.”

He couldn’t help but smile at my cheekiness, I had balls, I knew I did, I had too, I was The Mafia’s Princess. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if any of you mother fuckers find a half-dead woman on the side of the road, leave her there.”

I walked down the aisle of confusion and ecstatic excitement, “enjoy the millions boys.”

I sat in quiet contemplation on top of Jakobe’s bed; his room an absolute mess with clothing littering the floor, dishes piled high in his kitchenette and the bed cover still half on the floor. I looked down at the leather vest I wore, the same insignia that was on the back, hung on the wall. Leighton’s pictures covered the room and everywhere I looked, snippets of my stuff sat, hairbrush there, shoes in the corner, my pants still hanging over the back of the couch. I smiled, knowing for the first time, I was truly home.

The door flung open so hard, it swung all the way back and slammed against the wall, “are you kidding me?” I couldn’t tell if Jakobe was happy or mad?

“What?” I paled.

“You’re just going to hand all of that money to the fucken club?” Oh, so that’s what that look is… he thinks I’m ludicrous.

I patted the mattress for him to join me and he begrudgingly dragged his feet and flopped down beside me. “Listen, the amount of good that money can do for the club is immeasurable; I wanted to do that…”

“You wanted freedom… from me.”

“What? No you lunatic, not from you, I just wanted to be able to be my own person, go shopping if I felt like it or leave and have pancakes at three in the morning, without a prospect watching me.”

“Are you sure you don’t need a break from me?”

“Yes, I love you, I love you with my whole heart and soul,” I chastely pressed my lips against his.

“Okay… but two? You only took two?”

“Jakobe, the reason Frazier was after me, was because of bank accounts, remember? My father’s bank accounts, I know we’ve never discussed it before, but assuming you still want to marry me? Two? Is chump change, meaning I have a whole lot more to my name than just two mil.”

“What?” The colour drained from his face, his chocolate browns lit with confusion.

“Now, I’m thinking we should go somewhere amazing for our honeymoon. Maybe Hawaii? Although Aroha was saying New Zealand is nice too.”

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

“Hey, Trig?” A few weeks had passed and the party the night of the Yakuza deal, was so big, that we were all still recovering. Techno called to me as I was heading for work, my mind on replay after last night’s luscious action between the sheets with my Mafia.

“Sup, Techno?” He pulled me by the elbow and shut the door behind me.

“You remember when you came to me and asked me to find Nevaeh? Well, I need you to watch this.” He pulled up his screen, it was an internet music gossip show, “I found this a few days ago and tried to follow it,” he clicked play.

‘Ah, how the mighty in show business always fall. My name is Jack Riley and you are watching the Glitz, Glam and Goss. It seems aspiring new artist Heaven, or rather Nevaeh Zuli, has taken a tumble from grace, as in, all the way from Grace Records, with reports stating she has been dropped from her record label. Steven Shaw has yet to release an official statement but suggestions are, she has one hell of a drug problem. Her song, Take me to Church, has been pulled from all downloading platforms and the last time she was spotted, she was leaving the hospital. Tsk, tsk, tsk why do they all end up that way? Coming up next…’

“Stop it,” I ordered. “Eva is not one to touch drugs?”

“I know, I thought it was odd too, so it took me a bit, I hacked into the hospital data base. She was signed out by someone else but I have an address.” He handed me a piece of paper with scribble on it.

“Something has happened to her, we need to find Deon’s girl. Have you told Priya?”

“No, you said not too.”

“Good, keep this info between us, Priya likes to think she is running things but this is my duty to fix, if she asks you if you’ve found anything? Say nothing; don’t tell her I’m looking too. It’s a few months shy of a year since we’ve seen Deon’s little angel and we need to make damn sure we do this right, she may be in trouble or worse, she may not want Deon back.”

“No worries VP.”

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