What I Needed

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Chapter 41 ~ Nevaeh

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

When your heart is damaged you do stupid things, thankfully, Priya had managed to pull Deon’s excessive drinking into line, thanks to money, that man had the sense to see the Club could use that little nest egg for days of struggle, though he was fucken flummoxed by what my Mafia had actually intended. Shit even I was blown away.

“Hey Mafia, I got some club business to attend to, out of town, I’ll be gone for a few days, you gonna be alright while I’m gone?” I packed up my pack while she was in the bathroom.

“Sure, I’ve got some planning to do for our wedding anyway, where you going?”

I chuckled to myself, “baby, you know I can’t discuss that.”

She poked her head through the doorway, “fine, I’m still not privy to info, huh?”

“I would if I could baby, but these rules are to keep you safe. The shit thing is, you’ve broken a lot of them and we kinda wanna restore order.”

She rolled her eyes, “damn boys club, maybe I’ll start my own club, with no boys allowed.”

“Who you gonna have in it? Kitty, Aja and Ovella?” Suddenly, a hairbrush went flying past my head, “damn it, woman, that almost hit me.”

“Don’t think I missed accidentally Jakobe Sloan, my club will be way cooler than yours.”

This fucken crazy arse woman, “when I get back, I’m taking you out.”

“If you take me to another strip club, so help me god caveman, I will tear you into pieces.”

I walked into the bathroom just as she was pulling up her underwear, “I’ll miss you.”

She snapped the elastic against her skin and looked up at me with a big smile, “I’ll miss you too.”

My lips pressed against hers, my tongue caressing hers with passionate fervour. “No masturbating while I’m gone,” I warned against her lips.

“You won’t be here, how will you know?” the cheek of this woman.

“Oh, I know, I can always tell the difference between built up frustration and a calm orgasm.”

Her face fell, “how?” I chastely kissed her again, “how? Don’t you walk away from me, how Jakobe?”

“Bye Mafia, I love you.”

“Come back here, Jakobe, how?”

Laughing heartedly, I exit with my pack slung over my shoulder, down the bedroom quarters staircase, through the common room, through the food hall and out through the booze bunker’s side doors. Since we had decided to patch in the prospects, I used the lie to Deon, that they needed a huge run; the prospects, of course, didn’t know we were patching them in. Prez agreed, so as I made it to my bike, Phil B, Rocket and Brocky were waiting, ready for one hell of a long ride and this was going to be a very long ride, a whole fucken day and half the night in fact.

We finally arrive into the small town of Nevaeh’s mystery address, once we were checked in to the motel; it was time for some shut eye. I texted Priya to let her know I was safe and we climbed our numb arses and crooked backs into bed. Shit, I was getting too old for these long runs. I prayed the morning would be easy, first up, the address.

Knocking on the door, it was plain as day this place was squalor. The boys remained on their bikes, keeping watch from below, of the unit block, there was no answer. I was disappointed, to say the least, where the fuck do I go now?

We started the Harley’s, heading for a diner we spotted in the centre of town. I should call Techno from there, to see if he knew where the next place to hit up would be but as we were sitting at the table, just after ordering, who should happen to walk in? But… her.

Nevaeh looked awful, she had sunken in eyes, black bags like she hadn’t slept for months. For an already tiny woman, she resembled something of a skeleton, her entire body appeared weak. She never made eye contact with anyone, didn’t smile and floated around like she wasn’t even there, with a distant and vapid expression.

Her boss, a rather burly man, screamed at her frequently through her eight hour shift, while she did resemble a common junkie, the fact that she had a job proved otherwise and as we kept our distance, watching her from afar, she collected her stuff from behind the counter and headed home but she was not there long, instead, what I presumed she was doing, would sleep for two hours, then head for her night job, in the laundry department of a nursing home.

As we re-conned the premises and her workplaces, there were a few things that became very obvious,

1)She was not on drugs.

2)She lived with a woman, with four kids, all different ages.

3)She lived on six hours of broken sleep, she must be exhausted.

4)She barely ate anything from what we could see.

5)She was not happy.

I think all of us perceived her to be living the dream when in reality, she was actually living a nightmare, a sad, very lonely, desperate horror. We had to intervene, no, Deon had to intervene, he had to be her saviour, her knight on a Harley… he had to be her hero.

There were many times in my life where I would go without food and they were hard, both mentally and physically. The jobs she had would be minimum wage, so where was her money going? Did she have to pay back the record label? Was she in debt to someone? Was her brother taking it? Too many unanswered questions.

“What are we doing now Trigger? It’s been a week, her movements haven’t changed.” Phil B asked, squashing his smoke butt beneath his shoe.

“We go home, we tell Deon about land we found and that we want to show him and we get him back here. You tell no one, you hear me? No one will know about what we were really up to here.” I would have preferred to leave one of them here, to keep tabs on her, she wouldn’t last much longer at this rate and it was clear she was suffering. Why wouldn’t she just roll back into town? Her old apartment had not been rented and her friends were there? I knew Priya would accept her back, no questions asked, so what was her hesitation.

They all nodded in united agreement, as we straddled the bikes, lifting the kickstand and slowly took off. It had been too long since we’ve been gone anyway; we needed to get these boys patched in before we left again to reclaim Nevaeh. She needed to come home and there was only one man for the job.

We finally arrived back in the middle of the night, I was so fucken sore and in the foulest mood, I missed my woman and I was going to have to make the long trip again. I’m greeted by the very mind-blowing sight of my Mafia with her bare naked arse on my side of the bed. Her auburn hair dishevelled and sprawled out around her like a hair halo.

I slipped out of my leathers and jeans, folded my cut and placed it on the sofa, then slid a pillow under her hips, so her arse was well presented. Extracting the lube from the drawer and trickled it over her hole, after all, I didn’t want to wake her… just yet.

I hadn’t wanked once while I was away, if she had been ordered to not masturbate then I wasn’t going to either, but it also meant I wasn’t going to last long. I ran the head of my straining cock up and down her slick folds; she whimpered and slightly moved before I pushed in.

Instant relief flooded my body, her centre felt incredible as it clenched around me, adjusting to my size, but thankfully, she did not wake. I slipped in and out slowly, relishing the feel of her contracting inner walls, my lips burning against her warm back then she stirred and moaned, I froze hoping I had not woken her in my need to fill her with my cock.

“There is only one man whose dick feels that divine,” she croaked out.

“Shit, sorry baby, I didn’t want to wake you.”

I continued my slow thrust into her, “no Jakobe, having your fuck stick probe me wasn’t going to wake me at all.”

I chuckled at her sarcasm, “well, I missed you and was impatient.”

“Don’t leave me hanging then? Fuck me, caveman.” God, this woman.

I got straight to work, “I’m not going to last long baby.”

“You can make up for it in the morning, now fuck me.”

Pumping as hard as I could, grabbing handfuls of her luscious arse, within maybe two minutes I blew, coating her insides.

“I’m sorry,” I heaved flopping down beside her, “you didn’t even cum.”

“Oh right Jakobe, like I didn’t enjoy that at all,” she teased, curling into my body.

“Well, I just… I…” was feeling a little shit I blew so quickly?

“Shh, I know for damn sure you will make up for it, in the morning. I missed you.”

There was a late start to the morning for me, when I woke, I found the bed empty. Where the fuck was Priya? I showered, dressed and then headed for Dion’s office, knocking on the door and opening it… to my woman? Her laptop open as she sat at a new desk that had been added beside Dion’s.

“Prez? I just… what the fuck?”

“Good morning baby, how did you sleep?” she beamed up at me.

“Ah, Trig, welcome back.”

“What the fuck is going on here?” I questioned, looking between their amused faces.

“Priya is taking over the accounts, since she majored in business, she was a perfect fit for the job and honestly, I fucken hate paperwork.” Deon extended his hand, offering me to sit. “How was the run?”

I actually felt proud of her, she was getting involved in the club, proving to me, again, she was a part of us and our future with The Road Warriors. “Good, although we found something, I want you to see.”

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“Well, we always talked about having a holiday place right? Somewhere we can go to relax?”

He ran his fingers through his beard, “You think you found a great spot to invest in?”

“More than great, this property…” I paused, thinking on how to word it without causing suspicion, “holds the key to your future.”

“Wow, it sounds amazing,” Priya interjected.

“So what are you thinking? We put in an offer or you and I head up there?”

“How about we all go? After the boy's patch in party?”

“You’re patching in the prospects?” Priya again interrupted, receiving a scowl of disapproval from Deon. “I mean, I heard nothing.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her, I know for her to be in the Prez’ office, she would have been told to keep her mouth shut on any club business and no opinions allowed, but it also meant she had earned her place here and after the way she handled the Yakuza deal, he would be keeping her close for guidance. Good for her, she deserved it, she was an asset to our club and definitely an asset to me.

“We are remodelling the room next door, she’ll have her own office, but for now, Miss Mafia flappy ears will be listening in, despite me warning her she is not to hear anything.”

Yep, I called it, “considering the extent she’s been trained, it’s probably a good thing she’s around,” I winked at her. “Anyway, about the… property?”

“Sure, we could all do with a break; we’ll head up there after the Patch party, stay a couple of days, get a feel for the town and then head back. How long is this run, anyway?”

“Well, if we continue straight through, maybe, sixteen hours, I can’t give you an exact, the boys and I didn’t do the straight run.”

“Do I get to go?” Priya interrupted again, her inability to keep her mouth closed was hysterical.

“Priya,” Deon growled.

“Sorry Prez, sheesh, I know… Be invisible,” she rolled her beautiful green eyes, “but do I get to go? I wanna see too.”

He pinched the bridge of his nose, inhaling deeply, trying to keep his calm. “Yes Priya, you, Leighton, Kitty… the club, we all go.”

She smiled wickedly, “Gee Prez, anyone would think I was irritating you?”

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