What I Needed

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Chapter 42 ~ Patching Prospects

Deon’s P.O.V.

“Mum, why won’t you come?”

Mum had been a little quiet as of late, she was coming and going a lot too, I had no idea what she was up to but I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like it. We sat in her room, after dad passed away and I took over, I didn’t have the heart to remove her from the room her and dad shared. His things still filled the empty space, even after all these years.

My eyes fell upon his boots, still sitting at the doorway as if they were waiting for his feet to fill them, next to them, rested her slippers. This was the love I had lost, that suffocating reminder that you were once happy and complete.

“Deon, my place is here, the whores will keep me company and I have your cell if we need you lot, you go and enjoy a few days away, you deserve it.”

My stupid mind, operating my mouth and I fly out without really considering her feelings on the subject, “He’s not coming back mum, he’s dead.”

“Yes, I know that Deon.” Mum snapped at me, I knew she was close to losing her temper. I surrounded her body, enclosing her in my arms.

“I didn’t mean to upset you, it’s just, you spend so much time here, don’t you want to get out? It’s been a long time since you’ve ridden your bike.”

She sighed, “My place is here, without Rex, I have no will to ride, my adventure ended the day he died, now, I just fill in time till we meet again. I was hoping my days would have been seen out with grandchildren but now, that dream seems impossible.”

“Mum,” I growl, “let it go, if she wanted to come back, she knows where we are. But she doesn’t.”


“No mum, no but’s… now, tonight we have to patch in these prospects and we are swearing in the pledges, so are the vests ready?”

Mum walks over to her sewing table, lifting the lid of her seat and pulls out three flash, brand new vests. “The whores and Old Ladies have started on the food, Brutus and Ovella are stocking the bar and Trigger is installing their new tanks with the Road Warrior’s emblem on them.”

“Thanks, mum, listen, we’re not leaving for a few days, just think about it, ah? This property we’re going to see, Trigger thinks holds the key to our future as a club, the damn bastard is being cryptic as fuck. It would be nice if you were there.”

She cupped my face with her tiny hands, “I will think about it.”


“We’re not impressed prospects; I hope none of you were counting on this as your lifestyle?” The boys were tying up Phil B, Rocket and Brocky, the sadness on Rockets face was hysterical but I had a feeling it was more to do with the fact, he lost his best mate Cadence and now he wasn’t going to be patched. Oh, if he only knew.

“Ah, it was worth it, I’ve seen more pussy this year than I seen in my entire life.” Phil B, ever so cocky, his remark made everyone crack up. Brocky however, remained silent with a grin on his dial. It’s like that bastard was always five steps ahead of us.

Trigger Blindfolded them and we marched them out the back to Priya’s car, dropping them all in the back. She revved the engine, kissed her Old Man goodbye and then took off, out the steal gate like a bat out of hell. Her mission was to give them the ride of their lives. With her driving skills, there was no doubt they were going to come back green.

Boomer brought in the two new pledges ready to be prospects, they were scrawny as fuck and both looked like belonged behind a desk rather than in our MC but shit, if they wanna try? Flynn and Ferguson was their names and before they even get to become a prospect, they had to prove they had guts, after all, this patch was for life, we didn’t need any lily pansies mucking around our club.

“Right boys, you wanna become a prospect? We need you to collect three things and bring them back, the first, a midget.” The boys chuckled to themselves, yes ‘midget’ was not politically correct and if women were around, I probably would have used the correct term, but they weren’t and being Prez offered me a certain amount of leeway for my dickery attitude.

“But there’s only one midget in town and she’s…”

“Did I say you could speak?” My dominance was on full display, Ferguson shut his mouth immediately. “Bat-shit crazy, we know. Secondly, you need a red velvet cake, shaped like a pair of tits and a vagina… each, not together and third, you need to retrieve the three-legged bull mastiff from the junkyard… oh, and be careful, cause if that dog latches on, you’re fucked. You have until tomorrow.” They scampered off as quickly as they could, I’d never seen such scrawny legs move so fast, guess they were serious about becoming brothers.

Inside, the club whores and other Old Ladies were setting up the tables with food and mum was running around, organising their new rooms, now that we were patching them in, they get to move up one level and off the ground floor of the sleeping quarters, with new occupants taking their places. We had one hour to get everything set.

The boys filled up the paddling pool in the centre of the common room and stacked the platform, which was just three pallets and a slab of chipboard. We were going to pretend they were being pushed off the cliff and into the ocean. I won’t even mention the time Flicker patched in and pissed himself. To be fair, I probably would have too, dad was hell mean when it came to this stuff.

Right on schedule, Priya comes hurtling in the gates, ending with a 360 spin and parked perfectly in her usual spot; think she just likes to show off sometimes because she can’t ride a bike. The three of them though, definitely looked green and ready to vomit; Princess, on the other hand, looked refreshed and rejuvenated. I heard her whisper to Trigger about how much fun that was and that Phil B had cried out for his mummy. This made me crack up laughing.

Pandemonium broke out, everyone was screaming at them, pushing them roughly as they were led into the common room and up on the platform. Leighton and Kitty flicked on the industrial fans to represent the wind blowing at the top of a cliff face. All others in the room were ordered to remain silent.

“Right maggots, you failed to make it into the Road Warriors. Because you did have a tough year we’re going to be lenient and give you the option of confessing your sins and then jumping into the ocean or you just get pushed in and hope you don’t land in hell.”

“Alright, I’ll go first,” Brocky shuffled forward. “Prez and VP Trig, the first week here, dared me to jack off on Flicker's pillow, the next morning he walked out with it on his face… see you in hell wankers.” Brocky goes to jump, the fearless shit, Boomer grabbed him just in time, Flicker though, looked like he was ready to murder all of us.

“Now hold up Brocky, you pledged together you die together. Who’s next?”

Phil B was shaking in his boots, “I st… st… stole a p… pair of Ovella’s underwear a… and k… k… keep it I… in m… m… my pocket.” Trigger grabbed Brutus before he smacked him out, then Trig reached in his pocket to see if he were telling the truth, he was. Ovella stood there horrified by his admission and collected Brutus’ hand dragging him behind the fans.

I tried desperately to contain my amusement, “Rocket, your turn.”

“I loved every minute of this year, everything I did, was worth it, I have no doubt Cadence would have said the same.” Mum placed her hand on her heart; it was a touching thing to say and a reminder of why we're such a close group.

The brothers began the countdown, “5, 4, 3, 2…” They jumped about half a metre into the paddling pool, their heads whipping from left to right, wondering what the hell had happened.

The boys cut their duct tape and pulled off their bands covering their eyes, “CONGRATULATIONS BOYS,” their prospect vests were pulled off and their brand new leather vests were shrugged on, each adorning their new road name.

Phil B was now Ballsy because man, did that kid have balls.

Rocket was renamed Flames, on account of him lighting himself on fire, several times, throughout the year.

Lastly was Brocky, who was now ‘The Spy’ because he could be in a room and no one even knew he was sitting there.

The cheers went up and the eruption of happiness exploded, tonight was going to be a party unlike any we’d ever seen. The whores dragged out the chocolate pudding pools for wrestling in, the music was blasting through the sound system and dance floor was littered with gyrating, horny Road Warriors and easy, saturated pussy.

It’s days like these that relieves some of my heartache, I wish I had the ability to be able to sleep with someone, start the healing process but I guess a part of me still feels like one day, she might return, knowing how much she despised the whores, if I gave in to one of them, there would be no chance at her forgiving me. But it has been almost a year… maybe it was time to close the book on my Little Angel? Maybe it was time to say goodbye? Tonight, maybe I should fuck a whore?

Trigger nudged my arm with his elbow, offering me a drink. I side glanced Priya with her damn eyes trained in on me, waiting for me to reply, “No thanks man, I need to put my life back together.”

I saw Priya’s damn triumphant smirk, “Lemonade?” she offered.

“Fuck off princess.”


We loaded up the bikes; Trigger was like a damn kid on his birthday, bouncing from foot to foot.

“C’mon you fuckers, daylights wasting,” Trigger cried out. “Leighton, you got everything you and Kitty need?”

“Yeah dad, Kitty hurry up,” he hollered out, “you’ll see Aja in a week.”

Kitty made her way to Leighton’s bike, “quit ya hollering, I’m coming.”

“Jesus, this place must be something, he’s been giddy all morning.” Priya snuck up next to me, I damn near pissed my pants when she spoke.

“Did he tell you anything?” I attempted to hide my jolt from her surprise apparition.

“No, I even tried to fuck it out of him but that sexy bastard is determined to stay silent.”

“C’mon Mafia, let’s get your helmet on?” Trig called but Priya turned to face me directly.

“He wasn’t even this excited when we got engaged, this property better be on top of a fucken dragon or some wicked arse shit like that.” I laughed wholeheartedly at her before she plastered on a fake smile and headed towards him. “Jakobe, I’m not gonna lie, your exuberance is freaking me out.”

Trigger’s face fell, “you, my ball and chain, will eat your words when you see ‘the key to our futures’.”

There was something in the way he kept mentioning ‘the key to the future’ like there was something more to this property than meets the eye.

“Mum, are you sure you won’t come with us?” Mum had been dodging my questions all week.

“Positive, I need to shoot any mother fucker trying to stake claim on our home.” Her smile in her reply did not meet her eyes.

“Well, Digger is staying behind, his little girl is flying in this weekend, it will be the first time he’s seen her in a year and Aroha and Techno are staying too, while there’s no club business, he wants to take her around and show her the sights. Oh, and can you get the new prospects to return the damn dog to the junkyard, Mike’s ready to press charges thinking we’re keeping it for good.”

“See, I’ll have plenty of company Deon and now a mission to pull newbies into line, try not to worry son.” I leant forward and kissed her on the cheek.

“If you need me…”

“I won’t, but thank you.”

I nodded and revved my Harley before taking off, heading for some unknown magical place.

Fuck, sitting behind a desk has made me soft, my damn arse is numb, my back is aching, Trigger still has a fucken smile on his face and apparently, we are still a few hours out from our destination, so I call it. I need a fucken rest; maybe I don’t have the heart for this anymore?

We pull into a highway Inn, they seemed terrified at first to give us any rooms at all but when Ovella, Priya and Kitty went in, instead of the big bad bikies, they were able to wrangle up some apartments. After decent rest and a shower, we were ready to hit the road again, but first, it was time to get a haircut. I walked into a barber, the guy behind the chair was a friendly gentleman, so with a new hairdo, I felt a little lighter.

“No fucken way.” As I walked out to meet the rest of the mob, Trigger was the first to notice. “No beard and shoulder length hair, who the fuck are you?”

“Can it VP, I needed a change.”

The boys were whistling and hollering like damn cowboys at a rodeo, yes, I looked drastically different, I started growing my beard when we left high school, so when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked by my drastic change too.

“You look very handsome Prez,” Priya commented.

“Is that my brother?” Kitty came up to touch my face, “it is, I don’t believe it.”

“Kitty,” I warned.

“You look just like dad, can’t wait till mum see’s.”

Knowing I looked like my Old Man made me smile, I loved him, he was my best friend, there wasn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and the legacy he left behind.

We finally pull up in the town of Jakobe’s mystery property; he was bitching and complaining about food, so we stopped into this small diner. The place reminded me of an old fifties burger joint, right down to the colours used and the furnishings.

Sitting at the tables, staring at the menu’s, I couldn’t help but see the patron’s skedaddle the moment we sat down, even the marshmallow of a man whom I presumed owned the joint, looked like he were about to shit himself.

There were two other waitresses tending to the other tables, filled with our club members, when a tiny petite thing speaks, drawing my immediate attention and my heart stopped. It couldn’t be? Could it? Surely not? I needed my eyes checked, I wasn’t her, she’s a celebrity now… but It fucken is.

My mind went blank, she was thinner than she’d ever been, her curly tresses pulled back into a ponytail, her hazel’s were darker and sunken in, the bags under her eyes showed that she hadn’t slept in what looked like days.

“Welcome to Ricks, my name is Nevaeh, let’s start you off with a round of drinks.” She hadn’t even looked up from her note pad, her line delivery was in a monotone voice as if she were on autopilot, all robotic, the place was completely silent, yet she still hadn’t noticed how one minute it was bustling with noise and the next, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone one was just staring at her with their mouths open. I could feel the lump that had formed in my throat; the colour had drained from my face. “Do you need more time to look at the menu?” She asked, still not looking up from the pen on the pad, waiting to write down our drinks.

Jakobe pointed at me like he’d won the lotto, “fucken told you.”

She slowly lifted her head and her eyes widened with shock. “Little Angel?”

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