What I Needed

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Chapter 46 ~ My Family

Deon’s P.O.V.

Rex was going to grow up to be a night owl, I knew this because for the past two weeks the little bugger had kept Nevaeh awake all night, every night. As I sat there with my son in my arms, on the sofa that faced the open balcony doors, guzzling back another bottle of formula an amusing thought crossed my mind. This son of mine was going to be a tit man. I realised this because that rubber nipple was permanently attached to this kid’s mouth.

As I was chuckling to myself, thinking that lack of sleep was causing me to lose my damn mind, I felt a warm hand upon my shoulder. “Put him in his cot and come to bed, you look exhausted and I should be doing that, not you.”

“Nah Little Angel, you’ve been suffering for two weeks, I’m right for one night, you get some shut eye.”

She wandered around to the front of the sofa and extracted Rex, tapping his back gently until he burped and then placed him in his cot. I groaned in appreciation, the moonlight filtering through the open doors hit her white nightgown, the silhouette of her naked frame through the thin material had my cock twitching. She had awoken the animal within me, unsuspectingly.

We had not slept together since she had come home and while we kissed and touched every chance we got, she still had reservations, though, I always knew she did. When she slept with someone she handed over her heart, that’s just the way she was… pure… innocent… an angel.

As she wandered back, I expected her to sit beside me. My head hit the back of the couch and I closed my eyes attempting to stop the arousal that flared through my body. But she didn’t sit beside me; she climbed on top of me, straddling my hips. This position was not good for calming my sexually lustful desire for her. “You’re so amazing with him, Patient, loving, all this time of missing you, wishing I was in your arms...”

With my eyes now fixated on hers, she clutched the hem of her nightgown and lifted it over her head, my mouth hung open. Was she really ready? Was this really about to go down?

My mouth moved of its own accord, drawing her pink pointed nipple into my warm wet cavern and she groaned at the exquisite feel, pressing her core into my growing stiff rod. “Deon,” she throatily moaned, “I want you.”

“Fuck Little Angel,” I growled against her bare chest after releasing her tight bud. “I want you too, but I don’t want to hurt you, you’re still healing...”

“Deon please,” she pleaded, “touch me, make love to me the way you do in my dreams, the way you used to, I love you.”

With passionate force my lips claimed hers as she sat naked astride me, my fingers dug into her hair as our tongues grazed against one another’s and our lips moved as one. Her tiny hands lifted the waistband over my now fully pronounced cock and stroked, in sync, as much of my wide girth as she could hold. Her hands had always felt like silk, hell, her entire skin was the softest flesh I had ever touched.

My right hand left her hair, my rough fingertips glided along her neckline, down her chest, fondling her nipple as she panted into our connected kiss, down over her tiny stomach until my thumb found the tip of her pussy. Her triangle patch of pubic hair still kept well-manicured even after all this time. My insides were reeling in desire, it had been so long since I had feasted on her delicious centre but in this moment, I did not want to stop and switch positions, so I will have to save that for breakfast.

As I rolled the pad of my thumb over her hooded clit, her back arched as she tore her lips from mine, a strangled cry of pleasure pushed out from in her. She was slightly shaking, rolling into my touch, desperately trying to keep an even stroke on my seeping rod. I knew her body was being ravished by pleasure eliciting from my thumb ministrations and I relished in the sight of her utter enjoyment.

“Oh, Deon,” she mewled.

My mouth enclosing around her beautiful breast once more, arching into my face as my tongue toyed with her bud, her thighs began to squeeze either side of my hips as if they were trying to clamp shut. “More,” she throatily ground out, “I need more.”

Fuck, she was angelic. Nevaeh lifted up, gliding the head of my cock along her saturated folds, coating me in her juicy arousal before sinking all the way down to the hilt. I could feel her lush, inner walls clenching rapidly, strangling my very neglected member and just like that, she came with a long drawn out groan of months’ worth of built-up frustration.

The way her passage hugged my cock, her hole crafted especially to accommodate my penis only, I knew I needed to think of something, anything, other than my own angel riding me before I lost my shit and came to early. As she rose and fell, massaging my monster buried inside the most exquisite pussy I have ever felt, I was hypnotized by her bouncing mounds as they jiggled on the front of her chest.

“Fuck, Little Angel…” I grunted, unable to hold steady. My feet planted flat on the floor, I pushed through my muscular legs, raising my hips to meet her downward thrust.

The force of our combined actions, had me sucking back sharp breaths. I had chosen not to bed any other women because I knew they would never measure up to this divine goddess crying out on top of me and I was proud of my choice, she was all I wanted, this, her, us, she was exactly what I needed.

Remnants of her milky release still covering my cock as it slid in and out of her erotic centre, I felt her body start to quiver. She was close, her body always responded so well to mine.

I gripped her hips to stop her movements, my face now buried in-between each breast as I thrust at rapid speed up into her. She was praising god loud enough that I had no doubt the sound would filter through to the rest of the clubhouse but I didn’t care, fuck, half the time, sex was the only sound that could be heard in this fucking place.

“Deon,” she screamed out as her thighs trembled and her walls clamped down around me.

I exploded, jutting my hips as I grunted my release, our orgasms so powerful that I cried out too, throwing my head back as my cum bathed her insides. Both of us panting so loudly that for a small moment, I was both blind and deaf. The euphoric haze began to subside as our minds flittered back to earth and we became aware of our surroundings.

I flattened my tongue and stroked her pink nipple before reaching up to cup her face, forcing her eyes to focus on mine. “Marry me, Little Angel? Be my Old Lady, never leave me again.” She whimpered as a sob ripped from her throat, “marry me?” I repeated, “I can’t live without you.”

The tears sprung for her blue eyes as she shook above me, trying hard to suck in air. “I can’t live without you Deon,” she sobbed, “I love you.”

“Then marry me, be mine forever.”


My heart leapt for joy, I wasn’t prepared for the proposal, hell, I didn’t even have a ring but she had said ‘Yes’ and that was all that mattered.


The following morning as I carried our son in my arms, we were greeted by the club members smiling faces. It was a little unnerving walking into the food hall and having them all focus on you.

Trigger and Brutus looked like they damn near wanted to jump out of their skin, “morning,” Nevaeh spoke gently, clearly displaying an uncomfortable and freaked out posture beside me.

Some of the boys laughed then started to mewl and make sex noises when suddenly, Boomer cried out, “oh god, oh god, ooooohhhh Ddddeeeeoooonnnn.”

Fucken bastards, they had most definitely heard. A sadistic smirk danced across my lips as I placed Rex into his bouncer next to mum.

“What’s that arsehole? Jealous you didn’t get any?” He threw his head back and laughed, the gigantic ranga bastard.

“Nah, just happy you’re happy Prez.”

“Yeah, well… she also agreed to be my wife last night too, but I guess you fuckers never heard that bit.”

Their faces paled before everyone leapt to their feet. The place erupted in a flurry of cheers as bulky bodies landed atop of me, cocooning me in the pile-on of Road Warriors.

Once I managed to worm my way out, I looked over to see mum was a crying mess and Kitty, Ovella and Priya were all hugging my Little Angel tightly. I meandered over to mum, who was a spluttering heap of snot and tears, “you okay mum?” I asked placing my hand on her back.

Her arms flew around my shoulders as she mumbled in my ear, “Deon, you’ve made this old woman so happy, your father would be so proud of you.” She grasped the side of my neck as she pulled back, “do you have a ring, or was it spontaneous?”

“Spontaneous, we’ll go looking…”

“No, no…” she cut me off, “back when your father rescued me, the club didn’t have a lot of money, definitely not as much as this place has now but he saved every penny he could and brought me this.” She pulled her engagement ring from her ring finger, keeping her wedding band, I began to object but she placed the ring into the palm of my hand and closed my fingers around it. “His one request was that this ring be given to you when and only if, you found that one woman you loved more than life. Go place it on your love's finger my son and never let her go.”

I held mum tightly, hugging her with everything I had in me as my eyes glassed over. I walked over to the huddle of women, Ovella was the first to spot me as I got down on one knee and she pulled my sister out the way while silence swept over the excited food hall.

“Officially, I mean I know I asked you last night and I had every intention on getting you a rock so big that it would break your finger but mum said dad wanted me to have this, for when I found the woman I loved more than life…” Nevaeh’s tears ran down her pink cheeks, “… thing is, you are my life, home, my family. You and Rex are all I could ever want, much more than I deserve and all I will ever need, so officially, Little Angel, be mine forever?”

She crouched down and knelt on the floor with me, “yes Deon, a thousand times yes.”


My office door flew open, Priya and I looked up in surprise to see a wide eyed Techno staring back at me. “We’ve had a hit… but fuck it ain’t good.”

“You’ve found them?” I stood so fast that my chair tipped over and hit the floorboards with a loud crack.

“Not only have I found them but you won’t believe who they’ve been hanging with.”

***Can you guess who their partner in crime is?***

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