What I Needed

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Chapter 47 ~ Hunting For A Prick

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

“That fucken prick.” I was inconsolable; clearly, we had underestimated the fucken arsehole. Flicker was standing there with his camera around his neck, the photographic evidence sprawled across Techno’s computer desk.

“We have to handle this, before it blows into a catastrophic situation,” Deon pointed out the obvious.

“I think we’re already there mate,” Brutus chimed in.

My mind was reeling and all I saw was red, I was gonna murder that bastard. “I should have ended his life when I had the chance, I just thought… “FUCK!” I growled.

“He saw all of our faces; he knows what he’s doing. I need to protect her, this whole time we were focused on other things and thought this situation was dealt with, this is on all of us.” Deon gripped my forearm, “all of us Trig, we underestimated the cocky sonofabitch, this time they all get a bullet… agreed?”

“Done,” I spat through clenching teeth.

“Agreed?” Deon turned to the others in the room.

“Agreed,” the men spoke in unison.

“They are not that far away, we ride out there, wrangle them up like a heard of cattle and slaughter their arses.” I looked at Deon with absolution hellfire burning in my eyes.

“You do what you want with Nevaeh’s father and brother, but this bastard…” I pointed to picture facing us on the desk, “he dies by my hands.”

“Right, well, pack your shit, we ride out tonight.” Deon ordered as we all filed out of Techno’s lair.

Ian Cavery, you stupid man, your days are numbered.

Leighton was waiting for me with Priya as I entered the bedroom, “what ya doing here mate?”

“I saw the photo’s, I heard you guys in Techno’s, I want in.” Leighton’s gaze was unwavering, he was ready to step up and take his revenge.

“You think you can handle that?” I asked him, folding my arms across my chest, “He’s not going to live.”

“Won’t be the first life I’ve taken, hell, you trusted me to help with Priya and the Mafia takedown, I need to do this dad.”

I looked over at Priya, she had obviously been informed about what Leighton had heard. “Thoughts?” I asked her.

She inhaled deeply and then focused in on me, “this is the world we belong in, if the kid says he needs to do this, then I think we should trust him. He’s proven himself time and time again, he didn’t shy away when it was time to fight, he stood up and became a man everytime something was thrown his way that should have sent him running for the hills, he has your blood flowing through his veins. If he falters you’ll be there with him.”

Fuck, she was right, he’s had to grow up faster than I would have liked but he endured years of abuse at the hands of that arsehole, it was time for him to lay his own demons to rest. “Done, pack a bag, enjoy these last few hours with Kitty, we ride out tonight.”

“Thanks dad.”

Priya stood to her full hight and pointed her finger between us, “you two take care of each other out there, you have each others back’s and you BOTH… come home. She may have birthed you Leighton and you will always love your mother that’s to be expected, but god damn it, you are my boy too and I’ll will face off with the devil himself if anything happens to you.”

Leighton bursts in to laughter and heads for the door but before he shuts it behind him, “thanks Priya… for everything.”

She smiles to herself; fuck could this woman get any cuter?

“Priya, I love it when you get all mama bear protective.”


We had been riding for hours and the longer it took to get there, the angrier I became. Why the hell didn’t Leighton’s mum call me? Did she really hate me that much, that she would allow her husband to associate with such filth in order to erase her own son’s father from his life?

Her own actions pushed Leighton away, not me and I’ll be damned if I was going to allow that piece of shit to continue to lay into my son. What the fuck was she thinking? I thought she had more brains than that.

As we rounded the corner of the flashy pompus neighbourhood that Leighton was moved to and unfortunitly grew up in. The street gossips were on there front veranda’s watching the procession of bad bikers roll in, guess Leighton’s mum heard it too because there she was on the front porch, smoke in one hand, wine glass in the other and the most sourest look on her bruised face.

We parked the bikes and I got off, placing my helmet on the handle bars. I looked back at Leighton, he just shook his head in a ‘no’ action and I nodded. Think he was still angry and didn’t want anything to do with her. The boys got off their bikes but didn’t come in.

I sat down beside her on the chair. “What are you doing here Jakobe?” Her tone was bitter laced with annoyance.

Leighton’s mum used to be pretty; she looked pretty fucked up by the state of her. Her blue eyes sucken in and her blonde hair looked ratty and unwashed. “Lavic, don’t throw poison at me, you know very well why I’m here. Where is he?”

She scoffed before taking another long draw back on her smoke, “well he ain’t here.”

“That his handy work?” I pointed to her face, then noticed more bruises upon her exsposed skin.

“Yep, started drinking real bad when you lot got to him, now he just shows up randomly to fuck me up and then leaves.”

“You’ve known me long enough to know that I was always going to protect my son.”

“Jakobe, you have no idea what it was like or what went down here, you just heard what Leighton said and ran with it, you never think about the concequenses of your actions.”

Now was my turn to scoff bitterly, “you and I would never have worked and you’ve spent fifteen years making my life as difficult as possible, all because I didn’t want a relationship with you…”

“We had a child together; you wouldn’t even give me and you a shot.”

“So you allow some bastard to belt up our son continuously? Because, I never stayed with you?”

She leant forward and butted out her smoke in the tray, “no, I tried to protect him but he wouldn’t shut his god damn mouth. He brought it on himself.”

“He was a damn kid.” My temper was starting to rise, if we were going to get anywhere, I needed to calm down. “Lavic, there is a whole lot wrong with everything you just said there. Where do I find him? This piece of shit has shacked up with some pretty shady characters, prison folk and we think he’s coming for revenge.”

“Are you going to kill him?” Her face betrayed her and showed the happiness twinkle in her eye.

“Yes, you seem happy about that.”

“Jakobe look at me, he comes in the middle of the night and after he’s raped me, he beats me to a bloody pulp. I am happy; he’s worth more to me dead then alive.”

“Shit woman, I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this but I need to know where he’s at.”

She sighed, “He hangs out in a bar called Lucky’s, near the hospital where he used to work.”

“You wanna say anything to Leighton, he’s down there?” She looks over to the collection of men, I knew she could see our son but she turned away with anger.

“No, I haven’t spoken to him since his birthday; he made it very clear how much he hated me.” Her eyes welled with tears, “just keep him safe Jakobe, do the job I could never do.”

“You can still fix your relationship Lavic.”

“No, no I can’t, I let him down… just let me know when the bastards buried, so I can file the missing person’s report.”

She stood up and walked to her front door, “What about your other kids?”

“His life insurance will give them a better life.”

And with that, she closed the door. I made my way to my boys, gave Techno the bar name and he GPS’d the address as I walked over to Leighton.

“Your mum’s in a bad way.”

“I know dad, I could see the bruises from here.”

“You wanna say anything to her while I’m here?”

His chocolate browns met mine with a steely cold look, “nope, Priya has been more of a mum to me than that bitch, she protected her other kids and left me to cop it all. She’s dead to me.”

While this outcome wasn’t the best, I understood his reaction. “No worries mate, you’ll always have me and Priya and we’re proud of you, just as you are. Now let’s get this wanker.”


We pulled into Lucky’s carpark; the place looked like a dump. I doubted it was any better on the inside. The number plate, DR CAVERY immediately drew my attention. The Prick was definitely here, thank you Lavic.

“Right, this isn’t our turf and we have no plan other than, KILL THEM MOTHER FUCKERS!” Prez looked furious, I knew that he was in catastrophic mode, hell; he is his father’s son after all. “Keep your bandanas on, Techno, you stay out here, check out and make sure there is no camera’s in the area or in that bar. If there is any pointing in our direction? Move em or cut em completely. I want this quick. Digger, you drove the van, you still alright for them to be loaded in it?”

“Yeah Prez,” he nodded.

“Good man, right, on Techno’s signal, we file in.”

Techno was ferociously tapping away from the passangers seat of Diggers van, surrounded by tech equiptment, that man’s skills never cease to amaze me. All of us remained stationary, guns in hand and bandanas covering our faces. Before we left, we switched our cuts for normal leathers, knowing the coppers would recognise the insignia if we wore them. Everyone was covered, no tattoos could be recognised and no defining marks to implicate the club or us.

“Alright Prez, you got twenty minutes,” Techno shouted.

Men on a mission, we made our way into the bar.

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