What I Needed

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Chapter 48 ~ Retribution

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

The sunlight streamed in the dark and dingy bar as we filed in with guns drawn, Leighton and I spotted Dr Dip-shit straight away. The useless wanker didn’t even bother to turn around.

We strode over and pulled up a stool either side of him as we deposited our pieces onto the benchtop, I took a quick glance around as the other drunks sat with their mouths wide open. Some had dropped their glasses and smashed them on the ground with their hands in the air; others still had their drinks half way to their mouths.

I tapped my middle finger on the countertop glaring at him with an arched brow. He swayed slightly and turned to meet my deadly eyes, then flipped his head to his right to meet the identical eyes of my son. “Fuck,” he muttered.

“I thought my instructions were clear?” My tone was low and dangerous.

“You bunch of fucken wankers, what the fuck do you want?” he slurred with seething anger.

“Well, Ian… I think you know why we are here.”

“To give me a high five? Sorry, you sliced off my fingers, how about a high two?” I threw my head back and laughed, that was a clever joke even if he did bite at me bitterly.

“I met a club Prez a while ago, cut off a cunt’s middle fingers and middle toes then asked if he wanted to high five… it was just as funny then as it is now.”

“Piss off and leave me the fuck alone.” I could see just how much hatred he had towards me.

“Does it feel like someone else when you wank?” His eyes tightened to slits as the boys chuckled. “Where are they?”

“Who?” I gripped his thigh tightly, purposely digging my fingers in.

“You know who, Nathan and Brian Zuli.”

“I don’t know who the fuck you’re talking about.”

“Oh Ian, I think you know exactly who we are talking about.” I pulled the photo from my jacket and threw it down in front of him, twisting in my chair to face him.

“Huh,” he bitterly huffed, “you think you are so clever, don’t you Sloan?”

“Well, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but yes, I will always be smarter than you.”

He laughed like a crazy maniac, “You’re all dead.”

I collected my gun, deciding I’d had enough of this and put it against his temple. “I know what you’ve done to Lavic, now where are they?”

“Lavic was a shit wife, always trying to protect your spawn.”

“That’s a load of shit cunt, she never protected me,” Leighton interjected, shaking with rage.

“That’s where you’re wrong little boy, you were leverage, to get everything I wanted.”

“You’re lying,” Leighton sneered.

“Am I? See, I went to school with your father here, oh, and Deon and Brutus too. They still don’t remember me though; they were always too consumed by their popularity and the girls that flocked around them. Back then though, my name was Ian Mullens…”

“Muffin Top?” Brutus screeched out in surprise. Ian swivelled around quickly with a menacing look on his face.

“My name is NOT MUFFIN TOP.”

Deon and I were a little thrown, I had no idea this was the same bloke from school. “I mean obviously not anymore, you’ve thinned out now… good for you,” Brutus adds an extra jab.

“Anyway, my mum remarried and changed my last name to Cavery.” He turns back around, taking another swig from his glass. “Lavic was my girlfriend, we were meant to leave school, go to college together, get married and live happily fucken ever after. Well, that never happened did it, because your slut of a mother decided to fuck Sloan here and screwed up my life. When I rolled back into town a few years later, oh, how my luck had changed or so I thought, she still didn’t want me, that’s when I began to threaten your life and like the coward bitch she is, she gave in to my every whim. The one thing I didn’t count on was she still held hope Jakobe would love her, pined after him like a damn puppy. Even after I moved her away.”

“You sick fuck, that shit happened seventeen fucken years ago and you’re still holding onto it?” I couldn’t help the words as they flew from my mouth in disbelief, I was floored, what a lunatic.

“I’m patient with my revenge.”

“Or psychotic,” Deon spits out.

“I’m gonna make this real easy on you. There’s some abadonned and half demolished office blocks near here, you call Brian and Nathan and tell them to meet you there. Say we landed and need to hash out a plan. If you don’t, we shoot you now and you will never see the light of day again.” Even though I was threatening him in a round about way, my intention was always to bury this motherfucker, nothing had changed.

“Fine, they’ve become more of a liability anyway, only after Deon’s girl, always refusing to see the bigger picture, wanting more and more money.” He whips out his phone, scrolls down his numbers but before he presses the call button, “I get your word that I get to walk away?”

I look over at Prez, a smirk danced across his lips. He was thinking the exact same as me, “yep.”

Ian moves to put the phone against his ear but I snatch it and press the loud speaker.

…You calling about our money?...

“Fuck you Brian, they’re here.”

…The fucken bikers?...

“Yes them, just rocked up to the house, the wife called all hysterical, we need a plan.”

…What you thinking?...

“Meet me by the abandoned office blocks on Montgomerry Drive, five minutes; we need to sort out something to get rid of them quick.”

…Sorry two stroke, can’t do five minutes…

“You meet me or you don’t get your cash.”

…Fine, five minutes…

The moment he hung up I had to ask, “Two Stroke?” He narrowed his eyes at me and held up his thumb and his index finger, I burst into laughter and so did the room while his top lip curled in hatred. “Oh, Ian, you are too much fun.”

Flicker took a photo of every person in that bar and threatened them with unfathomable torture should they feel the need to rat about the days events.

I clasped Two Stroke, loving Ian’s new nickname, by the neck, took his mobile and pulled him to the door way, “You said we were done, said I was free?”

“Yep, after we have those arseholes.”

I pushed him all the way to the van and threw his drunken arse in the back; Techno was pulling up our meeting point rendezvous and looking for the best entrance. We huddled around Techno as we hatched out a quick plan, then hit the bikes and took off to our meeting point.

As we hid out of sight, down the road, Two Stroke watched in the direction he thought they’d be approaching from. After several minutes, he almost leapt out the door, “that’s them, that’s their car.”

The roar was deafening as we started up, hanging back enough so we could cut them off as they exited the car. Just like sheep to the slaughter house, they got out and leant up against the boot of their shitty Red Ford Fiesta.Their faces paled as we surrounded them, guns trained on the bastards before our feet hit the pavement, they knew they were fucked and we knew it too.

The power of knowing you’re about to end someone is intoxicating. Brian’s face screwed up at the realisation that had been played and played by the drunk they were trying to utilise as their own person piggy bank. Deon strode towards them, by his rigid posture, you could tell he was in a frenzie and thirsty for their blood, after all, they were threatening his family.

“So the suit sold us out, how much did it cost for him to squeal on us?” Brian’s jaw was clenched so tight, the muscles in his jawline protruded from the side of his face. Nathan, having been on the receiving end of Deon’s heavy fist already, flinched upon his approach.

Deon cackled like a witch brewing her potion. “Nothing, he done it for free.”

“The bitch send you here?” he enquired.

“I think you mean my fiancé and nope, I volunteered the moment you showed up on our radar. This I’m going to do for fun. See the problem is, you messed with the woman I love and well, we don’t look kindly on fucktards that threaten our family.”

“I was an innocent party. My father coerced me into it, I love Nevaeh…” Deon went to cut Nathan off but was bet to it by Brian.

“You weak piece of shit,” he growled, “don’t you get it? You’re going to die no matter what boy, the least you can fucken do is be a man about it.”

“What was your plan exactly? Please, inform us and we might let you live.” Deon was taunting them; he was never going to let them walk away. “Nathan? You wanna live, don’t you?”

He side glanced his father, all three, Nevaeh, Nathan and Brian all possessed the same hazel eyes. Knowing that must kill Deon’s Little Angel. “Yes, yes I wanna live.”

“Well?” Deon grabbed Nathan by the shoulder, kicking his legs out from under him and placed the barrel of his gun at his head. “Start talking.”

“D… d… dad met these guys, I… I… in prison, hired hitmen. He was trying to get the m… m… money to… to…”

“To what?” Deon sneered dangerously.

“To take her out,” he squeaked the reply like the terrified little boy he is.

*BANG* Deon pulled the trigger, remnants of blood splattered the concrete and Brian motioned forward ready to slam his fist into him. Boomer, Flicker, Brutus and I all fired at the same time and Brian’s lifeless body fell to the ground.

I walked back to the van, sliding open the door to a crazed out Ian Cavery laughing hysterically to himself. I pulled him out, his legs flailed about as he tried to fight me but his strength was no match for mine.

I sat him in-between the lifeless bodies of his accomplice conspirators, I took a step back, I didn’t want my clothes tainted with his loser blood. Raised my gun, “Dad wait,” Leighton stopped my action. “I need to do this.”

“You said I could go, be free,” he screamed. I had never heard a grown man wail like that before.

“Mate, taking a life in defense and murdering someone is two different things. With the Mafia situation, we were protecting our family, this piece of shit… his face may haunt you for the rest of your life, are you sure you want that on your conscience? Mine was sacrificed years ago, what kind of father does it make me, if I allow that to burden your soul?”

“The best man and father I’ve ever known. For years, I received his brutal punishment, not only physical but mental. I was repetitively told I was worthless, called things like faggot, stupid, weak all because I refused to back down and give in. When I was at my lowest, you would call and build me back up again, telling me how you love me, how awesome I am and proud of me you are, and how you can’t wait for me to be sixteen so I can finally come live with you. See, with all the damage this fuckwit was inflicting, your words, your support, it all restored my confidence in myself. You believed in me and made me want to fight. He already haunts my dreams… now… now I have to make peace with it in my own head and bury the man who could not destroy me.”

Fuck, this was my son? My kid? This amazing man that had been through so much and yet, come out of it with a blazing fiery unstoppable spirit. “Then you do what you must, I’ll be right here if you need me. Not one single one of these Warriors will blame you if you can’t take a life in cold blood.”

“I know,” he nodded with a small smile. Ian was a spluttering mess, crying, screaming and trying to bargain his life for money. We are his justice, a man capable of such heinous crimes and yet, he walks around, unpunished. He admitted to using my son’s life as leverage, so Lavic, Leighton’s mum would bend to his will, he spent years torturing my son abusively and now, has spent these past months raping and belting my kid’s mother. He needed to be served and on this day, we were the executioners handing down his sentence. Leighton inhaled a deep breath as a sheen of cold callous hatred crossed his face, a sheen every single one of us Road Warriors wore when it was time for action. “I take pleasure in knowing you will go straight to hell,” he said.

*BANG* Leighton had put a bullet straight between his eyes.

“Spy, Flames and Ballsy,” Deon called out to the newly patched in, Brocky, Rocket and Phil B. “Hide the bodies, leave no trace of our existence, then catch up with us at Motel Oasis, two towns over. Digger, Techno and Gravel, you go with them, make sure you all come back safe.”

“Yes Prez,” they collectively murmured.

“You did good Kid, real good. Fuck, your father, Brutus and I were packing our pants our first real kill.” Deon praised my son before we jumped on our Harley’s and hauled arse out of there.

Today would be a day, I will never forget.

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