What I Needed

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Chapter 5 ~ Building

Priya’s P.O.V.

Last night things escalated out of control quickly, Leighton was in the room, he could have heard us? Oh god, what if he did? I will be highly mortified at my shameful actions, though, I’m praying his headphones were loud enough that he didn’t hear a squeak.

I never expected things to go that far, I know what I have to do, but I just do not have the strength to turn away from him. Jakobe is far more than just a mere fuck, not that we did that last night. He saved my life, nursed me back to health, and kept me safe, completely away and off the radar of Frazier. Frazier... his name makes me blind with fury and my skin crawl in repulsion, I can’t believe he did this to me? He will pay.

I sat up in bed, peeking over at Leighton still fast asleep, it must have been early, I could hear the rain hitting the roof and light hadn’t made its way inside the room yet. Sometimes, I wish my mind would shut up long enough for me to get some decent rest, my memories of what happened before I arrived here, seemed to haunt my dreams as well as tarnish my daytime thoughts. I leaned over and pulled my burner phone off of charge beside the bed, and glanced to the side, to see Jakobe still asleep while pulling up my news feed and rapidly scrolling through.

Damn it, still nothing.

This is a good hideout here, this is safe, even though I was taught it wasn’t. They would assume I am dead, but they still can’t get access to the money. With Dad missing and now me, they will soon find out their crucial mistake, and if I am here, I can still access it. Idiots.

I feel his warm hand slide up my back as I put the phone down, Jakobe’s muscly arm comes up and wraps around my front to and pulls me into his warm embrace. With his stubbly jaw tickling at the curve of my neck, I closed my eyes, relishing in his comfort and light, Jakobe’s soft lips brushing against my flesh.

“You smell so good, every time I’m near you, like vanilla,” he whispered in my ear as a pleasurable shudder ran through my body. I couldn’t help or stop the way my body thrummed in such delight at the warmth of Jakobe’s breath along my skin and the safety of his hold. Why him? I knew, to be Vice President he had bathed in blood, would have to be an exceptional fighter, especially, to obtain the physique he boasted and would be well versed in the illegal protocol. The unlawful was not my concern, in fact, neither was blood, I had grown up surrounded by criminal and violent everything; my burden was knowing what awaited me outside of these safe walls.

“What are you doing?” I ran my fingertips gently over the solid muscular arm that covered my chest, Jakobe not missing the opportunity to fondle my breast.

“I want more of last night,” his heated tongue lapping at my earlobe and I groaned. A bolt of heady arousal shot straight to my vagina.

“I do too, but not with your son in the room. We were careless last night,” Jakobe understood and lifted his head to check Leighton was still asleep.

“I’ll talk to Prez about him getting his own room, maybe next to Kitty?” He pecked at my searing flesh.

“Did you see that spark too?” I asked excitedly.

“I did, I hope Prez didn’t - he’ll fucken kill Leighton.” Jakobe’s hand made it’s way into my knickers again, but really, I was powerless, I wanted his hands on my body, I craved for more. “You know you never gave me an answer to being my woman?” My smile warmed as I turned in his hold, his hand never leaving my knickers, just moving to grasp my ass instead of my hairless, throbbing mound.

“I actually thought my intentions were quite clear?” Throwing my leg over Jakobe’s body and moving to straddle him as his palms now traced the front of my physique, pushing his shirt up to get Jakobe’s first glimpse at my drastically erect nipples. He groaned as I ground my pelvis against his beautifully rigid cock. I was not at all disappointed by what I felt lurking beneath his briefs, his one-eyed monster appeared to feel far bigger than I had ever anticipated. “You can’t handle me, Mr Sloan.”

“Ooh, Priya,” Jakobe mewled as we continued to rub against one another.

“Nope, don’t destroy the teenager,” a tired voice chastised from behind us. Fuck, how was it possible I kept forgetting Leighton is there?

I dropped down immediately, with crimson flooding my cheeks and slid off Jakobe. “I’m so sorry,” was all I could muster in my embarrassed state.

“Fuck mate, I love you, but we need to get you your own room,” Jakobe laughed sitting up.

“You mean, you’re really not making me go back?”

“To ya, mother?” Leighton nodded, “no way mate, I’ve always wanted you with me, but we need to talk about your reasons for leaving, so I have ammo to throw at your mum. The coppers will send a unit out here if she’s contacted them, but they know better than to come sniffing around this club.” His words were thick with warning and truth, I knew from experience the cops couldn’t do shit to high rolling criminals.

“Thanks, Dad,” Leighton blew out a strained breath of relief. What an odd reaction?

“You have to finish school though mate, maybe the same one as Kitty, and we’ll teach you to fight, so you can protect both yourself and Kitty. You choose to be here with me, it’s not going to be a walk in the park, you’re going to have to learn to shoot and...” Jakobe peeks at me as if realising he just said too much.

“I already know how to shoot, and fight,” I shrugged my shoulders as Jakobe narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“Uh, as well as other things,” he continued, “but we’ll talk about that later, first things first... breakfast.”

As the other two left the room and I got up to shower, I heard a soft knock at the door. “Come in,” I called.

“Priya, are you alone?” Kitty’s innocent voice filtered through Jakobe’s space, finding me in the wardrobe.

“Yes, Kitty, in here. Are you alright?”

Kitty seated herself on the bed, with a huff. “Prez has told me that Leighton will probably go to school with me,” she appeared defeated, upset by the revelation.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t see what could possibly be upsetting about that?” I sat beside her, thankfully, still dressed in Jakobe’s shirt.

“I think, I have a crush on him,” she admitted.

“That’s okay, I reckon he likes you too,” I smiled encouragingly, but Kitty’s head dropped forward, and she frowned deeply. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m not exactly... liked, at my school. They bully me, and I don’t have any friends. The ones who pretended to be my friends only wanted too so they could get closer to my brother. The moment Leighton sees just how much of a loser I am, he won’t want to hang out with me either.” Her face held such sadness, and I wanted to march straight up to that school and shoot every one of those nasty bitches.

“You listen to me Katie-Anne,” my tone was fierce, and I stood for emphasis, “you are an amazing young woman, any man that is lucky enough to catch your eye, should thank their fucken stars at how such an incredible person could even glance their way. As for those fuckheads at your school, the only reason they bully you is because they are jealous of you. Look at you, Kitty...” I pulled her to her feet and forced Katie-Anne to stare at herself in the mirror. “Look at yourself, Kitty, you are gorgeous...” I was practically screaming at her, “you take my breath away by how absolutely beautiful you are, they will never be as attractive as you, but what makes you so absolutely remarkable, is the fact that you are gorgeous, inside, as well as out. Those skanky bitches will never obtain an inch of the goddess allure you hold, and you deserve to have friends that can see your value, not assholes that want to tear you down.” Tears flowed from Kitty’s eyes, she turned and threw her arms around me.

“Thank you, princess Priya, thank you so much.”

“Come on, it’s time for you to gather your stuff,” we roamed to the open door. “Kitty, if they try to bully you again, I want you to call me. Okay?”

“I will. Thank you, Priya.”

“You’re most welcome.” Katie-Anne disappeared out the doorway and up the hall, but as I tried to shut the door, a hand forced it back open, and I jumped back in fright. “President Deon?”

“Hello Priya,” he glared me up and down with a distinct scowl of disapproval, maybe because I was still wearing Jakobe’s shirt.

“What can I help you with?” I stood my ground with an unwavering glare. My whole life, I have had to deal with assholes that aim to intimidate me, I am not as weak as they assume.

“I heard what you said to my sister...” I remained utterly silent, awaiting his next words. “I appreciate what you said to her...” I could feel my slits narrow in suspicion. “I don’t trust you, I know that Trigger, Kitty, and my mother Aja, have been blinded by your ‘sweeter than thou’ act, but I am not fooled so easily, and I’m watching you. You are not allowed off these grounds without my permission, and you will come clean about who hurt you... eventually, one way or another the truth is always revealed, then I will decide your fate. But, I do appreciate you emotionally helping my sister, in more ways than one - apparently.”

“She is a wonderful young girl.”

“Yes, and if you let her down?...” Deon takes a threatening step forward into my personal space, “I will kill you. Do not confuse the love I have for my brother, Trigger, as safety from punishment if you hurt my family. You are hiding something, I can feel it, you are smarter than you show and your politeness grants you access to my compound where others are denied. You move inconspicuously, that makes me suspicious of what your motives are? So, I am watching you, got it?”

“Loud and clear,” I replied through gritted teeth.

“Good!” Deon nodded, leaving the room. I released the breath I had been unconsciously holding in.

Fuck this, I’m going to have to figure out some plan and fast, maybe I could trust them? Perhaps the consequences won’t be as bad if I fessed up now? But I can’t, look at what happened? Those men I trusted and they almost destroyed me. No, I cannot place my faith anyone but myself, and maybe Kitty; she is the first real friend I have had in such a long time. Yes, I will trust Kitty.

It was heading into the afternoon, and I figured now would be an excellent time to clean out my car, just in case I had to make a quick getaway. I was bent over in the front, emptying the rubbish and sliding my secret bullet compartments back into place after calculating my supplies. Two large hands gripped my waist, and my body jolted in fright, I reacted on impulse, my hands grasped the steering wheel and headrest, and I jumped, kicking both feet backwards and landing them with full force into Jakobe, only spotting him at the very last minute before his ass hit the floor. “Jakobe!”

He clutched his stomach, “fucken hell, babe,” I leapt forward to cradle him.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

“Why the fuck did you do that for?” He growled, getting up off the floor.

“I’m sorry, I was thinking about what happened the last time I was in my car, I panicked and reacted, I’m so sorry, Jakobe.”

He got up from the ground and stormed inside. I stood back up and decided to finish what I was doing before I just attacked the object of my obsession, his ego was really about the only thing I bruised, but bruising a man’s ego was about the worst thing I could do.

Later on, when I wandered inside, I found Jakobe at the table in the booze bunker with his men, Leighton and Deon. I went to say something, apologies again, but he held up his hand to stop me, so I walked out. Jesus Christ, it was a little kick, why is he acting like such a whiny bitch for?

My phone began to ring, and I frowned at the number, “Kitty? You alright?”

“Priya?” She sobs into the phone, “can you come to get me?”

“Yes, where are you?”

“Still at school. Priya, please don’t tell Prez?”

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