What I Needed

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Chapter 51 ~ I Do

*** Just a reminder, I accidentally broke my laptop, so I will try to update as much as I can but please bear with me, it's hard on your phone, thank you. <3 ***


Priya’s P.O.V.

As I sat there on top of the toilet lid, balling my eyes out, I was so thankful I had not done my makeup yet. I spent the last three months since the Hen’s do finalising every detail, meticulously planned everything, from incorporating The Road Warriors colours and insignia, to the fighting fish centrepieces with the motorbike candle holders that surrounded them. The back storage shed had been cleaned out for us to use for the reception, it wasn’t a normal storage shed, it was like four sheds in one. The girls and I had decorated it with fairy lights and purple calla lilies, the same flowers we used to farewell Dad at the beach, it made me feel like he was there, even if he wasn’t.

The vows were to take place in the yard, blue and green chair covers were placed over the seats and a blue velvet runway lay in the middle as the aisle. Jakobe and Leighton had built a stage with the front on a Harley crafted from wood, protruding out each side. It was positioned in-between the shed and the clubhouse, so the thick forest was our background as we said I do.

The speakers were all set up, the fridges were stacked with booze and Leighton had spray painted The Road Warriors emblem on the concrete floor of the shed, as our dance floor. The knives, forks and spoons were already on the tables; they had a skull and flames carved into them, identical to the napkins that they were placed on top of.

Everything was perfect, just the way Jakobe and I wanted it and all of it representing my undeniable commitment to the club as their VP’s woman. But I could not stop the tears as the leaked like waterfalls from my eyes, my hair was perfect in its high ballerina bun with diamontes glistening as the sunshine streamed through the bathroom window. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Knuckles hit the door, “j… just leave me,” I spluttered out, sucking back large gulps of air.

“Mafia, it’s me. Open the fucken door.” A sob ripped from my throat and I coughed, trying hard to control the sadness as it took control of my body.

“Y… you’re not t… t… meant to s… s… see me Jakobe,” I must have sounded like a crazy lunatic because next minute the handle goes flying into the bathtub and Jakobe busts through the broken door.

I threw my hands over my face and rocked back and forth in my white G-string and strapless bra atop the toilet lid, sobbing uncontrollably. “What the fuck is the matter?” he growled.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” was all I could manage as I held my lips closed, forcing myself to keep the cries in and not let him see me like this.

“What the fuck is going on? Do you not want to get married? Have you changed your mind?” He sounded so worried as he crouched down in front of me, placing his hands on my arms. I shook my head from side to side, “then why are you so upset?”

I lowered my hands and my green orbs connect with his fraught and terrified chocolate brown orbs, “it’s… m… m… my wedding day.” I finally managed through a chattering jaw as I blew snot into the toilet paper in my hand.

“Yes?” He drawled out, desperate for an explanation. “I don’t get it, help me understand… what is going on?”

“I can’t drink,” I squeaked out then burst into more tears, climbing onto him as his butt fell backwards onto the tiled bathroom floor. He held me tightly, his arms were always the safest place in the world for me. “You look s… s… so handsome,” I sobbed.

I was true; he looked delicious in his black suit and green tie with blue flames. He must have left his room in a hurry because he wasn’t wearing his cut. My head banged against his chest as he chuckled, “what’s going on Priya? I’ve never seen you like this, why can’t you drink?”

His tone laced with concern, “b… b… because,” I spluttered, extracting the home pregnancy test from between my breasts, leaning over and picking up the other two from the floor, under the pile of crumpled toilet paper. “We’re p… p… preg… nant.”

I looked up at him with his eyes the size of saucers, “WE’RE PREGNANT?” He screamed in my face.

I nodded ‘yes’ but before I could say anything else, his lips crashed into mine, hard and rough. You could hear the groan from the other side of the broken door and the high pitch squealing. Jakobe leans back, lying flush with the tiles, taking me and our joined lips with him, collecting the sticks from my hand.

“Fuck you Priya; I thought something drastic had happened.” Deon growled, ripping our lips apart to look up at him as he stuck his head through the splintered and shattered door, “you better get this fucking fixed, Trigger.”

Jakobe thrust his hand with the pee sticks in it; up in the air, “we’re going to have a baby Prez,” he smiled giddily.

“Yeah, yeah, congratulations man, now are we getting you two married off or are you just going to fuck on the floor and make us all wait? Hey… didn’t you piss on those?” He beamed back with a cheeky grin.

“Fuck you Prez; I wiped them when I was waiting,” I bit back.

“Alright arsehole, shit.” He cupped my face, “I’m so happy, now are you going to continue to wail like a crazy person or are you going to meet me at the end of the aisle and become Mrs Priya Sloan?”

Thankfully, I had calmed down drastically and was able to talk properly, “I wanted to get really drunk and have sloppy wedding night sex,” I pouted.

“Fuck Mafia, you couldn’t be any cuter if you tried. Now, put that bloody dress on.”

I stood up, helping him off the floor and we walked out the bathroom into our room. Leighton, Kitty, Aja, Deon, Nevaeh, Ovella, Digger and Brutus all stood there clapping and saying congratulations. I rolled my eyes and snuggled further under Jakobes arm, god he smelt good. He lifted the pee sticks and held up my chin with the ends of them. “Mafia, I love you. Will you be okay from now on?”

I nodded, “I think I just got a shock.”

“Okay, so I’ll see you in thirty minutes?” he asked gingerly.

“Thirty minutes?” I screamed in panic, “get out, I’m not ready.” I pushed him out the doorway and the other men followed too, all except Digger who was walking me down the aisle.

I heard the men muttering about ‘bloody crazy women’ and Jakobe growls at them before screaming again, ‘we’re going to have a baby’.

What a man, I loved him more than life. It felt good to unload but as I turned back around I saw them all staring at me, “enough will you? I have to get ready, now that I had my freak out; it’s time to get married.”


I stood there nervously shaking my fingers, “you okay, princess?”

Digger took my arm and looped it around his, “never been better,” I smiled at him.

The girls were wearing beautiful baby doll aqua short dresses with sparkly glitter bodices. I had chosen a long heart shaped mermaid white dress and paired it with a black leather jacket that Aja had sewn the same as my vest, The Road Warriors insignia and ‘if lost, return to VP Trigger’ on the back of it. I had chosen not to have a bouquet; instead, Ovella, Eva and Kitty carried one.

More than words by Extreme began and a million tiny butterflies erupted in my stomach, I decided the girls would walk down the aisle in order of height, so as Nevaeh was about to go, the lyrics started. What I didn’t account for was the entire club singing along. The sounds of their voices rushed across us like a wave of electric goosebumps, it made the tiny hairs on our bodies stand and shudder as tears welled in our eyes. These men were dirty, disgusting, murderous bastards that were kind, gentle, loving, caring and amazing; and I, like a sucker, adored every single one of them.

The droplets escaped my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as I nodded for Eva to walk down, then Kitty. The men still singing away as I looked over a Digger whose eyes were leaking something terrible, I hugged closer to him then nodded for Ovella to walk down.

“Thank you for asking me to walk you down the aisle, it’s an honour.” Digger just made my emotions pour from my heart as he spoke. “Don’t you cry, you’re meant to be smiling?”

“I am, I… it’s just c… c… coming out in t… tears.” My jaw chattered as he kissed my forehead.

“C’mon, I think I have something in my eyes? let’s get you signed away so I can get whatever's in my eye out.” I laughed and cried, he was so cute.

“I don’t think you can Digger.”

“No telling anyone,” he warned.

“Il tuo segreto è al sicuro con me, your secret is safe with me.”

The collection of men, still singing their hearts away as I stepped out of the clubhouse, was beyond magnificent. Despite having tears streaming down my face, my mouth held the biggest smile ever. With my eyes focused on Jakobe's teardrops and Leighton with his hand on his father's shoulder, he was trying to wipe away the watery evidence as we made our way to him. The men struggling to reach the high note of Extreme's song... in our song, had me chuckling.

His lips slightly parted as he watched me with such intensity, his bottom lip trembled as more tears escaped out the sides of his beautiful chocolate brown orbs. I beamed up at him as Digger placed my hand in his and kissed me on the cheek, immediately Jakobe’s face fell and he narrowed his eyes in warning before he focused on me laughing at him.

Gravel, who was in his late fifties with dark eyes and greying hair, had got himself officiated, just so he could perform the ceremony. Well, truthfully, he was going to need it, with Nevaeh and Deon and well, not too far off would be Ovella and Brutus.

“Alright, shut ya traps, that was just about the worst singing in ever heard.” Chuckling and a very audible, ‘hey’ could be heard from the gathered lot. “So, we all know why we’re here, to witness the downfall of our brother Trigger.” Again, everyone laughed, “Just kidding, his life is about to get a whole lot brighter. The night Trig walked into the clubhouse with this woman in his arms, you could tell something in him had changed. Before Priya, he was a moody bastard, always rigid and cold but you, little princess, seemed to bring out the best in him.

“There is not many in this world that can handle what we do and when you woke up, he seemed to have a permanent smile on his face. Love doesn’t come easy for men like us, we are societies unwanted. The government would prefer we didn’t exist and makes it hell on earth for us to make a living. You may have brought trouble with you when you showed up, but you also brought the missing pieces to all our lives… as if, you were what we all needed. Trigger may be our brother, not by blood but definitely but choice and you, Priya Antony, are our sister, through and through. Hell, you even incorporated us and our club in your god damn wedding.

“It is with great honour and even greater respect that we ‘officially’ welcome you into our family. So now the legal shit, because according to the two hundred I spent to get this god damn licence, you ain’t properly hitched without it.” I laughed whole-heartedly, he made a great officiant. “Priya, you and Trig wrote your own vowels, say em loud and proud princess.”

I took a deep breath and began.

“Caveman, la mia anima gemella (my soul mate) from the moment I opened my eye, just one, the other wouldn’t open. You made my heart flutter wildly; I had never been so captured by a man. I would not take back a single moment of our time together because everything you have done has proved, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you are the most incredible man I have ever met. I had given up when you found me, lost all hope, my heart was broken and I had no strength left. Yet, you gave me a reason to live, to keep fighting, to move past all the hurt and believed in me when no one else would. Tu sei il mio eroe (you are my hero) in more ways than one and I will spend the rest of my days loving both you and Leighton with everything in me because you are the missing part of me and exactly quello che mi serviva. (What I needed)”

I brushed the back of my fingers across his jaw, “fuck that was beautiful, I have no fucken Idea what you said in pizza language… alright Trig, your turn.” Bloody bikers, I rolled my eyes.

“Mafia,” he cleared his throat, trying to reel in his emotion. “From the moment I found you, the urge to protect and care for you was almost primal, as if you always belonged to me. I still don’t understand how I got so god damn lucky to have you, but whoever is responsible for placing you in my path? I owe them. Tu sei la mia luce nel buio (you are my light within the darkness)” My hand immediately cupped my mouth after I gasped, he had learnt Italian for me, he smiled so big knowing why I was gasping.

“I was lost too, ya know? I was lonely and unhappy and if it wasn’t for Leighton, I probably would have given up years ago. I may have picked you up and cared for you but you are the one that saved my life. I was empty, I had nothing in me, I was broken to the point, I thought was beyond repair… until you. Until you came along and showed me what it was like to love so deeply, that you would sacrifice everything for them. You made me a better man, you gave me strength when I had none, you claimed my son as your own, even when he fought against you but most importantly, you fixed all those shattered pieces of my soul just by being you.

"You fell in love with me so easily and so naturally as if we were always destined for each other. I once said to you that I couldn’t possibly love you any more than I did at this moment, well I lied, before, in the bathroom when you told me we were having a baby, that moment completely overshadowed you getting my brand on you. You are my everything Mafia and exactly quello che mi serviva (what I needed.)”

I jumped forward claiming his lips possessively, my tongue felt like fireworks as it brushed gently against his. “Hell woman, hold up… we’re not there yet.” Gravel grunted.

“Yes, we fucken are,” Jakobe grunted back against my lips before thrusting his tongue back in.

“Well, since these two can’t wait, do you Jakobe Van Sloan take Priya Giordana Antony to be your awful ball and chain?” We both pulled apart and looked unimpressed at Gravel, his face smiling brightly back at us, clearly chuffed in his choice of words. “You gotta put the ring on her finger.”

“Imma get you for that later mother fucker, but yes, god damn yes. I place this ring on your finger as a sign of my something and something… ah, fuck it.”

He snickered, “Shit son, we practised and everything… and do you, Priya G…”

“Yes!” I cried out, slipping Jakobe’s ring on his finger.

“I have to say your full name,” he chastised, “do you Priya Giordana Antony take Jakobe Van Sloan to be your Harley riding, hell-raising, gunslinging…”

“Fucken hell Gravel, yes already, with the promise to love you forever and something else… part…attached.” I growled so loud and frustratedly, everybody thought it was amusing.

“You may now kiss the… never mind they already are.” I couldn’t wait for him to finish his sentence, my lips were on my husbands so fast, he slightly stumbled. “Ladies, whores and leather bound bikies, I give you Mr and Mrs Sloan.”

The roar of the audience was deafening, but I was lost in his beautiful eyes. “I love you caveman.”

“I love you too Mafia, we just have one thing left to do.”

“SEX?” Jakobe threw his head back and laughed.

“No Mafia, reception.”

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