What I Needed

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Chapter 52 ~ After, I Do

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

I wish I had of fucked her, watching her walk around the room, laughing carelessly, talking animatedly with everyone knowing she’s carrying my baby, my wife with my brand on her, I should have slipped her a quicky. Holy shit, if I didn’t stop thinking about it, I was going to have more of a problem then I did now.

She purposely shut down our favourite Rib’s N Fries joint to have them cater our wedding and boy did they deliver. Deon, Brutus, Boomer, Flicker, Leighton, Digger and I all sat around the tables watching the women dance and enjoy themselves, while Gravel and her laughed about something, then he started crying.

“Fucken hell,” Leighton tilted his head in Priya’s direction, “anyone would think Priya was Gravel’s actual daughter the way he’s dishing out them waterworks.”

I smiled, “you know, just because there’s a baby in our future, doesn’t mean you get neglected, ah mate?”

“I know dad, I’m happy for you, I am. Kitty mentioned a while ago that Priya was down about not being pregnant yet, so I’m glad it’s worked out. She, actually both of you, deserves to be happy.”

I threw my arm over his shoulder, “you’re an awesome kid, you know that right?”

He blushed up at me, “thanks, dad.”

“You talk to your mum yet?” I asked hopefully, hell, their relationship was no longer mine to interfere with.

“Yeah, Kitty and I are going down there after graduation, obviously, there are things we need to work through.”

“Wow mate, you really are a man.”

I smelt vanilla before her hand touched my shoulder and I instantly relaxed, “here she is, can’t get rid of us fuckers now Princess,” Boomer declared, “The Road Warriors are for life.”

She smiled lovingly at him, “good thing too Boomer, I’m kinda fond of all you bastards now, it’s fucken irritating how much you’ve grown on me.”

“Well, if that’s not a declaration of love, I don’t know what is?” Boomer throws back as I pulled her down onto my lap.

My nose went into the curve of her neck, “you look exhausted.”

“I feel exhausted,” she replied, “it’s not easy breaking down before your wedding.”

I snickered, “yeah well; now I have a door to fix.”

She shrugged, “secretly caveman, I loved that you bust through the door.”

“Of course you do.”

“Alright you lot,” Gravel halts the music and booms through the microphone. “Will the bride and groom please take the floor for their first dance as husband and wife.”

She pales at me as we stand, “I thought you said you didn’t want to dance?”

“I didn’t, but then I saw your face and so Aja showed me some moves,” we walked to the floor. “Don’t expect much, I just learnt how to sway.”

“I didn’t choose the song Jakobe.” She was beginning to fluster and panic.

“It’s okay babe, I chose one for us.”

Stone Cold by Jimmy Barns comes through the speakers as I hold her in my arms. We begin to shift weight from left foot to right foot, I inwardly curse at my exceptional lack of musicality and rhythm. Her green eyes sparkle brightly as we move and I serenade her with the words.

“You don’t have to turn the light on

Ain’t had more than just a few

And I’m stoned; I’m stone cold in love with you

You don’t have to wonder why now

Look at all the things you’ve been to me

I’ll build my whole life on the sweet foundation

You’ve given, baby you know what I mean”

What was really awesome and had chills crawling over my skin, was when the room busted out into song, joining my terrible serenade, Jesus we are a sappy bunch.

“I left my friends back in the pool room

They’ll still be drowning out the blues

I’m stoned; I’m stone cold in love with you

You don’t have to wonder why

Look at all the things you’ve been

My heart lies on the sweet foundation

You’ve given, baby you know what I mean”

I couldn’t have pictured a better moment even if I tried, her green orbs sparkling away as they leaked tears, the complete look of adoration on her face as the words slipped, utterly out of tune from our mouths... perfection.


By the end of the night, everyone was well and truly hammered. I could barely see straight as I was pulled by Priya to our room. The only reason I could tell it was her though, was her vanilla scent I loved so much.

She removed my clothes, tucking me under the covers, “I’m so lucky,” I slurred.

“Why caveman?”

“Because Mrs Sloan, I get to be your husband forever.”

“Jakobe,” I felt her soft supple lips press gently against my forehead, “it is I, that is the lucky one. You saved my life, in more ways than one.”

“No, no, Mafia, you gave me the life I always wanted.”


“Jakobe,” I could hear her loudly whispering, I was hoping she would give up and go to sleep.

“Jakobe,” She had been driving me crazy, she was only six and a half months pregnant, surely this torture will end soon? We had all been so busy building Brutus’, Deon’s and Mine and Mafia’s houses on the compound, I was fucken exhausted and just wanted to rest.

“Jakobe,” I felt the bed move as she got up and heard rustling, and then an “ah, fuck.”

I flicked on the bedside lamp and she spun around with a bagel in her mouth and her pants up to her knees, with that wide-eyed, deer in headlights look.

“What are you doing Mafia?”

She pulled the bagel from her mouth, “I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry and where the bloody hell did you get a bagel from?” I questioned as she took another large bite of the doughy concoction.

“Mmm, mmmm.”


“Mmm, mmmm.”

“What? I can’t understand you with food in your mouth.”

She grumbled, chewing as fast as possible, “the drawer.” She pointed her finger at the bedside table.

I opened the drawer to find all sorts of treats in there, when the bloody hell did she start stockpiling snacks? “What the fuck Priya?”

“Don’t judge me. Christ; have you seen the size of you fuckers? I’m surprised Leighton’s mum still has a birth canal, I have a gigantic monster growing inside of me, there is a possibility it will crawl out, 6ft 2 and build like a brick shithouse.”

“It’s coming out normal size Priya.” I look up at this beautiful woman; I love more than life with the most incredulous look upon my face.

“I don’t know that, do I?” I cover my eyes with my palm, breathing deeply, “Anyway, I’ll see you later.” She slips on her top.

“Whoa, where are you going?”

“I told you, I’m hungry. Do you want anything? Might be cold when I get back though.”

“Cold, how far are you going?”

“Well, it’s roughly three, so if I leave now, I’ll get there by six and about an hour for breakfast, so… I should be back by about ten.” I could feel my mouth gaping, attempting to comprehend what she just said. “I want the big breakfast from Kenwick.”

I closed my eyes, holding in everything I actually wanted to say but finally, I surrendered. “I will make you a big breakfast. Because I have no doubt, you will get there and decide you don’t want to eat that anymore.”

She clapped her hands in front of her excitedly with a giant toothy grin, “you’re the best.”

I pull myself from the blankets and slip on some shorts. Priya attaches herself to the back of me and we walk like conjoined twins, all the way into the kitchen, only to find Kitty and Leighton in there with eggs cracked in a bowl. “You two hungry too?” I asked as they looked at me with guilty faces.

“Starving,” Kitty murmured.

“Christ, you’re not pregnant too, are you?” Their eyes widened.

“Nah, they just look like they had sex,” Priya commented taking chocolate milk from the fridge as Kitty and Leighton blushed furiously.

“Jesus Christ Leighton,” I groaned, “I can’t go through that again.”

“It’s alright dad, we’re a lot more responsible now.”

“Yeah, Trig. We waited for over a year, until we were emotionally ready.”

Priya leant up against the bench, snickering at my beaten face. “And just think caveman, you get to do this all over again.”

“Dear Lord,” I put my palms together and begin to pray. “Please let this child be a girl.”

Mafia, Kitty and Leighton all laugh at me. “God can’t save you now husband, this mama needs mushrooms and sausages.” She points at Leighton, “If Kitty is doing eggs, what are you doing?”

“Toast?” He meekly questions.

“No, Kitty, you’re on toast and eggs, Leighton, you’re a beans and hashbrowns man.” She lowers her voice to less demanding and innocently continues, “Please, I’m really hungry.”

We get to work as she slips out the doorway mumbling about needing to pee again. “Dad, I don’t think I like her pregnant.” I snorted, laughing at his terrified face.

“I heard that dip-shit.” She called back.

“If you think that’s horrifying, you should see her drawer.”

Kitty and Leighton both furrowed their brows at me while I just nodded, knowing that had no idea what the hell I was talking about. “I heard that too asshole.”

“Jesus woman, how slow do you walk?” I hollered back.

“Fuck you Jakobe, don’t pick on my waddle.”

“You’re six and a half months, you’re not waddling yet,” I called back, but finally she was far enough away. “C’mon you two, if we don’t get this done she’ll be like a fiery dragon and may eat your fingers.”

After breakfast, she was finally quiet, we left Kitty and Leighton to it and crawled back into bed. She sat up, deciding to read a book while I rested my head on a pillow staring at her belly. Absentmindedly, I reached out and held her stomach.

“We haven’t named it?”

“And what would you like to call it, caveman?”

My eyes were trained on the rounded pot belly, “if it’s a girl, how about Karla?”

“Know a stripper named Karla, did you?” she raised her brow cheekily.

“Yep, and she was very flexible.”

Priya scoffs, “well, looks like we have a winner, oh Karla, you’re so flexible,” she mocked, “You can hear the bikers calling it now as she slides down the pole.”

I narrowed my chocolate browns at her. “Fine smart arse, what would you call a girl?”

“Well, I met a girl named Rimmer once,” she giggled remembering Kitty’s bully and the ‘poo brew’.

“What about… ah, forget it.”

“No, no, Jakobe… I know that look, you googled names, didn’t you?” Always so perceptive my Mafia. “Alright, let’s hear them.”

“What about Caia? Caia Caecilia was apparently some Roman Goddess of fire and women.” She squealed excitedly.

“Is that the correct pronunciation?”

“The voice button thing said it like… KAY-A.”

“I love it Jakobe, what for a boy?”

“What about Septimus?”

“That sounds like a transformer, Septimus Prime.” She starts laughing loudly.

“Alright, how about Calix?”

“Hmmm, Calix Sloan, ooooh, I like that. What does it mean?”

“Ahhh… umm… I don’t know.” I feigned, I did know, I knew exactly what it meant; hell, we were using them in building the houses. She reached over and collected her phone, typing it in. I closed my eyes and pretended I was sleeping.

Next minute a pillow comes down hard on my head, “ease up woman.”

“You wanna name our son after a funnel or a chalice-shaped part of a flower?”

“He doesn’t have to know he’s named after a funnel,” I cooed innocently.

I was whacked with the pillow again, “you dick.”

*** Hmm, boy or girl? ***

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