What I Needed

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Chapter 53 ~ The Discovery

Jakobe’s P.O.V.

“Stop fidgeting woman.” We had arrived at the hospital for our ultrasound and Priya was more than eager to check the baby wasn’t a gigantor 6ft child. The way she had been knocking back the food, it felt as though she was going to give birth to a fully grown man. I was even more shocked that she wasn’t the size of a house, not that I wouldn’t love her even if she filled out.

“Mrs Priya Sloan, how lovely to see you again.” The Doc apart of the club had referred us to the maternal section of the hospital; personally, I think that old bastard just needed a break from her. “So? How are we feeling?”

“Terrible Doc, I can’t sleep and when I am, I get kicked, I have hot flushes from exhaustion, I’m moody and irritable and I’m feeling really underappreciated…”

Priya put her hand on my shoulder as she lay on the bed, “Jakobe, I think she meant me.”

My head tilted up to see a very amused and snickering Doctor, “I did mean Priya, sorry Mr Sloan.”

I quickly backtracked, “ah… I was just playing around.” My fake laugh resonated around the room in a slightly higher pitch than normal.

“Sure caveman,” Priya rolled her eyes. “I’m hungry all the time, not just normal hungry either, the type of hungry like if I don’t get food instantly, I will rip off someones face.”

The Doc snorted, “Well, let’s take a look then shall we?”

Priya looked worried, it was like she was always waiting for the axe to drop but it never did. She lifted her shirt and the Doc tucked in these white paper towel looking things, into her pants and under her top, leaving her rounded belly fully exposed.

“This gel might be a bit cold,” the Doc remarked, squirting some blue liquid onto the skin. She picked up the paddle thing and started moving it around the lower half of Priya’s stomach, the image of our child popped up on the screen, “what are you both hoping for? I noticed in previous scans, the baby’s sex was hidden.”

“Yeah, the bastard child, causing us agony already.” My comment was met with a whack on the arm from Priya. “What?” I innocently shrugged.

“Wait a minute,” the Doctor commented, pressing buttons on the keyboard and started measuring things on the screen in front of us. “Okay, huh?”

We were both suddenly on high alert, “fuck, what is it? What’s wrong with our baby?”

“Just hang on a second,” she blew my panic off and continued to rapidly press the keys and move the white scanner paddle thing.

Priya caught my attention with tears in her eyes, this is what she had been fearing, something to go wrong, maybe the axe was actually going to fall this time? I smiled reassuringly at her and nodded my head for her to calm down, after all, if something was wrong, we would deal with it… together. Inside though, my fear waves were rolling through my body at full force, causing me to perspire from head to toe.

“Oh,” came flying out the Doc’s mouth as her eyes went wide.

Priya’s head snapped to me, I could see her beginning to hyperventilate, “what?” my Mafia practically cried out.

“Hang on,” The Doc commented again, this lack of response was pissing me off.

The Doc picked up the phone and dialled a number, “it’s okay baby, the kid has probably got a huge cock like his old man, the Doctor’s probably confused and thinks it’s a third leg.” I nodded with an extremely tight-lipped smile.

“Something is wrong Jakobe, I can feel it.” She burst into tears as I squeezed her hand.

“Yes, this is Doctor Munroe, I’m in examination room 678, can you please send in Doctor Black… Thank you… yes, as soon as possible.” The Doc hung up and smiled at us.

“What’s going on?” Priya meekly inquired.

“I just need a second opinion, try to remain calm, I can see you are frantic Mrs Sloan but I promise we will have an answer in a moment. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across this before.”

“Come across this?” Now my legs were shaking, what the fuck? What was happening? That would be right, just when we are at our happiest, the world is about to hand us a hot steamy pile of shit to trudge through. If something is wrong with this baby, I swear to god, I will fucken murder motherfuckers. I don’t care who.

A light tapping broke us from our tense staring and in walked a plump, bald, short man with a large smile. “Hello everyone, my name is Doctor Black.”

I tipped my head up in acknowledgement; I could feel the fear rolling off of my wife. The Doctors were conversing in hushed tones, numbers and jargon I couldn’t understand as I leant over and wiped the fallen tears from Priya’s cheeks, then pressed my lips against hers. “It will be okay babe.”

“You can’t promise that look at them, something is wrong.” She whispered back, I could hear the rattle in her voice as she silently sobbed. This made me angry; no one hurts my bloody woman.

“Jesus fucking Christ, if you don’t tell us what the fuck is going on, I’m going to pull out my gun and shoot you.” My temper was flaring as I stood to my feet, reaching for my piece.

“Please calm down Mr Sloan,” the pudgy Doc Black implored, “turn on the heart monitor Dr Munroe.”

She leant over and pushed the rubber button, then turned up the volume. A rapid heartbeat filled the stagnant air, it sounded like it was rushing super fast. “It sounds… different… from the other two times… we’ve heard it,” Priya finally managed through hiccups and splutters.

My head shot back as my hands covered my face. Jesus, there’s a problem with the fucken kid's heart, “that’s because it is different,” the Doc commented with an excited tone.

“Why the fuck do you look happy?” I questioned incredulously.

She pointed to the screen, “look here and here, those are your babies… twins.”

“What the fuck did you just say?” I practically screamed in her face.

“Twins, It turns out there has been a fetus hiding behind the other one this whole time and from your blood results, that would explain why you have been so low on iron.”

I felt dizzy and the room began to spin, “Jakobe,” I heard Priya scream.


“Jakobe,” I could hear her but couldn’t see her.

"Jakobe," her sweet voice filled my ears.

“Jakobe, come back to me caveman,” my eyelids finally lifted after a lot of force and I can see Priya hovering above me.

“What happened?” I croaked out. My head tilted left and right, noticing I was on the floor.

“You fainted.” Priya’s green eyes were wide but her mouth was twitching like she was trying to not laugh.

“I fainted?” She nodded rapidly up and down.

“You fell like a ton of bricks.” That fucken woman was laughing her ass off at me now.

“Are we really having twins?” I questioned sitting up.

“Yes, congratulations.” That Doctor Black extended his hand to help me up, “I have never seen a big scary biker drop the way you did,” I certainly didn’t appreciate his antics and humour.

“Do you want to know the sex now? We have a perfect view.” The Doc, Munroe asked as she sat in front of the screen. I looked up at Priya.

“Your choice Mafia, you wanna know?”

“Yes, desperately… but only if you want too?”

I inhaled and exhaled a large breath of air, “alright, let’s have it.”

“Boys,” Priya screamed out.

“Nah,” I interjected, “I prayed for a girl.”

Both doctors laughed, “Both actually, congratulations Mum and Dad, you are carrying both, a boy and a girl.”

Priya burst into hysterical tears, “fuck me, both.” I stood there, completely blown away rubbing Priya’s back as she cried.


Aja was waiting by the entranceway when we arrived back. “Did you find out the sex?” She bombarded us before we had even managed to step foot in the Booze Bunker.

“Yep,” I replied.

She put her fingers to her lips and whistled loudly, shutting off the music and the whole club seemed to go silent. “Alright you assholes, they know the sex… who was taking the bets?”

Brutus comes around from behind the bar with a fishbowl filled to the brim with cash and a sheet of paper, “I got it here.”

“You placed bets on the baby?” Really, Priya should know by know what we are like.

“Yeah,” Brutus looked up at her with the ‘did you really just ask that?’ look on his face, “only, The Spy thinks you’re having twins, he also thought you were having a boy and a girl.” Brutus shook his head in amusement but then looked up to see my raised brows and giant smile, “get fucked,” he boomed out.

Priya burst into laughter, Brocky, who was Road named ‘The Spy’ when he patched in, sauntered over, grabbed the bowl full of cash, much to the pissed off groans from the other members and meandered back to his seat. “Thanks, fuckers,” he replied, making sure to rub it in their faces.

“Fuck you Trigger,” Deon hollers out from his seat at the bar bench, “I just lost a hundred to that arsewipe. How the fuck, do you do that?” Prez questions Brocky.

“Loaded arsewipe, and Prez, I ain’t telling you shit.” The Spy corrected teasingly.

The rest of the night was spent partying up large, Priya slipped away leaving me to deal with the drunken buffoons. I used the excuse of ‘needing to take a slash’ and ducked into our room. Truth was, I didn’t need to pee at all, I just wanted my woman.

My Mafia was sound asleep as I pulled off my clothes and slipped into bed, curling up next to her warm body. My right hand covering her belly, “we’re going to be so happy altogether,” I whispered my promise to the babies. “I will always take care of you.”

“You’re so fucken cute caveman,” Priya’s sleepy husk purred out as my hand trailed down to cup her beautiful intimate area that I loved so much.

My lips began to nip at the curve of her neck as my fingers circled her clit, “you are cute Mafia.”

“Oh, Jakobe,” she moaned as I fondled her privates.

“Do you know what I love most about you being pregnant?” I whispered again her skin, my lips gently grazing against her shoulder.

“The high sex drive?” She panted back as I continued my torturous ministrations against her pussy.

“No, the fact that our love created those babies and soon there will be exactly half of you and me being born into this world.” She began to move, maneuvering was not as easy for her now, “what are you doing?”

“Jakobe, that was the sweetest thing. You, my sexy husband, need a blow job.” A broad toothy grin erupted over my face.

“Give me that divine pussy and I’ll eat you out while you blow me.”

She climbed on top of me and began to stroke my cock as it lifted like a tent pole. My tongue extended and I began to swipe over her moistening flaps, gliding easily along. Her mouth covered the head of my cock and slid down and up, her silky fingers fondling my balls as she slurped away.

The groans from her throat sent extra zings of pleasure over my dick and my hips bucked up, pushing further down her throat as I slipped two fingers deep into her pussy, my barbell enhancing my tongue strokes.

Her head feverishly bobbed away as I pulled out my fingers, now generously coated in arousal, replacing them with my other hand as my tongue tickled at her clit, then circled the rim of her asshole with the juicy slick fingertips I just extracted.

It was a triple assault on her erogenous zones, I could feel her inner walls begin to quiver as I curled my fingers, seeking out that magical spot. Her throaty groans tickled my cock lavishly as her hand stroked behind her warm mouth. I was not going to last long if she kept up at this pace.

Her head shot back and her spine curved, that’s when I knew I had hit the right place. Her hand pumped me quickly, when she jerked hurriedly like that, I knew she wanted me to cum at the same time as her. Her walls clamped around my fingers as I continued to toy with her rim and tongue flick her clit, my hips bucking into her hand as she tugged my monster.

My balls tightened, “open your mouth,” I growled.

“Don’t fucken stop,” she cried out.

I felt my cock swell just as her mouth covered my head and I exploded, my hot semen shot down her throat as she came all over my fingers, I pulled them out from inside of her and thrust my tongue in her hole lapping up her honey, as our orgasms shattered our bodies.

Weakly, she moved off me and lay down on her side, her head resting on my arm as my much larger body surrounded her, tucking her safely in my protective hold.

As I drifted off into slumber, relaxed and happier than I had ever been in my life, there were two little things on my mind, Caia and Calix Sloan.

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